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  1. Sometimes in a less than healthy relationship, parents want adult kids around to act as a buffer between spouses. The preview for next week of the three of them was quite disturbing. Something dark going on with the swingers.
  2. " . . . kick off Rinna Beauty with its first product: the Icon Lip Kit." "I'm the lip pioneer," said Rinna" Look out Kylie, the lip pioneer is breathing down your neck 😂 https://www.papermag.com/lisa-rinna-lip-kit-2649086786.html?rebelltitem=12#rebelltitem12
  3. During Brown's declaration of her addiction problems, she included fame. I found Shannon's comment interesting, that Brown and Sean were at her house and one of them made the comment that they liked being noticed in public. Could this be fueling all the other ones? Granted the chick has serious problems, but she's so over the top on so many of them. That may be one of the reasons why old Sean sticks around. He likes it too. Another comment was Kelly's. Something about Brown's agent told her to ?. Was it tone it down or amp it up? Too much noise to understand everything. Stupid fake shows. Not only are the producers producing content now the agents are too.
  4. https://www.dirt.com/entertainers/reality-tv/erika-jayne-house-los-angeles-1203362169/ "Tax records show the three-bedroom and 2.5-bath property last changed hands more than six years ago for a skosh over $1.5 million, and online records show it was last available for lease in late 2020 at a not-exactly-chump-change rate of $9,500 per month. At just over 2,000 square feet, the comprehensively updated 1920s Spanish bungalow is hardly miniscule. But, at just about one-fifth the size of her 10,000-plus-square foot palace in Pasadena, it is a remarkable and somewhat surprising downsize for Ms. Jayne." Per Amy Philips, Reality Checked, she's renting.
  5. Yes this is a wild story and I look forward to a part 2. Would like to know more about Rasmussen. Found these articles referencing a lead about his daughter. https://tucson.com/news/state-and-regional/officials-seek-woman-seen-in-arizona-with-serial-killer-in-1970s/article_af17f142-bff2-11e7-9917-d77ab9e5276a.html https://gcmaz.com/cold-case-out-of-new-hampshire-may-have-northern-arizona-ties/ Did they ever find the little girl from the beginning, Lisa, family?
  6. Weird to post about not posting. Just don't post. I guess she thinks no one has seen her zillion previous posts. While entertaining, reality tv "celebs" social media tends to highlight the worst in them which complements their awesome behavior on camera.
  7. So Shaun asks her if she had seen pictures of Mikes house before she arrives, and she says yes, but he photoshopped them to make the house look bigger. Then we see a clip of them arguing, Mike in the truck, she's walking down the sidewalk. Fighting about Mike pressuring her to drink alcohol when she does not want to. Shaun asks her what was the biggest fight they've had off camera and she says about Sara, his friend who got married from first season. These two are very strange. If this stuff is true, something is very off with Mike for staying with her . . . photoshopped his house to make it look bigger, riiiight. Sounds like a Meri Brown thing not a Mike from the woods thing. But what do I know.
  8. Just watched this rerun and had the exact thought.
  9. Ma and Pa tougher to watch knowing they are swingers on top of everything else.
  10. I'm watching for the fashion🤣 . . . so bored with Erika and Dorit
  11. Remember the scene when the Beador's went to the hotel for a "romantic" stay? As they are entering the bedroom, Shannon takes a huge chug of vodka from the bottle with a look of horror on her face. I bet her drinking has been going on for awhile and the producers didn't focus as much on it, first year/two and all, possibly escalating during/post divorce, she probably thinks she's "handling" it well and doesn't watch herself on the show. Being the third to Vicki and Tamra minimized her crazy. Now she sticks out like neon, even with Brown's never ending, over the top chaos.
  12. Flagstaff is a college town (enrollment 29,569), population is 72,402 including university students, people coming up from the desert for heat relief, large Native American population, tourists. It's also known for its high-tech and science development centers such as the Lowell Observatory, the United States Geological Survey's Flagstaff campus, and the United States Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station. 15th largest city in Arizona. I wonder what he was thinking (I know oxymoron) regarding his assimilating into a new, smaller town. City vs Small Town living are night and day. Did Las Vegas have a parade in his honor when they rolled in? Meri's neighbors bold rejection totally blind sighted them, popping the ego balloon. Back to living on the downlow like in Utah. From the article: "Meanwhile, one might think that the family could make friends if they attend the local Mormon church. After all, there are members of the Apostolic United Brethren in the area. But according to “Leslie Seaman, the church’s stake president of the Flagstaff Arizona East Stake, he ‘never met Kody or his family.” Notably, Leslie insists their church doesn’t ‘support polygamy.” Looks like the faith avenue isn't going to work out for them either. Maybe people are not embracing the Brown's from what they have seen portrayed on the show, especially Kody. Would you invite them over for a barbecue?
  13. https://www.tvshowsace.com/2020/12/08/sister-wives-kody-brown-flagstaff/ ". . .he previously mentioned that he thought Flagstaff, rather “liberal,” would accept the family. However, it now looks like Sister Wives‘ Kody Brown still feels unwanted in the university and touristy town. In fact, we suggested back in March this year, that Kody might move the family back to Utah. If they still feel unwelcome, why not? Dayton and the other kids at college could always move into a small apartment together." "The patriarch of the TLC show told them that he and the family still feel ‘not popular” in Flagstaff, Arizona, as neighbors ‘wish they weren’t here.” "Sister Wives fans already suspected that Kody only lives with Robyn these days. And, the interview took place as he and Robyn left her mansion." December 8, 2020
  14. In the beginning of this season's TLC charade, in Brandon's introduction, didn't he say they met up in Iceland with Julia and her parents and his dog breeding parents? Also another trip? Which is why he's in debt and has to live at Green Acres? I think he also said Julia was very demanding or something like that. Under the heading of demanding would be Smilin' Betty and Herr Papa. If my recollection is correct, no way would farm life not be a topic of conversation. My problem is, believing they are "acting". Their creep factor appears real.
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