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  1. That Faustus, father of the freaking year! Magically aging his children so he can sacrifice them to the Loch Ness Monster, what a class act! Putting him with Satan might seem like killing two demon birds with one stone, but I dont see this ending well. Oh God, the cheer choreographer from Riverdale has come to town! Head for the hills! Roz and Sabrina do sure look cute in their cheerleader outfits though. So it looks like Sabrina will deal with this whole Queen of Hell thing by helping some people get out who dont really deserve hell, like the old chess guy who seemed like a decent person who made a terrible mistake, or punishing really evil people, like evil ice cream man. Sabrina is gonna be so grounded for going to hell without telling her aunts! Plus, you know, also putting their coven in danger after they all almost got killed.
  2. Looks like Carly got a big old parade and a carnival at the end for good measure! I liked the whole Shaun plot, it makes sense that he wouldn't be awesome at sex right away, but he so wanted her to have a good time having sex, so he has to do research, get some feedback, maybe run some focus groups, etc. I was dying at Shaun in his kilt after he told Claire that Carly liked Outlander. Claire's face was like "alright, now thats something we can work with!" Also fun getting all of the doctors involved, I especially loved Parks expressions as he realized what Shaun was talking about. Interesting backstory for Reznick, I would have thought she was from a family of super competitive doctors, not super competitive artists that treat her like crap for following the lame, dull, and not at all intellectually challenging career of being a doctor. Their family does seem to be very messed up and there seem to be a lot of toxic things happening, but it also seemed possible, especially after her idea saved her mom and she showed her brother how medical science can be as beautiful as any painting, that maybe things can improve for them a bit moving forward. This does certainly explain a lot about Reznick and the massive chip on her shoulder, but I had to laugh at her sitting there and reading all of the crappy things her mom did as a parent as she sits in the hospital, including reading bad reviews of her art that cause her to have a seizure! Thats an impressive level of petty! Always awesome seeing Annette o'Toole! Nice seeing Glassman grab a scalpel and start to possibly get back in the saddle again. The plot with Live Like You Were Dying guy was interesting. If your dying, do you enjoy the little things you have consistently loved, or do you go out and do every crazy thing you have always wanted to do? I can kind of get the wife feeling like just spending time with her wasnt enough and being hurt by that, especially as she felt that these adventures were more important than being with her, but its also hard to blame a dying person for wanting to live as much as possible with the time they have left and exploring the world. Either way, looks like now he has his whole, much longer, life ahead of him, but that life was blown up.
  3. We have a full blown mutiny on our hands and I am here for it.
  4. “Hmmmm all of this reminds me of some other situation...where everyone told a main person on this show that the person they were super into is awful...and that person says everyone is ganging up on them...what could it be....”-Peter, who has totally blocked out his whole Bachelorette season.
  5. How is Peter and everyone fighting like a soon to be divorced couple trying to get the condo in the South Hampton's?!? This shouldn’t be this hard before your even really dating?
  6. Alayah has got some serious crazy eyes going on, dont leave your rabbits anywhere near her you guys.
  7. Damn, the ladies are straight up pissed. It would be hilarious is they all just packed up and left.
  8. I mean, this is pretty consistent with Peters general taste in women (Hannah B) but could this guy be any easier to manipulate? I didnt think we could get a contestant that has worst judgement than Hannah B but...
  9. I really dont know any of the other girls, its all drama all the time with like three people. Why is any of this happening!?
  10. Do we have to do this date every freaking season? So who is going to be our crazy Luke P who takes this from "cute light game" to "murderball"?
  11. Whats even wilder is that, as far as we know, Zelena had never even met Marian before she killed her, and yet was totally able to not only know every single aspect of her life enough to fool her own friends and family, but imitate her personality for months on end without anyone catching on, despite not even knowing her! They lived in different universes! The Marian stuff is another danging plot thread that, as the show wrapped up, its amazing how little it was brought up the second it stopped being a plot point. Her existence as a character was such a big thing in Robins backstory, and her being around caused so much drama and angst for Robin and Regina, that she death was hardly even commented on. It was just "oh well, I got move onto Regina, score!" Of course, its possible that Robin did have some feels about his twice dead wife, but he was never allowed to express them. When he dared to show some nervousness around the woman who raped him and killed his wife, Regina, who had decided that Zelena was good now, just told him to shut up and hand the baby to Zelena, who is now getting primary custody because Regina says so. I think a big reason so many plot threads were left dangling or were severely underused was that it made the pet villain characters look bad, so we cant ever really talk about them or it looks insane that the heroes are so easily palling around with these people. We cant ever bring Graham up, because it would make Regina look bad and/or make Emma and the Charmings look bad for instantly forgiving her for murdering someone who saved both Snow and Charming and got really close to Emma. We cant ever really talk about the details of Robyns father because we cant talk about the fact that she was conceived through rape by Zelena and that all makes her look really bad. We cant give closure to Milah being trapped in the river of souls because her being killed and then killed again by Rumple makes him look bad. They have their villains do these horrible things for the sake of shocks or cheap melodrama, but refuse to follow through because if we thought about it for three seconds, we would be horrified by these people and that they have gotten away with so much. So we have all of these plots that seem like they would be obvious to follow upon (like Robyn and Alice both being conceived through rape) but we never can. Except for Hook of course, we can drag his ass through the mud every day of the week and everyone can treat him like shit as much as they want!
  12. Bringing in an ex as the musical guest! That is right up there with the revolving champagne as far as producer driven drama can get!
  13. The big shock, even more so than Nomi being pregnant, is that Luca has a conversation with someone that apparently wasnt just pouty and pretensions! I am still unsure about this whole pregnancy story, but I do like how its playing out. I think there are definitely people that try to get pregnant because they want a person to love or to love them back or for the baby to fix some problem in their life, and soon realize what a huge responsibility this really is. Maybe she ends up giving the baby up for adoption? The twins being convinced that the sleazy teacher Nomi was dating was on drugs was hilarious, as was the running joke with the little ghost girl haunting their new place. And that montague of Zoe being judgmental was on point. Oh Aaron.
  14. I would make fun of Victoria and her fit, but I freaking hate heights, especially surprise heights, so I can relate 😉
  15. This week on The Bachelor...
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