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  1. I was out after Nicole peed herself. She has problems now, just wait until she pushes out a couple kids and hits menopause. Girl better stock up on Depends.
  2. I doubt any of these 4 have ever played chess. They’re clueless. Enzo is the worst. I liked him for a while but he keeps talking about making moves and never does.
  3. Amen! I’m proud of Julie and happy for her that she has turned to God. And in this time of upheaval, I’m sure it makes her happy when she finds someone else who loves the Lord as she does.
  4. I don’t often agree with NotBilly, but I had to today. If Chelsea signed away all her parental rights, then she has none. At least that’s how it works in FL in the real world. If Johnny were taken from his parents, Chelsea wouldn’t even be told. She is no longer case-connected to Johnny. I wonder what BS the show is planning to make up for this one.
  5. Wasn’t Tony played by that gorgeous hunk who was Michelle Bauer’s first love on GL and got her mother’s heart? Jesse? Paulo Benedeti was the actor’s name.
  6. Is it just me or do people really just live and sleep together so casually that “I love you” comes that much later ? Wow. I missed the first couple minutes. I guess I missed Billy’s moobs? Yay me!
  7. Yeah, this Sharon story is so lame. It could be a really good story but outpatient surgery? Seriously? And yes, Chance/Abby should at least have a penthouse.
  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds Zoe unattractive.
  9. Like, my favorite part was like the “like” counter. Like, you know?
  10. Ridge is a dolt. A mutton-headed dolt. Seriously every time I heard any line from anyone, I had to add “Ridge is a dolt.” Or something to that effect.
  11. So glad Kevin is gone. David was starting to grow on me and I was really hoping we wouldn’t have to listen to Nicole anymore.
  12. Thanks for the recap, @Country girl. My work had a virtual in-service day today and I was watching B&B muted and reading the CC while pretending to listen to the boss. 😏 I’ve really been enjoying this s/l.
  13. Day got a nice edit. They left out most of her attacks on David. And yes, her speech was way too long. Did anyone else see Wheel of Fortune tonight? They had a phrase that any Big Brother fan would know - “at the end of the day.” I guessed it fairly quickly.
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