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  1. I think a lot of the older homes have tool sheds in the backyard. Plus I am guessing most have attics. I grew up in an area where all homes had basements, but where I live now they are rare. All of the homes here do have garages though. There are so many regional differences all over the country. I have always been baffled by the lack of basements in tornado country, but I guess there is too much risk for flooding.
  2. Also the bangs are a lot darker than the rest of her hair. Did she dye them black?
  3. So apparently Katie Couric is taking some heat for remarks she made while making a guest appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher on January 15th. The producers are not pleased and she may have jeopardized (no pun intended) any chance she had to become a permanent host. https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/news/why-katie-couric-s-trump-comments-could-affect-her-future-on-jeopardy/ar-BB1d1ZEn?li=BBorjTa
  4. Jackson? He's only 16 and an extremely immature 16 at that. I can't see it. Kaylee and Renee are too old and Tessie is not even 14 yet. Also, somehow I can't see Jim Bob wanting anything to do with the Rods. But stranger things have happened, I guess. I never say never with these people because I have been proven wrong too many times.
  5. Josie has a habit of posting pictures of Willow in her highchair, making a huge mess. They plunk her in there with just a diaper on and let her have at it. I think the latest one is black olives. Then the pictures switch to her being bathed in the kitchen sink. I don't get it. I would never post photos of an 18 month old in the bath or just wearing a diaper on social media. There are too many sickos out there, and do they even stop to think how Willow will feel about it when she gets older? Private family photos and social media posts are two very different things. Second, it's not as adorable as she thinks. Yes, babies and toddlers are notoriously messy eaters. But Willow is 18 months old. She should be learning to eat with a spoon by now. When baby number 2 arrives in 5 months Josie won't have time to clean up huge messes, and Willow won't magically become a neater eater without practice. Maybe it is a generational thing, or maybe I just have a lower tolerance for messes, but it just annoys me to no end.
  6. I think he is making beds for Helen's "big girl room". Both Erin and Ben talked about it on their Instagram stories. He said the reveal would be coming soon-maybe it will be featured on the show. Also, it looks like after tomorrow's show they will be taking a break until February 28. I guess they are still filming season 5 and are waiting for more episodes to be completed. Plus they were periodically filming in Wetumpka. They just wrapped that up yesterday. This seems to be happening with all kinds of shows- I think filming gets shut down periodically due to a positive test.
  7. I wonder if part of the lawsuit involves HGTV not airing any reruns of the until it is settled? And if Donovan wins maybe those episodes can never be aired again?
  8. I wonder if that is actually Tori distancing herself a bit because she doesn't approve of Josie and Carlin's choices- they wear pants and don't disguise the fact that they watch tv. I think Tori is more aligned with Erin these days- they both seem to be keeping closer to the way they were brought up. I have seen posts on Erin's Instagram where Tori and Bobby and the boys go over for an evening of music.
  9. Well, to be fair, the furnishings and decor don't stay in the house unless the owners choose to buy them. And I can't see the couple forking out $$$ for that unless it was part of their budget.. The desks and bench Ben built, and the chairs Erin recovered will stay I guess, but unless the vendors choose to make donations the rest of the stuff will not. Evidently the owners have a charity shop so they will probably use items from there to furnish the house.
  10. Wow. 14 months apart? That's nuts. I think Tori is one of the biggest Kool Aid drinkers of the girls. I can see her being Kelly 2.0, but how can they afford it? I can't imagine Kelton is paying Bobby a ton of money.
  11. Holy crap that house was bad. The homeowner is a lot braver than me. I would worry that they didn't find all of the rot and mold. The finished product looked great- I especially liked how the kitchen counters turned out. There is a lot less commenting this season- I wonder if the change to Sunday nights has something to do with it.
  12. Yes! She may as well have said " Oh well, Tom died. Mom misses him but life goes on." I just can't deal with these people.
  13. I seem to have opened up a bit of a can of worms about naming a parent's spouse. In hindsight, I can see where a woman in her 50's might not gravitate to the term "step dad". But the tone of her post- not a word about what a great guy Tom was- led me to think that she is not overly grief stricken. So much for Kelly's hastily added "disclaimer"- does she not think that people look at older posts? There were a few comments yesterday calling out the whole family for their cavalier attitude during this whole pandemic, and surprisingly they have not been removed. On the subject of the Bates family, Alyssa has a post in her stories about brunch- the table is nicely set with flowers, but they are using disposable plates! It's just her and John and the girls. What is it about fundies and their love for styrofoam plates? Alyssa has a dishwasher- I just don't get it.
  14. It seems that Kelly Jo edited her post about her mother to include a disclaimer that the couple got COVID-19 “ even though they only went to doctors appointments and had been careful not to see people”. Wonder if there were some nasty remarks that got deleted. 🤔 Also find it telling that she refers to him as her mother’s husband and not her step-father.
  15. The whole foot rub/shoulder rub scenario is creepy as hell but I have to wonder if those poor kids are all just starved for affection and this is how they try to express it. I would wager that, much like the Duggars, real hugs are discouraged. Poor little Sophia saw that her brother was having a rough day and this was the only thing she could think of to make him feel better because she couldn't just hug him.
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