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  1. And yet that is the thing that really bothered his parents and brothers the most. Talk about a screwed up sense of right and wrong... I will never understand these people.
  2. Wow, the champ was really upset with himself. I can’t remember hearing another player sigh so much. I got FJ, ambulance, Bolivia, Wisconsin, and Weekend Edition.
  3. Josie is making out like a bandit with swag for her new baby. I will give the Bates girls credit- they know how to use social media for their financial benefit. When the Duggar girls attempt it is just comes off as sad and awkward.
  4. I can see it now: "Hey Marjorie, can you send me a picture of your collarbones? "
  5. Sinner twin is Jeremiah, the unmarried one. He did a couple of stints at Alert a few years ago which led to speculation that he had sinned in some way. Jeremiah always stood out to me because his looks are more distinctive. IIRC, for a while he was referred to at the "hot twin". Also, in one episode of 17-18-19 Kids and Counting he was shown playing chess with Grandpa Duggar. At the time I had hopes that he might be destined for better things, because he seemed more intelligent than your average Duggar. Joke was on me I guess.
  6. When Josiah was younger he was a bit like Josh 2.0 in terms of smugness. But then there was that incident where he was visibly upset when Michelle announced she was pregnant with # 20 and shortly after he began the trips to Alert. I always thought he was pushed into the courtship with Marjorie because there were signs he was playing for the other team. People here continued to speculate about that possibility even after he married Lauren. Also, the courtship with Marjorie ended shortly after the original Josh scandal broke, and everyone thought that was why she bailed. This is the fi
  7. Well I grew up in Quebec so I know what “grands tetons” are. 😉 I got FJ right away.
  8. My first reaction to reading about the latest rumor was to dismiss it as click bait. But then I recalled that there were whispers about Josh molesting his sisters and the Oprah connection a few years before the truth came out. At the time those rumors were widely dismissed, but when the news broke in 2015 everyone remembered them. It does seem like every time there is a rumor about the Duggars there is some truth to it.
  9. Damage control. Josh just took a sledgehammer to their brand (again). Clueless as they are, they do understand that public perception is vital to the show remaining on the air.
  10. I liked the barber shop. I thought they did a great job there. The Big Fish House- the outside looked really nice, the stairs and living room and entrance were nice, but I was not fond of the kitchen. I didn't like the blue and yellow combo- one or the other would have been fine, and although I do love green, that particular shade did nothing for me. The appliances were great, as were the countertops. Not a huge fan of bead board backsplashes but I understand there were probably budget constraints. I never saw the movie, so the house was just another old home to me.
  11. And yet THEY can and do judge people who don't share their beliefs. Infuriating indeed.
  12. I am 7 years older than Michelle, only had 3 kids, do not have osteoporosis, and I have lost 2 inches in height. It has happened slowly, but one day I was standing next to my husband and he seemed so much taller. We measured my height and sure enough my 5'2" is now 5'. Recently I visited my daughter (we are all fully vaccinated) and when she hugged me she said, "Wow, you HAVE gotten shorter." Michelle looks really shrunken though. I don't think all those pregnancies did her any favors. Just to clarify: I may be shorter, but I certainly do not look shrunken like Michelle d
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