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  1. tennisgurl

    S02.E03: Butterfly/Cocoon

    Awww Papi and Angel are just so adorable! I dont blame Angel for taking the modeling gig (life without cell phones was rough!) but my heart just broke for Lil Papi standing outside alone waiting on her. I hope they can make it work though, and that she can have her dream of making it in the fashion world without leaving him behind. She was so happy getting that job I couldn't be too mad at her though. I was nervous that he would be all mad at her, but while he was understandably hurt, he was also so happy for her to succeed and was so supportive. It was also great to hear how much he has worked to turn his life around, getting a legit job, not dealing, getting his GED. They both deserve so much! Wow Wet and Wild bringing back the nostalgia! They were my first eye liner! Elektra and the corpse was both funny, sad, and sweet with how everyone came together, especially how despite everything, Elektra and Blanca so quickly went back into their mother/daughter dynamic. As much as a pain as Elektra can be and as much as the ladies give each other shit, they have each others back.
  2. tennisgurl

    Good Trouble

    So Callie is just totally cool with Malika stealing her card to yell at her boss? Really? I can see her forgiving her pretty quickly, but right away? Maybe Callie realized that this is exactly the kind of thing she would do, even if it could get her friend fired, so being pissed at her would be hypocritical. She really is probably better at the ACLU or something, she sucks at debating and following rules, she wants to yell at people she hates and try and change things while feeling important. Callie and good life choices have never really gone well together. Poor Callie, but considering we have almost never seen her actually studying, its not that surprising. I can imagine its devastating, but I dont think its that uncommon to fail the bar the first time, hence why a lot of people intern or something for awhile before they get a "real" lawyer job. My cousin took the bar like three times before she passed! Evan does seem like he is trying to help (and strawberry mimosas are really good) but he can only do so much, he is only one guy, even if he is a big deal here. So is he jealous of Raj and Mariana, or just trying to follow rules? Mariana clearly is attracted to him, even if she also really likes Raj. He does really seem to want to help though. I hope that Davia and Dennis stay friends and dont hook up. Its not what either of them needs right now, especially Dennis. He really does need more help than Davia can give him as much as she is trying to help. She can help, but he really need to see a professional. So Callie picks Jamie for now, and Gael is going back to his ex? More people for the next tango dream?
  3. tennisgurl

    S03.E01: Chapter 20

    I always assumed that this takes place in an alternate X-Men universe, where mutants exist alongside all of this bizarre technology, groups, and design in a kind of 60s/00s mashup of a time period. Its like our world, or even the world of the rest of the X-Men or the Marvel universe, but not quite. In the comics there are billions of universe out there with similar characters and powers to each other, but in different settings or things happen differently and such, so thats what I usually think this show is.
  4. tennisgurl

    S03.E06: Household

    So when June and and Serena were fighting at the Lincoln memorial, how did no one notice them? There were like a million people milling about right outside, but no one looked slightly up and to the right? *Sigh* This episode just exists to show us headless Lincoln isn’t it? It’s basically the ending of that awful Planet of the Apes remake.
  5. tennisgurl

    S03.E06: Household

    Well, if nothing else, we got to hear Aunt Lydia say that she was "pumped" so at least that was something. Maybe its because we dont see as much of her, but unlike Serena, I am still interested in Aunt Lydia and I do find myself actually sympathizing with her from time to time, as awful as she is. Maybe because most of her moments of sympathy are the rare moment where she clears feels bad for the handmaidens, while Serena pretty much only has tears for herself and the child she stole that she cant play with like a toy. The former Washington handmaidens having their lips clamped together was certainly a creepy imagine, one of the first that has actually shocked and disturbed me in a all season, but...how do they eat? Drink water? Sneeze? How are they all still alive and having kids? Its emblematic of what the show has become, an evocative imagine that makes no sense when you think about it for two seconds. Oh yeah, Commander Stabler has major league hots for Fred. I guess we will see him and his wife and their million kids again at some point. So did Nick personally blow up congress? Because if Sweden is willing to deal with Fred and Serena, the actual architects of Gilead, why would they care about Nick? I guess its not known how involved they were from the start, then how do they know how awful Nick apparently is. Speaking of, what the fuck Sweden? Why would you want anything to do with these assholes? Where is this power they supposedly wield that makes Canada want to turn a baby over to this misogynist country, against the wishes of her biological parents that every other country seems to hate? They dont have much industry anymore, they apparently dont even have control of half the country, many of their greatest minds and wealthiest citizens, as well as a big chunk of the work force have fucked off to other countries or are wasting away in the colonies or doing grocery shopping or are hanging on the walls or something, the radiation has probably killed most agriculture, tourism is obviously dead, we haven't heard about them having factories or oil refineries, what is this power they have? They dont even have a damn entertainment industry or any sports to show off at the Olympics. I can only assume they have stockpiled a crap ton of weapons and thats why anyone deals with them, but thats why they leave them alone, not why they would want to actually turn one baby into a whole international incident. Even then, weren't they just desperate to make allies because their country is almost broke, and no other country wants to deal with them? Some nice shots this week at least, and it was great to have a change of location at least, the bits with Aunt Lydia and June were nice, and June finally really seems to get that Serena is an awful person, for now at least.
  6. tennisgurl

    S03.E01: Chapter 20

    This show is so nuts balls and so trippy, it actually took me a second for it to really sink in that Division literally have an old timie vaudevillian hook they use to grab people. I dont know why that stood out for me in the midst of all the crazy, but it did. This show has never really been plot heavy, its about crazy visuals and ideas and seeing what bizarre stuff it can stick on screen. Granted, it would be nice to find more of the balance between the weird and the plot, but I cant be too mad at a show that starts out in a trippy hippie magic laundry department complete with sing along. Who can even tell when people are time traveling, when this show is basically set in every year between 1957-2019? Nice to finally see the cast near the end, but I do hope we get to see more of how we got here. They seem to be pretty much down to kill David and his hippie commune, and while I get them wanting to figure out whats going on with reality warping and power tripping David, but he seems to be just chilling in his hippie compound not really bothering anyone. And I get that they are all convinced that David is going to destroy the world, but is everyone, even Syd (who keeps freaking shooting him!) just totally cool with killing him and everyone else with him? Seems like overkill.
  7. tennisgurl


    Well shit, I kind of expected Halliday to die, as much as I hoped it wouldn't happen, but I didnt see that coming at all! I thought it would be this season serial killer, not Luther's serial killer bestie! But, as Alice herself said, what exactly did Luther expect here? He has known who and what Alice is from day one, but still had this weird friendship/romance/fascination with her, but he had to know that she was a wild card who might turn on him or someone he actually liked any second just because she felt like it. I do wish we had seen him really break ties with her instead of her getting to choose to die. Or probably die anyway. That house with all the dead bodies with masks on was super creepy, and while I found the serial killer couple rather underdeveloped, considering how much time we spent on them, they were certainly creepy and enough of a challenge for the last season. I did giggle at Luther very pettily telling the shrink that no, she can NOT have a glass of water! Not an awful season, but I do think that they ended with a whimper instead of a bang. The awesome acting could only do so much to hide the dumb character choices from people who should know better, and the lackluster plot. That being said, ending on "Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood" was a great song choice for the last scene. Its basically the DCI Luther theme song.
  8. tennisgurl

    Grand Hotel

    Well, I guess we know how El Reys last house caught on fire! Poor Yoli, I dont get why everyone acts like she is some hideous troll, she is really quite pretty, but I guess in a less over the top glamorous way as her mom or sister, so she gets left in the shadows. Danny is lucky that his buddy on staff seems sympathetic to his sisters disappearance, because he kind of sucks at being a spy. His sister seems like she might have been up to some shady stuff and bit off more than she could chew. Was the death of the mom not really a heart attack but...MURDER?!? He and Alicia do have chemistry, and I kind of like that he has something on his side now. I like how close Alicia and her brother are. I really want to know what the deal is with his leg. Was it really cancer? Then why does his father blame himself. This is the kind of trashy ridiculous summer fun that I can totally get behind.
  9. tennisgurl

    The Spanish Princess

    The flashback to Margaret giving birth as a child was really good/sad, I think it puts a lot of her in context. She really was just a kid when she had her kid, she can see why he became her whole world and she faught so hard for him. Being a mother is basically all she has ever known. Margaret Pole is the most long suffering person in all of England. I really hope that next season we can focus on the marriage between Katherine and Henry in the later years, instead of jumping right into Anne/divorce/church drama/dozens of wives. They apparently had some good times together, even getting off to this rocky start, and the later stuff is rather overplayed when it comes to Tudor family history.
  10. tennisgurl

    S03.E03: Welcome to the Pleasuredome

    "Buttons Are For Gluttons: The Roller Story" is totally an autobiography I would read about a thousand times. I loved the whole Pretty Woman bit with Roller and Polly and he does actually clean up pretty well! Sadly it was not meant to be, due to this show being ridiculous. I hope that the body builder getting killed is at least a bit of a wake up call for Desna that this isnt a game, its for real and their are real stakes here. That was such an impressively set up body dump, he even put her toes in those little pedicure things. If it wasnt so twisted, I would admire his creativity. Well we haven't had a weird extra trashy Eyes Wide Shut style sex party yet in this show, so lets make it happen!
  11. tennisgurl

    City On A Hill

    When the Rev pulled that House...not nice word out, I might actually actually let out a "oh my god!" out loud. So he tried to put cops away, but because it didnt work out, thats his fault? Wasn't his sermon just about how people in the black community need to stop shooting each other? Also, shooting a guy in the middle of a damn funeral? That shit was cold. I thought this episode was better than the pilot, it felt more complete. Jackie's wife's mother AND his mistresses mother hate him, damn! She seems like a real piece of work, that whole family dynamic is a hot mess. I felt bad for his wife trying so hard to be sexy, while Jackie can hardly be bothered to look at her. I guess he thinks that he has some infection so he didnt want to infect her, but that was still hard to watch. Sarah Shahi is a great addition to the show already. I loved that ending with the truck falling back into the water. Adding my name to the list of people baffled by the free clinic giving out private info to any random person. What the fuck?
  12. tennisgurl

    S15.E07: Week 7

    Honestly if Luke still gets a rose, the other guys should just leave. She clearly has deeply terrible judgement that would really freak me out.
  13. tennisgurl

    S15.E07: Week 7

    “You misunderstood...you misunderstood...” Luke is hard core gaslighting her, textbook abuser tactics. This is just getting sad and creepy, I half want them to put a domestic abuse PSA up at the end with a phone number to call.
  14. tennisgurl

    S15.E07: Week 7

    Wow, it’s almost like Luke is totally awful and literally everyone has told me that! Uggggggggg he is the wooooooorst.
  15. tennisgurl

    S15.E07: Week 7

    This is turning into the flute bit from Anchorman. “I’m not prepared, I’m really not...”