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  1. Now we leave our backdoor pilot to return to our regularly scheduled program, with a brief hello from Khalil and company, where things are going pretty bad for the Pierces. I know that Tobias is the big bad, but he is getting a bit ridiculous in how he can just do anything always. I certainly don't buy that everyone in Freeland immediately takes the word of the known criminal over Jefferson, who has been a pillar of the community for years. I guess there are probably still people that believe in him, we are just seeing people that are buying what Whale's selling, but don't we have enough going
  2. Awww Mark's niece! I really wish they would just tell us what exactly led to Emily and Luke breaking up, it apparently is something to do with the protests, I guess after they kissed in that alley when Luke chose "Them" over her, whatever that means, but I don't know why we don't know exactly what happened. I don't really care for Luke/Emily as a couple, but I don't mind them as friends. Where is Emily's boyfriend anyway? Speaking of randomly disappearing love interests, what happened to Sherry's boyfriend that she had for awhile? I guess he's gone because she has a new love intere
  3. The battle of the bible quotes between Abishola and Cheuy's mom was a wonder to behold, especially with Tunde and Olu's reactions. I especially loved when Abishola handed her coffee to Tunde so she could better get in Cheuy's moms face and quote even harder. Poor Kemi, the sad old vampire. If Cheuy's mom has so much control over his life and wants grandkids so badly, its kind of weird he isn't married to a younger women already. I guess no women except for Kemi could handle his many discussions about the Hangover. Bob and Abishola were a bit more in the background, it was really ni
  4. This was one of the better plot based episode, I am actually surprised they found Daddy Jones already, I was expecting them to drag it out for at least a few more episodes. I am really side eyeing Daddy Jones, I don't think he is telling us everything. I cant really blame him for not trusting Bryan yet, as his boss ordered him to execute him on the spot, but he doesn't even seem to trust Finola, and he seems seems to be hiding something. Did he end up actually agreeing with the bad guys and ended up working with them willingly because they want to use the tech? I feel like there has to be some
  5. Jimmy was a total waste of space, but it is kind of sad that the only people who went to his funeral were Jackie and his kind of girlfriend who I forgot about. I really wish that they hadn't decided on this Jackie vs Decourcy plot for this season, the best part of last season was their odd couple type of dynamic, where they were almost always at odds but also saw each other as being someone to work with, even if Jackie thought Decourcy was an idiot and Decourcy thought of Jackie as a real son of a bitch, but also was the devil you know. Them off in their own domestic plots and just getti
  6. Awww Shaun and Lea are having a little girl, and just in time for an episode about how gender can affect diagnosis and treatment. I am glad that Shaun and Lea worked out their issues with the Dulla pretty quickly and that Shaun realized that, while he can do a lot of things for Lea and their baby, he cant do everything, that there are other things that will make Lea feel better and that its better to be supportive. And maybe don't get kicked out of every baby class. Shaun telling off that crappy GP who refused to help his patient was awesome, especially when the other lady in the waiting room
  7. For a second, I was like "Oh man, I have been really hoping for some Grace/Judd backstory and to really focus on them and their romance and...why is my Moneys Paw finger turning up?" but then it turned out alright, thank God. I didnt think they would actually kill off Grace or Judd, but between this and 911 I have been stressed. Grace and Judd are just all of the feels.
  8. Do not scare me like that show, I was totally convinced for a second that they were going to kill Albert off just as Chim and Maddie were having their baby, I was seriously stressed out. I am so happy that Albert is alright, the show has resisted killing off a major character so far and I am just fine with that. I certainly did not see Albert being in the wreck coming, but I am so relieved that the baby and Albert are both alright, it would have made this day that is supposed to be so wonderful for Chim and Maddie so painful. Kenneth Choi has a great episode, his joy when Maddie had the baby a
  9. tennisgurl

    S01.E10: Day 10

    That's it? That's the ending? Come on, that's a major cliffhanger, even if they defeated the magic spirit creatures, we still have no idea what happens next, with the angry mob, and I think this is an anthology show, so will we never know? This show got pretty intense, I feel like it will immediately get compared to Lovecraft Country and much of Jordan Peels work, especially Us, combining supernatural horror with the horrors of racism. While I thought a lot of this was quite well done, especially the acting, I came away feeling pretty underwhelmed. I was just fine with the supernatural e
  10. I always love seeing the Bigfoot in the background of the opening song while everyone is starring at the bear. The whole family, even Beef eventually, getting sucked into Dynasty was great, even trying to get some of that drama fix in their real lives. "Oh right, this is real. I should go after him." Was Dynasty set in Denver? I think I get it mixed up with Dallas a lot, which is set in...Dallas I assume. RIP sidekick Dan, who is probably dead. Tusk Johnson might be a fraud, but JK Simmons is always made of win.
  11. Teddy actually gave some good advice about accidents. Just wait for the cops to get there, traffic accidents are super stressful and you need an objective opinion. The most shocking thing about Teddy getting into 21 different accidents in five different states is that Teddy has been to five different sates. Gene's many songs for various sounds were all funny. "I am a son, I am a son..."
  12. I assume Mary is off catching up on her homework, it was weird having an episode without her. She is not going to be thrilled to see what happened to her car though... Not a bad episode, but they really need to figure out what they're doing with Alice now. They seem to be playing with her being redeemed eventually, but its hard to get that into wanting her to become good when she is also still murdering innocent people for shits and giggles. Her ruminating on how messed up she is with tiny Kate as her spirit guide is alright, but it really needs to go somewhere soon, its in real danger of
  13. I am always here for Kate Winslet, so I am all in for this. Even beyond Kate, who was great as always, it had a really strong sense of place and the mystery has been well set up. It was a slow build, but unlike a lot of shows it really seems to be heading somewhere and isn't just spinning its wheels. I guessed that poor Erin would meet a bad end, but it was still so sad to see. She just had this feeling of tragedy all around her, stuck with abusive father and a useless horrible baby daddy and his sociopath of a girlfriend who has it out for her, struggling to take care of a baby but trying to
  14. We are certainly moving along quickly plot wise, we found out a lot about the characters and we got a fairly big reveal. Turns out that Lavinia isn't the nice rich lady that everyone thinks she is, but is actually working with the demented doctor, and they have some evil plan. This show is coming along nicely, I found myself looking forward to it this weekend so that says something I think about its quality. We are learning more about the characters, and I hope that we keep getting to know more of the people living at the house. There is a whole lot going on, a lot of factions, plot points, an
  15. That teaser looks awesome, so much going on. It looks beautiful, and the fights super creative, well choreographed and shot. I am so ready!
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