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  1. Linderhill

    NCIS: New Orleans

    My thoughts exactly. I didn’t mind Elvis much the last time we saw him but this time I was hoping someone would lock him in a closet. Tom Arnold’s obvious cold wasn’t helping any either. The daughter wasn’t much more like-able either. My heart bleeds because they destroyed her illegal computer program for cheating the lottery so she doesn’t have to go to jail. Annoying brat.
  2. Linderhill

    S16. E20. Hail & Farewell

    I can't help but think that DiNozzo would have been better in this episode than McGee. And Torres, you suck. Those were not your tickets to give away. And if that tech was that good at what she does, she would have had her own tickets. She scammed him good. Ellie, McGee and Delilah should have handed him his head.
  3. Linderhill

    S15. E02. Super Swarm

    Don't like this Harley guy. A little too smug and full of himself. Keith has pissed me off over the whole Monte situation but we're kind of used to his assholery.
  4. Linderhill

    S16. E19. Perennial

    I second all of the comments about the idiot Ziva storyline. The character was annoying enough when she was on show, why do we need to resurrect her? Especially when its Bishop that is inexplicably obsessed with her for no reason whatsoever. Because of this silly storyline all of the Tiva shippers are popping out of the woodwork along with the new Bishop/Torres shippers. The whole Jimmy green paper storyline was exceptionally stupid too. Federal contract, they could have gotten that taken care of easily enough (and its almost impossible to fire a federal employee, especially over something stupid like that).
  5. Linderhill

    Doom Patrol

    Danny the Street looked alot like Eureka gone to seed. They had to have filmed on the same set.
  6. Linderhill

    S15.E00 Unfinished Business April 2, 2019

    you mean "The Bait?"
  7. Linderhill

    S16. E18. Mona Lisa

    When they showed the spy girlfriend I was not particularly thrilled. It was like, "oh yeah, that girl spying on Vance, just what I'd hoped they'd forgotten about that subplot." I was glad that Vance and Jack seemed to know she was suspicious. Mentioning, Ziva, ugh. enough already, let the character stay dead, PLEASE! I was also hoping that was a subplot that would be forgotten forever. Nick, obviously a recycled DiNozzo plot. But not acted nearly well enough so keep me from rolling my eyes at the obvious clues.
  8. Linderhill

    Without A Trace

    yeah, I bought the DVD's a while ago. I couldn't find the show anywhere on TV and finally caved and bought each season, one by one. Although I think I never did buy the last season. The Jack/Sam overload along with Mumbles just didn't entice me. yet.
  9. Linderhill

    NCIS: New Orleans

    I liked having an episode about Patton and his world. And I think they managed to use all of the characters.
  10. Linderhill

    S7.E13 All the World's a Runway

    Ugh, not me. (besides the fact that I hate the color peach with a passion), the first thing I thought when I saw it come down the runway was "snatch" because of the way the lace was placed. Just ugh. I didn't even mind the obviously blurred out boobs on Dmitry's dress but Michelle's peach snatch dress, ugh.
  11. Linderhill

    S7.E13 All the World's a Runway

    That was a complete farce. I thought Dmitry had it. Irina would have been acceptable. Bidell, I never thought he had a chance with that collection (although I did like his gown and that blue coat). MIchelle, just ugh. There was nothing I liked about any of her collection. That last dress was once again that rip off of Dmitry's style. Isaac is obviously style challenged because that was obviously his doing. After that crapfest of a season and judging, Im out. Im not checking out the new reboot of the original flavor (I still cannot stand Siriano and his affected attitude). I cannot believe they saddled Dmitry with that canary yellow twit from season 15. Another one of those questionable winners up there with whatsherface, Gretchen, the brown queen.
  12. Linderhill

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    and those orbs greatly resembled the zpms from SG: Atlantis. Or rather the zpms resembled the Orbs of the Prophets on DS9
  13. Linderhill


    Is there a Funko Pop Happy? there really needs to be.
  14. Linderhill

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    I don't mind Anne at all. We, the viewers have no idea exactly how much time she spends on the mentoring each time. It probably takes hours but all we get to see is what the producers think we want to see. (obviously they think we only want to see the shit stirring and discontent) Just like in the original series we don't hear everything that Tim tells the contestants. Whenever Anne was a guest judge on either incarnation of the show, she had decent criticisms and comments as opposed to those that only know how to snark or quip.
  15. Linderhill

    NCIS: New Orleans

    I was bummed that Rob Benedict's character was killed off. I would have liked to have seen more of his character. Funny thing, I had just been watching an episode of Stargate: Atlantis and I think the same actor played the villain on it too. An okay episode but I too hope that Hannah can move on with her life and that the rest of the cast can get a storyline now.