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  1. So was Sarah's problem that she was upset about seeing Matt dating other women, or was she upset about her dad? Because she was apparently fine doing this before even though her dad is sick (and hasn't apparently gotten worse since she went to the show) and its not like she should be surprised that Matt is dating other women (that's the plot of the show and all) so what was the problem? I guess it was just everything and the high pressure situation? Or maybe she realized when the women got all pissed at her that her pitching a fit about Matt speaking to other women that this all made her look really bad, so she decided to make it all about her dad instead? I don't mean to downplay what really is a tragic family situation, but it was really weird how it went from "I hate that Matt is talking to other women after our date" to "I have to go home because of my dad" really quickly. I guess I can appreciate that she stuck to her guns and left when she realized that this wasnt for her, but all of the drama leading up to it was just such a drag. So what are the odds that Sarah shows up again dramatically later on?
  2. Oh my God MORE names I have to remember?! WHY?!
  3. Katie, you are now officially Katie, and not Dildo Girl any longer. Congratulations to you, and to your dildo.
  4. Katie was quite sweet and empathetic towards Sarah, even though she was the one with the most reason to be mad at her. Katie has come off better than anyone else this week, including Matt. And Chris Harrison.
  5. Oh damn, Sarah got one upped. "My dad is dying" "My dad is dead"
  6. There are times when I feel bad for her, as it seems pretty obvious that she is being played as the "weirdo" and is always styled horribly next to the other girls, who all seem to be snickering at her all the time, but mostly I don't feel bad for her. She's a bully and a mean girl.
  7. As much as I feel bad for anyone getting ganged up on and being in a bad emotional place, Sarah really needs to stop making herself look like such a victim when she was the one who did something messed up.
  8. Victoria is loving not being the girl everyone hates the most for once.
  9. What is with this hard line being taken against turtle pet ownership? The fuck?
  10. Someone on Twitter mentioned Sarah looking like Alexis from Schitt's Creek and now I cant unsee it.
  11. Considering Kate did not make the best impression (vibrator and all that) I think she came off pretty well with that whole mess. Of course, maybe she just knows that she is going to be releasing steam with a friend that night 😉
  12. You know Sarah done fucked up when she makes Victoria look reasonable for two seconds.
  13. When someone says "Can I steal you for a minute?" in the middle of someone else's time, cant they just say "no"?
  14. Oh great its time for the annual "one of the contestants forgets how this show works and is pissed that the Bachelor/ette is spending time with other people" freak out. I know that Matt has apparently never seen the show, but I would think most of the women have. I am happy that this new drama is keeping the camera off Victoria for a minute at least.
  15. Between this and all of the strip dates on Bachelorette, I feel like the producers have been alone in quarantine for a long time...
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