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  1. 3 is enough

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I wonder if Citrus and Lemon has contacted Jill to ask if she iron the clothing before modelling it? And get her hair out of the way? If it is a "paid partnership", then surely they monitor her posts and are within their rights to ask for improvements to the content. For her leghumpers, buying something off the site is probably a splurge purchase. I can see some of them buying one item, having a nasty surprise when they see how restrictive the return policies are, and not making a repeat purchase. But it's still a sale that C & L may not have had without Jill.
  2. 3 is enough

    Good Bones

    @ Biglistic was the $15K a lump sum, or was there an option for a special assessment? When we bought our house 17 years ago, it was new construction, and we had to pay the county for the cost of building the street. We had payments of $355 twice a year, and I just recently made the final payment. I don't remember how much we owed originally. Asking people for a lump sum does not seem fair to me.
  3. Just watched the episode. Not much to add, except if I had just had a baby the last thing I would want is a boatload of people in my house. I know it's "the brand", but surely it makes more sense to have a few people over at a time. Jill was pretty prominently featured so I guess it's only Derick who is persona non grata as far as TLC is concerned. Could they not have edited out part of Henry's nose picking?
  4. Maybe Mary was just tired from spending the morning with the family and needed some quiet time alone. And then she fell into the pool. Accidental deaths are an unfortunate fact of life. That doesn't mean she was being ignored. My mother is 82. She has dementia but a few years ago when she was still lucid she needed her quiet time. She lives 10 minutes from my brother, another brother comes to visit for a week every summer with his family. They would bring her over every day, until she asked for a day off because she found all of the commotion exhausting. This was partly because she is hard of hearing and even with the hearing aid when there is a lot of background noise it is difficult to understand what people are saying. She was not being ignored, on the contrary, my brothers were respecting her wishes. Jim Bob is cheap as hell, but Mary evidently had money to pay for in home help if she had needed it. She appeared to be frail but it seemed she was still able to make decisions for herself. I always got the impression that she was careful and smart with her money and I doubt she would have let Jim Bob take advantage or strong arm her into doing something she did not want to do.
  5. 3 is enough

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    “He is a humble man” ?????? Has Jana been growing some funny plants in her garden and smoking the leaves? 🤣
  6. 3 is enough

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Oh, FFS Lauren. Give it a rest already.
  7. That is a valid point.
  8. Given the circumstances of Grandma’s death I am more inclined to cut all of them some slack regarding what they did or didn’t post on SM, with the exception of Lauren who should have known better than to make it about her. Everyone reacts differently to grief, and even public figures deserve some privacy at some of the worst moments of their lives.
  9. I have to say that I am not pleased that Pickles chose to share the somewhat gruesome details of Mary's death. I understand that she dislikes the family immensely, but I think that was totally unnecessary. The family chose not to publicize the details of her death, and I think that should be respected. I realize that a certain loss of privacy comes with the choice to be featured on reality tv, but they still have the right to choose which details of their lives they wish to be made public. I feel that Grandma was stripped of some dignity by having this info made public.
  10. Still nothing from Jessa?
  11. I may not agree with his beliefs and I think he is a bit full of himself, but I must admit Jeremy was raised well and understands how to behave in various social situations. His Instagram post was lovely. Short and sweet, and not at all about him. (Ahem, Lauren? Watch and learn!)
  12. No, it was definitely a nasty comment. The comments are back up. It said: "A Husband You Don't Deserve"??? Like Really?? Attention Seeking Much?? Wow!! Random capitals and all...
  13. Some stories are saying 73, others 78. Evidently she got married in 1960, so 78 makes more sense, because I doubt she got married at 14.
  14. I do remember reading that it was Mary who was the driving force behind promoting Jim Bob and ultimately getting the show. But maybe the reason for this was not so much fame or "ministry" as trying to find a way to make them extra money to help raise their big family? She may not have agreed with every decision Jim Bob made but he was still her son and she may have wanted to help out in any way she could without actually bankrolling them herself. She did seem to love her husband, who was quite vocal about his reservations about the baby train. And she was very close to Deanna and Amy. Neither Deanna or her husband seemed to be overly religious- certainly not including Jesus in every sentence that came out of their mouths. The show was pretty much scripted so I can see her pretending to be doing the laundry on camera and then escaping to peace and quiet in her own place at night.
  15. What the heck is Kaylee wearing? A strapless dress with some sort of high cut camisole and a shrug? Why didn't they just buy a dress with sleeves?