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  1. This was probably the worst episode of the season, but it was more boring than offensive or annoying, so its still better than some previous seasons. The Barry and Ralph plot was the only one I really liked, and I like Allegra and Chester alright as reoccurring characters, and I still like Nash, but it mostly felt like filler. Barry and Ralph and their James Bond story was fun, and Ralph has really come far as a character, so much that I am actually fine with him being Barry's successor post-crisis (I mean, if Barry really dies for real...) and he and Barry had both funny and heartfelt moments. Barry being awful at pretending to be rich was funny, especially as when he had to pretend to be a criminal with Snart a few seasons ago he was actually pretty good, and fake drunk Barry was almost as fun as actual drunk Barry. As was the one woman just sitting their watching the whole big fight with amusement like she is watching a WWE match with tuxedos. The James Bond stuff was pretty amusing too. I mean, the guy had an actual death ray! A freaking death ray! I also really liked Ralph reminding Barry that losing Barry is just as tragic as losing The Flash, and that both of his identities are equally important, especially to the people in his life, plus seeing Ralph in his element was another nice reminder of his growth. But then zombie science arrives! I cant imagine how disturbing watching Ragdoll eat would be. Two episodes in a row with very little Iris, and they were some of the worst of the season. Coincidence?!
  2. As annoying as it can be sometimes to hear Philip and Charles go on about how hard it is to be royalty, hearing it from Uncle Nazi of all people is absolutely ridiculous, especially with him flashing his king cred around. Just a quick reminder...you WERE a king but abdicated when the going got tough. Oh Charles, you naive young dweeb, falling for his bullshit hook line and sinker. I assume the Nazi stuff isnt widely known (at this point) and Charles probably has no idea about any of that. He really played him like a fiddle. The only good thing I can really say about the Duke and Duchess is that they really were in love, and stayed together until the end, for all the good and the bad, and thats really all I can say about them thats positive. Screw those assholes. Probably my least favorite episode so far, just SO much time spent on the Duke and Duchess, but it did at least have a few good moments. Seeing the start of Charles and Camilla was interesting, and I can certainly see why they connected so quickly. She just thought his silly joke was the funniest thing to happen in the UK since the opening comedy act at Stonehenge, and I can see how happy he would be to find someone who seems to really see all of him and appreciate him. Anne and Andrew?! I had no idea, thats wild! Anne is awesome and practical as always, and the guy playing Andrew was quite good, especially while he tried to keep up with the many turns his conversation with Anne took! The look on Mountbattens face when he found out that Anne of all people was part of a dramatic sexy love triangle was a hoot. Philips never ending loathing of Uncle Nazi is one of my favorite things about him, no one deserves his cold disdain and snarky scorn more than him. Every time he is even mentioned, he looks like he wants to set him on fire with his eyes.
  3. “My name is Tess Pearson, and I’m gay!” “...That’s cool... did you want fries or chips with that?”
  4. Even with the problems, this Thanksgiving wasnt quite the hot mess I was anticipating, as Rebecca's dementia walk was actually happening in the future! Oh show, you got me again! Just when I think your gonna zig you zag! That was a strong episode, it seems like this half of the season has gone by so fast! I cant believe we have to wait until 2020 to see what happens next! Rebecca's plot was so heartbreaking, no matter when it took place. I was thinking how this has really escalated quickly from Rebecca losing her phone to getting totally lost and seeing people who are dead and couldn't believe that Miguel didnt notice any of this, but this is actually in the future, which explains a lot. Mandy is really killing it, this is going to be so hard to watch, but she is doing great work here. Come on Kate, you couldn't have just let Toby have this one thing?! What does it hurt to let him think he saw Jack Jrs first solid food, how does that hurt anyone? He was so excited, and that just hurt him for no reason, and while I am all for telling the truth (and lord knows Kate and Tony need to have an honest conversation) this seems like a white lie of omission that hurts no one. Given what she said later, it almost seems like she did it because she was annoyed about him talking to his Cross-Fit friends so much, and wanted to burst his bubble. I can get Kate feeling left behind with Toby getting into shape, and him spending so much time on cross-fit, but dont forget, he had a heart attack last year! When he was only in his late 30s/early 40s! Thats very dangerous, so him wanting to get into shape has some real urgency to it beyond being worried about physical appearance, him getting into shape is the best thing he could do, especially if he wants to be there for his newborn baby. I wouldn't be surprised if this had something to do with his depression as well, as working out often helps with depression, so maybe he is afraid if he slows down, he will have another episode? Toby complaining to his friends about Kate not supporting him and being obviously annoyed with him isnt cool, but he is clearly hurt and the two of them REALLY need to talk. Like, right now. I would totally follow Miguel on Insta. Everything with Nicky worked great for me, he was so sad to see how much of his brothers life he missed, and so touched when he realized that Jack never forgot his brother and tried to share him with his family, even if they didnt know it. Him wearing the Pilgrim Rick hat especially got me in the happy place! I really like to think that if Jack hadn't died so young and so suddenly, they could have reconciled. Uncle Kevin is one of the best Kevin's! He was so great with Annie and Tess, and him helping Tess was so sweet and was actually pretty decent advice. It gave her confidence, but didnt push her to do anything she didnt want to do. I can totally see Kevin maybe becoming a counselor or something, he really does excel when it comes to people and knowing what they need, and even when he messes up, he tries so hard to make it better. I was just thinking of how great it was to see how far Randall and Kevin have come and how much closer they have become, but then that flash-forward! Why is Randall not speaking to his family and vice versa?!
  5. Oh man, when Nicky realizes that Jack didn’t fully erase him, and then cutting back between Nicky talking to Jack about the song and Randall repeating it...oh yeah, that hit me. Damn it, no matter what this show still knows how to pull at my heartstrings.
  6. I think that Margaret kind of likes being angry and bitter about being the Not Queen. She just seems like the type who isn’t happy unless she’s complaining about something.
  7. So because Philip cant just get a sports car like a normal guy going through a midlife crisis, he starts taking over planes and fan-boying astronauts and insisting on private meetings. Philip is such a tool so often, but I did enjoy his scenes with Elizabeth, they seem to be in a much better place this season then they have been the last two seasons, and him actually admitting that he was wrong to the clergymen and asking for help is a pretty big deal for him. When you look up persnickety in the dictionary, you probably see a picture of Philip. Yeah, sorry that the astronauts caught colds (gasp!) and didnt take time to compose any sonnets or philosophy papers while they were doing something no person in the history of ever has done Philip. He was awfully harsh on the astronauts for not living up to his expectations and just being normal guys, but I guess he was just upset that they didnt find God living up there or the meaning of life, and they always say that people are often disappointed when your heroes dont live up to your standards. They weren't gods, they were just men. Men who did something amazing, but men none the less. Its funny that as he was talking about what he wanted them to be (dazzling, exciting, poetic) and what Elizabeth said she saw about them (disciplined, consistent, focused) was exactly how Philip described the House of Windsor in episode two, and how while people might gravitate towards the dazzling ones, its the disciplined ones that you would want steering the plane. No wonder Elizabeth sympathized. And some of them did get rather more philosophical about their voyage later on, to which I am sure Philip would have approved. I really liked the whole part where everyone was watching the take off and the moon landing, it really must have been an amazing thing to experience first hand.
  8. That was a decently spooky episode, but I am sad that Saddiq is gone now. Poor guy suffered so much, and then got killed by his weird new friend, who is actually an undercover Whisper! I always thought there was something off about that guy! Saddiq is such a good guy that even Dante was sad to kill him. Now Dante is the only doctor, so he can do whatever he wants, and go anywhere in any settlement. Whats going on with the water now? Thats something that certainly needs fixing! Daryl and Dog being a good boy is always welcome. I hope he gets more to do then be Carols sidekick soon though. Look at all those fucks Carol gives y'all. Oh wait, there are zero of them, not even one fuck. It is nice to see that the council is working and that the communities are working together and not torturing prisoners and the like. Its less nice to see how crap their security seems to still be!
  9. Poor Morgan, she can be jerk but she has worked so hard for this, and now this happens. She really needs to tell the truth though if it affects her job performance, it could be a patients life at stake. She might have to try a different specialty. I worried that this is how things would end with Lim and Melendez, but it was still really hard to see. I really liked them as a couple, but I can see how this would make it hard for them to continue as they were. Melendez will hopefully get out of his funk now, never taking any chances, even when his patient wants to take the chance, is a real problem for a surgeon. What happened to his patient was tragic, but it does happen when your a surgeon, there was nothing else for him to do, its not doing anyone any favors to dwell on it so much that it affects how he treats other patients. I did like their astronaut patient, and her wanting them both to sign something for her to take to space was really nice. More trouble for Carly and Shaun, and while I do like them and seeing Shaun navigate a relationship is certainly interesting, I wish we saw more of them having fun together and less time having problems. Just one or two episodes of them just being together would be nice! Also, I really wish more people had reminded Shaun that he doesent have to do anything he doesent want to do, and if he isnt ready for sex, he isnt ready for sex, and thats fine. He said that he wanted to have sex with Carly, but he seems so nervous about it, I hope that someone reminds him that its alright to wait if he isnt ready.
  10. Really interesting episode, and I am really glad that the time jump has allowed up to spend more time with the next generation of royals as they grow up. The actor playing Charles was superb, and I really did end up feeling so badly for him. Its clear that he is so uncomfortable in his own skin and so desperate for affection, that even with his aloofness and his at the times self pity, I did understand him and feel quite awful for him. I can understand why even his Welsh nationalist teacher and his wife ended up feeling sorry for him despite themselves! It was a quite riveting episode, and I really loved exploring both Charles and Wales. Charles is a person with a complicated history now, mostly based on other things that happened, so it was interesting to see his history explored. As for how Elizabeth handled Charles and his speech, I think she was horribly cold towards him, but I think a lot of that is how she was always taught to always repress what she is really feeling and what she really feels, and still struggles with a changing Britain that sometimes wants something different from their royal family. I also think that she was upset that he was airing some family dirty laundry, even if it was something that maybe only their family would notice, as letting any kind of family drama out in the public is horribly taboo, especially involving her and the future king. Its also possible that she is annoyed that she always had to stick to her speeches and never showing any real opinions or feelings when she was a young royal, but now Charles is doing that very thing, which it sounds like went over well, and that makes her feel rather jealous and bitter. I do think that he probably deserved at least a "well done son" or something for doing his duty so well. He didnt ask to be taken from the school he enjoyed and the play he was excited about to go to a school where he knows no one and a place that clearly doesent want him around to learn a whole new language all so that the government can do some damage control for something Charles had nothing to do with. I also liked seeing how Charles went from "ewww Wales" to really coming to enjoy Wales and its people and understanding their struggles. I do wonder if he was taught so little about Wales (especially as the Prince of Wales) but maybe he really wasn't, I have no idea. I thought his speech was great, he showed a lot of empathy for the people of Wales and their plight, and while he cant really do a whole lot to change policy in their favor, I can imagine it did mean something at least to hear someone from the royal family saying that he listed to them and saw their worth and their their complaints were valid and not to be just ignored out of hand. As for it being "political"and that him saying what he did was inappropriate for a royal, I dont see what he said as political, but I can see how people would say that it was. Nothing he said about how the Welsh people have been unfairly oppressed and mistreated by England is untrue, and he was hardly calling for armed insurrection, he was just saying that Wales has been treated badly and that their culture and history should be celebrated, and none of that is wrong. However, there are always going to be people who that any acknowledgement of past wrong doings, especially by a ruling class against oppressed people, is "getting political" even if your just stating the very obvious facts about what happened, and that it was obviously a bad thing that was done. So I can see why people might take issue with the speech for saying an uncomfortable truth (even in a very polite and even toned way) even if I applaud it. When Charles heard the music from the guy in the dorm next door, it was like "oh excuse me, I hear the 60s is happening in here..."
  11. I mean, if they wanted a royal family documentary that everyone would love, they should have just filmed the corgis running around the palace doing cute corgi stuff. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d watch the crap out of that!
  12. I cant even remember the last more Monica centric episode we got, with her whole own subplot and everything! I kind of love that Monica is just in this for the money and not some greater statement about feminism. There are plenty of men who are just working for money and not for any greater purpose, so why cant woman do the same on television?! It was hilarious watching Monica try to weasel in with "stealth mentoring" to get in on the women in tech conference, and it was awesome seeing Priyanka actually take this crappy project and turn it into something really great, while Monica gets literally pushed off stage. Hey, its also cool to see women working for a greater goal as well! Jared is just the saddest sad in all of sads, with his awful birth family and being replaced everywhere. So I guess New Jared isnt giving up his position without a fight, but I wouldn't count Jared out. I hated Ethan instantly because he kind of looks like a guy I knew in high school who set fires all of the time, and my suspicions were absolutely correct.
  13. And here I was, actually enjoying this episode, it was suitably creepy and we had Darryl and Dog being cute, and then...they go and kill off Saddiq and his beautiful eyes. This is why I can’t have nice things.
  14. Charles Dance is so intimidating and regal, I could almost see the coup working...for a half a second before you remember the logistics and obvious unlawfulness of it all came rushing in, and of course the fact that Elizabeth would never approve of any of this. Your not allowed to overthrow the government just because your bored and dont understand the young people, council of bitter old guys! Elizabeth really gave him the what for, and basically told him to find something else to do with his free time besides stage a coup and to shut that shit down right now. Which is pretty impressive, it takes some real stones to tell Tywin Lannister to stop what he is up to and chill out! Elizabeth really does seem like she would have loved to just hang out with horses all of the time, she was so light and happy throughout her whole horse trip. That last scene between her and Philip was really sweet, and it was great seeing such easy affection between them. Philip still has game! Princess Alice is still the best,
  15. Everything with Malefic and J'onn was absolute nonsense, but I am actually decently interested in them reconnecting, and how that will connect with the story with Lena and Hope. Where WAS Hope anyway, shouldn't she have noticed that this other guy just showed up? I dont even know. The Lena and Kara showdown was really well acted and was pretty brutally honest, especially for this show. I am still rooting for Lena to find her way out of the dark path she is on, but what she has done the last few weeks is very villainous behavior, she needs to do some serious apologizing if she wants to come back into Team Good. That being said, Katie McGrath really sold me on the depths of her hurt, betrayal, and pain at Kara and everyone else lying to her. I think that Lena is majorly overreacting and what she did here was petty and vengeful and cruel to her best friend, considering at least Kara did think that she was doing the best thing she could to protect Lena, but I fully buy that she is this terribly heartbroken and angry that she would go so scorched earth. It also made me see more of how Lena in all of her hurt and with her bad experiences has convinced herself that Kara wasnt ever really her friend and was just using her or waiting for her to become evil and take her down. Man, I do hope that she at least being mentally manipulated, because this whole plot just makes me sad. Kelly and Alex got a bit more focus and I did actually buy them more as a couple this week, even if they did weirdly break up for three seconds, but this romance needs to slow down! Its only been a few months, everything is so intense already! I do like that they are following up with Kelly's issues with her dead fiance, but, Kelly, maybe ask your girlfriend how she is doing before you didnt get pissed that an unconscious person didnt call you? I miss Nia, where has she been? Brainy having some kind of short circuit has me worried. Considering the last time his wires got crossed he was swallowed by the memories of his evil family and became scary ruthless uncaring Brainy, I think its a very concerning development!
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