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  1. tennisgurl

    S04.E05: Face Speckled

    How are people not asking Nova what her family thinks about this? How is it just her one ex girlfriend (the one person in the world who wasn't in the book, who of course wanted to be) called her on using her family? Maybe she can hide behind Micah being her minion and only relative who shows up at her shitty book readings, but eventually reporters or fans will notice that none of her relatives are around for anything, and considering the very personal nature of her stories (and she basically shit talks everyone the whole time) people will want to know what they think. If they find out Nova told these stories without her families permission, even dragging her young nephews paternity into it and finding her aunts abusive ex, suddenly they might not be gushing over her awesome wokeness quite so much, or at least they will find a high key level of drama. Davis is lucky Nova is around, because otherwise he would have the official label of The Worst among the family, or former family. That guy is a real piece of work, as my mom would say. I cannot possibly imagine how he thought kissing Charlie was a good idea. Read the room dude! Have I mentioned what a pretentious, self involved, asshole Nova is? I am so torn because I love Rutina so much, and she is doing really great work here (and is so damn gorgeous), but what Nova did and how she is following up on it is so awful and probably unforgivable, that its impossible for me to get behind her. Her going on and on with her faux intellectual bullshit about "telling stories about black families" like she is Rosa Parks reincarnated because of her gossip rag makes me want to just slam my head against the nearest hard surface. Nova, you EXPLOITED a black family and their struggles! Your OWN family! No wonder Micah loves her so much, they both have the same holier than thou attitude and insufferable love of lecturing everyone about how much they suck and how much smarter they are than everyone else. Has Micah really read the whole book? Does he know about Blue and Vis abusive ex? Would he still be all #teamnova if he knew? That whole scene between Blue, RA, and Darla just hit me right in the gut.
  2. The marriage strife is certainly the dullest part of the show, and I dont get Decourcy's wife's deal most of the time. First the preacher is all salt of the Earth and people are just being hysterical and persecuting him, and the next she is all horrified by him and pissed about what hot garbage he is. Honestly, I cant even beileve she has anything to do with the guy in the first place. HE CALLED HER HUSBAND A HOUSE N****! IN PUBLIC! MULTIPLE TIMES! How the hell can she have a working relationship with a guy who would say something to your partner like that, and be totally unapologetic about it I mean, there have to be other community leaders to help out! I mean, Jackie is certainly a worse person, but at least he can be entertaining, and is pretty consistent in his behaviors. I would much rather watch scenes with him, even when he is a total asshole.
  3. tennisgurl

    S01.E05: 03 Bonnie and Clyde

    03 Bonnie and Clyde was one of my middle school jams, so thats bringing back some fun memories for me at least. My favorite bit was the Rollerblade scene, it was just such a nice scene, which is a great break from this parade of the most maladjusted kids in suburbia who arent actively murdering people and their drama. This show is very current in some ways with its kids, but also feels weirdly early 00s to me, like when I was a a pre-teen/teen, just with phones and Apps.
  4. tennisgurl

    S03.E09: Heroic

    The scene reminded me a bit of this scene in the Starz show Spartacus (one of the most underrated shows of the last 20 years, especially if your still interested in exploring issues of consent and personhood. I swear) where our hero Spartacus basically decides that he is going to start his slave revolt against the Roman Empire. Like with June, he has spent much of his time enslaved focused mostly on his own survival and suffering, and trying to find his also enslaved wife, and while he does try to sometimes help people out a bit in the first season, he is pretty much focused on himself and his own survival, which is understandable of course, but then throughout the first season he continues to witness the atrocities that are put upon Romes slaves, and it all culminates near the end of season one, where he looks on at the horrible injustices happening to innocent people, and you can see the moment of clarity on his face where he realizes that this is bigger than him or his family, that this whole system is evil and he has to burn this motherfucker down, and then...well lots of historical stuff happens. Except that moment was freaking awesome and was a major turning point in the series, while we have seen this moment from June about thirty times by now, and yet literally nothing has changed, so it just comes across as "ugggg again?" and instead of a culmination of a whole seasons events, its just random.
  5. tennisgurl

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    Man, poor Alexi, he was so happy at the carnival with his new pal Murray and even wanted to maybe defect, and then he gets murdered by his own people and died alone in the back of a carnival. I knew he was probably doomed, but it was still awful to watch. The big reunion of the two kid groups was everything I wanted! "Lucas?!?" "Erica?!" "She has superpowers, keep up." "The Russians? Its a Red Dawn scenario!" The talk between Mike and El was really cute, especially her big smile when Mike was apologizing. Their awkward teen love is both painful and adorable. Its just great to have everyone in the same plot again in time for the finale, except for the grown ups. Hop and Joyce really are the Sam and Diane of the midwest. I loved the expression on Hops face when he realized he had to escape Red Terminator by going down the funhouse slide. Like he was thinking "...how in Gods name has this become my life?" Watching Back To The Future while high on Russian interrogation drugs really must be a serious trip. "...she was Alex P. Keaton's mom? They're the same age!" I said it before and I`ll say it again, I really loved Robin coming out to Steve, and even though I was shipping the crap out of them, their friendship is really sweet and I loved the many beats throughout the scene. The actors were both really great and subtle in their interactions in the scene, starting with Steve confessing his love and Robin clearly feeling sad that she cant return his feelings, as well as "well, I guess I have to tell him, and then this friendship is over, AND I have to crush his little heart" and Robin being nervous and kind of twitchy as she was trying to lead him to the truth, and Steve first feelings bad hearing about what a dick he used to be, and his realization that Robin is a lesbian, and his acceptance, and them both going back to their happy teasing. The continued thread of the Wheelers having no idea where their 13 year old son has gone continues! He could be on a dozen year long mission to Saturn and they would have no clue what he was up to.
  6. tennisgurl

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Final Countdown

    I know that SA has voiced his desire to have Oliver die (but has gone kind of back and fourthon that) but I dont want the show to end that way. Even if he passes his legacy on to his kids and they can make the Queen name heroic in a way that it wasn't before the Queens Gambit went down, him only getting a few months to be with his wife and daughter, and a few months with hiss wife and son before that, and just getting sucked into a pocket dimension and dying, is just so depressing. After all of this, he deserves better. As a matter of fact, so does Felicity. Even if the two of them get some kind of life together in Monitor Land, they will lose their children, and thats just, as I said, depressing. I mean, for fucks sake, its a superhero show, not The Wire!!! Give us some happiness! Its hard to speculate on the show because, as the higher ups say, it all depends on what happens in Crisis. And that all depends on what Crisis actually exists to DO for this universe. Like I've said before, Crisis on Infinite Earths in the comics existed both because it was the authors passion project, and because the DC higher ups thought the multiverse was getting too confusing and made it too hard for new readers to get into, and wanted to put everything into one universe, get rid of a lot of characters, and basically clean up and make things less complicated for new readers. If course eventually the multiverse came back, as did many of the characters that died and were wiped from existence, but what does that mean for the Arrowverse? Do they plan on killing off a bunch of characters and wiping them from everyone's memories like in Crisis, or even wrap some of the shows that take place not on Earth 1 (mainly Supergirl I guess) and put them all into one world? Like with the comics, do the huggers up think things are too complicated for new viewers? Do they want to get rid of some less popular things, or try some new things, and this is an easy way to change things up without too much continuity snarl?Are they looking to just shake up the status quo? Move on after their flagship show ends? Are they prepared to make the major changes that happened in OG Crisis? Or will this be like Flashpoint with just a few minor changes and baby switches? I still suspect that the bad Arrow future might be wiped out by Crisis, and Olicity might get their happy ending because of it. Or maybe thats my wishful thinking.
  7. tennisgurl

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Them was on TCM Underground not long ago, and I am so glad I got it recorded! Its the standard to which all American 50s radioactive giant creature B movies aspire to! Sooooo good! Her movies really hold up well in my opinion, I consider most of them to be good introductions to silent film for new comers, they are quite approachable to a modern audience. Louis Brooks is one of, if not my number one, favorite silent era film star, she is so intense and electric, and she does read as very modern to me. I think she would fit right in with Indie movie stars of the today. I feel like a modern Louis Brooks would have an awesomely quirky Instagram feed 😉
  8. Its like A&E have never noticed that like half of all fanfics are just characters doing random domestic shit together and being cute 😉 People LOVE that kind of stuff, especially with characters they love and/ or ship.
  9. tennisgurl

    S06.E09: Collision Course (Part II)

    Its pretty impressive how they managed to take so many disparate storylines and bring them all together for a really kick ass episode. I am so happy everyone is together again, and that they got a win...at least for now. Of course Izel is still kicking, and it seems like Davis might have been used as a vessel for her to escape. Poor Davis, he better not die from this, and instead turns into another "wow cant believe I survived that!" story for him to break out at SHIELD functions. He and Piper need to survive the whole series to snark and just barley escape death damn it! I also think that May has something going on, no way would she just walk up and execute Sarge like that, its just not how she does things. She would certainly kill him if she had to, but killing him while he is unarmed and no longer a threat? I dont buy it, something else is affecting her. I am kind of liking Deke and Snow, not afraid to admit it. Its miles better than his increasingly weird crush on Daisy. They're weirdness kind of fits, although I am totally glad that Daisy had her locked up. She might be on the side of good for now, but Snow is clearly a deeply unstable murderer with a massive body count, she probably shouldn't left in an area filled with weapons. Speaking of, I hope that, as annoying as he may be, FittzSimmons can mentor their grandson a bit and point him down the right path. Deke is pretty annoying and selfish most of the time, but he is still kind of in desperate survivor mode from his life in a post apocalyptic hellscape, and is desperate to be loved and appreciated, so I think they can help him get out of that mindset and back onto the straight and narrow. Poor Jaco, but at least he finally came around and went out fighting. I never thought he was really a bad guy, and I figured he would turn on Sarge eventually when he saw how casually Sarge treated human (or alien or whatever) life. I dont think thats the last we`ve seen of Sarge, considering we still have no clue who the guy is, or why he is Coulsons double. Awwww I loved all the reunions, but Mack giving Fitz a massive bear hug was my favorite. Fitz looked so tiny!
  10. tennisgurl

    S02.E05: Happy Heckling

    I really hope that Callie finally just breaks up with Jamie soon and gets it over with, she clearly has one foot out the door, and if she keeps stringing him along, its just going to get worse. Her whole angst attack about the rich stay at home moms was so ridiculous, especially Callie assuming that Jaime will want her to do the same is ridiculous. Jamie has never been anything but supportive of her and her career, and if she had just been honest with him about her fears, he probably would have told her that he had no desire for her to quit her job or anything, but of course she cant do that. She is still super into Gael, so why did she choose Jamie in the first place anyway? I also thought Callie was being kind of a judgy asshole towards the women at the party, like, oh no, a stay at home mom!?! Disgusting, your a failure as a woman and a human! Yeah they had to be over the top vapid and rich, but come on! Of course, that Callie for you, she is all about accepting people...unless its something that she does not approve of, even something as innocuous as wanting to be a housewife. For as pissed as she is about that guy from legal aid judging her, she is sure doing a lot of judging herself! And the whole party was so over the top in its rich WASPness, it was kind of hilarious. I mean, I've always known Callie would get bored with Jamie, because he isn't her type. Callie, going by her time on The Fosters, likes either guys she is forbidden to be with (like her foster/adopted brother) or guys that are "social justice causes" for her to support and fight for (black kid from the wrong side of the tracks, transgender activist), she even had some teasing of a relationship with a female friend who was a DACA kid whos parents were deported, but honestly, she kind of got bored with them when they stopped needing her to "save" them or things started going to well for them. If Jamie wants to compete with Gael, a Hispanic bisexual artist with a trans vet sister and a complicated family situation, he needs to step his issue game up! He needs to get a tragic backstory NOW. But now is she getting interested in her judgmental co-worker?! If Callie cant handle Jamie being...himself, she just needs to call it off before he gets even more attached to her, its not fair for her to be halfway out. Oh Alice, never draw attention to yourself during a comedy set! That comedian is totally going to try and hook up with Alice to spite Joey,or something. But I cant say I am a super fan of Joey, they seem like they're always annoyed or mad at Alice for every little thing she does. Awwww Evan I knew to have faith in you! He and Mariana have a cute friendship, I hope that Raj will get his head out of his ass and realize they really are just friends, because I like him and Mariana. She really should have given him a heads up about hanging out with him though. I know they have a big cast, but I stil get whiplash when we start getting movement on a characters storyline, and then the next week they dont even show up.
  11. tennisgurl

    S03.E09: Heroic

    Maybe at some point in the show, I could have liked this episode, maybe as a character study, a look into the effects of solitary confinement, or even a look at how medicine works in crazy anti science Gilead. Unfortunately, its during this fucking season, so an episode totally focused on June mugging for the camera, getting away with literally everything from mocking and cursing at Aunt Lydia to a few murder attempts, her self important voice overs, and supposed "badass" promises about saving the kids, just makes me want to claw my own eyes out. June has been the weakest part of the whole season (with the crocodile tears of Serena as a close second) so a whole episode based around her is literally the last thing I want to see. Besides, as many others have already said, this is just more of the same in a season where NOTHING FREAKING HAPPENS. June gets upset, she lashes out, she decides to save the world, never does more than flop around aimlessly getting random people hurt, rinse and repeat. I cannot believe instead of some, ANY plot motion, we get this right now. The only bits I really liked where Jeannine telling June how selfish she is (preach Jeannine!) and the bit with the doctor who knew Junes mother. Of course June gets shitty with him about Gilead putting the baby before the mother (yeah June, shit talk a guy you hardly know who is currently helping you over things he has no control over) but everything following that was actually really good, and I am glad that the doctor was actually a decent guy. The actor did a lot with his one scene, especially the Do No Harm line, he just sounded so sad, now working in a place without that oath alive anymore. It does make me wonder about how medicine and such works in Gilead, and how they have all these advanced practices and tech around, considering most people who were in charge of those things are probably dead or long gone, and the people still stuck here are working in this anti science system, but I dont think this show has the capacity to really consider that anymore.
  12. tennisgurl

    S03.E01: Season 3, Episode 1

    Happy that this show is back, I missed it a lot over the break! It kind of sucks that this show came out around the same time as The Handmaids Tale which really stole its "women struggling in an oppressive system" show thunder, and hasn't really had the viewership and critical love that it deserves. Its good seeing Lucy trying to get out of being a harlot as, despite her learning how to be good at it, she still hates sex work, and helping to manage a mollyhouse is probably her best bet. She can use what she knows about the sex trade, but without actually having to have sex with people. I am also interested in seeing a mollyhouse, which seems like an inevitable location in a show about sex work in this era. How is it different and similar to the all women houses? Lydia is the worst, but seeing the atrocities in the asylum is really hard to watch, no one deserves that. Those places really were truly terrible, especially because, like we saw here, people used them as a form of sick entertainment as well as being places to shove inconvenient people and torture them under the guise of "medical help." That being said, of course Lydia is already trying to groom some poor girl to be her next featured girl when she gets out, because as much as what is happening to her is terrible, Lydia is still the worst. Alfie Allen is a great addition to the cast, and Issac and his brother seems like a interesting characters to throw into the mix. Word on the crazy hot chemistry he has with Charlotte, like hot damn.
  13. tennisgurl

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    I really appreciate a lighter episode after last weeks massive emotional draining tearfest. Damon teaching middle aged white women to vogue never stops making me laugh, and he actually does seem like a good teacher, as well as a dancer. He and Ricky clearly shouldn't be together right now, but maybe after Rickie actually gets his shit together and realizes whats important. Elektra just about lost her damn mind trying to hurt Damon to boost Ricky's chances, thank God one of her children actually has a conscience. The differences between Elektra and Blanca as mothers is so apparent here. Sure Elektra can give her children lots of stuff and a nice place to live, but she filters all her love for them through her own sense of narcissism and entitlement, and her love is very conditional depending on what they can do for her, while Blanca, despite living in a small crappy apartment, gives her children nothing but her unconditional love and support. Blanca really is mom of the year. That Solid Gold dancing sure was...something. Damon, Rickie, and the other dancer were all really good, but its pretty bizarre watching Rickie dance to Sinead O`Connor in M.C.Hammer pants is just a whole lot of 1990. Not much of Lil Papi and Angel, but they were really sweet and supportive of Damon, which was super sweet to see, and the brief scenes of them at the end were HOT. Nice! Papi clearly spends a lot of time doing those push ups! That preview for next week! Dont you play me like that show!
  14. tennisgurl

    S04.E08: Ambo

    Shit that DID get super intense! The heist this week was ridiculous and over the top, even by this shows standards, but it was still crazy fun to watch. The car getting smashed into got an actual gasp out of me! So we get the first glimmer of how Smurf looks at motherhood. "One day my boy will be big and strong and he wont love anyone as much as he loves me." She clearly sees her kids as her own homemade crew she can raise up to be tough and strong and loyal to her more than she sees them as children to love (probably partially why she was so quick to cut Julia out, she couldn't/wouldn't do anything for her) but maybe she also went on to have so many kids because she does want love, and has no idea what healthy love is, so she has kids who will "have to" love her and worship her. Holy crap Tupi AND Mia!?! I think that J either knew or strongly suspected both that Baz was his dad and that Smurf was involved in his death, this just confirmed it.
  15. As we go further and further into the re-watch, it becomes clear that, while A&E and the writers have seen plenty of shows/movies/plays and read lots of books and such, and they've seen the genres and tropes that they want to use, but they dont really understand them, or why they actually work, or they're too lazy to really put that kind of effort in. Its especially obvious with the whole stupid Savior Shakes story and their attempts at reconning their whole mythology. The obvious retcon that Emma isnt just the Savior who is supposed to break the Dark Curse, but is some catch all chosen one to save everyone from everything ever, is bad enough, but they clearly have no clue how chosen one style stories even work. Its clear that the Savior stuff is based around Buffy and the Slayer mythology, with some side bits of other chosen one stories like Avatar: TLA, but while those shows explained how their chosen one jobs worked and why some people were chosen and what their actual powers were and used their chosen one natures to explore their respective chosen ones as characters and their world. Its like the writers saw these stories, but went about it with such lazy broad strokes, couples with their lack of interest in world building, that it just came across as a hallow take off of those other, better stories. They dont explain why some people are Saviors and some arent, what their actual powers are or how they came to be, and the whole "Savors all die" prophesy is so stupid for so many reasons, I cant even get into it all. Like I said, its like they saw a whole cake, but only decided to give us a crumb. Or Hansel and his crusade against magic that we have to look forward to (bleh) next season. There is a long standing trope of "normal" people persecuting magic people (or aliens or mutants or vampires whatever makes people different than baseline people) or vice versa, or people of different magical factions or species or bloodlines having prejudice against each other, or people of different magical lineages, etc its a super common trope and story in tons of genre work. But, because its Once, when they tried to do that, it totally fumbles because there just arent that MANY people for him to try and attack for having magic, because by season seven we have a cast of like three people who get to do anything, we have no idea how magic works (are people born with an innate talent, or can anyone do it with training? Would Hansel attacks Grumpy or Ariel for being mythical creatures even if they dont really "do" magic?) his reasoning is ridiculous even by the standards of being prejudiced, he is hardly much of a metaphor for hatred or racism (its just one weirdo...), his serial killer games come out of nowhere and just look silly for the two seconds they existed, and it just comes off, much like the Savior story, as super random and almost more of a shout out to a typical story line than an actual one. For a show supposedly based around stories, they dont really seem to care about the conventions of them.