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  1. Aww Tally got to get with the boy that she likes! The two of them seem to be all kinds of into each other (including bird delivered dick pics) attached at the lip until the last minute, I am really glad that Tally got the sex magic day she always wanted! Plus, Abigail got to have a three way (even if she blew off the guys after she got her power up) and even Raelle made a friend! I would be happy to see Raelles buddy and even Tallys boytoy again, especially because I want to learn more about the possible differences between male and female witches. It also seems like Adler and the Witch Father have a bit of a history, even beyond Beltrane. I continue to enjoy a lot of the world building stuff that is going on, including a magic sort of May Day orgy celebration/dance that gives witches a massive power up, but is also tied into a lot of ceremonial stuff that is important to witch culture. Also apparently female witches get whips made by male witches (magic is presumably involved) and now Raelle has the one made by poor deceased Porter. Oh yeah, thats definitely coming to come back at some point, especially as Scylla continues to sneak about. Yeah, I keep getting the feeling that Scylla will get a redemption arc, probably because she will fall for Raelle for real (and already seems to be) but she has done a lot of awful stuff just on her own, let alone with her whole domestic terrorism group, so that redemption is gonna be tricky to pull off. I guess maybe this whole mess might kick off her growing a conscience? I really like the friendship growing between the main three girls, especially as Abigail and Raelle start to bond a bit more. They arent besties or anything, but have gotten to the"you dont get to talk shit about her, only I can do that!" stage of their relationship. Tally is still my favorite though, she is just so excited to be here!
  2. Ok I am really glad to see other people were confused by the whole "demons and witches have a truce" thing, I thought I missed an episode! Was this part of them teaming up with Abigail? Could have established that a bit more! You know, if they want this truce thing, can we maybe get to know a few demons and witches? Everyone just seems to exist as one note plot devices. Every demon is evil and duplicitous, every witch is sweet and helpless (for the two seconds we see them before the Charmed Ones save them or find their bodies) so I have no idea how this truce is even supposed to work. Why are Harry and Jordan having a random adventure a million times more interesting than whatever is going on with the sisters? They all hardly even get to do anything anymore, they just kind of kick around the plot waiting for other stuff, usually involving the supporting cast, pinging from plot point to plot point.
  3. Yeah, I dont know if thats what they're going for here with both Mia and Pearl Bebe and May Ling (I think they might be going for more of a class warfare thing) but...it also seems like this could end up saying "its biology that matters with children and thats all that matters children should always be with the person who carried them regardless of circumstances and if the birth moms gives up the kid or promises the kid to someone else, they will always end up changing their minds and they should always get the kid back instantly" and thats really got a great message to send. As weird as the husband flagging down Mia and asking her to be their surrogate on the subway was, Mia did agree to be a surrogate for him and wife, who were desperate for a child, and she just took their baby and ghosted them, and that was a sucky thing to do. She apparently never even called or tried to return the money or explained, she just made a break for it. Of course, I dont know if the show wants us to see what Mia did as good or bad yet, or how things will play out with Bebe vs The MacCullahs, and if we are even supposed to see any of them as the "good guys" or the "bad guys" in the whole sad situation, so I guess we will just have to see what happens to see what we are supposed to take from all this.
  4. Yeah, It kind of hit me that while the characters haven't changed much in eleven years (amazingly) my life has changed a whole lot since I watched the pilot. I mean, I was a teenager when this show first came out! I watched this through college, grad school, a couple of jobs, moving across the country, for good and for bad, this show and I have been through a lot. There were a few funny lines and emotional moments that actually worked, like Mitch and Claire and their ice skating (and realizing that it was more sexual than they remembered) and the kids re-making the dog video and then getting emotional when they realized they were all going their own ways, and when Gloria realized that Jay learned Spanish for her, it had a few moments. Really, it hardly even felt like a big series finale special, it felt like just another episode from this season. A giggle or two, a cringe or several, and mostly just boredom. Claire and Phil really need to look back and question their parenting as they become grand parents, considering how incapable of even basic life skills their grown ass kids are, even being confused by the concept of breakfast. This whole family is such a codependent hot mess that has basically been living in a state of arrested development (hey, thats the name of another show!) where they have hardly changed as people in eleven freaking years. If anything, they've gotten more selfish, more stupid, and seem like they alternately hate each other, and cant live without checking in with each other over the course of the show. Really, this show should have ended ages ago, it hit its creative peak a few seasons ago and its been all downhill. That being said, the ending wasn't awful or anything, it wasn't the How I Met Your Mother finale or anything, I can still enjoy the early seasons without a finale that ruined it, but after such a long run, its shocking how how hum this was. Oh, and we get a few more stereotypical jokes about the Midwest (Its all tornadoes, pigs, and hicks! They dont even have Uber, what yokels!) and Columbia (watch yourself, everyone is sketchy!) because the only time these writers have ever left southern California is for the vacation episodes. Classy!
  5. "Do they look like they're getting married?" "...Kind of." Its ok, its his sister! This was clearly a sort of coda/epilogue for the show, as pretty much everyone is on their way to their next big wonderful adventure, and this was just the last big hurrah for the cast. It was really just what I wanted, lots of sweetness and hilarity, some call backs, some jazzigals, and, of course, Moira in some truly amazing outfits. The wedding was super sweet, and I am glad that so many of the townsfolk could be involved, and its so great to see how much closer the Roses have gotten over the course of the show. This show can be so over the top, but its grounded by its sincerity and the genuine character development of the various characters. This show clearly could have kept going, and while I will really miss this show (and I have just this season jumped on the bandwagon!) and I wish I could have more, I am glad they left while they were still riding a creative high and on their own terms. Not getting cut by networks before they can finish everything, not limping on well past its expiration date, but driving off into the sunset on their own terms. Poor David, you can really feel that panic setting in. Just not in Roland's living room, for the love of God! I do wish we had a bit more Alexis, and that she and Ted had stayed together, but I can imagine that they could each other again. Ted comes to new York to work at the New York Zoo, I will make this happen! Just a sweet, funny, sincere finale, just what I wanted.
  6. Heh, chicken school. Why cant Dre just, like, talk to Bow without turning it into A Thing? He needed all of this to just learn something so freaking obvious? Just say your not sure about the school, you dont have to press her buttons about her mixed race angst or her commune childhood! So half this episode was just a dream sequence? "Invade Russia in the winter, give your mistress your home address, but dont push your wife's button!"
  7. This week, its flashback time! I've gotten so used to the 90s setting that the 80s flashbacks were kind of a trip. Break Dancing! Reagan! Turn Tables! Coke! AIDS! 80s! Really interesting to see how much Elena and Mia, despite living very different lives in very different places, were dealing with some similar issues, like parenthood, dealing with parents that just dont understand, fears for the future. The episode did a pretty good job at going further into the issues that continue to plague Mia and Elena in the future, and shows more that, despite their many differences in background, philosophy, lifestyle, etc. that they are actually quite a bit alike. Both of them clash with their moms, but we know they will go on to make similar mistakes with their own children, both have regrets about many of their life choices, both see their kids as an extension of themselves. Of course, while Mia seemed to take Pearl because she wanted someone else to love her in the wake of her brothers death, Elena seems to rather resent her children, and it kind of seems like she had kids because that what was expected of her, not what she really wanted. I think that both of them struggle to really see their kids as people outside of their relationship to their mothers, which is especially sad considering both of their mothers struggled with understanding them. So did the couple Mia was a surrogate for have legal documents signed already with Pearl? I guess thats why Mia is running and why she changed her name (despite also being a well known artist including a self portrait) and why she and Peal practically live out of their car, but...do they need to? I dont know a whole lot about the rights of surrogate mothers, but she could probably have a case. Unless of course she got the money up front and wanted to skip town in case they demanded the money back, which could also be the case. Its weird, A Million Little Things did a story line kind of similar to this with a couple and a young mother who wants to give her baby up for adoption, only for the birth mom to change her mind and keep the baby at the last minute. Oh, and Mia had a mentor who died as well right after her brother who, like all good teachers and mentors, gave Mia cocaine, and hooked up with her. Thats not sketchy or anything. Young Elena really did feel like a young Elena, an Elena who hasn't totally mastered her "brand" yet (four babies is very different than three!) but young Mia didn't seem quite as Mia. Maybe because she hasn't gotten that angry teeth clinched look that 90s Mia has. I guess living on the run for a decade can do that to a person. It also seems like Elena has always been resentful of Izzy, the baby that she didn't want, who was also a rather difficult baby after Elena already had three little kids. Maybe Izzy picked up on that, even if it was unintentional on Elena's part, and that led her to wanting to rebel? And the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon... I do feel bad for the MacCullahs, its hard enough that Mrs. MacCalluah kept having miscarriages, but her best friend, who doesn't even want more kids, is the most fertile women in Ohio.
  8. Awww @hookedontv your gonna make me blush! I know I've said this before, but I fully adore the clothes on this show, everyone just looks so good! The costume people on this show deserve a standing ovation.
  9. That Denise calendar you guys. That calendar. I loved Bow and her friend walking from the hall in their safety sashes to Mabo Italiano. Of course even sweet little Bow would love having a fancy title that she can humble brag about. Did narrator Bow mention that she was a doctor lately? But since this isn't Black-ish, she realizes what she is doing and corrects herself. I figured they would be an episode about the complicated relationship between the black community and the police, but this was an interesting way to do it.
  10. Of course Abishola, who is always practical and straight forward, finally just handles Bobs ex, who is trying to move back into his life and is taking advantage of his general niceness, by straight up telling her to go away. That was awesome, always straight to the point that lady! Yeah Christina is very Dottie-esc, no wonder Dottie cant stand her! Well, that and cheating on her son with his best friend of course. Like she said in the last episode, there is no way for her to come off well in that story. Oh Christina, she and Kofu had a sort of cute thing going, but of course she has a real crazy Christina side to her that comes out. Didn't she once say she stabbed an ex with a fork? Goodwin sure did nip that one in the bud! And they got a vacation out of it, AND Christina gets to be reunited with her true love, Buttermilk! Everybody wins!
  11. I think we can fairly say that Emily shouldn't be taking domestic violence cases for the foreseeable future, she is seriously not ready. I know she has a great support system of people in her life, but she really needs to talk to a professional. That kitchen breakdown was brutal, really great acting from everyone involved. Also, as much as I like Emily/Luke, I dont know if Emily is in the right head space for a serious relationship right now. She is working out a lot of trust issues and finding out how to open up to people, especially romantically, maybe it would be best if they just...pressed pause? Maybe seeing a therapist would help, but it seems like its really hard for her to be dating anyone right now. She has so many triggers (understandably) that it seems like she is always annoyed and pissed off at him, which leaves Emily even more upset and Luke hurt, even if he knows that its not really about him. Not that I want them to break up, but I think they need some outside help from a professional if they really want to make a go at this. Tipsy Sherri is a super fun Sherri. Interesting that they seem to be setting up some relationship issues between Lola and Robin (which is understandable considering the long distance) while also Amy and Mark are having some growing pains as they get more serious. Especially as some of the fight between Amy and Mark was about how close Mark and Lola are. Amy certainly does need to give her clients the best defense possible, but she was so needlessly brutal in that courtroom scene against that junior lawyer. The smug condescension radiating off of her and Rachel could power the entire western hemisphere. That level of grandstanding was totally unnecessary, and you could see Lola getting increasingly annoyed (especially when Amy threw out the "Sweetie" crack) by it as the trail went on. I think that this is headed towards a Lola Vs Rachel showdown by the end of the season, with Mark caught in the middle.
  12. I cant blame Michaela for not letting that dirtbag meth guy go just because the stupid Callings told her to, that just seems stupid, especially as a cop. That guy is clearly very dangerous and violent, and very much not a guy you want running around, so what was she supposed to do? Explain that she let the violent drug dealer go because the voices in her head said she should for some reason she cant explain? I am torn, because I like Zeke so I am glad that we arent losing him (this show cant afford to lose its few really likable characters) but letting him survive his Death Date because of a magic lighting strike just seems like such a cop out. All that build up, and he lives just because we said so? So where does Zeke go from here as a character? Is he just stuck here to be one third or a boring love triangle? I know I should feel bad for Grace and Ben, what with their son being kidnapped, but they were acting like such assholes, especially to Michaela, who was really trying to help. She had no idea this was going to happen, how is this her fault? If the stupid Callings would just explain themselves instead of all of this "working in mysterious ways" bullshit, none of this would have happened! And then Grace put hands on a cop and threatened her for daring to try and get her son back in a way that Grace isn't into! Grace is damn lucky she isn't reuniting with Cal from inside lock up. At least Ben was trying to be proactive in finding Cal and apologized to Michaela for lashing out at her, Grace of course only contributed yelling and blaming, and never apologized. Grace isn't really an apology kind of person. Please tell me that they wont try and make this nasty meth dealer into some kind of reoccurring villain or something. I mean, fire and fury? You kidnapped a kid who recently had cancer dude, not exactly an epic league badass here. They go from having a high ranking military conspiracy engaged in human experimentation to some random asshole drug dealer as a bad guy? I guess he has some greater point after the Callings have built him and the other guys up, but he doesn't exactly scream impressive. Thanks for fucking things up random lady on the street! There were a few interesting developments at least. Saanvi killing the Major was actually surprising, and since the Major isn't a particularly engaging villain, killing her and focusing and how it affects Saanvi, and maybe getting a new, better bad guy, is a good development. The government maybe trying to weaponize the death date might be an interesting development too, even though I have no clue why the hell that could work. They also find the plane, which is also a decently interesting development. So, the passengers are clones or something right? Ghosts? Golems made with very skin-like clay? I feel like the original people must be dead and at the bottom of the sea, or something like that. Or its from another dimension? Maybe there is a parallel universe thing going on and the planes switched?
  13. So I was kind of joking last week when I was saying how they would all turn out to be Dolores clones stuck into robot versions of people, because the only person that Dolores trusts/thinks is smart enough to pull this off is herself...but I was totally right! How ironic that she continues to become so much like her own creators, creating other beings in her own imagine and then controlling them and their destinies. Of course, this all lines up, Delores has such a massive ego at this point, that obviously she would only trust herself with this. Yeah, this Clone Army is so not going to end well for her. Dolores worked to destroy her creators, and now they will end up destroying her, and the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon... I like Caleb, so it sucks that he is getting suckered into this whole Kill All Humans plan. He seems to think that Delores is going to take down the 1% and give the downtrodden the chance to thrive one day, but I highly doubt that she cares very much about the disenfranchised. She doesn't even seem to care much about the other robots anymore, she just wants her fembot revenge spree. Maeve better not be out of commission for very long, she is my favorite part of the show at this point.
  14. So, if I am reading this right, little Loretta somehow ended up in the future (because of the weird science that is affecting the area due to the Loop) where she met her future son and future her, while looking for her mom who disappeared after an experiment gone wrong. Adult Loretta realized what was happening because she remembers this happening as a kid herself, and she tells Little Loretta that she never finds out what happened to her mom, and that Adult Loretta has spent much of her adult life trying to figure out what happened to her mom, which sadly led to her making the same mistakes her mom did, not paying attention to her kids and becoming consumed with the quest for knowledge, and Little Loretta gives Adult Loretta a guilt trip about being a better parent, and then Little Loretta goes back in time because of...science. Maybe its tied into the experiment her mom did? Then I guess eventually Little Loretta will become Adult Loretta and it will all start all over again, but now hopefully Adult Loretta will have learned from her moms mistakes. Yeah I dont know what exactly went down logistically, but I really liked the episode, I am excited to see what this show is. The atmosphere, with the snow and winter contrasted with all the weird sci fy imagery in an otherwise normal environment, is really interesting, and I feel like this will be a show where the "how does this work?" of using fantastical technology and more about mood and metaphor. We dont know how the Loretta's found each other or how the time travel stuff works exactly, but it was more of a story of a women realizing she was repeating a pattern of parental abandonment.
  15. Poor Alex, its like every single person on his dads side of the family is a huge genocidal asshole. Alex makes bad choices too (like keeping the part from Michael) but he is a good well meaning person, if one that makes mistakes. So Gaius and Isobel and Max's mom were a thing? Well if they do go with them having still living decedents, I am guessing that it will be Maria, and thank GOD she might be related to Max and Isobel and not Michael. No matter how distantly they might be related...thats just too weird. Its sad that Nora and her boyfriend were so tragically separated, him dying and her being locked up for 70 years until death (God what a depressing existence) so what happened with Louise? Did she manage to escape and got caught later? Where are Max/Isobel and Michael's fathers? Nora hooked up with Gaius pretty quickly and Louise only mentioned having a son and not any other family. Do the aliens not really do couples in their culture? Speaking of, where the hell was Maria?!? She just found out that her kind of boyfriend and half of her friends either are aliens or knew about aliens, and didn't tell her, and we dont even get to see her follow up reaction? I know that there is a lot going on and a lot of characters, but I would think we could have some more time for such a big character moment. I was really hoping that Maria being in the know would mean she could get more involved in the plot and get more screen time, but I guess we will have to keep waiting. I still think that Isobel should stop messing with peoples brains, even if now she is trying to use her powers for good. Her intentions might be good, and things seemed to have worked out alright with Arturo for now, but messing with peoples heads could lead to severe consequences she cant foresee. Plus, its just creepy, get out of peoples heads! I did enjoy her and Arturo talking about using social media more for his business, I just like the guy who plays Arturo a lot, he has such a warm presence, and he seems so grounded in reality, especially next to all these alien soap opera shenanigans. Kyle was great this week, even though I dont care much for his new possible love interest.
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