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  1. Kelton's business is an LLC. Appears to be legit. He is licensed and insured, and has recommendations from Home Advisor. Chad's company does not appear to have a web page and I wonder if he does have a license or insurance.
  2. So sketchy! How does this not raise any alarms? And why do people still donate to this sham?
  3. Alyssa says she knows girls but she would not know what to do with a boy. 🙄 It's a BABY. You do the exact same thing , except with a boy you have to remember to be ready to cover them up while you change their diaper. That's it. Hardly rocket science.
  4. I watched this on demand this afternoon and I was so distracted by the wig! Especially when she had it braided. Then I saw the mezuzah and I understood. Was this the season finale? It was an hour long as opposed to the other episodes. Maybe they had to stop filming because of Covid? I did like the end result.
  5. Hardly shocking but still disappointing. Alyssa seems to enjoy her life being reasonably calm and organized. At some point the sheer number of children will make that very difficult to achieve. Plus, she has bounced back from each of her pregnancies very quickly, but, again, at some point that just isn't going to happen. Hope they have a boy so she can stop the madness. But then again, he will probably "need a brother", and the madness will continue.
  6. FFS. “Grieving the loss of Nurie”? She got married, she’s not dead. Children grow up and leave. That’s life. You don’t whine and carry on and make them feel guilty for leaving.
  7. Also, Nurie’s hair was much prettier at the rehearsal. Too bad she chose to wear it down for the wedding. I think the updo would have looked really pretty with the veil.
  8. Yes, that is what I was referring to. Nurie looked lovely in her dress. Not Nurie looked nice in her dress too, but it was too fancy for a casual rehearsal dinner.
  9. Having a boatload of kids will make you look older than you are I guess...🤷🏼‍♀️
  10. Anna looks like crap. Josh is looking, um, “healthy”. Who goes barefoot IN A CHURCH? And what the heck is Not Nurie wearing? Looks like a prom dress. What a hot mess.
  11. There is- I guess the list cut off. David is 22. He is Nathan's partner in the landscape business.
  12. I don't deny that there is a problem with obesity in this country, and it does contribute to all sorts of health issues. I don't think anyone would disagree. What drives me crazy is that Bill totally glosses over just how difficult it is to lose weight and keep it off. He thinks that cutting out sodas and desserts will solve the problem. Obviously he has never had to struggle with his weight, but he could acknowledge that it is not an easy thing to do.
  13. Surprise! More fat shaming. He really is a one trick pony, isn’t he? 🙄
  14. That's intentional? I saw photos on Instagram and just assumed it was unfinished. I don't have UP anymore so I can't watch. Judging from her choice of furniture I think Josie likes blond wood, but those beams do not appear to be stain grade lumber. They would look better either painted or stained dark, I do agree.
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