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  1. It seems to me like we missed a lot! Because the underdogs voted for Karishma. The top dogs voted for Noura.
  2. I can’t wait to see this. We need more of this type of movie and more men like Clint Eastwood.
  3. All the feels!!! Baby Yoda gets cuter with each episode. I loved Mando giving him the ball at the end!
  4. Not some reason. Lots of reasons. She had to tell him about the avocado. She’s pissed at him because he lost weight and has made a lifestyle change. And let’s not forget she sold his Star Wars guys. That’s three off the top of my head.
  5. I’m not a rape survivor, but I was molested by my minister when I was 19. He came over to pray for me and offer me a job. Before leaving he asked for a hug. Then he stuck his hand up under my shirt and his tongue down my throat. Thank God my parents believed me right away. They went to confront him. He of course denied doing anything wrong and suddenly I was a pariah who was making up lies. Then 11 other women came forward and told similar stories. So Elizabeth, Missy and Lauren really pissed me off last night. They’re the reason women aren’t believed.
  6. And it looked like it was under a piece of paper! Anyone could misplace it that way. I didn’t care for Randall last night. His unspoken comment was rude. And if someone does have dementia/Alzheimer’s, getting angry is not helpful at all. They’re already frustrated, they don’t need you getting angry at them. ive lived through this with my mother, I can’t watch it happen to Rebecca.
  7. I didn’t know this, but according to this article, John Crist is Lauren’s ex-boyfriend. And it seems she is well rid of him. https://www.charismanews.com/us/78703-john-crist-cancels-2019-tour-dates-after-reports-of-sexting-harassment-manipulation
  8. Season 3? Probably when they started recruiting people connected to politics/politicians. Or when actors started using awards shows to lecture us on what we should think. Or when sports became political. I’d like to know what criteria the producers use to recruit celebrities. And I would like this show to be about dancing and not politics. I do have to hand it to Sean, his intro packages seem focused on everything but politics.
  9. They should have seen it coming by now. Especially after last season. I’d like to think it will send a message to Hollywood that not everyone agrees with them and not everyone feels the same as them but I think it’s falling on deaf ears and it’s just another reason to be mad at our president.
  10. That’s how it’s coming across to you. And it’s certainly not new that people are not voting for the best dancer. You’re saying you are absolutely sure that every other winner won based on their dancing skills and any votes for them were not based upon their political leanings or sticking it to some group of people? That there was no winner where the deck was stacked in their favor so they could send a “message” to a certain group?
  11. Assuming that everyone that watches is liberal and wants the best dancer to win? Is that how Bobby Bones won last year? That might be why the producers will just throw in the towel, but I think maybe the ratings and the number of votes will keep the show going. It’s one of the few conservative voices available in Hollywood.
  12. It’s not about who Sean is dancing against. This is an opportunity for conservatives to show Hollywood (or Hollyweird) that there are a lot of Americans that don’t agree with their politics. I also disagree that people voting for Sean aren’t watching the show. I think it’s highly likely that conservatives are watching and are, regardless of dancing ability, using this opportunity to show their support for President Trump and his conservative platform.
  13. Maybe if they didn’t over score Kel, then Lauren and Kate wouldn’t be the bottom 2. Am I the only one that feels Kel is being over scored? Also the comments for Sean’s dance were pretty rude. That might’ve encouraged people to vote for him. i will say he seemed to take it very well and he seems like a nice guy and well liked by the other contestants.
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