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  1. I was inspired by the New Year's marathon to rewatch the entire series, currently on the 5th season, episode 16. I have come to the conclusion that I really dislike Piper. She's obviously Mary lite but not nearly as appealing. The whole marriage to Mike was sooo stupid and obviously a Las Vegas (the city and concept) cliche. Speaking of cliches, the series was rampant with them. Mobsters popping up here and there, crazy pregnant woman, jealousy, mysterious shady characters, disappearing plotlines (what ever happened to Sam's dog, Reggie? he showed up when she was kidnapped but was nowhere to be seen when she was fired). I did miss Ed at the beginning of season 5 but I've always liked Tom Selleck so I got over it. I missed Mary a bit, but her character was such a nonentity sometimes it wasn't that much of lose. Its just too bad they couldn't have thought of a better way of explaining her's and Ed's departures. Her character had gotten better and wasn't such a wet noodle. (Piper seems to have gone into the complete opposite direction as a pushy, annoying, overly perky ingenue) It is annoying the way Danny's characterization fluctuated. One episode he's a big bad former Marine, another he's waffling over enforcing his authority in an interrogation. Delinda walks all over him most of the time whether she's pregnant or not. Sam is an outright beotch sometime with barely any redeeming qualities. It is too bad that Nessa never came back and that since Ed was on the run, Gillian was too so we never saw them as doting grandparents.
  2. Elizabeth Olsen is on Kimmel tonight and Bettany will be on Kimmel Friday I think. Actually, Bettany is on Kimmel tonight, Thursday. Just realized.
  3. I saw SWAK too. Jimmy did show up later in the episode, not that I was looking for him. I always liked SWAK. It was interesting to realize that this was one of Kate's last episodes and see her sticking around to keep Tony company. I wonder why they didn't show Yankee White?
  4. The demon Alistair on Supernatural ...
  5. nope, not me as I said in my earlier post, I just find her annoying and grating. I haven't seen her act at all and don't feel the need to based on what I have seen. There are so many other characters in the cast that we still haven't found anything about. Heck, it wasn't until the second season we learned the bridge crew's name.
  6. I guess I'm in the minority but I'm not a big fan of Jet (Tig Notaro). She grates on my nerves in practically every scene she's in. (I don't know whether its the monotone delivery or what but she annoys the crap out of me.) Maybe its because there are all of these crewmen on the bridge and on the ship that have been there since season one but instead of using a character that's been there, they brought in an entirely new character and feature her like she's the deity's gift to starfleet (well, not so much really) but I'm sure they could have used one of those severely neglected bridge officers. I agree with @dwmarch in that there was no reason for Stamets to be doing that repair work except that they didn't want to pay some miscellaneous actor filling in and providing supposed comic relief and annoyance for me. I truly enjoyed the tense action of Discovery crashing on the planet and the recovery from the crash. There is definitely something going on with Detmer, I wonder how long we'll have to wait before we find out what's going on with her. The tenseness of Discovery trying to take off from the planet trying to break out of the parasitic ice was great too. I'm glad Burnham and Book managed to show up so soon and that we didn't have to wait too long for the crew to be reunited.
  7. i've been watching this on Prime. Back then I was working in the Virginia forensics lab and didn't watch much news and only peripherally was conscious of the case. I'd photographed the knife and panties but didn't really know what the case was. It wasn't until I was home sick one day channel surfing and saw a co-worker on the witness stand at his trial and the light bulb went off. We only work with the evidence, not the various personalities. I remember driving by the courthouse on the way to a friend's house and seeing the media camped out and realizing why they were there during her trial. I live in Manassas now so it was interesting to see some of the sights. Bobbit is and was a POS. Just the comparison between how each of them dealt with the publicity and aftermath tells that about him. (That he's a Trump supporter is no surprise) The fact that the "escorts" at the Bunny Ranch couldn't stand him tells a lot too. And yeah, Stern can go screw himself with Bobbit. If he'd been ugly as sin or if he'd been a man of color, this would have only been a blip in the news cycle.
  8. I think that pretty much explains CSI: Miami. Nothing much makes sense because they only go for what they think is dramatic moments. Just like the complete absence of senior citizens when everyone knows seniors make up a majority of the population of Florida.
  9. I watched the dances on YouTube since I wasn't happy about the Tom/Tyra situation. The only problem with only watching the vids is that you don't get the scores or the judges' comments. I went ahead and watched my recording and FF thru what I could of Tyra's schtick. I don't care how thrilled she says she is to be host, I think she's hoping to get a bunch of ball gowns out of the gig and try to make it all about her (which it isn't). I'm not sure whether I'll watch the same way next week. I'll see how I feel.
  10. I started my rewatch over the weekend. I was reminded of the Dollhouse call backs in a couple of the early episodes with the "Did I fall asleep?" from Coulson, answered by "for a little while." Since I just finished a rewatch of Dollhouse it really stuck out in my mind.
  11. I'm still wondering why the non-commissioned officers and crew don't seem to exist. Petty officers, crewmen (persons), every other Star Trek had them and technically, Ensigns are officers so they shouldn't be doing all of the grunt work. Wouldn't they be overseeing the crewmen doing grunt work. I've been wondering about Tendi's specialization too. Wasn't she assigned to medical? Why is she floating around with Rutherford doing engineering stuff? Speaking of confusing, Mariner seems to have undergone a complete personality change. All of a sudden she wants to hang out with Boimler and is best buddies with him after giving him so much grief in the first few episodes.
  12. This is one of my problems with the series. I'm not a Rick and Morty fan, neither its animation or its humor does anything for me. The call backs to the other Star Trek series are amusing but not to extent to endear this series to me. I also kind of feel whiplash in that all of a sudden Mariner cares what happens to Boimler so much that she goes batshit? This was one of the better episodes but characterizations are all over the place.
  13. I'm having a hard time figuring out what the big deal was with Maria. Its how many weeks into the season and they are just figuring out that she might not have the same body strength of the male deckhand? All of a sudden there's a problem with her? bogus, Disco, bogus! I don't believe that this is the first time the Cornelia Marie has had a deckhand have trouble tossing the bags.
  14. I remember Jag used to do at least one episode a season it seemed like with the nostalgia noire bit. Its a nice little diversion for the cast but this time it really didn't interest me all that much. Maybe it was the weird gender swapping that really annoyed me or that one crappy Eartha Kit song that soured me. The costuming was great and you could tell the cast was having fun but it wasn't my favorite of this kind of episode.
  15. I've noticed this also. So much so that I was beginning to wonder whether Ellis had injured his arm or something in the offseason. Michael seems to keep his right arm rather immobile even when fighting Luci.
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