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  1. stonehaven

    S02.E04: Chapter Four: Will the Wise

    I rarely get physically ill from watching a TV show but the death of the cat did it for me. I knew it was coming but I am shaken by it..not sure why but I am....and something like that stops me from wanting to watch any more for awhile. They really didn't have to show the eating....hell, they could have shown a bloody furball and that would have been just as well...but the whole cat???? Ewwwww...a million times...ewwwwwwwwwwww........
  2. I think the accuser's Mom was the one that started the ball rolling. I do believe it happened but something tells me the guy just wants to forget it now but the mother had to make a big deal of it.
  3. stonehaven

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    I loved this but I need to see this again....and the two things that hit me hard were things that others haven't commented on.. 1. I realized that right now, at the old age of 47, I still have my version of "Forky"...and still get it out every now and then. 2. Bonnie popping in to say "Hi toys...bye toys" as she didn't just treat them as objects but friends...Her scene where she made "Forky" got me cheering because when you're sort of a loner kid, you do what you have to do connect yourself to the world...and for that, I loved "Forky"... For the rest, all I know, is I gotta see this one again..soon..
  4. I enjoyed Baby Driver as a guilty pleasure movie but I will say watching Spacey drool over the young male lead ruined that movie for me..and practically anything else he was in.
  5. stonehaven

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    As I music geek, I couldn't help but share this...Famed drummer Jerry Carrigan has died: https://www.timesdaily.com/news/fame-rhythm-section-member-jerry-carrigan-has-died/article_8d247375-c822-5e5b-b58f-54637687c22b.html?fbclid=IwAR0MlWneewnxTgUtDPHZ_1x3hbkRQwTuYd0HnjNN8IA-v-7Ih2EmY2zc9lU
  6. stonehaven

    Law & Order

    I just noticed the streaming service Philo is carrying Law and Order..Does anyone know how many seasons they have? It's $20 a month...I am wondering if I should get it just because...
  7. stonehaven

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Adding to this whole debate on country music are three things. Nashville really decided what is country and what is not. I have a friend that would have been a great country songwriter but they told him what the formula was and his wasn't it. So, he writes for himself and will probably never be all that famous..although he's a great songwriter. Second thing, the song may have been pulled but at least no one set fire to his CMA envelope. John Denver won the CMA Entertainer of the Year in 1975. Charlie Rich set fire to the envelope when presenting. John accepted the award by satellite unaware of what happened(The whole clip is on You Tube). When he did find out, he never felt the same. He loved country music but it didn't love him and he resented it the rest of his life. Third thing, modern music is NOT about music or even talent. It's about marketing. My guess is modern country music is marketed mainly to women. If the song isn't appealing to women, then I am sure the modern stations won't play it...Just my two cents.
  8. stonehaven

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I hated Lance the moment I heard he dumped Sheryl Crow while she was fighting cancer...sorry, that's a low blow to me.
  9. stonehaven

    The Perfect Date (2019)

    I liked it but I thought the most interesting aspect of the "date" scenario was when he went out with the elderly lady..just for a walk and talk. That seemed an interesting premise for another movie that could be explored. I liked it..filled a need on a Saturday night..the lead guy brought the pretty...not really sure I'd see it again.
  10. stonehaven

    S16. E24. Daughters

    This sucked on so many levels. They have killed two great characters for the same reason..to give Gibbs angst. I recall Emily being a strong force for her Dad in the past..and she trusted Gibbs enough to go to him when things were rough...and Fornell to go all rogue on that doctor? Puleaze..He's too smart for that...He had Gibbs to be there to support him.. What in the hell did they do to these people? I know some say that people grow over time but this isn't growth ,it's regression..and Diane being a hallucination..fine...they dropped the whole Mike Franks hologram years ago..but Gibbs would have ignored any hallucination at the office...He wouldn't have allowed himself to be overheard yelling to no one...and that weird Diane as GIbbs to Fornell? I expected "Unchained Melody" to start any moment... As for Gibbs breaking down? That also is a bunch of BS. He lived for many years with the revenge killing he did..and in the past several seasons, he made his peace with it and gently warned others not to follow in his footsteps. He hasn't been burying it like a troubled teenager. He has been dealing with it...in his own Gibbs way..To make him seem like he's lost it, is lazy writing and lazy research... ..and bringing Ziva back? Yeah, that was a surprise..but last time I checked, this wasn't "Dallas", this was NCIS, a quirky light hearted CSI type show...What in the name of John Denver has happened to this once, great show? Maybe Gary Glasberg needs to appear as a hallucination in the writers room and show them how it's really done... Sheesh...I have to be done with this show now...no matter how many seasons they have left or else it'll be a hate-watch thing..and I've never hate-watched anything... Glad you guys are here as every time I rant on Facebook about how much NCIS sucked in a particular episode, I have many friends who defend it as great television..(Hell, my Mom disagrees with me)... Oh yeah, I was bored too....
  11. I liked it..Nice touches....and fwiw, as far as finales go, it could never have the emotional punch of MASH or WTF of Newhart but avoided the pure suckage of How I Met Your Mother...So, there's that.
  12. stonehaven

    All Points Bulletin: All Things Media And News!

    I like that it moved to Sundays..I rarely watch SNF unless my team is playing. They focus too much on East-West coast match ups anyway. So, now I have God Friended Me and Rookie to watch. I think ABC will be a bit more patient with the ratings for it on Sundays.
  13. stonehaven

    S16. E23. Lost Time

    I was hoping for a Fornell sighting sometime this season..Yeah it was boring..but I swear the way Gibbs talked, that seemed to be the most dialogue they had for him all season. I do wonder if the Gibbs existential crisis would have been written by Gary Glasberg better...but we'll never know....and the preview of next week looks so over the top, I just have to watch it. As we wind down the season, I gotta thank 9-1-1 and The Rookie for bringing the fun in cop/rescue drama because this show sure ain't doing it...
  14. stonehaven

    Law & Order

    I really would love it if Dick Wolf and NBC/Universal would do a Dick Wolf channel with all the episodes of the series on ROKU ala some of the old Westerns. I would like to watch some of the Chicago stuff but haven't watched from the beginning. So, include all the Law and Orders...all the Chicagos and add some ads and that would be a channel worth watching. I was just coming here to ask if Sling had any channels that carried the Mothership. He'll, I'd even buy complete seasons on Amazon Streaming or other channels but can't seem to find a wide variety of episodes..especially with Lennie.
  15. stonehaven

    Rocketman (2019)

    If they include even a snippet of Take Me To the Pilot, I will love it!