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  1. I don’t think Carter’s abs are visible any more than Finn’s. They’re just trying to distract us from their poor acting.
  2. I turned today’s show off when Eric was telling Quinn his sex life is over but hers doesn’t have to be. Does this mean lesbians have no sex life? Is sex really that important? Is Quinn that horny? Why not just get her a vibrator? It’s just gross.
  3. I just can’t anymore with Finn. Looks only get you so far and your new haircut lessens your hot privilege. He is too dumb for words. I understand he wasn’t a part of all the previous Sheila shenanigans, but his wife and in-laws were. With Dummer (Y&R) in Milan, Finn is the dumbest soap character. He is Dimm.
  4. Gross!! Is Staff Infection really that impressed with her saggy boobs that she thinks we need to see them? Ugh. There is nothing attractive about SyPhyllis and she’s a horrible actress. (Thankfully, GH was able to hire a decent actress to replace her as Nina. Just wish we still had GT as Phyllis.)
  5. Me too! I will say I’ve watched Ted on 3 soaps and I have never heard this Irish accent.
  6. Hayes’ reaction speaks for all of us regarding his daddy’s stupidity.
  7. Zzzzzz They really need to come up with a way to make this more interesting. There must be some way to prevent everyone from voting with the house. Having one large alliance control the house is dull.
  8. I’m quite a bit older than MW, so I’m no spring chicken either. To be fair, her face was extra shiny on Monday’s episode, not as bad on Tuesday’s. I’ve never been a huge fan of hers, but I’ve run into enough Carjackers to know I should keep my opinions to myself w/r/t her from now on. Heading back to Lurkerville.
  9. Hi! I have just started watching again after a break of about 20 years. Right now, this is the best soap on the air. I enjoyed the “party” at Wyndemere. Wondering how Kevin and Laura ended up together. what happened to Lucy? And Luke? The Ava/Trina stuff was nice but MW’s face was awfully shiny yesterday. She must have had a recent bit of Botox or something. She’s no spring chicken. And certainly (thankfully) hasn’t destroyed her face like Monica. Which reminds me, the Stuart Damon clips made me tear up. I always loved Alan.
  10. Is Quinn Finn’s mama with Ted King’s character? Also- lose the ‘satchel, Daddy Finnegan.
  11. “My mom says she used to do this when I was a baby.” I did not expect that magic something to be singing rock-a-bye baby like she’s at karaoke.
  12. Wow. I just watched a YouTube clip of Bayleigh and Kaycee on The Challenge. It’s the argument that ends their friendship. Bayleigh is nuts. She’s psycho. She needs some serious help.
  13. I don’t remember him saying blood brother, just brother. Then $Bill pointed out that his company was going to be inherited by his sons. My family moved to a new house with a fireplace when I was little. Just outside of Tampa. We had everyone over for Christmas and Mom insisted on lighting a fire. She turned the AC way down but people were still going outside where it was in the 70s to cool off. That’s what I think of every time I see a fireplace lit on this show. At least Mom didn’t do that in July.
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