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  1. Season 12, Bradon proposed to his boyfriend after winning the bow-tie challenge. Flashforward a bit later, his boyfriend calls him to tell him about Prop 8 getting overturned and proposes to him. Bradon accepts and tells him about how he proposed on the show. Very sweet moment.
  2. Just saw on Twitter that Molly from cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model was in Sergio's collection, she was in the makeup consultation.
  3. Craig, Sharna and Tristan are all returning as judges. The Irish DWTS is also starting its fourth season this Sunday.
  4. Alan Bersten (season 10) became the first male SYTYCD contestant to win Dancing With the Stars this past Monday. The other SYTYCD contestants-turned-DWTS pros who have won are Witney Carson (season 9), Lindsay Arnold (season 9) and Jenna Johnson (season 10). Witney was also runner-up to Alan this year.
  5. They weren't as crazy and delusional back then.
  6. I'm hoping it's a Kimberley Walsh/Caroline Flack/Abbey Clancy situation where people maybe assumed she would be safe and voted to save the lower-placing celebs like Karim.
  7. Since Juniors isn't coming back, I could see her possibly doing the show in a couple years if it's still on the air, she's only two years younger than Willow Shields was when she did DWTS. Modern Family is currently in its final season so she will be free, I'm surprised she wasn't pointed out by Tom like when other ABC employees are in the audience.
  8. Sharna had been relying more and more on tricks and lifts last season and whenever she choreographed for SYTYCD, that dance was barely a quickstep. She also did most of the talking and was hamming it up to the camera during the SYTYCD episode she was on, Artem looked like he wasn't even a part of the choreography team.
  9. She was a fantastic model last season, glad to see her return. I would love to see Khrystyana from America's Next Top Model one day as a regular PR model, she's fierce and adorable all at once. She was in Margarita's final collection in season 16 and she knows Mimi.
  10. I love seeing so many sitcom people coming out to support Kate 😍 Christie Brinkley also played Jerry/Garry/Larry's wife on Parks and Rec so I immediately geeked out when I realized Mr and Mrs Gergich were in the ballroom at the same time 😃
  11. They HAVE to get Melissa McCarthy on at some point to play Spicy on Dancing With the Stars!
  12. He and Sharna were absolutely SHOCKED when Len gave them a 9 instead of a 10, the delusion was strong with those two.
  13. I could do without Mandy's bump n grind numbers with non-ballroom dancers attempting ballroom but I too really loved her as a judge, she was great at giving technical feedback without making it sound too complicated for the average viewer. Maybe if the main show survives to another season and they decide to go back to four judges, Mandy could come back as a regular judge.
  14. You need to see what Kristyn Burtt says about the pairings before you post the partners.
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