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  1. That's what helped me with the answer, remembering Churchill's speech
  2. I actually enjoyed Abigail's scenes with her children(that little Thomas is so cute), and with her parents. Jack telling the story of Abigail learning to ride a bike was really emotional...I loved it. And I get the biggest kick out of Gabi's scenes with her brother 🙂 Gabi was all emotional & saying Rolf had set her up, and Rafe's face said he was not buying it, lol.
  3. Unscripted is the part of the show(usually toward the end), where Hoda sits in her 'closet" at the studio(all her clothes are hanging around) and Jenna is at Home, and they just chat about "stuff" & answer questions from viewers. Its fun & casual...
  4. I am assuming its a bomb under the sofa...but how the heck did Orpheus get it into their home?!
  5. Also, Congrats to Wally Kurth, I've always been a fan. Also, Olivia Rose Keegan who did a great job with Claire's descent into madness. Theia Megia was Hayley? I found her a rather bland character.
  6. Yes, I remember Stefan O was blackmailing Kayla, I think to do something un-ethical at the hospital, it was back when the 1st actor was playing Stefan O (Tyler Christopher?)
  7. I agree about Linsey Godfrey(Sarah) she has done some great, emotional work recently worthy of nomination. I also would put up Suzanne(Maggie) for some really emotional & intense scenes, she has made me cry. I agree about John Aniston too. Cant think of any other men, unless maybe Paul Telfer for taking his character on a redemption arc.
  8. Today's show has some good Drama & face to face confrontations! The best is Gabi & Dr. Rolf at the police station, I am LOL....Dr. Rolf has set-up Gabi, hook, line & sinker. I am shocked, LOL. And I loved the scenes between Sarah & Maggie, just love their dynamic. And Xander vs. Sarah...ooh, the tension, and then Xander talking to Victor, he is shocked by the news. But, the scenes of Brady yelling at his sick Grandfather made me so annoyed...Brady is such a "Rage-a-holic"...good grief, Bullying his GrandFather to put him back in charge was so upsetting to watch. And then the scenes of Sonny confronting Evan/Christian are well done too. Today's show has some good story-telling.
  9. I don't know where to put this, but on the Soap Special on ABC last night, they had some clips from "DAYS"....we saw some scenes of John&Marlena & Marlena's possession & Bo & Hope. Kristian Alfonso & Greg Vaughn got to talk for a few seconds. But, there wasn't too much about "DAYS" since it was on ABC it featured more clips of "All My Children", etc. But, it was neat to see clips from the "Old Days on Soaps".
  10. Carolyn Hinsey of Soap Opera Digest tweeted this morning that she was disappointed in the ending of the Special and that she didn't need to see Andy Cohen bragging that Real Housewives replaced the Soaps.
  11. I've watched "Days" for years, so I was glad we got some brief clips of Marlena&John & Marlena's 'possession", and some Bo & Hope, but Days was known for its super-couples...what about Patch&Kayla? The end was sort of a "downer" as to the fate of Daytime soaps.
  12. How is Mary Crosby getting so much screen-time? I don't really associate her with the Daytime Soaps. Susan Lucci, obviously, gets a lot of screen time, but there are so many other people from soap history they should have on.
  13. Loved the Carol Burnett story about receiving the telegram 🙂 And one of the most emotional storylines I ever watched was Robin & Stone.
  14. I missed the 1st part of the show today, did Ryan say anything about what happened to him during the American Idol Finale? People were worried he had a stroke, or did he just say it was stress? I hope he is OK
  15. I agree that I think the writers are cooking up a romance between Vanessa & Matteo. Matteo was annoying in the 1st couple of episodes but he is less of a jerk now & is a good brother & son(I liked that he gave up his recording chance to help his Father). Lewis having cancer seems like an un-necessary plot-point for me. On a superficial note, I did not like Natalie's choice for a Quincinera dress and Mari is a really beautiful woman.
  16. Still not caring for the new Zoey....and how Dumb is she?! Like her crazy Father is not going to find her?! And how Dumb was Rafe letting her babysit for David?! What is with these people! 🙂 Orpheus is too creepy for me. And that scene with Maggie with the noose around her neck was hard to watch. But, Yay to Xander for wanting to save Maggie, she is like a Mother to him.
  17. I liked all the woman in this drama better than the men...Maria, Susan, Lady Brockenhurst & Anne Trenchard were all more interesting to me than the men who all seemed 'set in stone". And Charles Pope, although a polite, nice looking young man, was very bland. I always enjoy English Period Dramas but I did not enjoy this as much as "Downton Abbey".
  18. Yes, ITA! Eric, generally, annoys me with his "Eyeore attitude", but today I was enjoying his anger towards Brady. His anger was justified! I loved when he asked Brady "How could you be so Stupid?!"...yep, Brady is an Idiot.
  19. Regarding the new Zoey(Christian's sister/lawyer), I did not care for her today. I will give her time, but I thought the 1st actress looked so much like the actor playing Christian, that they were believable as siblings & I thought they worked well on-screen.
  20. Yes, I saw the birth year for Adrienne as 1967
  21. Jimmy Fallon & his family are the cover story on "People" magazine this week. A fun story inside, nothing new, just how he & his family are doing during Quarantine.
  22. What emotional scenes today! Lindsay Godfrey is killing these scenes, I was crying right along with her when she handed over baby Mickey/Rachel. (The poor baby is going to be so confused!) I was just "UGH" over the Kristen/Brady scenes, I guess I was supposed to think they were romantic, but those 2 are just such yukky characters, I really don't enjoy them at all. And I agree that the scenes at the grave with Justin & then Steve, were emotional & I liked that Kayla asked Patch&Hope to join them. On a shallow note, I want Kayla's black dress.
  23. Goodness, the scene of Hilda & her Mother was shocking! I was not expecting that, I thought the Nazis were going to pick them up & put them on a train to a concentration camp. The Father's cries of anguish were heartbreaking.
  24. I agree with you about the Gabi/Jake scenes...definitely some sparks flying there, and I enjoy the 2 actors. And the Friendship was comfortable and real between Patch & Hope, but I don't want it to go farther than that...they should remain friends who can rely on one another.
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