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  1. I enjoyed today's game and was surprised at one of the responses for From TV to film. AlthoughI could see how the names of Crockett and Tubbs COULD be a Beverly Hilbillies movie reference.... Overall, I like Amy...don't really care about streaks. I rarely pay attention to the contestants as Jeopardy for me has been proving to ME that at age 50, I still recall some things and learn other things....
  2. The Bills defense could have stopped the Chiefs in those 13 seconds. At that point, they lost the game. No OT rules can change that. Still, I wanted overtime to last a bit longer as that is the first game in awhile that kept my attemtion the whole time. It was just fantastic. Yes, Romo can get annoying but I was spared Buck/Aikman for three hours AND got great football out of it. Seeing Cincy and Buffalo play great football this playoff season makes me realize I have more teams to root for next year. All in all, a great end to a decent weekend of football....and yes, The SB won'
  3. I loved GB for years as they played great football. That's all I ask of teams. Play with joy and great football. GB hasn't been like that for a few years. I root almost out of habit. If they had won tonight, they wouldn't have deserved it. Now, this makes me root for Buffalo and the Bengals a bit more...All I want is the Rams to knock the Bucs out and I would be happy with any of the remaining teams in the SB...
  4. Yeah, that Cincy/TN game looked like neither team wanted to win or was that confident in their skills. Ecept the kicker. That kicker for Cincy needs a sweet raise...
  5. I played cello in Middle School. I was okay at it but never really good. I love music but never had the heart to play it well. Still Dean's comments about band rang true for the orchestra class. First chair violin was everything. The viola, cello and bass were just extras. Still I have no regrets about taking music class and am glad the show did show music class. I agree for him to skip the band concert seemed strange and showed a complete lack of caring. Just because you aren't the center of attention anymore, doesn't mean your part isn't important.
  6. I saw the documentary Bombshell and loved it. That was a gimmee clue. I really like Ken as host..
  7. As a fan of Green Bay, I am not thrilled with the 49ers match up. Have little faith, it won't be embarrasing. Plus, it's on FOX so I have to suffer through Aikman/Buck for this game....Well, the other games could be watchable.
  8. I really despise the Patriots and am bored to death by blowouts but something about the Bills killing the Patriots made me watch every minute. Part of it was that I was glad it wasn't the Vikings(again). So, I can live with that. As long as the Bucs get beaten, I don't care who I see in the Super Bowl.
  9. I just turned 50 and still adore In the Still of the Night. If I hear it, I stop whatever I am doing and get myself lost in that song. What a great song...
  10. "I'm gonna go outside before I throw up"....God, I love Nicky... Love this show and didn't care about Deja sleeping with Malik but that awkward dinner was all kinds of fun to watch...I still hope we get a Miguel/Rebecca origin story at some point...
  11. For some reason, I am really sad that no one got PT109. I swear I read a kid's book about JFK when I was in elementary school so that stuck with me. I never thought in all my 50 years, I would be almost apoplectic yelling "PT109!!!!!!!" to my TV over and over... Then again, for FJ, I half yelled out "Mame???" Eh..I guess I was wrong....but still glad Amy carried it through...
  12. Never a fan but two performances will stand out, his HowI Met Your Mother narration gave that show the warmth of Ted Mosby. Also, there was an episode of Quantum Leap he starred in as a comic secretly in love with Amy Yasbeck. His desperation to tell her and neurotic fear of losing her was played perfectly.
  13. stonehaven

    CSI: NY

    CSI NY is available in full on Paramount Plus. I got sucked back into it when it started airing on Court TV Mystery. I really get sucked in to this show. I adore Gary Sinise and find Sela Ward really added to the chemistry. I thought the grittiness of the first seasons put me off it as it seemed depressing but I will gladly take it over CSI Miami. The original became unwatchable once Grissom left. My favorite episode,although completely unrealistic, is the murder house one... Glad to find this forum. Yes, Flack is eye candy but for me, so is Gary Sinise. He was all kinds of hot
  14. I missed the re-airing but I watched the abbreviated version online and I have to say the chemistry between Betty and Keenan was really a joy to watch. There was something special about those two together.
  15. Just watched the Betty White episode on Hulu,. All of the Jay Z stuff was cut..so was the Metal version of the Golden Girls Theme and the CSI Miami parody. That one sketch never made it online and I could never figure out why... Would love to stay up and watch it air tonight to see if they put everything back in but I gotta work at 6:30am tomorrow...
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