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  1. I totally forgot that this was going to be our backdoor pilot for the spin off, which I guess will be a prequel, so I spent half this episode wondering who these people were and why we were spending so much time with these randos. The curse of all backdoor pilots! Hi random people, hope your show gets picked up or this is going to be even more random in retrospect! This seems like it will be alright, as far as new shows go, even if none of the characters are really grabbing me, and its connection to the show is pretty tenuous. Not bad I guess, but I wasn't like "oh my God I cant wait to see more" more like "maybe I will give that a watch". Prequels in general have a bad habit of raising more questions than answers and retconning things from the OG show, but this seems like it will probably be pretty disconnected from our current characters and situation, so maybe it wont be such an issue. Of course, I am trying to figure out how the nightblood and all of that fits into this, so who knows? Our new bad guy is not exactly Mr. Intimidating, especially if he is supposed to be our final boss big bad. He just seems like some random dude, and not an interesting way. Aww Raven is so heartbroken by Bellamy supposedly dying, while Clarke is trying to manage the situation and pushing her emotions down. Of course maybe Clarke knows that with no body there is still a good chance that Bellamy will be back again...which of course he will. I am rather amused that the Grounders were once a bunch of teenage rebels much like the original 100, albeit with more of a social justice bent.
  2. 4A is such a weird arc, its practically two different shows going on simultaneously but are almost unconnected, where one is quite good and the other one really sucks, and that really hit me during the last re-watch. The Frozen stuff and most everything with Emma was all really good, maybe some of the best stuff the show had done since the better part of the Nevengers, while just about everything with Regina and Marian is just awful, and really cemented the shows attitude of "Regina is the hero and anyone who speaks against her is evil, even when they have totally legit reasons to be pissed at her" which basically destroyed the show. To me, Regina never fully recovered as a character from this arc, its so full of her being horrible and the show taking her side for no reason, that it makes her later being declared Best Hero Ever seem so painfully hallow, and this totally destroyed Robin. His constant rambling about his "honor" or whatever is even more hallow now than Regina's supposed hero cred. What a pair of assholes these two are, they deserve each other. Its such a hard arc to watch, it gave me such whiplash. I can go from enjoying Frozen hijinks and Emma and Elsa bonding to cringing over Crypt Sex and Regina screaming about how Emma ruined her life by saving one of her billion victims, its exhausting. Even the lamer parts of the Frozen arc, like the introduction of Lily (that was during that arc right?) or Anna Forrest Gumping around the EF fixing everyone's problems, arent terrible or anything, especially compared to the Regina story. They are fun and offensives, unlike the horribly offensive and horrible Regina plot, one of the shows worst subplots ever. Of course, it helps that 4A is followed by the Queens of Darkness/Author arc, which had some good moments, but is generally a total mess, especially the reality wrapping clusterfuck that is the Author plot, so I probably have extra found memories of it as the good that was followed by the awful. Kind of the reverse of season two, where I went into the re-watch remembering really not liking it, but watching it again, 2A is a good, if flawed, story, that I totally forgot about after I drowned in the horror and misery of 2B, which had a few good one off episodes, but which also had a run of some of the worst episodes that this show ever made, and thats saying something!
  3. I always found the nature of Lily's darkness to be really confusing. The idea seems to be that she cant stop herself from making bad choices (like she has magic induced bad impulse control) or that she always has bad things happen to her, but thats just not something that we really see. Her "darkness" is more of her being, at worst, a minor delinquent and trouble maker who lies about stuff a lot, and as far as her horrible life, its certainly not as bad as little Emma's terrible life of being betrayed and ditched by every person she spends more than three seconds with. She just seems bored with her rich family and rebellious, not tortured and miserable. Really, Lily probably grew up to be less dark than she would have growing up with actual supervillain Mal as a mom raising her.
  4. Deke was truly made for the 80s, its really a perfect place for his type of over the top madcap hijinks. Different type of episode this week, I missed the rest of the team, but after such a devastating loss at the end of last week, I can see why they wanted to go a bit more low key...well, as low key as an episode involving a bunch of murderous Johnny Number 5s trying to kill a rock band/aspiring secret agent team can be of course. Deke has come such a long way, Fitz would be so proud! He was a really good and supportive friend, even checking in on kid Mack and his family, and he even showed some real initiative, starting his own SHIELD team! Of course its a quirky rag tag bunch of weirdos, but thats kind of just Dekes style. It was really nice to see that, while his team/band was pretty goofy, he really was taking creating this team and trying to monitor any possible Chromicon activity seriously, he isn't just doing the same "pass off future stuff as my own for profit" thing again. Although, I guess he will never solve the mystery now of why he never saw Cricket drinking any coke... The 80s references were fun, and I think they did a good job mixing the serious fall out from last weeks episode (its kind of hard to walk off your parents getting killed by evil alien robots, having their skin harvested, and creating a new timeline where your an orphan) with the inevitable barrage of 80s references. The most obvious were the Short Circuit/Dalek robots (Exterminate!!!) and all of the old school internet stuff, but the robots also had a lot of references to slasher movies and the ridiculously over the top violence of 80s action films (so much blood!), Coulson as Max Headrom, Terminator, plus of course all of the music and costumes. Sybil creating her own army of tiny robots is kind of hilarious to me. She is nothing if not resourceful! I can normally just go along with the minutia of what goes on in this show, in a comic book-y kind of way, but this episode did make me ask a few questions about the logistics of Deke and Mack in the 80s. So Mack lived in his parents house, and no one came by the house at any time to get all of their stuff? Their family never came by to sell the house? Little Mack and his brother didn't want their stuff? Was he paying the heat and electrical bills and such? I guess maybe Deke was paying Macks bills, but in general living in the past, but a past thats pretty close to modern, would be kind of hard. You dont have a social security number, you have no work history, really, making money by being in a band and selling merchandise and such (presumably through cash) is actually a pretty smart move. They lived in the 80s for a long time, just in the normal world more or less, so the practical questions are a bit less easy for me to hand wave away than time travel or magic or crystals giving people DNA superpowers.
  5. Cindy really has been super excited to start her super villain career hasn't she? Only a few days in and she is already giving her heroic nemesis "We’re not so different" speeches, which is right in the front of the bad guy handbook! Unfortunately her father is tired of her crap (although to be fair to Cindy, she actually didnt start this most recent fight) and grounded her, literally! So who, or what, is Cindy's step mom? There is apparently no information about her, but she isnt a full on stepford wife considering she was clearly getting her flirt on with Pat, so what is her deal? Henry Jr might not be the nicest kid, but I really do feel bad for him. Not only is his father in a coma, not only does he have new telekinetic powers coming in that he cant control and he doesent understand, but now he found out that his girlfriend is only dating him because his dad asked her dad to get her to monitor him. That is just a seriously shitty couple of days. It seems like he is being set up as maybe more of a possible ally to the JSA than an enemy, although if that does happen, he has a lot of apologizing to do to Yolanda. He does seem to really love his dad, as cold as he seemed towards him, and even when he knew that Cindy was only dating him on orders as part of some kind of plan, he seemed really concerned for her in the fight and when she was dragged into the gutter, so I dont know what will happen with him. Pat wrecked his car to cover for Courtney, now that is love! Courtney can be so smart, but still has a whole lot more to learn, jumping right into another fight with Cindy while she was still recovering. I get that she threatened to hurt her friends, but at least wait until you take the band-aids off! Even the staff was trying to tell her to stand down! The whole scene with Pat and the staff "talking" was such a great example of taking a really weird concept and making it really work in context, as Pat and the staff both admit to being afraid for Courtney, even knowing that Courtney gonna Courtney. The JSA did a pretty good job getting some info, and now they have an idea on who Dragon King actually is! They still have a long way to go though, they have to remember not to use real names while on mission! Rookie mistake! Poor Pat is now not just rangling one teen with super powered tech, but four. I like seeing Pat with the other JSA kids, he has such a great dad kind of vibe with all of them. Really liked the scene with Courtney and Mike, I think that this is the first time they have called each other siblings. That was really sweet, and I continue to really like the family dynamics going on with them all. So now Pat wants to tell Barbara, which, yeah thats a good idea, she should really know about this, but will it actually happen? I hope it does, because I have seen plenty of shows where people dont share really freaking important information with their friends and family, usually out of some misguided desire to "protect" them, and it always causes more problems than it actually solves and blows up in everyone's faces, but its such a staple of the genre, I dont know if they will break the cliche here. Icicle goes off on a business trip to get some work done AND murders a guy he holds responsible for his wife's death! You gotta multitask if you want to run a proper business as well as a supervillain group.
  6. tennisgurl


    I really liked season two, very different vibe and story from season one. I thought the focus on the girls in the Utrax program was interesting, I feel like its setting up a lot of stuff for the next season. I found the fake girls school where the girls get fake identities and learn to act "normal" to actually be a lot creepier than the sterile lab with dead eyed girls, the teen girl shenanigans juxtaposed with its actual sinister purpose, and how quickly Sandy and Jules could switch to kill mode, was really disturbing. I really found how the girls fully committed to these fake lives and families (including Sandy mourning her dead imaginary sister) to be rather sad. They just have nothing, not even names, so of course they latch onto these fake lives that seem real. I also thought it was interesting that they seemed to give a lot of the girls rather old fashioned names, like Sandy, Helen, Clemency, etc. Dermot Mulroney was quite a surprise! Maybe dont get drunk and start rambling about your Evil Plan and leave your Evil Plan Documents out in front of people before you confirm that they're on the team. Looks like Terri might be on the verge of switching sides, this has been a real "I think I might be working for the bad guys" kind of day. I hope that next season we can focus on Marissa more, she is definitely my favorite character. What a badass.
  7. I finished the show, and what a delightful blast from the past! I read the BSC books growing up and even got ideas from them for my own little babysitting enterprise (I had a kid kit! I hope Kristi would approve) and even had the old school see through phone, so watching this modern twist was a ton of fun. Its weird, in my head the girls were all so much older when I was reading the books as a kid, but they're so little here! All of the actresses were great, and they did a great job at capturing every girls personality, but adapted to girls from 2019/2020. I think that Dawn was my favorite page to screen transfer, she was probably my least favorite in the books but I love TV Dawn. While most of the girls had one most prominent trait (Claudia is artsy, Mary Anne is shy, Stacy is chic) Dawn was the one that was most one note to me, I remember feeling like her only real personality trait was "blond" but this Dawn had a ton more going on and is generally a whole lot more likable. I also like that they gave the parents a bit more to do than in most of the books, even giving them a few scenes just between them without any of the girls around, and generally gave them a lot more nuance. They were still very much supporting players, but they really came alive for me in ways that most of them rarely did in the books. Marc Evan Jackson as Richard was especially inspired casting, he stole every scene he was in, and it was really fun seeing Alicia Silverstone as Elizabeth as well, the whole Brewer/Thomas family was great in general. TV Karen is another improvement over book Karen, and I am glad that they seem to already be setting up the sort of mutual crush between Sam and Stacy. My one casting complaint? Mallory's lack of glasses and her hair isn't all that bushy. Possibly nitpicking, but that was such a big part of her character, her self esteem issues based on her appearance, that the lack of glasses and out of control hair kind of took me out of it, even if the actress seems to be quite good. "I identify as a horse girl, but there is some overlap." The camp two parter had a lot of good moments and they got a lot of the highlights that I remember (especially the poison ivy) but it all felt pretty rushed in a way the other episodes didn't. There was so much going on that I felt like most of the subplots didn't get the time they needed to develop. The stuff with Mary Anne and the play felt especially weird, considering what a shy introvert she normally is. I know that she had come out of her shell (no, the turtle was not too much) more by that point, but running her own play and then starring in it seemed like a really huge leap. I also wish we had gotten more of an introduction for Jessie and Mallory, who are going to go on to become main characters, this just seemed kind of random. We saw Mallory with the other Pikes, and at camp, then Jessie is there doing her ballet at camp, then they help with Karen after showing up together to greek chorus a few times, then join the club as junior members, it was all pretty rushed. I guess at least its easier on them than in the books, where they had them jumping through hoops and taking babysitting SATs to get in at least! Maybe they save that subplot for next season? Anyway, it was still a really fun watch, and I am really excited to see what they adapt next. Good thing there are about a trillion books taking the girls all the way into high school, they have a lot to choose from!
  8. Two episodes in, and this show is super adorable! They are doing a great job so far mixing the original books with modern sensibilities and technology, changing some things but also keeping the most important stuff that made the books so beloved in the first place. My favorite change so far? Karen going from an annoying prankster to a morbid Wednesday Addams style mini goth! "I am having a wake for my doll." Also, shallow note? Claudia's dad is a major DILF.
  9. After being set up as a somewhat sinister figure, it seems like Sister Alice may be more on the up and up than she appeared to be. At least, she does seem very sincere in her beliefs and desire to do good, and is one of the only people still sticking up for Emily. Her back and fourths with Perry are a lot of fun too, he just cant get under her skin no matter how much he tries. Her mom on the other hand? Dont trust her at all. That seizure/vision has me concerned though, what exactly does she mean by she will "resurrect" Charlie? Their church does sure go hard on the pageantry doesn't it?! Those are some impressive production values they have going on for their big play/sermon! Della really is just kicking ass and taking names all over the place, especially with those cops clearly trying to beat a confession out of Emily. Everyone in the DAs office seem to be totally throwing everything at Emily being guilty, especially in the press, they have obviously decided that she did it and wont hear anything else. With one of the cops being involved with the kidnapping, it makes me wonder if there is a bigger cover up here that goes beyond just the city wanting to close the case quickly so they can chalk all of this up as a win for them. So now even after being intimidated by creepy detective guy, Paul cant just look the other way when it comes to an innocent persons life, so now it seems like he and Perry are going to be teaming up, with Paul giving Perry some info to help him keep investigating, as its clear that he isn't going to give up. Lupe is back! She seems like such a chill, fun person, and she and Perry actually seem like a pretty good match. He actually seems lighter and happier around her, he actually smiles for real, and not the sort of sardonic smirk he normally wears. Something seems to be very wrong with EB, I am quite concerned. Della and Perry both seem to realize that something is up with him, but dont really know how to approach it or if they should. I kind of wonder if George and Emily have found the absolute worse time to have all of their marital problems come out into the open and have to deal with them. I liked when George defended his mother after his father made that stupid comment about their bloodline falling for "feminine deviancy" or whatever. I dont think that Georges father was necessarily involved in the kidnapping, but I think that he is going to be some part in figuring out who was pulling the strings.
  10. Oh yeah, totally called Kat getting the hots for the conservative daughter, and it looks like she is feeling Kat as well. That is going to be an absolute hot mess on every level, as not only do they have very different political beliefs, but Kat got her dad fired for financially supporting conversion therapy! Every bit of that screams total mess. At least this means I dont have to learn the name of that brunette chick Kat has been screwing! Nice to see Jane's dad again, hopefully this means we can move past this latest round of Jane Angst. I am glad I wasn't the only one confused by the pin prick, what does that have to do with getting new boobs? They made her whole body numb? Is it psychosomatic? Thanks for the info, I guess some body numbness is common.
  11. I did watch Legion, every completely deranged retro 60s acid trip moment of it, and I totally see that in this show, mixing superhero tropes with very bizarre characters and concepts that are everything from very quirky to the full on surreal. I also totally see some of The Magicians in this, especially this episode with all of the wacky sex shenanigans, back before The Thing That We Dont Talk About happened and that show was super good. It has a very "win an election in a fairy tale land by accidentally endorsing human/animal romance" energy.
  12. Jane's other personalities tried to take over her job as the main personality who steers the ship...and after a few hours of Doom Patrol shenanigans, they are just like "nope nope nope" and hand the steering wheel back to Jane. Yeah, Cliff trying to hug Hammerhead was probably the last straw! It is quite interesting that some of the issues between Jane and the other personalities, beyond them feeling like Jane is self destructing and taking all of them along for the ride, but that Jane, being the one on the outside the most, has developed more interests and priorities outside of protecting The Girl. Now she has her friends that she cares about, and the other personalities feel like she is deviating too much from the mission to help them out with all of their various issues and other Doom Patrol mission stuff. I have faith that the stuff with Dorothy is going somewhere really cool, but for now its my least favorite thread on the show. Its not awful or anything, but whenever Dorothy is the focus, I keep hoping they will cut back to Cliff or Rita or any of the other characters. I get why they want to focus on her a lot now, as this is all very clearly leading to the main plot of the season and her existence is basically the reason Chief created the Doom Patrol and their various accidents that made them the way that they are in the first place, but compared to the other characters, she just isnt that interesting. Danny the Street returns again to take their show on the road! Always great to see the Dannyzens, along with Flex Mentallo (who is still the best) here to have a party and just generally be awesome. Of course, because this is the Doom Patrol universe, this also leads to Rita's G Spot almost creating a super sexy Armageddon thanks to a magical shadow sex demon who gives birth to a baby that will lead to a massive orgy of doom! But never fear, the Sex Men are here! Like Ghostbusters, but with sex ghosts! My God, the sentences this show allows me to type... Cliff gets a bit closer to forgiving Chief (or at least not punching him) mainly because he gives him drugs that robots can use apparently. "Just a robot doing the robot." I just love that this show gives acclaimed actor Timothy Dalton the chance to say things like "I never thought I would see the Sex Men at my door" with a straight face.
  13. The chess match between Sheidheda and Murphy was definitely the highlight, it actually made Sheidheda seem interesting again. Not enough to make me really want him still around, but its something at least, and it gave Murphy some decent material. And Sheidheda actually had some interesting bits beyond smug and evil, especially when he was clearly pissed and annoyed at Murphy (correctly) reminding Sheidheda that everyone liked Lexa more than him! I am happy to see Emori getting more screentime, but I knew right away that her party was going to go badly. It was a decent idea, but she really needed to feel people out before she started reuniting people with their kids who they threw out like moldy bread because their cult leaders told them to. I did like hearing more about her past and how she related to the people who had been kicked out of Sanctuary at least, and how much it still affected her. Nice to see Bellamy, even if it was just in a flashback! Oh its ok Echo, he will certainly be showing up sometime soon at an appropriately dramatic moment. Also, damn girl, when even Octavia is looking at you like your losing it... Looks like Octavia took some time at her homestead to watch Good Will Hunting, enough to pull the "its not your fault" hug on Echo. Hope and Diyoza have some mother/daughter bonding, which is kind of awkward considering Diyoza hasn't known her as an adult, and Hope now knows about her whole Terrorist/freedom fighter depending on who you ask past, but they still manage some nice moments. Oh my God its...that one guy! GASP!
  14. Well I guess this season had been a bit on the lighter side as compared to previous seasons, so we needed to catch up on some severe trauma to spread around. Poor Mack, that was freaking brutal. Not only are his parents dead (presumably) but he had to kill their robot dooplegangers who killed them. No wonder he needed a second, but now he and Deke are trapped in the 80s when everyone else kept jumping further in time. Him trying to awkwardly introduce YoYo to his parents was so cute, it just makes the reveal at the end even sadder. I thought it was nice that Deke went out to check on him, he really has come a long way. Also not having a good day? Daisy, who got experimented on and is looking pretty beat up, but luckily has a high probability of recovery at least. Nathan took her powers, but like an idiot, didn't bother to think that just grabbing up super powers willy nilly and sticking them inside of him might not be the best idea ever, and killed himself accidentally with the powers he stole, or at least he was badly hurt. It took Daisy awhile to be able to control her powers, so of course he cant get them down in like three seconds. Also on the plus side? Sousa decides to stick with the team to stay with Daisy, and...are they getting a vibe? I think I have been catching a vibe. So the timeline is just fully Jeremy Berimy at this point right? Stoner is still into May, and I totally get it. So Coulson dies again, and even he knows that he is just going to come back anyway, so why bother getting upset. Mays current state of semi emotionless is sad, especially as she and Coulson cant connect like they used to, but I suppose even if your emotions weren't on the fritz, being in love with someone who keeps dying and coming back in increasingly ridiculous ways would get pretty emotionally exhausting. So we finally find out where Fitz is, even if we still dont see him. Come on, get back here Fitz, I miss you!
  15. I am really liking the show, its fun to explore the cultures behind so many types of food, and Padma is a great host. She seems so excited to meet new people and try new foods, she never tries to talk over the people she meets or humble brag about her own accomplishments, she just seems really happy to be finding so much great food. Plus, everything looks so delicious, I end every episode hungry! I especially liked seeing the Gullah episode, as I lived in that area for a bit a few years ago and I learned a lot about the Gullah culture. Its really unique and its great to see it get represented.
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