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  1. Day got a nice edit. They left out most of her attacks on David. And yes, her speech was way too long. Did anyone else see Wheel of Fortune tonight? They had a phrase that any Big Brother fan would know - “at the end of the day.” I guessed it fairly quickly.
  2. Strangely enough, I have lived in the vicinity of two infamous baby switch cases. The first was in Sarasota/Bradenton are of FL in the late 70s. I grew up an hour or so north. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsls.com/inside-edition/2019/11/29/kimberly-mays-reflects-on-being-switched-at-birth-30-years-after-learning-she-went-home-with-wrong-parents/%3foutputType=amp Kimberly Mays and Rebecca Twigg. Rebecca died following surgery. Prior to the surgery, it was discovered her blood type didn’t match her “parents.” Once they discovered where their real child was, they didn’t just go grab her. There’s a 2-part TV miniseries about it- Switched at Birth. Granted she was 9 and not 1. The other baby switch, I was actually a little closer to. I was working as a videographer in Charlottesville, Virginia when the Paula Johnson baby switch occurred. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wtvr.com/2013/11/11/switched-at-birth%3f_amp=true Paula’s boyfriend asked for a paternity test when their girl was 4. The blood test revealed that neither was her parent. The other parents died in a crash before they found out the little girl they took home was not theirs. There was quite a custody case (which I covered for NBC29) between Paula and her biological daughter’s “grandparents.” In the end the judge decided the girls should stay with the families they knew but they had visits with their biological families for a while. Again, a little older than Beth. It surprises (and bothers) me to hear Phoebe/Beth was taken from Steffy right away. Wow. And not even taking her from a stranger, but from your ex-stepsister. That’s cold.
  3. There was color 8mm. Queen Elizabeth’s father King George VI gave her an 8mm camera when she married Prince Phillip. There is color film of them in Greece before she became queen.
  4. That too. If I never hear anything about or out of his mouth again it will be too soon.
  5. I couldn’t hear everything Memphis was saying. What I did hear him saying wasn’t cool. But I do understand when people say they can’t look at him when he’s rocking. I can’t either. I have misokinesia and misophonia and I am bothered by repetitive motion and sound. Nothing against Ian. I love him. I just can’t watch the rocking. It also bugs me that the article said people were accusing the group of bullying Ian. Did they? I didn’t see them saying any of this to Ian. I hope they didn’t. But people also need to stop using words incorrectly. It lessens the effectiveness of the word when it really is happening.
  6. Quinn and Shauna - “We’re both married to handsome Forrester men!” Um, no. Only one of you.
  7. Is anyone really interested in hearing Lily and Billy discuss racial issues? I know I’m not. Especially considering the rumor (fact?) about CK’s demands re: acting partners.
  8. My question is if Steffy is taking that many pain pills - when was the last time she pooped? Or is that just an issue for older women? In the last few years I’ve had a hysterectomy, broken fingers, two surgeries on the fingers, and a broken wrist. I took the pain pills as prescribed for 24-36 hours, then I switched to OTC pain meds. If Steffy is still in that much pain, it’s time to see a specialist. Maybe get more X-rays or an MRI.
  9. Does Kevin ever smile? It seems like he is always frowning. I kinda feel bad for his husband. Kevin just seems like a negative person. JMHO
  10. Meh. I haven’t been impressed by Kaysar this season. He seems kinda full of himself. Dani too. They both seem to think they’re better players than they actually are.
  11. I missed part of the show tonight. And Sundays. Don’t judge. What happened between Janele and Nicole F.?
  12. I’d like to thank Janelle and Kaysar for not crying all week while on the block. Kevin and Nicole A. were annoying crying and whining all week. I thought the star baby stuff was kinda funny.
  13. Oh my gosh! Hope had the Big Blue Plate’s babies!
  14. I hate Ridge. I was really hoping they were doing a takeout and he would actually come into the room while Bill and Brooke were talking and ask what’s up or something. But no! He goes back to Shauna because she is a warm body and not completely averse to his drunk hobo look. Blech.
  15. All true. And yet, I really enjoyed today’s episode. Maybe I’m stressed and overly emotional but I loved Lily and Tracy talking about Colleen and how Tracy is basically the only parental figure Lily has left. And I loved Nikki’s joy at playing. Maybe she just never takes the time to play at home and this was her opportunity. I almost didn’t hate SyPhyllis today.
  16. What?! Julie Chen-Moonves is asking everyone to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Would that include don’t do what your husband did?
  17. Thank God I’m not the only one. Sheesh. I felt so superficial thinking how scary she looked.
  18. I guess Devon and Elena (Brighton and his GF) are happy. Now they can get more screen time. And love scenes.
  19. Hahaha. I was just coming to ask if she wasn’t the one who burst into tears because Zack called her a Fruit Loop Dingus (a nickname I can now call my a-hole nephew).
  20. Now I understand why Ian rocks all the time. I’m glad he feels comfortable enough to admit it.
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