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  1. tennisgurl

    Good Trouble

    Oh shit, Callie got a classic Callie move pulled on her! Callie has often, including right here, made dumb as hell choices in the name of some greater good, but leaving her ID right there for anyone to grab is just pure stupidity! I can understand Callie's passion and appreciate it, but she needs to drop her levels of self ritiousness down several levels and start existing in the actual real world. Wrecking her career and even risking jail time wont help anyone! That being said, I am more pissed at Malika right now than Callie. I mean, Callie had had her back throughout all of this since day one, and has risked a lot to help her and this cause, and she thanks her by getting her into huge trouble, maybe sinking her whole career? And for what end? To yell at the judge? How exactly will that help? Yeah that verdict sucks, and like many of these its insane how often cops get away with these killings no matter what evidence is shown, but this isnt the way to handle it. Alice peacing out during the circumcision conversation was hilarious! Her video was really cute, and I am glad that she got a second chance with Joey. So her parents are trying to be supportive, but still struggling with her being out to the rest of the family. One step forward two steps back indeed. The guy who Davia was seeing is such a prick. "Oh my God this sucks, my wife is telling everyone I had an affair and I am leaving her! You know, stuff thats all true that I totally did!" I love Dennis and Davia, romantic connection or not, but I dont think its healthy for him to just have her to talk to. He clearly needs professional help, and putting everything on one person who is clearly not a professional isnt good for either of them. Mariana and Raj are cute, and her freaking out then trying to be overly supportive about his non-circumcised penis was really funny, and I like them as a couple a lot. Him playing with that jell thing was...wow. And then Evan grabbing it! Glad that Evan really is a good, if socially awkward guy, and is trying to make a better work environment. Although things could get awkward if she has to kick Raj out of her all female team, OR keeps him on her team and the other women find out she is dating him. Whats going to happen there? Especially if she is the team leader of the team he is on?
  2. tennisgurl

    S03.E03: AKA I Have No Spleen

    Jessica just smacking Trish after she said she was "unstoppable" was quite satisfying, not gonna lie. Her self importance is just such a pain, it doesent make her more heroic, it just makes her seem more selfish. I mean, she looked at her passed out sister/best friend and was like "perfect, chance to take her info!" even if she did call an ambulance. That being said, I really miss their friendship, and I hate that its come to this with them. Their friendship was one of the best things about this show, and I wish that none of this fight had ever happened. I miss their banter so much, and actually liking Trish. So is this stuff with Jerri actually going somewhere? Beyond her apparent habit of cheating on her girlfriends/wives and leaving them for other people?
  3. tennisgurl

    S04.E04: Tank

    The rabbit guy is totally Pope/Julia's father, isnt he? I dont hate the flashbacks or anything, especially if Smuf really is dying, but I wish we could get some flashbacks from when Smurfs kids were young, I really want to know what that family dynamic was like. The heist was fun, but we all know that Frankie is going to screw Craig, and not in the way he likes to be screwed! He finally has a decent idea, and it goes bad because he has no control when a hot chick is involved. Smurfs story about her mom only having two things to sell "and she wasnt selling the car" sure does give her parenting skills a lot of context.
  4. tennisgurl

    S02.E02: Worth It

    Now I cant get the imagine of Elektra dressed like Ned Stark, holding a big ass sword and telling everyone that Winter Is Coming, out of my head. Patti Lupone is here and she is a major league shithead! Awesome! Kudos to Blanca for standing up to her and getting her nail place started, but always get it in writing girl! No way is this the end of that conflict. It was a sad scene, but I cracked up at Angel and Papi obviously eavesdropping on Ricky and Damon fighting and Blanca yelling at them. Papi was such a sweetheart this week, crying and hugging Blanca. And the Romeo and Juliet bit he and Angel did was cute.
  5. tennisgurl

    S03.E02: Muscle & Flow

    Thats the greatest crime that has committed in this whole series! Who is the MONSTER who told Roller about shirts that fully cover his chest?! Next thing you know, they'll explain buttons to him!
  6. tennisgurl


    No one should EVER work with Luther, your life expectancy will instantly drop down! The only person who seems to survive being his friend is Alice, and thats only because she would take out any possible killers first. Really, I get the fascination with Alice, but their weird relationship is probably more trouble than its worth at this point for Luther, especially if he actually wants to keep solving crimes and not just dealing with other bullshit. Glad the victim got away, but were there other people in the cellar? Was that why the doctor put a tray into another locked cell? Should probably check on that guys!
  7. tennisgurl

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    I cant tell sometimes if I actually like Meryl Streeps acting, or if I get too focused on her performing that it actually hurts the performance. Like, as familiar as I am with Nicole Kidman as an actress/celebrity, when I see her on the show I just see Celeste. So far when I see Mary Louise, I see Meryl Streep, living legend of the silver screen. I can appreciate her performance, which I think is good, if pretty broad (especially as a lot of the performers on this show are pretty naturalistic), but it has yet to stop being a performance to me. Like she is thinking "I am Meryl Streep, Hollywood royalty, gracing television with my luminous presence." I am quite interested in knowing about Mary Louise and what kind of environment would help to create a man like Perry. I suspect that maybe she had something to do with his brothers death, if she didnt fully cause it. Or maybe Perry killed his brother and she covered it up? She seems abusive and manipulative like Perry, just in a different way.
  8. tennisgurl

    Grand Hotel

    This seems like just the kind of prime time trashy soap that I love watching in the summer! Beautiful people in beautiful locations doing all kinds of shady things. I liked the pilot, and I think this could be a really fun show. Lots of plots twists in this episode, and I liked that they quickly set up a status quo, then started throwing plots twists into the mix, but nothing too enormous and crazy...yet. I love Demian Bichir so much, he is always so charming and likable, no matter how sketchy his character might turn out to be. And I am glad that the daughter told the groom about her step sister, I totally thought that as the sweet heroine of the show that she wouldn't! So they seem to be open to subverting and playing with some tropes, it will be interesting if they keep it up.
  9. tennisgurl

    S03.E02: AKA You're Welcome

    Trish and her "I want to be a hero!" quest is really rubbing me the wrong way. It seems more out of a selfish desire to be special than actually wanting to help people. It also seems more like this is her newest addiction, with this unstable desperation in her eyes and this strung out "I need this!!!" reactions whenever people understandably point out that this is ridiculous. I do appreciate that her early attempts at being a hero are a bit of a mess, because even with kind of powers, she has little skill in stealth, investigation, or anything else that Jessica has, even when she is being her hot mess self. And her heroing seems to be such an inconvenience to the people around her, even her co-worker who has to work the late shift on their show to accommodate for Trish stalking people at night. You know who Trish reminds me of lately? Later season Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU. Both are obsessed with being seen as saviors, both are filled with self importance and think that they always know best, no matter the situation, refuse to apologize for their mistakes because, again, they know best, and are mostly focused on helping attractive middle or upper class white women against evil white guys in suites or polo shirts. Its uncanny, and not a particularly good look.
  10. tennisgurl

    S03.E01: AKA The Perfect Burger

    I could watch Jessica tell Dorothy to fuck off a million times and it would never get old. So ends the Netflix arm of the MCU, its the end of a very specific part of the era. Its still too bad how things went down, I think there was more to do and a lot more stories I wanted closure on. Trish running around beating people up seems like its going to end quite badly, I hope she and Jess dont spend the whole season on the outs. Things are certainly bad for them though, what with Trish murdering Jesses mother and all that.
  11. tennisgurl

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Yeah...what exactly did the flock of canaries do to help things exactly? We mostly just heard how they keep each other getting their asses kicked, or hear about them all being killed to try and make the bad guy more scary. Everything still sucks, have we ever seen them making any real difference? I am actually kind of curious about what "things we have not seen" are. I guess Olicity having more than two conversations in one episode that are not angsty as fuck?
  12. tennisgurl

    S15.E06: Week 5, Part 2

    I cant even decide on the biggest "oh my god this motherfucker" moment from those previews. Luke P slut shaming Hannah (despite him knowing exactly what this show is, AND that he slept with other girls in his past)and her sending him packing with her middle finger up, Luke P looking like he is about to rip Garrett's (?) head off for "messing this for him" OR Luke P totally being the guy who throws out all the shows rules to propose to Hannah. Dear God this guy. Either he is getting the worst villain edit in the history of reality TV, or someone in casting really messed up on not screening this violent stalker out.
  13. tennisgurl

    S15.E06: Week 5, Part 2

    But will we ever find out what Luke’s favorite pasta is?!?
  14. tennisgurl

    S15.E06: Week 5, Part 2

    Less Luke P, more puppies!
  15. tennisgurl

    S15.E06: Week 5, Part 2

    This week on The Bachelorette...which was also this week. This just reminds me how many decent guys are on this show. And yet it’s the Luke P show.