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  1. Is anyone else annoyed that they decided to call the show CSI: Vegas instead of the original name, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation?
  2. I will never look at an antique Hilda doll the same way again. Not after seeing that Eddie monstrosity.
  3. heck, I still dislike him from his Angel days. He's even more annoying now. This season started out so well, so much promise, now it's, well ....
  4. it was so fun to see Ruth Connell as the Night Nurse and to see Mark Shepperd too. Welcome to Doom Patrol Ruth and welcome back Mark!
  5. that would have been so epic! what a great easter egg it could have been. I'm curious as to how this is all going to work out.
  6. I knew when I saw Tyra blab that she was going to change outfits 4 (or maybe it was 5 times, I was too annoyed to remember) as her big announcement on ET last week that I would not be tuning in Monday night. My DVR dutifly recorded the show but I don't know if I'll actually watch. Someone really needs to remind Tyra that people are NOT watching for her.
  7. yeah, me either. I fast forwarded thru most of his scenes in the last season of Daredevil. I felt like he devoured the show when he was on and not in a good way. I was wondering about the hearing aids too. The fact that they are so visible means something. And I really want to know if they will be using "Star Spangled Man with a Plan" in that Rogers: the Musical.
  8. I was watching an old episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation last night and who do I see playing a doctor in a scene but Aasif Mandvi looking very young. I knew I'd seen him before but kept forgetting to look him up.
  9. from what i understand, Louis is just happy his contract with the show is over. I'm not sure who Jojo Siwa is but she was totally annoying on Entertainment Tonight. I had to change the channel. from what I remember, Carson didn't want a male partner. Said he wasn't strong enough to lift a male partner. Of course that could just have been him covering for management but I completely understand the sentiment. In the meantime, not sure whether I want to inflict Tyra on myself again. Last season I just watched the dances and FF'd thru anything with Tyra.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhZPPsW-VWo according to this vlogger all of the What If...? episodes will be linked unlike the original comic book. Nice to see Betty Ross again and interesting to see Mark Ruffalo as Bruce/Hulk instead of Ed Norton. An interesting episode and it touches on the fact that Hank did go off the deep end in the comics; he beat Janet and they divorced. Fun to see the Yellowjacket suit again, it was one of the costumes/names Hank used in the comics too. (FYI Jeremy Renner movies SWAT, American Hustle, Arrival and The Hurt Locker for which he was nom
  11. I completely agree. This has gone far enough. Wackner needs to be cut down to size and his tv show cancelled and trashed. That whole designated parking spot thing is ridiculous. In a city like Chicago? I know it would never fly in NYC or DC. I have a feeling that Marissa will turn out to be the star of the show thanks to her editor admirer and Wackner will be very put out by that. Speaking of Marissa, isn't she supposed to be studying law or something?
  12. I agree with @phalange and @Racj82 completely. This was a story about Peggy and what happens when she gets the serum. There's nothing about the bond that Steve and Bucky have because it isn't about them. I too want to see how Peggy does in current times, how she will fit in. Yes, this was fun and I'm all for getting more.
  13. I'm really curious how they are going to do surfing competition in France.
  14. @Rickster very true! For me its a nice change from the innumerable track, swimming and other high profile competitions. With Peacock there was at least the opportunity to see it on demand.
  15. a friend of mine breeds Arabians and judges horse show events. I mentioned to him that if Jessica Springsteen wasn't there, we wouldn't have gotten any equestrian event coverage. Congrats to the American team for their silver in team jumping.
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