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  1. "salmon from local salmon fisher" . . . and she went to college? She's amazing. OK, I took the challenge. Quick search revealed: WHAT KIND OF FISH CAN I CATCH IN FLAGSTAFF, AZ? Thanks to management at state and municipal levels, many species of freshwater game fish thrive in Arizona. The state's six species of trout, including brook, brown, and rainbow, as well as largemouth and smallmouth bass, are probably the most sought-after species. But you'll also find crappie, channel catfish, and flathead catfish, along with walleye and northern pike in Arizona waters. Leftover Salmon| D
  2. The slim, smiling, youthful Robyn is long gone. Her body is toast, face is the shape of sponge bob, never smiles, and any positive energy she had has evaporated. Christine has more positive energy and a better chance at a kody replacement than robyn. Robyn and kody deserve each other for eternity.
  3. Remember a past photo of Christine sitting in front of a bookcase filled with books. Lots of books. My first thought she was not in her home, someone else’s books. There is an instagram photo of Truley, Ysabel and baby with books behind them. One book I found interesting is Red Queen. “The first of a series by Victoria Aveyard, explores themes of power and justice, freedom and control, love and betrayal.” Looks like family Christine are readers. Good for them!
  4. I bet you a kody cameo that he continues in the gun trade on the downlow.
  5. I am looking forward to lots of drama queen, balding, kody theatrics with his wisdom in the form of public service announcements like how to use toilet paper.
  6. Did she also get a new personality to go with that "new" look? Didn't think so.
  7. Personally, don't care. Welcome this micro display of dysfunction. Beats the macro of current events and politics. Bring on the delusional plygs! If they are into showing the worst of themselves I am here to participate in the the snarky, judgmental commentary.
  8. Grifters gonna grift. Just cause this guy has another birthday, won't stop him from another get money quick scheme. Contrite return to AUB, government something, start a for money church, pyramid selling, gun running, selling autographs at a z list reality show. His bloated ego will not retire quietly into oblivion.
  9. And I am enjoying watching this breathing ego's transformation.
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