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  1. Enough of Mariah. I love Chance and Abby and I would like to see them stay happy and together. But the girls “dancing” (I use that term very loosely) is so stupid.
  2. What is wrong with MS? She is a horrible actress. I don’t think it’s what she was going for in this scene, but it looks like she’s flirting with Victoria. 🤮
  3. It’s a private jet, not a jumbo jet. There are plenty of airports across the country that are large enough to land a private jet yet with no hotels nearby and maybe even close for the evening. Check out Shenandoah Valley Airport in Weyers Cave, VA for one.
  4. Yeah, movies are essential. Flying in a tube with a bunch of strangers is much safer than crossing the border in your own car.
  5. So is the Canadian border open just for Hollywood? Or are they making stuff up as they go along?
  6. There were a few scenes that could be explained away as camera angles. But Victor and Abby were holding hands as they came down the stairs.
  7. I’m ready for Donny Boaz to come back as Real Chance. Not of fan of Fake Chance. I wonder if TIIC have a plan to keep shooting Maybe move production somewhere else. I heard LA county was going to lockdown again.
  8. Man, MO was bringing it today! I thought she did a great job. This should be her Emmy submission. FakeChance is not good at all. Give me real, hunky Chance. I did enjoy all the flashbacks and people mostly behaving. Phyllis still annoys me. I hope Nick doesn’t take her.
  9. Young Jethro is played by Mark Harmon’s son. I enjoyed him and young Ducky.
  10. I remember Jordi from GL and he was every bit as exciting as he is now. Although he was younger and in better shape, so I think there were more shirtless scenes.
  11. What was the point of hiring MO’s husband to fill-in for DB? It’s not like they used the opportunity to have Chance/Abby (Chabby?) act like a real engaged couple. It was some lame scene with ReyRey. They could have done that in a phone call. Or just lengthened some other scene.
  12. Sheldon should have done what I did - I held the toothbrush and moved my head up and down. Hey, it worked.
  13. I hope he doesn’t lose his job because he has conservative views. That wouldn’t be cool. https://www.tvmeg.com/index.php/2020/11/19/boaz/
  14. Wow. If you’re going to call someone a bigot, you should back that up with facts. Twitter is a cesspool. I left long ago
  15. Well Camryn’s personal response to me as well as being one of the many in Hollywood who think they can tell Americans how to vote has irrevocably changed my opinion of her. So there’s that.
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