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  1. I loved it...and laughed several times....and yes, as a white girl, I felt for Dean when he said he felt like he didn't belong except when he was with his friends.....Believe me, I get that...and it took me turning 40 to really feel like I do belong. Great show but Dule as the dad makes me feel old. I will keep watching on Hulu as I'm in Church on Wednesday nights....
  2. After 911, I was expecting this episode to put me to sleep but it kept my attention. My mom called and she swears that Jimmy isn't in the opening credits anymore? Is he? I loved McGee keeping things real with Gibbs....
  3. Great game to watch of the Vikings and Cardinals...until the Vikes were in charge of their own destiny and they blew it..yep..long season ahead..
  4. I was shocked at how much that tiny house was in cost. Affordable housing in this nation is a crisis and to take something that was once an option and price is out of the market is sad. I live in NE Minnesota, and a developer wants to develop a tiny house development with the houses started at $100k. Apparently, they are no longer actual options but status symbols. I did wonder where he was going to put that house because you need land if you do, and I'm sure CA doesn't have cheap land anywhere.
  5. I was thrilled for the chance to watch the Packers play...for about a minute. Then, I got the bright idea to switch to CBS and catch the Chiefs game. No Joe Buck and plenty of Patrick Mahomes...Yeah, I think I won....
  6. I found this hard to watch. For me, I will always equate Linda Tripp with John Goodman's impression on SNL. That may not be fair but it's that to me. I'm interested because I know most of the players but the casting does seem a bit off....George Stephanopolis(sp?) had only a few moments of screen time but I want to see more. I also enjoyed the brief clip of Jeopardy and that Tripp watched Jag. Beyond that, I'll watch the rest as I bought the series on Prime but I bought the previous two series as well. Both of those seasons were good but this just seems to be a rehash of gossip
  7. Bonnie Hunt... Bonnie Hunt... Bonnie Hunt.... That's my wish, hope and prayer.....I think I should start a petition to get her to host..
  8. Okay....I am hooked. I still hope for a random banjo appearance but I find this to be better. Although the size of the apartments is a bit distracting, the set design is really neat.
  9. Just watched that Jeane Robinson clip and that made me laugh 'til I cried. I feel sad that I hadn't heard of her 'til she passed..(head bowed). So, thanks for turning me on to a funny woman.
  10. Wayne Brady is a talent to be sure. I used to love him on Whose Line. Yet, his actual acting is not great. His ego has turned him into a smarmy, sleazy persona that he would have mocked in the early days of Whose Line.
  11. One other thing, when Marissa and Wackner were barracaded in the room, she talked about her father and used past tense once. Are we to infer that Eli Gold is dead? When did that happen?
  12. Yeah, they had some interesting points at the beginning of the series and the blow up of Wackner's court could have been written ages ago. I still love Kurt and Diane but am still trying to figure out what led the police to the CCH Pounder's house. I did find myself yelling at the TV a lot but again, Kurt and Diane saved it for me. I'll watch next season only because I need Christine Baranski on my TV.....
  13. Re: the contestant interviews. I heard they were only there to get the contestants to relax and not get so inside their heads, they freeze out. So, for their mental health, keep those segments... Yes, the endless chatter about who will host hurts the game in the long run. As long as they are not with the obvious choice of Bonnie Hunt, can they at least include more music categories so I can feel smart?
  14. I think there's also a commentary on how the billionaire is profiting not just by the reality show but by the sending of people to his private prison. There's conflicts of interest all over the place in this "court". Wackner seemed at first to have justice as a goal but ego and power got in the way. The last couple of seasons have started out strong and then just meandered into silliness and serious lack of credibility. I must say, to save CCH Pounder for the last couple of episodes seems like a rip off. I was hoping for more of her....and yeah, MP annoys me no matter what he's
  15. I'm still hoping for David Faber but I just want this whole thing over with. The longer they do it, the longer Trebek's shadow and mythology grows. About the only way I won't watch is if they hire Joe Buck but even he said that he wouldn't take it as he has too many things happening. If they really want to make things interesting, use some of the runner up contestantsto Matt Amodio try out to host.
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