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  1. Me: "Oh boy, I cant wait to see what happens next with Nxy and the battle with all of the fifth dimensional power!" *reads episode description* Me: "...sigh" I know that Supergirl is gonna Supergirl, no point in rolling my eyes at this point when the show grinds the plot to a halt to give us Very Special Episodes that even an 80s sitcom would call over the top, but it really is annoying that we are still getting so many of these so close to the end. I might have liked this episode better if it was earlier in the season, I am at least glad that this has given Kelly something to a
  2. Poor Yolanda, she is really being put through the wringer this season, in a season that has in general been quite dark. I can see why Yolanda is so guilty and disturbed by killing Brainwave, I would think that killing someone, especially in a pretty bloody visceral way, would be a lot for anyone to handle, but especially for a teenager. That on top of her religious beliefs and it all being mixed up with her grief over the horribly traumatizing and tragic death of Henry, no wonder she is falling apart. I am guessing that this is Eclipse, who is trying to corrupt one kid after the next, but I co
  3. After so many massive downers, this fun time romp was a real breath of fresh air...at least until Ultron Vision showed up, which was so out of nowhere that even the Watcher was shocked. Speaking of the Watcher, he is getting even more and more easy to see, he has gone from only an outline in the background to be fully shaded almost in the foreground over the worse of the show, which is definitely leading to something... I guess having Loki around turning into snakes on him and whatnot did actually make Thor a bit more focused, because without him he's a party dude full time, although he i
  4. This episode was at least a bit better than last week, although it sort of had the opposite problem of the last episode. While last week was slow as molasses and claustrophobically stuck in one lame location with our new batch of weirdo villains, this week was all over the place, way too many characters and plot to really give any of them as much screen time as they needed. Ideally we could focus on just a few subplots per episode, even with its cast of two thousand, half of which have names I can never remember. The Commonwealth is obviously sketchy, but like I said last week, I am stil
  5. Tunde's fake American accent was by far the funniest episode in the episode. Long live Tunde the unblinking! I really hope that they don't keep Dele in Nigeria, even if Abishola and Tayo think its the best thing for him. He might like some things about Nigeria, like being with the rest of his extended family, but he has a whole life in America, I dont know if he really would love to give all of that up. Every time he says he wants to stay, he's always looking pretty intently at Tayo, I think that he really just wants to please his dad and now his mom, instead of saying what he really wan
  6. Two hours is WAY too long for anything other than a season premier, I am glad that we are going back to one week again soon. Too many bakes. The judges costumes were cute, although I always think its unfair when judges put too much of their personal preferences into judging. Its not bad if its just not to your taste. The bakes were all cute, I forget who made the mummy cake but I liked it a lot.
  7. I am curious as to how some normal (if badass) guy managed to kidnap a part angel woman with razer wings. Apparently Trixie, a small normal human child, can take care of herself better than a fully grown angel, but considering Trixie was more mature at eleven than Rory is at forty something, that lines up. I guess Rory's badass vibe really is just an aesthetic. I am glad that they spent this episode giving Lucifer having nice conversations with everyone, it was a good way to get close to finishing the show, celebrating the whole cast as we get to the end of the show and what I am sure wi
  8. I’ve heard the word vagina from Tia more than I heard it in my sex ed class in junior high.
  9. I would like to just say…in regards to the naked taco date…ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  10. Kendall is either really desperate for airtime or she’s just desperate in general. Joe seems to be over her in general.
  11. Having Kyle and Max both just wake up offscreen is such a lame end to those stories, what a disappointing waste of possible good character moments. You would think after all of the drama with everyone trying to save them there would be some emotional moments with them waking up with their family and friends, but instead it all happens offscreen without any sort of importance and all we get is Kyle with some new long lost relative and Max bickering with Liz. I've waited this long for Kyle to be back and this is all we get? I am not a fan of Isobel getting with one of Max's old hook ups, it
  12. I really liked seeing the cop again, I didn't expect that at all. We got to see her home life, thought process, and she could actually end up quietly teaming up with the podcast trio as she feels like they might have a point about the case not adding up. Another super fun episode, we are really making progress. Nathan Lane is a big name for a minor role, so I was wondering about him since he first showed up. Then again, we still have a few more episodes to go and most mysteries wait to bring up the real killer as a suspect until the last minute, so who knows? I am increasingly sure that the st
  13. Poor Ella is getting a LOT of information really quickly. She's actually taking it pretty well (didn't call an exorcist or anything) but finding out that a bunch of her friends are angels/demons who have been hiding this from her, and that her other deceased friend is a ghost, AND that her childhood friend is the angel of death, its certainly a lot, even ignoring the bigger celestial issues. She isn't freaked out by the existence if the supernatural, more that no one ever told her. Is Linda's book going to be sold as fiction? Because if its not people are going to have a lot of follow up quest
  14. tennisgurl

    S05.E01: Panic

    Next season, I swear the 911 gang will be fighting aliens...
  15. "Why were we walking so slowly? We were just going to the falafel stand."
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