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  1. I totally agree with this. He was so single minded to the exclusion of anything else. I wanted to throttle him and tell him to read or watch that Stephen King book, 11/22/63. He needed to worry about his family and avoiding the apocalypse.
  2. someone is going to have help me out here, our local broadcast broke in with an Amber Alert right when Daisy and Mac were having their little conversation that ended with him taking the pilot's seat. Can anyone help a girl out?
  3. oh good, I'm glad I didn't remember that right.
  4. I'm not sure which character annoyed me the most. Both were so irredeemably evil and annoying I couldn't figure out which one I wanted to just shut up and die first. Especially shut up. And stupid Deke was the cherry on top of the desert with his stupid headphones. Yes, my team and closest friends are involved with a dangerous mission and possible disaster and I'm going to isolate myself with overloud music on my headphones 🙄 . Dumb ass. Sorry, he didn't used to bother me before that sojourn to the 80's when he felt the need to make himself a crappy pop singer with a crappy, useless team while Mac over indulged his grief. (that whole episode completely pissed me off, didn't think it was funny, hated his contrived fake team) Since that episode I haven't had much patience for either Deke or Mac. Especially since Mac decided he would be the best one to go into Afterlife instead of Yo-yo, someone who can travel instantaneously. Good plan. I'm glad that Daisy and Jaiying got to have a moment (thanks Sousa) but I couldn't help yelling when they let themselves be distracted by super douche head there. I did keep waiting for Jaiying to suddenly come back to life ala the Highlander. I can not believe that next week is the final episode! it can't be, we need at least a couple more!
  5. I completely agree. Everyone on each one of the boats gets more and more disheveled and the worst Josh's beard gets is slightly overgrown. I keep thinking that he's trying to have a Tony Stark beard. Junior is shining example of an out of control beard.
  6. is it my imagination or is this the third week in a row we've been inflicted with Josh and Casey? or will next week be the unfortunate third week the Cornelia Marie will be inflicted on us? sigh that fire really didn't live up to the hype did it? I will say that I've missed Keith and the Wizard crew. I'd much rather have seen them than Josh and Casey repeatedly.
  7. I knew as soon as Mack said he needed a moment alone that the ship would have to jump. I didn't figure that both Mack and Deke would be left behind, I figured it would be one of those desperate last minute boardings. I never expected Daisy and Sousa to be paired up. I hope Daisy can bounce back quickly. Maybe as she recovers they will figure out what is keeping Yoyo from using her powers.
  8. there was a facebook live video cast last night with Dean Devlin, Christian and the whole cast and crew. It was great to see everyone and they talked about what a fun time they had with the production and having to evacuate before they could even have a wrap party. A couple of crew even were stuck there. https://www.facebook.com/almostparadisetv/videos/288225782223090 Towards the end, like the last minute, Dean mentions that WGN isn't picking them up for season 2 because they are going all news (because we need yet another news station). But, there's a possiblility of another home. He'll be anouncing something in July.
  9. I can't help feeling that Bianca's card playing friends were kind giving Luca the finger sending her all of that cash. Its definitely asking for trouble. I wasn't sure what was so special about that bag besides its price. It wasn't to my taste at least. I'm pretty sure this whole DNC thing is the key for Adrian's exit. His whole case with the swimmers was a shitstorm waiting to happen.
  10. or maybe she kept drinking her energy drinks in prep for their trip back to Lanford.
  11. my second time viewing I noticed there was strategic leg placement so we couldn't see the dangly bits.
  12. I knew Diso was going to find some excuse to keep the "Josh Harris gets Disco to pay for his fishing trip to Hawaii" going. Ugh! Really? Why? are the fangirls that persistent? I hope they figure out a way of separating the shows next season because that is the only reason there's going to be another season of this shit show. OT kind of, why isn't Sean and the Brenna T on this season? I don't mind Junior being back but Harley can go back to his villainous way off my screen.
  13. I've been doing some thinking on this. Yes, there is rape and torture in the books but the sheer volume of content Diana's books it's not as frequent of an occurrence. How many pages are each of these books. There is so much text and vignettes and scenes that it never seemed to me that there was an overwhelming abundance of rape, etc. outside of the first book.
  14. I fully agree with you here. I too could buy Lauren Holly as a cop on Picket Fences and when the character first announced I was vaguely optimistic but that quickly disappeared when the character actually appeared. As for Tony and Ziva, I remember listening to my niece rambling on about how she wished they'd just kiss and get it over with and wondering to myself what I was missing. There was no "chemistry" there, just antagonism. The sense of entitlement that both Ziva and Jenny had irked me no end. How could people not see that?
  15. I watched the sneak peek that came on after the "Outlander" finale. Interesting. The only time I've been to P'town was one day during Carnivale on my way to a whale watching trip. This could be an interesting series except that I do wish the main female lead didn't drink of take so many drugs. I was amused how she kept saying she was with law enforcement since she works for Fish and Wildlife and loves wearing her badge to pick up women.
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