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  1. Why do you think kody brown had an issue/not attracted to Christine being overweight when they got married, but not Janelle?
  2. Found it: Reddit SedonaChick 2 years ago "I can 100% verify that he is in marketing. I just saw him today at the Phoenix AZ Gun show in a booth selling gun accessories. He was going over how some gun attachment worked to the man in front of me. Sorry but I was so busy staring at Kody to be SURE it was him so I don't make an ass of myself when I say hello, that I blurred out what it was he was demonstrating but it was certainly a scope or something. He looks very well and is quite a hustler. What gave him away was his voice. That made me sure it was him. The guy didnt buy but soon a
  3. I bet he's still in the gun game. He's got the connections and knows the game, my guess is he's active, just on the downlow. That's not something you just stop, like eating carbs. He's made a couple gun comments throughout the tenure of the Brown scripted documentary. Even included the Vegas concert shooting as a reason to leave Vegas, "Vegas is to dangerous". He's most likely got an online presence in gun forums and attends gun shows. We know he's up to something other than LIV water. I recall a Robyn comment that she stayed up with him at night while he was working/making calls and something
  4. Interesting thought Art of Noiz! His whole persona has changed, and not in a good way. I guess editing wanted us to believe his extreme darkness is a result of the failure of his one house plan combined with the wives speaking up and lack of compliance. I attributed his nasty performance this season to financial stress, lack of supply to feed his ego, wife pushback and the disintegration of his plyg plan/fantasy. You are right - it's a combination of his behavior AND physical appearance. All of the dopes have changed both in attitude and physically, but his changes are off the chart.
  5. My first thought was "she needs professional help". a. cooking professional b. nutritionist c. social media professional d. therapist Does she not have any adult interaction? I get that she is a low key introvert, but her posts of late seem to have a dear diary vibe to them. No offense, but the Mothers Day post while touching, was weird. Isn't that something you write in a card or say directly to the person? A really long heartfelt social media post to the world. Ok Janelle, you're really a good person. I used to kind of like her, but can't shake the image of her mopey
  6. Easy for her to say. She's the one escaping to Parowan and lularoe gigs at the drop of a hat. Weirdo. Plus, if that was her One, Meaningful scripted line this episode, she failed. Bad acting Meri.
  7. Wasn't kody brown lamenting about "his" "retirement"? Sounded like anything he found under the couch cushions would be HIS to grow old with.
  8. Discovered this article (2013) while searching for info on Utah's assistance programs eligibility vs paternity identification. (is kody brown listed as father on Janelle and Christine's kids). Article is ok, but check out the comments. Robyn apologists and Robyn bashers. example: "Kristin Schwiermann September 24, 2013 at 11:29 am Sorry Ed you have the Brown family all wrong. I have been like a mother to Robyn since she was in the 7th grade. She grew up with my daughter, I was the only one that knew that she was polygamist, until this show aired. The Browns do NOT live off the
  9. I am 100% on the fence. If I have a tv remote aimed at my head by an angry person wanting control of the tv, I'm going with AG,ATT because above anything, kody brown needs a sports car, and all he needs to feed the bloat is verbal confirmation. Plus, plygs are well known for their love affair with government assistance.
  10. Curious, do you think Janelle and Christine put father unknown on their kids birth certificate? Advantage to them - it would make government assistance available. If they put down kody brown as father on birth certificate, he would be legally responsible for child support if they chose to leave. I know it's almost a moot issue once Truley turns 18, but wondering how the TLC Grifters played this. Bloated Ego (name on certificate) vs All Grifting, All The Time (unknown on certificate)
  11. kody brown, principal of Kody Brown Family Entertainment, the AUB version of Woody Allen
  12. Thanks for putting this in writing because this was my first thought. Janelle ate a gas station hard boiled egg and told people via social media. This is definitely in the category of info to keep locked in the vault. shhhhh alert . . . Like when I would drive to the Circle K to get a Sunday paper (when people read those relics) and inhaled a donut and a snickers before I got home. Every time I let my sister wives guard down or have a weak moment and want to give one of these dopes (thanks to poster who used this appropriate adjective) the benefit of the doubt, they post/
  13. which would show them coming full circle. Actually that would be an awesome end to this charade.
  14. What we've seen from kody brown are frenetic moves. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Gabe could have easily stayed in LV and to take advantage of all his accomplishments and hard work, two words that will never be connected to his biological father. Gabe had to have known the party line reason for yet another disruption in his life was so Dayton could go to NAU. At the expense of his full and successful life. Add to this, his mother didn't stick up for him but chose to enable kody brown's manic choices. It says alot about his character that he, as Sandy said above, "took his resentments and hostilit
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