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  1. Oh yeah, they caught them a piece of shit rapist! Not a very bright guy leaving all of his creepy souvenirs considering how long he went without getting caught and how much work he put into leaving the crime scenes clean, but I guess he wanted it all close by for his creepy purposes. Ken Cosgrove! As soon as I recognized him, I assumed he was the rapist, on the "its that one guy I know from that thing!" guilt principle, but it was actually the other brother. I did feel rather bad for the non rapist brother, I cant imagine what it would feel like to find out that someone you loved, shared a home with, was a monster. The therapy session with Marie was absolutely riveting, how the therapist let Marie control the whole conversation, how Marie started opening up just a bit talking about the plot of Zombieland, and how she slowly used that as a segway into talking about what happened to Marie and how its affected her, and how she picked up so quickly on Marie being a survivor of sexual abuse, and listened and believed her. It was so heartbreaking listening to her saying how people will always let you down and no one really cares about anyone. I mean, I cant blame her, she was betrayed and treated like garbage by basically everyone in her life, even people that are supposed to care about her and protect her. Lots of great face acting from Karen and Grace at the computer, and then the whole Gin monologue, holy crap Merritt Wever is so good.
  2. The sadness for Marie just never seems to end, I am counting the seconds until she is vindicated. Elias the intern gets a gold star! Oh man, Grace yelling at Karen about Jesus was so awkward, everyone in the room seemed suddenly very interested in what the table looked like. Even if that cop who Grace was following in the bar isnt the serial rapist, he is still sketchy AF and a major league creep.
  3. Yeah in retrospect, I wish they had done another historical mystery like in season one, like the aforementioned Mary Celeste or the Dyatlov pass mystery, or something like the medieval green children or the dance plagues, or about a million bizarre and unexplained disappearances throughout history. I get them wanting to do a story about the internment camps in WWII and incorporating in Japanese mythology, but it loses something when its not, even loosely, based on a real historical mystery with a supernatural bent. This season isnt bad, but last season was so great, it makes this season look less impressive in comparison. I did like getting backstory for Yuko and understanding more about what is actually going on here. Yuko escaped the creepy afterlife her dead ancestor trapped her in, only to become a vengeful spirit who wants revenge on the man who rejected her and left her homeless which led her to have to give up her baby, and her sister who raised her son as her own...which you would think would be something she would be decently happy about, as her son has a good home, but whatever, vengeance spirits gonna vengeance spirit. The afterlife with Yuko was cool and creepy, although why sometimes she can be a pretty ghost like she was in life, and why sometimes she looks like a zombie, I am not sure. I get that its a lot to take in Chester, but dont be such a dick to your dad! Yeah he isnt your biological dad, but he loved you and raised you for your whole life, he is still your father.
  4. I would have loved it if Marie told her foster mother something like "Well everyone just decided that I was making up being raped, including you, so why would this time be any different?" the poor girl just keeps getting jerked around. Charging her for a "false report" while also sending her the information to the wrong house and then issuing an arrest warren just seems to be rubbing even more salt on the wound. At least the woman in the office and the lawyer helped her a bit, which is at least more than anyone else in the legal system could say. All these poor women, I am seriously counting the second until this bastard is taken down. The house mom especially got me, probably because in college I knew a lot of house moms and dads in the Greek Village, and they were just the sweetest kindest people in the world who cared so much about "their kids" and the lady here seemed so sweet.
  5. Eileen's new boyfriend seems so perfect that I am suspicious that he has a serious dark side that Eileen will find out about. That story about her first time hooking was so deeply disturbing, I hope that maybe this guy will be for real, but I can imagine him being a guy who is into the excitement of being with a pron star/former hooker. Poor Lori, it really is the same shit, different day from when she was a hooker in New York. At least now she has some more connections and some cash, so maybe she can find some better places to work. Maybe Eileen needs a new star? That director is just another pimp in a different outfit that wants her to shut up and fuck. Bobby continues to learn zero lessons, despite his many chances. I loved one of the hookers at his bordello asking what the hell Bobby actually does in this operation, and why they should listen to him. Start a sex workers union, be your own boss! I think we are getting to the point that the mob is starting to lose its grip and influence in New York, making guys like Rudy increasingly desperate. Normally Frankie's "you do you" business philosophy is fine, but working with child pornographers? Thats a new low Frankie? And when you lay down with dogs...
  6. Henry: "I guess I could come home after having been gone for so long I aged into a different person to be with my mother who is pregnant as well as the rest of my family who has a long history of being tragically and forcibly separated so that they have missed several major milestones of their lives, and be there for the birth of my new sibling...or I could run off right away I find out about the baby after I only got in touch when I needed bailing out, to chase after a woman who punched me in the face and robbed me after I tried to help her, and almost assassinated a major local political figure, and then ran away from me after I knew her for half an hour. I think my choice is obvious!" I mean, he also apparently never invited his family to his wedding either or to meet his daughter, so I think we can see how much they mean to him.
  7. That was a serious trip, the kind of episode that people write long ass existential term papers about, deciphering all of the references to mythology, history, time/space, and feminism, among other things, that were going on. I think that this might be one of the shows best episodes to date, and considering what a great show this is, that is really saying something. The episode title, circles, seems like a reference to the circular nature of time, with the myth of the founder of the lodge running parallel to the journey to find the scrolls of Jackie in the 60s and the journeys of Blaise, Dud, and Liz in the current time, all trying to find fulfillment and meaning in an often cold and uncaring world, with the scrolls and alchemy as a possible thread that ties them all together, as the past and resent literally run into each other and pass by each others stories. Jackie seemed to be the only person who wanted to find the truth of the scrolls for the sake of pure knowledge and for the benefit of the Lodge (unlike the guys she shared them with who wanted them for bragging rights or to monetize and weaponize them), much in the way that Dud hopes to find them for the sake of the Lodge and finding a purpose in his life after so much senseless tragedy. So will Dud and Liz come together and activate their Wonder Twin powers to figure out the real secrets of the Lodge? Is it possible that Liz is the true chosen one, and her buddies are, like, her three wise men? They seemed to be especially paralleling Jackie and Liz, two women with lots of potential and drive, but nowhere to really put that drive to use. There is also a parallel with the original founder, who left behind terrible memories of a war to found the Lodge and go on his journey, while Jackie didnt kill herself with Wallace to stay with her son Larry, who would later need her support to deal with his own terrible war time memories. This episode has possibly the most confirmation that some supernatural stuff is going on here...maybe. The scrolls are certainly real, but what do they really say, and where are they? Did Liz find the hole in space and time that Dud maybe found last season, or is just a gas leak that makes you see things? But then how did Liz get snow in her hair? What does it mean?! Thats not getting into the corporate commentary, like seeing the 60s version of Orvis trying to turn Long Beach into a full on company town with its own currency, only to end up just looking dumb while screwing over their blue collar workers, or the strange world that is being built by people in the abandoned Orvis factory, or poor Gil being pulled into the Fydra pyramid scheme out of desperation, there is just a whole lot to chew on here.
  8. I love watching how freaking hard working and competent that Karen and Grace are, just checking out leads and doing the leg work and just making all after call, plugging away to find connections between all of these rape cases. Watching the story with Marie is so sad and anger inducing, so its extra fulfilling to see them kicking ass and working to get justice.
  9. Well Alfred, sometimes it pays off to work with a crazed psychopath. I thought that maybe the murderer and his nanny would be exiled, I admit to being surprised that Alfred just straight up killed them. But not all that surprised I guess. So now the Ravens have recruited NOT Wallis Simpson and former King Edward to their cause in case the queen isnt into their little take over, which considering how much sketchy stuff they were allegedly up to during and before WWII in our world, does not seem particularly out of character for them.
  10. As this show goes on, I kind of just want to see what the writers room looks like. "So guys, how about Jesus starts break dancing, while Hitler is rocking out?" "Alright, so thats when God bites Jessie's eyeball out..." So we are finally heading towards some kind of conclusion, even if we have to take some of those weird, Preacher like detours, like Herr Star having a leg eaten by cannibals and having his dick turned into a faucet, before we can actually get on with things. At least this one had some backstory, and at least moved the plot along, even if it was a pretty weird impetus to get the ball rolling. So Cassidy and Tulip finally have sex again, and Jessie shows up right away. Awkward!
  11. Yeah, does Tilly tell him about every single random person who shows up? When he is on coffee breaks, is Tilly bothering him about some woman who stopped to ask for directions at the local newsstand? Does she go running into his office in a tizzy to tell him that the pizza guy from the next neighborhood is in the neighborhood, delivering pizza? Ronnie should have thought about selling her bar, its dead in there every single time we see it. Its just Henry and whoever Henry is talking to at the time, and we never even see him pay her for the drinks.
  12. Merritt Wever is so awesome, she and Toni Collete are going to be an absolute badass cop dream team taking this piece of shit down. The first and second episode was like watching a "How to interview a rape victim, and how not to interview a rape victim" instructional video for police departments and hospitals. Like episode one was the Goofus and this was the Gallant. The main detective was so great with Amber, basically the exact opposite of those two bozos from the first episode. She even double checked a few details with Amber in a calm and understanding way, never acting like she must be a liar just because she didnt get all the details right the first time.
  13. That was just horribly brutal to watch, poor poor Marie. Not only was she horrifically violated, but she was betrayed by the few people who are supposed to care about her, and the police who are supposed to get her justice ended up gas-lighting and browbeating her into taking back her confession. The cold hospital staff (heres a number she feel suicidal) the foster moms who told the police she must be making it because she didnt act "right", like there is some kind of rape survivor handbook on how to appropriately act to trauma, to the cops basically telling her the story that you can tell they had already settled on as the truth, how she made it up for attention, it was just so hard to sit through how many people let her down so terribly. I can totally understand why so many people dont report sexual assault. It seems like the cops were just looking for holes to poke in her story, like she was the criminal and not the victim. They made her repeat what happened to her again and again, and instead of understanding that a traumatized teenager might not get all the details right, they just looked for a reason to throw her away. Its a tough watch, but I was engaged the whole time.
  14. The cult of personality surrounding Obie is so creepy, especially now that we have seen him in action and behind the scenes. I mean, eating that scalding hot pocket?! Is he a literal monster?! It sadly really nails this kind of environment where everyone bows and scrapes to this person, literally on their hands and knees cleaning up his garbage off the floor, and considering it a privilege. Even Carole and her husband arent really living the affluent FAM life that they are trying to put fourth for everyone, at least financially behind the scenes, which makes me wonder if anyone is really doing well, or if everyone is just in ridiculous debt, still trying in vein to win the Garbo System and look impressive. That engagement idea of Crystals was pretty brilliant, and really managed to impress everyone except for Obie. Now that Cody is in the inner circle (after killing a pelican) what will this mean for Crystal and her splashercise game plan? He seems to be pretty into her, in a messed up way, and he and Crystal both need someone to be married to I guess to succeed in FAM land.
  15. Whoever cast the kids playing you Judy and Jessie really nailed it, they had the mannerisms of the older cast totally down, and you can really see how they would grow up to become the people we know they become. Judy and her pile of gifts she was discarding was so perfectly bratty. You can certainly see how much what happened in the past is still affecting the present, especially the dislike between Eli and Baby Billy. Baby Billy really is a manipulative piece of crap, especially playing the kids against Eli to make himself look like the cool uncle and Eli look like the jerk. He might be a selfish asshole, but I did feel like at the end, listening to his old tape of him and Aimee-Leigh as kids, that he did love his sister in his own selfish way, and he still does miss her like the rest of the family does. "Misbehavin" is going to be stuck in my head all day, its pretty catchy! I can totally see that being a hit novelty/Christian/country song in the 70s.
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