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  1. Sheldon might be book smart, but Missy has the market cornered on reading people. Never underestimate my girl Missy. Georgie hooking up with a woman who's almost thirty is pretty creepy. He's legally of age, but its still icky.
  2. This season really does seem like its heading in the right direction. It had elements last season that I liked but it also felt really awkward, this season they seem to be working on fixing it. More depth to the supporting cast, less fourth wall breaking, a better combination of goofy jokes and more down to Earth jokes. I liked this episode, the scene where Randi opened up was really heartfelt, and I am really glad that Oscar was not only not angry about Max but thrilled that Kat actually choose him. I am also a big fan of the "romantic rivals become friends" trope, so that was a ton of fun to
  3. Its really too bad that this show is so obsessed with comic book supervillain Wheatley, because otherwise the hacker story actually has a lot of potential. I liked the idea of following someone who really did have good intentions but who's actions had negative consequences instead of another straight up criminal gang, and I like Robin Lord Taylor. I like that this gives Jet more time to shine and I like her cute hacker love interest. But every time I start getting into that story Wheatley shows up to cackle evilly and its all ruined. It also brings Stabler back to being unStabler, which is too
  4. I am really impressed that they actually managed to wrap just about everything up (except for Laconia) in a really satisfying way, but I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. This has been an amazing show, one of my favorites of all time, and the finale did not let me down. We had action, political intrigue, aliens, but we still had time for some really wonderful human moments. This show has been such an amazing ride, wonderful cinematography, effects, acting, writing, and complex fascinating characters. They managed to leave a few doors open, like Laconia, the ring aliens, and Filip managing to
  5. How does Renee think this is going to go? I guess she just decided that being with Pamela is worth her girlfriend being an ecoterrorist, and that's no longer a deal breaker? Because, if anything, she'll be even more pissed about being left under the Batcave. Sophie really just has no luck with women. Poor Bruce needs to get home soon, his company is not only being run into the ground, but the Bat Team is letting everyone into the Batcave and telling anyone who asks who Batman is. As much fun as Poison Mary is, they really need to better explain her motivation. I guess the point is t
  6. I am no fan of Saint Olivia and the shows obsession with the detectives annoying personal drama, but I thought the Noah plot was basically inoffensive. It at least tied into the main stories themes of parents being worried about bad things happening to their kids when they aren't looking. I hope the mom of Noah's "friend" takes a long hard look at her kid, forcing kids into cages and making them wear dog collars is pretty beyond "boys will be boys". Its more like "boys will be potential serial killers." The main case was actually really good, I was surprised by the twists and turns that
  7. Awww, it was sweet getting some of Trevor's softer side and that he really did like Jay's sister. Of course, he also would really like some nudes, but from what we saw of Bela she might be into that, she and Trevor really are perfect for each other. Except for him being dead for twenty years. I am glad that Sam decided to tell Bela the truth and that they ended up bonding over it, from the bits we have of Sam's backstory she seems like a person who really wants connections with people, only child, mom was really critical then died when she was still pretty young, no mention of a dad that I rec
  8. I got Lottie, I’ll let you all know if I get a vision of what will happen in the season finale!
  9. I am glad that Dean narrator confirmed that he and Brad stay friends, his plot was really sweet. Oh man, that bit with Aunt Ruth. Just so much without saying anything. Dean realizes that his sister is, in fact, a girl! Who knows how girls work!
  10. I thought this was a really fun return to the show, having the episode focus on the Robo Legends was a really good idea. It turns out that they were programmed to think that its the real Legends who are evil robots while they're the heroes, which is actually a bit of a variation on the first season, when the Legends found out that the people they were working for were sketchy and their real mission was different then the one they thought they were on. 7A was a really good half season arc, and this season is off to a strong start. You could really tell how much the actors were having fun hammin
  11. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I hate how they are throwing Steve under the bus while assassinating Miranda's character all so that they can make Miranda into Cynthia, although I am assuming that Cynthia's coming out didn't involve someone as obnoxious as Che. The show has always struggled with Steve, they made him progressively stupider and more childish as the show went on, but they at least never made him this doddering old man who Miranda can barley stand, which is all clearly happening so that Miranda can cheat on Steve and then dump him guilt free and we aren't supposed
  12. Janelle James in an absolute gift. Principle Coleman would make me want to throttle her in the real world, but as a wacky sitcom villain, she's hilarious. Barbara is my favorite character though, I am really glad she never saw the video that made her look old and decrepit. I would really like to see more of the teachers in the classroom, I am really curious about their teaching styles. The janitor might be the runner up for favorite character though. I couldn't stop laughing at him calling all of the donations trash over and over.
  13. How does a Sex and the City series have as much bodily fluid humor as an Adam Sandler comedy?
  14. Awww who's a cute little Rancor? The Rancor is one of my favorite Star Wars creatures, they're like space Pitbull's, naturally sweet animals that are sadly abused by horrible people and forced to fight so people associate them with violence, so now we get a Rancor AND Danny Trejo! It was also cool seeing Sophie Thatcher from Yellowjackets here, even if she and her street gang are hilariously generic cyberpunk street punks. Did they all loose their jobs as mooks when Griff's Tannen was defeated during Back to the Future 2? I cant believe they killed off the whole Tuskan Raider tribe in th
  15. If Junior is legit concerned about his girlfriend leaving him for his brother, who is an actual child, it might be time for a better girlfriend. I know that the Johnson's being fancy and Dre having issues with that at times is sort of the premise of the show, but I cant even contemplate being so loaded that you can say "two for one" like other people say "crack pipe." Oh Bow, even Diane is giving you lessons in not being materialistic, what would your dad say? This is one of the first times I think I've liked the Dre plot the best, probably because I usually like his work hijinks. Reid S
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