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  1. Bonnie & Clyde isn’t especially historically accurate, and it’s very much a 60s New Hollywood/New Wave film over being a period piece about the 30s, and if you go in with that in mind, it’s a really interesting movie that I really like. It’s kind of hard to appreciate now how bold and shocking this movie was. It was sexy, violent, anti authoritarian, had violent killers as its heroes, it ended in a bloodbath, it was a big shock to many audiences, and it really did leave a huge mark on cinema. It certainly wasn’t the first movie to star criminals and morally questionable characters, but it sure did it with style! It’s also my favorite Faye Dunaway performance ever, to me she has never been more charismatic.
  2. I knew that they kind of had to keep Alice, but I so wanted Beth to survive! I really liked her, and it would be really interesting to have her around while getting rid of Alice, but I guess you cant off your big bad and sister of your hero before mining all that dramatic potential, so Alice gets to live...and she is even more pissed off than ever. I am glad that Kate choose to save Beth, and that she got to make the choice, her choosing Alice over Beth after everything would really be pushing Alice's second chances and Kate's good guy cred if she let an innocent person die over a domestic terrorist, and even worse, Mary would be so sad! I guess if they wanted to kill Beth and keep Alice, this was probably their best option besides finding a way for Beth to get to another universe (which is hard as they dont know that any other universes exist) but I still hate to lose Beth. Poor Beth, lost her whole world, almost died, and then died for real, shot by some asshole who was trying to kill her evil alternate self. I knew that you dont cast Sebastian Roche for a random role, and was wondering where Mouses dad had gone off to, so now we get both answers! You killed Beth you bastard, now your even higher up on my shit list! The scene with Alice and Beth was really good, Rachel Skarsten did really well playing Alice and Beth. They were both very different in body language and tone, but you could also see some similarities, which really hits you with the sort of Sliding Doors "What Beth could have been" nature of the story. It does actually make me feel a little more sad for Alice, or at least the person she could have been under different circumstances, seeing the awesome person she might have been. I mean, I feel a little more sad for her, she has still made her own choices that led her here, but it is interesting to see how much that one event changed everything. I also think Ruby Rose was quite good in her scene crying next to Alice when she was supposedly dying. I think she has been steadily improving, especially during Crisis. I see them playing coy with who Kates supposed soulmate is. Yeah I see you show, trying to try some stuff out before you settle on an endgame love interest. Sophie is at least getting some better material, but I am still not super into her and Kate. So how the hell did mask dad even find Beth and Luke? Is he psychic? Have GPS powers? I mean, this is the Arrowverse, these are legit questions!
  3. One of the better episodes this season, it managed to be about sexual abuse and a topical issue but in a way that fit well together and wasnt super over the top about the message. Well, until the scummy green card guy started ranting about immigrants stealing their jobs and medicare and stuff, because I guess the show thought we didnt quite yet get what a piece of crap this guy was. Other than a few weird scenes and plot threads like that, I found this to be a very engaging episode. Lets start with the good. The case of the week was interesting, wasnt another story about affluent white people in a he said/she said story, the acting from the guest cast was great, and I found all of the stories to be really well done, if pressed for time. I liked the diversity of the victims involved and the differences in their individual cases, and it took a few turns, but was mostly a straight forward case without anything too melodramatic happening. I did end up wanting to know what happened to the women who got pregnant and the Irish couple, but at least we got to see a happy ending with the one couple who had a daughter. The guy playing the bad guy was remarkably scummy, and the courtroom scenes were quite well done as well, especially as compared to a lot of courtroom scenes this season, which hardly seem to exist sometimes. This was probably the best Rollins episode all season, even though I continue to roll my eyes at them so often casting her as the "hot chick" in undercover jobs despite her very limited abilities as an undercover cop. She was actually competent and responsible and likable, and not being all crappy to her co-workers for no reason or flying off the handle or just generally being unprofessional. I also liked the new transit cop, he was really likable and interesting and I especially liked his scene with the husband where they were speaking Hebrew to each other. He has a lot of personality, and I hope that he shows up again, either reoccurring or as a new addition. This squad still seems terribly understaffed! Carisi also had a lot of good scenes, and he is finally starting to feel like an actual ADA, getting the feel for his courtroom persona, and learning how to really think like a lawyer and not a cop. I still like Garland a lot. This isnt specific to this episode, but I cant stand how Olivia talks to victims, leaning down towards them and whispering platitudes and telling them how they should be feeling. It just feels so condescending and inauthentic, like she is talking to a little kid and not a grown person who has gone through something awful. Olivia really wasnt too bad this week, probably because she was more on the back burner, but I just cant stand that victim voice. I dont think that someone who has been horribly treated wants to feel like they arent being taken seriously. What the hell was that opening? Why are we watching Benson get her mail? Why are we watching some random guy tell her to smile? Just to throw in some other random "dont forget, patriarchy bad!" moment? Why bother when the rest of the episodes makes that point but a million times more effectively? Why do we have this random bit where a bunch of people scream at the cops for arresting the skirt creep and it goes viral? That literally never came up again! I thought there might be a payoff, where we find some evidence on that video that the skirt guy ditched, or the guy playing the race card with the video would effect the trail, but nope, it was just random! It was just to...remind us that if we see someone seemingly getting the crap kicked out of them by the cops, we should just let the cops go about their kicking? After we just did an episode about corruption in Vice?!? The opener was weird, and hardly even tied into the episode, beyond the skirt guy getting caught, which we could have easily done without Benson's morning walk and the "New Yorkers hate cops" aside. No to Carisi and Rollins drama. No no no!
  4. Well damn Patrick, I didnt know that party was a gun show! That was a fun episode, and I love that Alexis managed to turn her crow disaster into a big viral hit. Almost at Caroline in the City levels! The scenes with Alexis and Ted were so sweet, they had better make it through the season without hitting any more snags! Roland...is better in small doses for me.
  5. So are we finally going somewhere with this Barry vs CB thing? It seems like we have been going back and fourth for ages, teasing that maybe Lainey will break up with Barry, but it hasn't happened yet, and I have no idea if it will. It honestly seems like it would be easier if she did. Barry isnt a regular on the show (being busy on TG), its been implied more than once on The Goldburgs that Barry would eventually get with someone else, and it just seems like we keep getting to the natural end of their relationship, but then just keep going! I dont dislike Barry/Lainey exactly, but it seems so played out. Of course, I am kind of into CB getting together with Wilma (even if she is into bad boys!) so what do I know?
  6. It sounds like there really are some perks to be taken over by this big corporation! Well they get cereal, Lyft, and mental health days, so thats something at least! The CEO was apparently just saying the same thing to every branch, but she also did listen to their concerns, so who knows where this heading? I really wish they would give Amy and Jonah some episodes where they get along, they always seem to be fighting. Even the random on off characters dont get that they're actually in a relationship! Garrett might have been faking needing a paid day off for mental health, but it sounds e might actually need it for real?
  7. I really hope that Archie and Veronica were told about the plan, or else letting them, especially Archie, think that Jughead was dead! He doesent need that kind of stress! Of course, I assume that they do know the plan, or else their reactions to seeing one of their best friends murdering their other best friend was pretty...underwhelming. Maybe even they dont buy that the show would kill Jughead off? This is all a part of some plan, even if the plan had to be changed due to the kill words in Betty's head and the counter plan by the Stonewall kids. Oh yeah, Honey takes a hard line stance on students with alcohol in their lockers! Murderers running through the halls trying to beat students to death? Thats no big deal , but rum?!? Holy crap alert the national guard! For all his tough talk, he isnt really doing much to stem the crazy that is Riverdale High. It was pretty hilarious watching Veronica getting all pissed off and defensive about Honey busting her, calling him a fascist and everything, when he seems to be the only person who reacts in a way that makes sense to a bunch of teenagers selling rum! I know that this shouldn't be where my suspension of disbelief breaks, but its just so ridiculous that everyone is just totally cool with these teenagers making and distributing rum! Its just nuts! Veronica is spiraling due to Hiram's very vague illness, which makes her a pretty crappy girlfriend. I mean, Veronica has never been characterized by her overwhelming understanding of other people, but her "oh gee thanks babe let me stick my tongue down your throat) reaction to Archie taking the blame for her booze seemed pretty blase, and she never seemed to pick up on how out of sorts he was until he literally spelled it out for her. Even freaking Hiram, a man who has tried to murder Archie in several occasions, picked up on there being something wrong with him before his girlfriend did! Of course Stonewall has its own weird Ides of March celebrations, they are in a battle with Riverdale High as to who can be the most Extra. Jugheads reaction to his plagiarism threat was like "You?! Random background character who has hardly had any lines in weeks?!" I wonder if this has all been some big plot, that Stonewall finds non rich kids and bleeds then dry for their ideas and then kick them out as soon as they're done. Or some other evil conspiracy. Jughead and his thinly veiled autobiography was hilariously on point to writing students who are very obviously writing stuff based on their own lives, just with the names changed, all convinced that they have created high art. I guess Archie not being on schedule to gradate makes sense, he has had an especially busy year being in jail, on the run, dealing with Fred and his jobs and part time vigilantism, although it is weird to have the show NOW show some real world consequences for all the the crazy that happens. I would think that most of the students on this show would struggle keeping up with homework with all the time spent on cults, conspiracies, serial killers, gang wars, etc but maybe they all just have insanely good time management?
  8. So Alex gets an actual subplot two weeks in a row! What kind of miracle is this?! I feel like giving relationship advice on a live stream would be really stressful, especially having a bunch of them all coming in super quickly, really he did a lot better than I think a lot of people would! So is the tech woman he met and bantered with a bit going to end up as his next love interest? It would be nice to see Alex finally get some luck in the love department! If Jane has to kiss a guy at a sex party to keep her relationship with Pinstripe on track, that seems to like a bad sign. Oh well, I guess Jane is putting off her breakup until she needs more material to mine from! It was nice to see Sage getting some more material, and the vibrator plot was fun, even if it was Kat getting yet another cause to fight against (and less complex than last weeks) as her plot of the week. I never thought I would say this, but those were cute vibrators! I hope we explore a bit more of Suttons conflicting feelings about marrying Richard, this wealthy guy who likes to share his wealth with Sutton, including Sutton staying at his fancy apartment. From what we heard about Sutton, she had a rather working class tough background with her barfly mom and they frequently struggled with money, so suddenly living this upper class lifestyle could be a shock to her system, even after working at a glamorous magazine.
  9. You know who would have given Bow years of thoughtful gifts? Her first love Bryce!
  10. Always happy to see Chris Geere pop up! That was a nice Valentines Day episode, I especially liked the turns that the Douglas and Poppy plot took. Poppy isnt some crazy jealous lady...she is a very reasonable jealous lady thank you very much! "The sad part is that I rehearsed that."
  11. Yeah, for one I am kind of disappointed that they are going with a baby and not an older kid, who are less likely to get adopted in many cases (especially children of color) and would be more in line with what Regina said about how she wanted to help a kid like they did with PJ. And for another, of course the young black women cant just be typical TV teen with parents hovering around and she doesent want a baby because she has early admittance to MIT, or just a person who didnt want a kid? She has to be all on her own with a hard luck abusive boyfriend backstory, because thats the only story that many writers think that black women are allowed to have. There must be suffering! And now of course he is going to hunt her down and be all evil and it will be even more drama, because...the writers looked at their list of Issues and realized they hadn't done domestic abuse yet, and thought that this show just didnt have enough drama.
  12. I assume they met at some sort of former Borg Drone support group! "Hi, my name is Picard, and I am a former Borg Drone. Its been five years since my last desire to assimilate all life in the universe..." I really liked this episode, its fun to explore more of Romulan society and see more of what happened with Picard and the Romulans. Elnor was an adorable kid and seems like a kick ass adult. Truth Loving Ninja Space Nuns! The first few episodes were very strong on setting the story up and getting us caught up on everything that has been going on, and that was really important, but I am excited to really get going into the real meat of the story, especially as Picard gathers up his ragtag bunch of randos. I think Picard really did mean well and wanted to help these people, but circumstances beyond his control stopped him from fulfilling those promises. The fact that relocation couldnt continue, because Starfleet has this other disaster happening closer to home and there were a lot of complicated political things happening, wasnt Picards fault. However, it seems like a bigger mistake that Picard makes himself, something that he is increasingly aware of, is that he gave up. His big moral outrage filled quitting of Starfleet seemed quite noble at the time, but in retrospect, maybe he could have done more to help still in Starfleet, or at least he could have come back himself to explain the situation. Him quitting in protest kind of ended up screwing a lot of people over, as right as it probably felt, and he is just now really dealing with that. Instead he was so angry about what happened that he kind of just checked out until now, and while its understandable that he was terribly angry and hurt by Starfleet, an organization he has given most of his life to and truly believed in the innate goodness of, and was a much older man than the Picard of TNG, it seems like he checked out too soon, when there was still more he could have done. So now he is trying to make up for lost time, but thats easier said than done, especially when it comes to the people who kept waiting for him to come back, and he never did. As others have said, its clear that some of the Romulans thought that the Federation ditched them on purpose, which led to even more resentment. That they lulled them into a false sense of security and didnt double down on their own efforts to relocate, and then deliberately abandoned them to deliberately destory what was left of their empire. Now I dont think thats what happened at all (there was a lot of things going on in that that time and the Federation prioritized some things over others, and right or wrong I dont think it was part of any greater plan) but I can certainly see how the Romulans, who are famously secretive and distrusting of everyone, would see it that way, so now they are even more bitter. Seven is here! I have been so excited to check in with her and see her interactions with Picard, and I am so happy that its happening so early! I was afraid that we would have to wait forever. She even got a badass intro and is looking fabulous! "Anyone else think that the Way of Absolute Candor sounds potentially annoying?"
  13. I liked the backstory for Jack, it was actually quite heartbreaking and does do a decent job at explaining a lot about his personality. Especially his tendency to cling to any relationship he ends up in, even if its clearly not a good one, and take rejection so badly. Now if only they could give him a good arc, because this sleeping with his co workers wife story just sucks, it makes me look like an idiot. At least his one story this week was pretty good. As usual, Pruitts attempts at "helping" just makes everything worse for everyone. So not only does Andy not get the promotion that she was basically told was hers, but the rest of the team is stuck with Maya as the new team leader, and as it turns out, Maya sucks at it! It might be that she just isnt ready, or maybe she is just a bad leader, If it aint broke, dont fix it! Her leadership style seems to be yelling at everyone, treating her team with condescension and making them run stupid drills like a bunch of first year ROTC cadets, being disrespectful towards Sullivan, and bragging about her previously never mentioned past as an Olympic athlete. Andy looks like she is about to crack, and getting passed over for her best friend (who practically kicked her on the way out) is just making it worse. Again, way to condescendingly mess with your daughters career Pruitt! So Dean is a gonna be a dad? His shell shocked pillow holding was hilarious, but I think he will be a pretty good dad. Eventually.
  14. I really hope we arent stuck with this Allison person for very long, she was just instantly grating. Yes, please talk trash about the people who are very kindly hosting a fundraiser for your group to their employees! I am sure that tons of people will want to do business with you as you try to talk their employees into going on strike! I kind of caught the vibe that Allison and Teresa were exs (with the talk about Allison being withholding) but maybe not. I also cant stand when people try to guilt other people into "telling their story" as if they have some obligation to share their most traumatic memories with the masses to serve some kind of greater good or whatever. I think That Emilio, after hearing Lucia's speech about how hard things were for them and for other people, he freaked out that this might all be too much for him, that he cant be in the band while also taking care of his family, and then that was followed by him freaking out that he picked the wrong song for this event. I like Natalia a lot, although I hope they hold off on her and Emilio hooking up. Vanessa had to leave after she and Emilio crashed and burned, it would really suck if things got complicated between them, their family really needs her! Beto should certainly have told Ella not to get drunk (or drink at all) at their families restaurant, but its ridiculous for her dad to blame Beto for her choices. He isnt her dad, Beto is a freaking teenager, and Ella was clearly doing all of this WAY before they ever got together. If anything, her and Beto seem to be spending a lot of time just hanging at the house or the restaurant with Betos younger siblings! He cant responsible for everything she does.
  15. Mariana really had some nerve, not even acting remotely sorry when Callie confronted her about the girls all having a group chat without her and making fun of her in it, and I think Callie let her off too easy. Just being like "yeah sure I talked about you, but everyone does that its really your fault" isnt the way to apologize! No wonder Callie wanted to move, who wants to live in a place (a place that she didnt want to live in the first place and was totally blindsided by!) where people leave you out and make fun of you behind your back, including your own sister? The opening song was silly, I was seriously confused the whole time. Isabella is apparently trying to Single White Female Mariana, or keep creeping around any guy she happens to see, or something, I have no idea what her evil scheme is. Who is she, a villain in a soap opera? Marianas super dramatic "I didnt know he did magic!!!" freak out was hilariously dramatic, even for Mariana. I mean, damn girl he does some slight of hand tricks, you didnt find out that he was an actual wizard as he produced his Hogwarts graduation pictures. I am still interested in the potential for Dennis and Davia, but I agree with the support group that this isnt the right time for them to be in a serious relationship. It wasnt that long ago when Dennis was about five seconds from killing himself, and Davia seems to be most of his support system outside of the group, so maybe its a good idea to take it slow and make sure he isnt transferring his appreciation at her helping to save him from suicide into romantic feelings. Not that it for sure isnt romantic, but its something to be aware of. At least Callie was upfront with Jamie about the proposal, and its all out in the open. Neither of them seem ready for the proposal, so I am glad that it was a misunderstanding.
  16. Come on Dorian, this isnt your first day in Mystic Falls! You have to be prepared for crap like this! Good follow up from last week, and I am glad that Hope chose to save the most people she could, and that Landon totally got it. I figured that he would, but I am glad this didnt create more drama, just after getting done with the LAST drama blast. Also glad that Alaric seems to have realized fully that he messed up with the kids he sent to the prison, it was a really messed up and complicated situation and he can hopefully find a better solution to these kinds of problems going forward. Sucks that I guess Diego was too far gone to accept a good thing when he saw it. So Landon not only can float, but when sufficient emotionally charged, he can sprout giant flaming wings! I have probably read too many Harry Potter books, but for a second i thought that Landon could just use his phoenix tears to heal Dorian! Hey its Raf! And going through more crap, as per usual, the poor guy. Hopefully now he can have some real stuff to do in the story again?! The show has a really good cast and a lot of really good characters, and normally it does a decent job at using all of them, but they seem to be struggling a bit on the back half of the season to find stuff for everyone to do and giving them good arcs. Alaric, you have clearly learned a lesson about banishing your troubled students, but not so much about not drinking with your teenage students. I know the kids have been through a lot and have powers and stuff, but they are still teenagers, and you are still their teacher! So Sebastian gets a last minute redemption, and is probably gone for good now. I have never been a big fan of his (and less of his relationship with Lizzie) and have found his characterization rather inconsistent but that was a pretty good last scene with Lizzie at least. Dark Josie is pretty awesome. She isnt even full on evil exactly, just very pragmatic and intense, and it looks like she isnt gone yet! I dont know if I buy that this is really the end of Kai, he seemed way too chill about his impending beheading, and even he thought that his ending was too anti climactic. I mean, there is a Necromancer (THE Necromancer!) running around!
  17. Oh shit, its Wayne Brady son! That was a really good episode, the big storming of the facility was really exciting, and they used everyone's different powers and dynamics really well throughout. I am guessing that Gravedigger was just knocked out, he is too cool of a potential villain to be dead so fast, and Wayne Brady was too good to let go after just on episode! I love watching Doctor Jace try to act like a normal person, its like watching an alien try to understand the ways of the humans. TK is still one of my favorites, love him awkwardly trying to fix Erica's chip, seems he still struggles with the whole human interaction thing. Erica's little excited jump and cheer when she broke through the door then trying to look professional was cute, I really hope that they get the kids away from the ASA soon. Did Brandon just go on the mission to kill Dr. Jace, or was it just a convenient side mission? I was pretty sure that he and Jenn would become a thing, but it seems like they are just friends for now. Of course, its always awkward when your ex boyfriend returns from the dead to join your away mission!
  18. That car scene between Sophie and her grandpa was so cringy and contrived, it was just straight up painful to listen to. It was so obviously only written to get Sophia to join everyone else in their kool-aid drinking and totally forgive Delilah, and to remind the audience that we are supposed to like Delilah SO MUCH and that her affair was TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE and that Jon was TOTALLY at fault too and that her cheating on her husband with their also married best friend and almost leaving Jon for him was TOTALLY GREAT because that makes her happy and thats the only thing that matters, that Delilah follows her bliss, so matter how much of a mess she leaves in her wake! Yeah its her dad and he presumably has no idea about the affair (either when he is all there or when he isnt) but its so transparently here just so that Sophie will forgive her mom because, again, Delilah is really the victim in all this. Because, as we all know, its totally cool to cheat on your spouse with their married best friend if they were distracted and you were having problems in your marriage! You have to do what makes you happy!! See, this is why I get more annoyed with Delilah than I do with Eddie, the narrative doesent bed over backwards to justify what Eddie did, while it seems to be convinced that Delilah was way more sympathetic than I think she actually is.
  19. Abishola jumping around to show her enthusiasm for Bob was an absolute highlight, that was freaking hilarious. As for the rest, it was certainly better than last week, which was just deeply unpleasant, but it seems like, in the last few episodes, the whole story has just become so scattered. I dont really feel like Bob and Abishola are at the I Love You stage yet, I dont even know if they're an official couple or in they're exclusive or anything, which is especially complicated by Abishola struggling so much with showing emotions. I think they were kind of saying that Bob said I Love You a bit too early as he is still dealing with stuff from his ex wife, but it wasnt really explored very much or well. I feel like we keep missing episodes, and that they are in a much more serious part of their relationship than we have actually seen. Mr. Wheeler's Brother made me laugh as well, it was a pretty decent little subplot.
  20. That was my favorite episode of the season so far, it was a ton of fun, I loved the 80s/slasher references, and I really like the idea of them going back to change things for the better to stop echos from wrecking havoc, which also ties well into the plot with Constantine and Astra. A much better episode for Ava this week, her fascination with true crime and her serial killer podcast (its entertaining AND informative!) are quite endearing, certainly more than the last few weeks which have really emphasized her more petty side. I do wish that we had gotten more of Sara's previously established love of horror movies, but at least she got a good fight scene, and she got to dance at prom! Also interesting to not have a historical character and instead have a big old genre mash up. I mean, his name is Freddy Myers! So many slasher shout outs, like the prom night killings (Prom Night) the dance prank on the unpopular kid (Carrie) creepy white mask (Halloween) telekinetic powers (Carrie again) and, of course, some general genre shout outs, like the Final Girl, and the mom actually being the killer, Friday the 13th Style! What a creepy lady, I can imagine Ava would want to dedicate several more episodes of her podcast just on her creepy fixation on her son alone! This episode also reminded me of the most recent season of American Horror Story, which was also an 80s slasher homage where So happy that Nora is back, I love her and Ray so much they're so flipping cute! Nice that, as annoying as Nora finds her Fairy Godmother job, she is taking it seriously and trying to help people, and her using her own terrible past to help Freddy was so sweet. She has had one of the best redemption arcs in the whole Arrowverse, its great to see her doing so well. She even got to go to prom with her boyfriend...as well as her boyfriends boyfriend Nate 😉 Some nice scenes between Zari and Behrad, and I am glad that they are both going to be sticking around it seems like. I still miss "our" Zari, but this is certainly a better story for her than when she randomly fell in love with Nate out of nowhere, especially now that she is getting her old memories back. So will she end up with memories of herself as a futuristic hacker whos family was murdered as well as the social media influencer who has her whole family right here? I was hoping to see teen Mick (even if it was a long shot) but I did like his high school girlfriend, and he sure had fun at that reunion!
  21. I love that Bev has started liking Dana is showing a dark side. "I love this look on you!" That was a pretty fun episode, even though I am glad that Barry and the teacher didnt end up staying together. Even if dating a student isnt actually against the rules, just "frowned upon" its still super messy and ethically sketchy, and I guess the whole plot existed to show us more that Barry is maybe smart enough to buy as a doctor. Pal-Intines Day with the JTP! I would totally watch a whole episode thats just the JTP going about their day and having hijinks.
  22. One Kelly is his wife, and one is his dog! Its all explained in Scull's podcast! Pimento works for me in small doses, so I liked him a lot in this episode, him being a reoccurring character who shows up once or twice a season works well for me. The running Memento and Finding Dory jokes were hilarious, especially because a lot of the plot beats (especially the amnesiac being betrayed by someone they went to for help and them forgetting not to trust them, complete with trying to warn their future self) are pretty similar to the actual plot of Memento! I knew it would be the doctor, and not just because he was the Dean from Community! Glad that Charles knows about Amy and Jake trying, and the resolution of their plot was quite sweet. "You might find it surprising to hear me refer to him as my partner and not my friend." "Not really." They were so close to beating Trent from Crazy Ex Girlfriend! So close!
  23. This show just keeps increasing the nutty and it seems to be for the best. Its frequently over the top, but is also pretty self aware of its many tropes and seems to be really having fun with them. Even if Martin dying might be in everyone's long term best interest (especially if he escapes!) I dont think he will die, not even for a second. He is an integral part of the Whitlys family drama, which is an integral part of the show! It seems like Ainsley has really learned her lesson about chasing killers for a story after the whole mess with her boyfriend getting hurt and then leaving her after calling her out for caring more about stories than people, as she really did seem to just want to have a normal first day, before she started getting dogged by yet another serial killer! She can still get the scoop, just she can be more professional and safe about it. I love how, not only can random crazies call into their channel and announce their evil plans, but Ainsleys reaction after Martin got off the phone was basically "Oh my God dad your so embarrassing!" "Who picked out that blouse, it looks like the carpet at the DMV." Jessica, on point as always. Looks like we can see where Malcolm gets his tendency to run recklessly into danger! Yeah, let me go meet this sketchy source who wants to talk about my murderous husband at this creepy empty amusement park! Let me to grab a big bag of my cash and bring it to the creepy weirdo who is murdering people! Classic Whitlys. As weird as it is, I totally buy that Martin would have never killed a patient on purpose on the table as a surgeon. As The Surgeon, infamous serial killer, oh yeah murders for days, but as Martin Whitly, respected surgeon? No way. I think that Martin does have some sense of morality, in a extremely bizarre and twisted way. He loves his family, even if its a twisted selfish narcissistic way (give or take a murder attempt) and he really takes pride in his skill as a doctor, and killing someone while in his role as surgeon would just seem...wrong. He really does believe it when he says that he would have never betrayed the Hippocratic Oath (despite Malcolm's hilariously incredulous look) by killing someone while he was working as a surgeon. Now what he did outside of the office was clearly a horse of a different color! I liked the part with the two brothers that were sent to prison for a few years after being wrongfully convicted for one of Martins crimes, its a nice reminder of what Martin did and the scale of it. When you have this complex charismatic killer types, it can be easy to get kind of sucked into their web and end up liking or even sympathizing with them, so an audience sometimes needs a reminder that "this is a bad person who did very bad things and killed people and ruined lives."
  24. I started off not caring for the episode, but I admit I ended up enjoying the Claire and Phil story more than I expected it to, as much as I had to suspend my disbelief. Not only does Phil end up basically going on a date with Claire's sexy French guy, but it turns out that Claire totally has a type! A very specific type. Paris looked very nice, but I feel like they could have used the location more. Not an awful episode, and thats pretty good at this point.
  25. Luke's big gesture was really cute, it seems very in line with what we know about Luke so far. Unfortunately Emily was so intensely not into it due to her personal issues, the look on Luke's face as he slowly realized how not happy Emily was was painful. Glad that they talked about it, and that Emily is going to keep the fish! And apparently the fish is going to learn some tricks! I hope that off screen they prosecuted the crap out of the creep boyfriend. I did guess almost instantly that it would turn out that the guy was abusive, but it was nice getting more insight into Emily's past.
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