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  1. I was bummed that the Minnesota girl did not get the Paul Bunyan clue.
  2. I really enjoyed tonight's episode. I loved all the celebs...and was with Teri as I had not a clue about the lyrics to that one song but knew Hey Ya! in an instant...and seeing Drew dance in the background was awesome!
  3. I may be one of the few but I am really pumped for Bill Whitaker. I am a media junkie and grew up on CBS News. If Bob Simon were still alive, I would totally love to see him host too but I will totally enjoy watching Bill.
  4. I just came here to say that while I was out this evening, my Mom left a voicemail and all I heard was her yelling, "I got the FINAL question RIGHT! FRANCE!!!!! Your mother is so smart". She felt even better when I told her my friend and I completely missed it. So, yeah, my Mom is feeling on top of the world in her 78 years!!!!!!!! So, I raise a glass to my mom this evening! She's smarter than I am and I have a college degree....sigh....
  5. I'm kinda geeked out for Bill Whitaker, the CBS Reporter but I might be the only one...
  6. Made it ten minutes in but was beyond bored. I was hoping all three guys would be on at the same time as the Chasers have great chemistry. Never saw any other iteration of this so I can't compare but I am not sold. When they get the guys on the same stage, maybe I'll watch. I'll give it one thing though, it's a bit more interesting than The Wall, but that's not saying a lot.
  7. I really wanted to like this but I just couldn't. Ted was great but the character of a doofus in charge is just not something I need to see right now. Plus, the humor seemed juvenile to me. So, I'm out...Wishing it was better as Danson deserves more.
  8. Oh that ending....and I'm still not ready to let go. I am grateful that our local affiliate shows a rerun of Jeopardy right before the newer episodes. That way, he's with us a bit longer...
  9. I loved Kate's speech to Marc. I think it was unrealistic but also a message for anyone in an abusive relationship to know the signs and know there IS life after that kind of relationship. Marc was one of the first boys that seemed interested in Kate....and if Kate was already lacking in self-esteem, then she would soak the worst of that relationship into her soul and yes, that would stay with her for years. That speech wasn't really so Marc would get what a jackass he was to her. It was for Kate to release herself of the guilt and shame Marc thrust upon her. Relationships, even fleeting ones, when you are young, leave their mark and shape who you become. Kate set herself free tonight and for that, she got a standing ovation from me in my living room...and a prayer that all the young girls with self-loathing issues would one day do the same.
  10. Re: Greek Mythology. All I learned about that was through a sort of obscure John Denver song called "Spirit". ..and speaking of JD, I am just so glad SOMEONE got the Poet question on today's Jeopardy. I would have been sad if no one did.
  11. 2020 must hate great music...Another classic one gone... Tony Rice, a major influence in Bluegrass circles, died yesterday at 69... https://bluegrasstoday.com/tony-rice-passes/ I've only been in love with bluegrass for about 25 years but I know enough to know this is a huge loss...Here he is covering Gordon Lightfoot....yep, the world feels colder now:
  12. "I'll get you back real early, trust me"...songs from an aging sex bomb indeed. KT Oslin was a force and a rarity....
  13. I'm kinda glad the Vikes playoff hopes are dashed at this point. They choke way too often at playoff time so it's better to suck now. Plus, their record, their uneven playing all year, they haven't earned it. Now, Packers and Chiefs, there's so decent football to watch...and I still loathe any time that hires Tom Brady...
  14. Chad Stuart of Chad and Jeremy died from Covid related illness: https://bestclassicbands.com/chad-stuart-obituary-12-20-20/ C&J gave us one of the best "Summer Songs" of all time...
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