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  1. @Lady Edith, you make an excellent point! I am willing to bet that Alyssa was scarred by being forced to wear clothing that made her look like she was an extra on Little House on the Prairie. She adopted less modest clothing the minute the ink was dry on the marriage certificate. Unlike Erin, home decor doesn't appear to be very important to her. Her place looks fine, but you can tell she isn't obsessing over every little detail like her sister. Nothing wrong with that.
  2. 3 is enough

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    And I predict Jana will come in and tile her kitchen backsplash at some point. Because she is the decorating queen.
  3. She is probably fuming, yet I can see her rationalizing that having a baby is better than buying a house. Especially if the speculation that Jill cannot have any more babies is true.
  4. I saw the YouTube tour of their house. It appears to be a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment. Very modest, and not brand new. They have the usual assortment of toys, clutter, inexpensive furniture, and lots of Hobby Lobby art . I did notice 2 tv sets. Looks like a typical place for a young couple just starting out. I think she hustles to pay for her love of clothing (for herself and the girls) and expensive makeup. She seems to wear a new dress every Sunday for church, and the girls are always dressed well too. That adds up, but it appears to be a priority for her. I think she doesn't really mind living in a smaller, more modest place if she can have the other things. She does have a "makeup station" in the bedroom, so you know that's a big deal for her.
  5. 3 is enough

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Well, yes, of course.
  6. 3 is enough

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I don't get it. How can they afford this while he is still in school and presumably living on student loans? And add to that the fact that Jill is a SAHM with 2 kids? It makes no sense at all My son is a graduate student. He has free tuition and gets a modest stipend. He and his wife and their two daughters live in a small 2 bedroom apartment. My daughter-in-law is currently on paid maternity leave (they are in Canada), but she did work part time before she had the baby. They have no money for a down payment for a house and will rent for a few years after he graduates (loan free), until they can save some money. If it wasn't for Derick bitching about paying medical bills I would have guessed he had some sort of lump sum from when his father died (insurance policy?) but I am just baffled by this.
  7. 3 is enough

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    He lives in Nevada, so no state income tax. And I may be wrong, but I think for big winnings the casinos take the federal tax off when you cash out, or at the very least give you the proper tax forms. This. It is a non-traditional career to be sure, but maybe he is willing to take the risk to have a lifestyle he can enjoy. He is a young guy. Seems to me that just like a lot of fellow millennials he has found a way to earn a living without having a traditional 9-5 job. I am enjoying his run, but I also enjoyed Ken Jennings, Julia Collins, and the other long run champs. (well, not Matt Jackson and Arthur Chu) However, I do feel for the contestants who are up against him- it must be so disheartening to finally make it on to the show and find out that you have been paired against a record-breaking player. If his run continues into the new season, all of the incoming contestants will be familiar with him, and maybe then someone will come along who can beat him at his own game, with lots of correct answers and strong wagers.
  8. 3 is enough

    Alyssa and John: Lunch with Lurch

    Alyssa said in an Instagram story yesterday that Katie was helping her with the girls. I assume it is her sister Katie, unless John also has a sister named Katie?
  9. 3 is enough

    Home Town

    I really think the "snips" are scripted. HGTV seems to the like "goofy husband/eye rolling wife" narrative. I don't really mind that Ben and Erin are very affectionate, but there was one episode where he kissed her and it was a bit of a "get a room!" moment. For a split second I felt like I was intruding on a very private moment.
  10. 3 is enough

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I am enjoying James' run. You have to respect the fact that aside from the gutsy wagers he does have a wide base of knowledge. I live in Las Vegas, and he was on the front page of the paper yesterday. He is a Golden Knights fan, and he said one of his fondest wishes is to crank the siren at a home game. Here's hoping that he will get his wish on Sunday or Tuesday! Go Knights Go!
  11. 3 is enough

    S09.E19: Common Enemies

    So Garrett, Sid, and Abigail all know that Jamie and Eddie are engaged, yet no one at the precinct is aware of the situation? Are they going to get married and still pretend that he is "just" her sergeant? This just gets more ridiculous each week.
  12. 3 is enough

    Alyssa and John: Lunch with Lurch

    I hope everything is ok. Anything heart related is always cause for concern. Really hope the doctor advised no more pregnancies until the issue has been corrected, and that they actually listen to him.
  13. So evidently Alyssa Bates had a heart procedure this morning. She has been suffering from an irregular heartbeat for a few months, and they had to do a cardiac ablation procedure. There is a 50/50 chance she will have to have it done again. I hope the cardiologist told her NO MORE PREGNANCIES until this is resolved, and she and John listen to him. Hope she is ok. She is so young and those 3 little girls need their mom.
  14. 3 is enough

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Maybe she should try changing the diapers more frequently, thoroughly cleaning and drying Sam's butt, and maybe applying a thin layer of some diaper rash cream? I did have an issue with Huggies some 20+ years ago. I found that liner tended to split and I found the tiny gel absorbent bubbles on the baby's skin. I switched to another brand.
  15. 3 is enough

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    Thank you, MyPeopleAreNordic. When my husband (olive skinned Italian) and I visited Ireland he told me “Look! Everyone here is pasty white like you!” 😂 I never tried a fake bake but I did my share of sunbathing as a teen. The legacy of those years is annual skin checks at the dermatologist, numerous pre-cancerous lesions frozen off, and to date, one basal cell cancer removed. I am an SPF 50 girl now.