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  1. I went down the rabbit hole and watched a bunch of clips of Regis and Dave together. Boy, that's the hardest I've laughed in years. None of the late night shows now come close to making laugh like that. I do have one question, what was the "walk on" song played for Regis?
  2. 88 is a good age but not for Reegee......He deserved to live eternally. His appearances on Letterman were comedy gold. His spunk and attitude and love for life were unmatched. I agree there was no better host for Millionaire.
  3. Season 13-20 are also on ION on a loop too....I pay for Philo to watch the episodes on WE and Sundance..(they play early ones too every now and then) but was hoping the Peacock would have ALL of Law and Order so I don't have to subject myself to Love After Lock Up commercials.
  4. I'll have to watch Oh God! tonight in his honor. He directed that as far as I know and his commentary on it is nice..as he pays tribute to John Denver in the commentary... Here's a great tribute to Carl written by Ken Levine.. https://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2020/06/rip-carl-reiner.html?spref=fb&fbclid=IwAR1RqRhN_zkNlBjZV8M_D67pYb8qb2gwjbwll1xlFyr0vnCP-foW_ZSgl0w
  5. I think there has and I finally finished watching most of the first part. I am hoping that Kelly's enablers will see the inside of a courtroom as the one employee observed all the young girls, the rooms and the rules..How could you not know? How could that be okay? Is empathy really not apart of the equation once you get around celebrity?
  6. I love "Bodies" merely for the creep factor of Bruner...well played..but I do have one question..When Bruner says "Ask my lawyer, he saw them" to the DA's, is that permission by the client to drop attorney-client privilege?
  7. Just watched the infuriating Killerz. I love it only for two reasons..that ending is chilling and the actress playing Jenny Brandt was fantastic. Completely dead eyes...and it should have seemed obvious to the mother when she's testifying about Jenny being "her best friend"..(which, come on., you're her mother and at that age, that's what she needs)..and the camera pans to Jenny and she has no expression. It goes to Skoda's observation of lack of empathy.
  8. Yep, that final season of the Mothership was gold and that episode is still one of the best of the series.
  9. Richard will always be Captain Galaxy to Sam's Future Boy on Quantum Leap.
  10. Saw this on Hulu and loved it. Man, it was thoroughly enjoyable. The singing while not an Elton copy was great..perfectly sung in emotion. I was thrilled "Take Me To the Pilot" was used. All the other comments I could make have already been made. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody and to be honest, all I can recall of it is the fantastic Live Aid recreation whereas this movie had made great moments...The kid who played Elton was amazing. I hope to see more things from him..and will likely rewatch this movie... I recall reading in John Denver's bio that he was there for Elton's return dates for the Troubadour...and even he said it was something to see...(I just like the idea that John Denver was at an Elton John concert!). My connection with Elton goes to around 1990. I had heard plenty of Elton's music growing up but never thought much of it. I purchased a cassette of Greatest Hits because "Rocketman" was a song I really liked at that moment. I wound up listening to that tape every afternoon for a month as I did my homework. To this day, whenever I hear Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, I think of "Wuthering Heights" and how I got an A on that test because of that tape..( I hated that book)... As I was watching this, the fantastical aspects of it reminded me of "Beyond the Sea" which I loathed because Kevin Spacey made that movie all about himself and NOT Bobby Darrin....This movie was better because it was about Elton and those around him got their moment to shine... All in all, well done and years from now, I think this is the biopic that will be remembered.
  11. stonehaven

    Joker (2019)

    Just saw this on Amazon...wanted to see it for the hype and in all honesty, aside from JP's performance, I was not impressed. It felt very dull, lifeless and long and overall pointless. The cult figure status he had seemed to echo the cult figure status that still hangs over the Columbine shooters. Other than that, that's all I got. If I wanted a character study, time piece with a violent sequence, I'll watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood...better movie in almost every aspect... ...and two things I couldn't buy no matter how hard they sold me, no Wall Street bros would know "Send in the Clowns"...and Robert De Niro is a shitty talk show guest, he could never be a great talk show host...did not get his appeal at all....
  12. So, who killed Annalise? I love how that was the question that hung over the season...and now we know....TIME killed her....and I am glad. I am so gonna miss Viola on my TV every week but am glad this show is over as I grew to not give a damn about anyone....and I sorta had a crush on Tom Verica going into this show six years ago...some residual love for him from "American Dreams"...well, Peter Norwalk killed that dead..... The one question I still want an answer to is what happened to the guy that AK was sometimes dating earlier this season. He was in her life before she pulled her vanishing act and after she came back...he was nowhere to be found without explanation...or did I miss something? I might do a complete rewatch of this on Netflix this summer...and as I said before, this was a way better finale than How I Met Your Mother....a good finale should leave you glad you invested in a show...this one did....Mother made me feel like a fool....The cast did a Facebook live thingy after the finale. I was going to watch but I had to get up early...Anyone see it?
  13. Viola's speech was the best part...Teegan declaring her love and Connor being the only one of the K5 having true remorse really was a surprise over the series. Can't say I loved this finale but it was a LOT better than How I Met Your Mother's finale...
  14. Just happened upon this the other night and really am impressed at how well done it is. I am hooked. I've seen two episodes so far and want more...
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