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  1. I started watching Kim's Convenience a week ago and was pleasantly surprised to recognize Amanda Brugel as the new pastor. It took me a moment, I knew she looked familiar and that I'd read she'd been in other shows but it was great to see her in a comedic role.
  2. I'm really ambivalent about Ellie leaving one way or the other. I am annoyed that they are trying to make her into some idiot Ziva wanna be. We don't need another Ziva (I refused to watch the episodes with her unwanted return so Odette was a mystery to me) so Ellie and Ziva can stay gone. What I really don't want is that obnoxious Katrina character. Why do the PTB insist on "quirky" obnoxious characters to introduce them?
  3. sorry but Kiragan, despite being played by Ben Barnes, is an ass that deserves to die. period. As for the crows, I like Jesper and Inej but Kaz can go to hell.
  4. First off I was annoyed that for the series finale the show was delayed for whatever reason. If it was some stupid sports event, ugh, typical Sunday sports delays that screw all scheduling up. Second, NO ONE CARES about stupid Sasha and Connor drama. For that matter, I don't care about the Carter/Hannah pseudo drama and Sebastian and What-her-name's Ferlito's characters drama either. Third, Joanna Cassidy's wig was out of control. I think that was three times as much natural hair on her. Fourth, did Hannah's kid and ex ever come back from England? I found it too had to pay t
  5. I'm hoping that this won't become the "Perils of Omega" and the Batch having to rescue her each episode. And yeah, I agree that Hunter and his face tattoo are pretty noticeable. And yes, Omega better start getting lessons on social function.
  6. or at least pull that stringy stuff back out of his face. I can never understand why the media always depicts fighters, etc. with their hair hanging in their face. Always strikes me as stupid because it would interfere with being able to see their surroundings.
  7. yeah, @Andyourlittledog2 I agree. I never want to see her again either but this is the show that foisted Ziva on us in two episodes touting her as the bestest, baddest spy chick evah! She's just the kind of character that the PTB would think would be perfect to fill in for Gibbs if Mark decided to retire. The NCIS front office seems to think that a grating personality female is a must. I'm hoping that Hanna might make her way north to the DC office since she's the only cast member I like in the NOLA franchise besides King instead of this annoying woman.
  8. I'm with you there. But then I'm not a Rick and Morty fan and dislike this animation style too.
  9. You are definitely not alone. I couldn't get past the the 4th episode. I didn't know these characters and they didn't interest me in the least. I only watched the last four episodes of season 7 because of a watch party. By then I kind of knew who some of the characters were because of The Mandalorian. I'm not sure I'll bother trying again. I'm still having trouble seeing Omega as a girl because I was halfway thru this first episode thinking she was a boy having missed that one statement identifying her as female.
  10. this felt like a backdoor pilot for the proposed NCIS Hawaii to me. I'm fully expecting agent whats-her-name to be transferred there and be part of the new team. I too was more interested in Gibbs and the reporter than the supposed A story about the bombing.
  11. this. I fail to see why there has to be a romance at all. I hated the idiot attempt at pairing DiNozzo and the unpleasant, scenery stealing Ziva. It was a crappy supposed pairing and loaded with abuse, there was no "lightning in a bottle" for me there at all. I've avoided watching any of the episodes where they brought Ziva back for manufactured reasons; she'll stay dead for me. I knew as soon as I saw that kid petting the dog that he would end up with her. Too bad, I liked Gibbs with Lucy.
  12. Linderhill

    S01.E10: Encore

    I'm having trouble caring about either of the Walker kids at this point. Neither one seems to have the sense they should have been born with. Augie endangers his father by messing with stuff from an undercover case and then exacerbates it even more by supposedly confronting him. Stella is a plain brat with delusions of Romeo and Juliet, getting her best friend in trouble and blaming everything on her father. Someone forgot to explain to these kids that their father has a job that can be dangerous and that he can't explain everything to them. I know that they want this to be a family orien
  13. someone needs to keep Joachim Phoenix off the the stage as a presenter, he really is bad at it.
  14. I was wondering why Josh was there with Johnathan, for some reason I couldn't concentrate on the dialogue explaining why he was there. It makes just as much sense as the rest of the "we gotta save the fisheries and our future" stuff. As for Josh's vanity project, it annoys me no end that my DVR automatically records it with Dangerous Catch. I immediately delete it without watching.
  15. I enjoyed it. The main thing that bothered me was the very "CW" overly prominent musical score. I know they thought the lyrics were pertinent I just found them annoying. I'm old enough to remember the original Kung Fu series and this is a completely different animal and reimaging which doesn't bother me in the least. I love the fact that we actually have Asian Americans as the central figures unlike the OG series where the network insisted on a distinctly none Asian lead in Carradine.
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