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  1. Man, that was boring...I knew the Air B&B thing would be a spy for someone...just not sure..but now I know....I counted two "Pops" but there may have been more...What happenedto this show? It really has been putting me to sleep lately?
  2. I was a huge fan of Crist and this one really hurts....It's scary when men are predators..they mess with women's lives and in the case of this man, their faith. The actual article is a hard read and the reactions of the women seem to have enough guilt and shame for the women...I want to believe John can change and be better because his talent is a great talent..but at the same time, I want to punch him 20 times because the course he set these women's lives on is NOT what God had planned for them...He is their stumbling block in life and in faith..and thats a huge hurdle to redemption for me in my eyes...As always, my sympathies and prayers are with his victims...As many times as that man made me laugh, all I want for him now to just go away...and face whatever he needs to to rectify things with these women....Saddest of all, his girlfriend dumped him in September. Now, she's on Dancing With the Stars..and I'm betting now, she has to face questions and issues to this....sheeeeshhh..John was fond of saying "Check Your Heart"....that phrase is now his epitaph....
  3. stonehaven

    S3.07: Athena Begins

    Great episode..not a typical 9-1-1. The final montage had me having Cold Case flashbacks..emo song..slow-mo walk through the police station...perfect...
  4. Aww Kate..you peaked a few weeks ago but you were still fun to watch..and you were a damn siht better than Spicer....Honestly, never seen Tom look so pissed off tonight.... A lot of great dances tonight...and having Spicer lead off the show and then et him out of the way was really nice... I just don't get why voting for Spicer is supposed to be some sort of message to Hollyweird..DWTS us about as far away from Hollywood as you can get. It is NOT meant to alter the course of the entertainment industry, It's a cheesy, guilty pleasure of a show...sheeeesh... James can totally win all this...Lauren needs a better partner...
  5. I am not happy about Kevin going there with the vet. I would rather have had Kevin and Nicky on a hike. That trailer Kevin had looked really sweet. I think the teen Randall segment was meant not to show Randall's insecurities but Jack's at not getting the bond he thought he should have with Randall. I hope they don't cut Milo out of the show as I really like him on this show. I LOATHED him on American Dreams but I can finally root for him here. The Kate/Toby stuff bored me. Still, a boring episode of this show is still better than some of the crap that's on TV right now.
  6. I like the guy in the background wearing a Washington Nationals jersey. Protest the death of our planet and celebrate the hometown team..I can dig it!
  7. Watching this and realizing I'm only here for the whole ending...I cannot like or root for any of characters besides Annalise and Teagan...The rest can jump off a cliff...and Nate...what is the point of Nate? He hasn't had one for years....at least he didn't use the word "Pops" this episode.
  8. stonehaven

    S3.05: Rage

    My thing with Eddie and the parking space would have been "I have a sticker or pass, the rest is none of your business". The talk with Michael and Henry was fantastic and sad...and it seems that things never really change... This show is good with the action but the personal drama is really distracting lately. I just watch for the rescues and the reparte between everyone... Having people be pissed off at everybody for everything kinda ruins my enjoyment of the show.
  9. I'm in the minority but I really like a lot of the dancers this season. I liked last night as well..James and Katherine(?) are the ones I look forward to the most but I do not like the elimination rules. I will still watch this 'til the end.
  10. I didn't laugh out loud as much to this episode as the previous ones but I still enjoy it..and seeing as how I rarely watch modern comedies anymore, this is still a treat.
  11. I enjoyed a lot of the dances..was a bit underwhelmed by James....annoyed by Leah at times but am glad that Lamar went home....and still wondering why Sean is there...
  12. I notice that the fight scenes tend not to have any gunplay(save for the store robbery)...which I find refreshing..and I love the music. I hope the producers got a clearance for the music for both broadcast and future streaming rights as that can be spendy. I enjoyed it overall. Just something fun to watch...between this and 9-1-1, my old standby of NCID is fast fading into the past of shows to watch.
  13. I remember when I was a teenager, I had a crush on Ricky Shroeder and I was so excited that I got a poster of him for my wall. He was wearing a sweater and fall jacket with jeans. I didn't care, I had a poster of him smiling...at me!!!! My mom made a weird comment about "why not shirtless?" I said "Eww..why would I?" She was just putting her adult standard of sex appeal on a 13 year old girl. I never saw a poster of Shroeder with his shirt off...My guess is that parental control helped with that... Besides, why would a 13 year old girl think that is sexy..maybe 16-17 but a 13 year old? Sexualizing children had led us into the human trafficking tragedy we can't escape from...and I feel bad for Lopezto have experienced it.
  14. I enjoyed it overall...Robin Sparkles goes badass...and for the person that wants a female lead with a bad ass name? Okay...but how many Badass super secret cop/PI's named Myrtle ever make it to TV.....because if it did, I would totally watch!!!!!!!
  15. Kasie was the high point. I still don't understand the whole Ziva worship...I really could care less about the people on this show...and I wish Mark Harmon would hold my attention but he's not even doing that..I think the last great episode for me was the Palmer on the ledge one...and I may watch the final few episodes of the series...but yeah, I am out.
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