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  1. This. My granddaughter is 3 and my husband worries because she picks at her food. But she is growing and healthy. Her older sister and mother are not big eaters either. I suspect Alyssa and her kids fall into that category.
  2. As I recall there were posts showing late night fast food runs, but it could have been when some of the siblings were visiting. I do think that for them going on a midnight McD’s run is the equivalent of non-fundies going to a club or bar.
  3. Just to clarify: from all the photos it does look like Alyssa is not preparing enough food, and if John is going out for McDonalds / Domino’s a few nights a week then he obviously needs bigger portions. However, it is also possible that she is staging the plates to look good on Instagram- showcasing the food instead of a heaping plate, because, it’s all about the esthetics, especially if she has a promotional deal with a meal prep company. I roll my eyes at the muffin pan lunches she gives the girls, but they all look healthy and well fed, not skeletal sickly waifs like the Rodrigues kids
  4. I think so. John and Alyssa do have their date nights but it just isn’t the same as Gil and Kelly going out for a steak dinner when they had so many more kids who were probably going hungry. It is possible Alyssa just doesn’t eat much and the girls also have small appetites. Plus a lot of kids their age are notoriously picky eaters and that might be a battle she chooses not to fight. My daughter-in-law and granddaughters are tiny and they don’t eat much at all but they are healthy and they don’t go hungry. Whenever I go to their house there is always more than enough food for everyone.
  5. I’m sure they enjoy it but I also think the boys have much more freedom than their unmarried sisters.
  6. I must admit I am baffled. Alyssa said she wanted to do something with the bar area because the girls were scuffing it when they sat on the stools and stuff was getting spilled. So she went from drywall painted gray to adding wainscoting and painting it white. It looks nice- blends in with the cabinets, but I can’t see how it will stay any cleaner. The wainscoting has edges which will catch dust and crumbs. I thought they were going to put extra flooring on there or something like that.
  7. I wonder if the smaller portions she serves are a result of food being rationed when she was a child? I think they went through some tough times and with all of those mouths they may have had lots of starches and less meats and more expensive foods.
  8. And the You Tube video is up. You see the (almost) finished product but I guess they saving the final reveal for a future post. There was a bit of drama (of course). Evidently one of the pipes from the dishwasher had been pierced by a nail when the baseboard was originally installed. When they removed the baseboard to put up some wainscoting water started to leak. It was staged for maximum drama of course- all they had to do was turn off the water under the sink and pull out the dishwasher but of course it looked worse. Instead there was running for towels, calling John at work, etc.
  9. So Warden is supposed to be doing some work for Alyssa. He hung a light fixture and some framed photos on the staircase. Supposedly the kitchen is getting extra cabinets, a backsplash, pantry doors, pendant lights over the bar and a kid friendly treatment on the back of the bar because the girls have marked it up while they eat there. He has been there for over a week and he seems to be hanging out by the pool, going to Top Golf and out to dinner so I’m not sure when the work will get finished. My guess is there will be a reveal on You Tube. I guess John is too busy to do all those reno
  10. I really think a lot of the decorative staging tchotchkes are promotional items from a sponsor. I'm pretty sure I have seen Wayfair or Overstock boxes being unpacked during staging on some HGTV shows. When it comes to that stuff I tend to be more of a minimalist, so the first thing that pops into my mind during the reveal is "dust traps".
  11. Not totally sure of the timeline, but I think Ken was already employed by Jeopardy as a producer and occasional clue reader before he started on The Chase, so allowances for appearances on Jeopardy were probably included in his contract with The Chase.
  12. There is a link in the Media thread, but it looks like Mayim and Ken will be trading off hosting duties until the end of the year. Much better idea than a revolving door of guest hosts.
  13. I like the idea of switching off between Mayim and Ken until the producers can make a decision. Far less distracting. I do wonder if they are stalling to see if Mayim's show gets cancelled and she will be available for the full time job? I still prefer Buzzy or David Faber for the job, FWIW.
  14. Does anyone remember how long Nurie and Nathan courted before they got engaged? And the length of their engagement?
  15. That's it! I was thinking along the lines of a simply drawn cartoon character, like from The Simpsons or Futurama, but an android better describes it.
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