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  1. Josie posted on her stories that they are still going to Colorado with her family.
  2. 100% Team Steve. Maybe he can move to Chicago and try a new career as a firefighter? ;) I have absolutely no idea what the writers are thinking. Why ruin Miranda like that? Life at 55 is not the same as at 35. That's just the way it goes. But to have her throw everything away because she suddenly finds her "soulmate"? No. She isn't in love, she is in lust. And what about her son? No thoughts of him at all? I can deal with Charlotte's storyline, navigating having teenagers, and even Carrie's, because people do die unexpectedly. But Miranda is a hard no. I hope Che dumps her
  3. I really don’t think they made that much from UP. The actual income probably just bumped Gil and Kelly’s standard of living up a notch or two, and I would be surprised if there was even enough to divide among all the married couples. However, the perks: free travel, accommodations, fun activities, and discounted weddings will be sorely missed. Gil is still on the board of IBLP. I bet THAT pays really well, given how much they take from their members. The higher-ups in all of those religious organizations always seem to be well compensated, even if their members are struggling.
  4. I think Tiffany's family has money so I wouldn't be surprised if they pay for the wedding. All of the Bates siblings better start saving their money and looking for seat sales now that UP won't be filming though. Josie was talking about an upcoming trip to Colorado. I wonder if that was due to be filmed and is now cancelled? I guess time will tell.
  5. I got FJ. I was yelling "PEI, PEI!" at the tv. I continue to be amazed at how many Canadian clues are TS's. I am not sure what Amy is thinking with her FJ wagers. Luckily she is so usually far ahead of the others that she can't lose, but I would play it safe and bank the money. I think she is getting tired.
  6. Lawson must be PISSED. No televised wedding. No engagement in Italy episode. No Katie’s wedding either. I don’t have UP. Did Nathan’s wedding get shown last season or was that a casualty also? I do wonder if Carlin had caught the offending remark before posting her story whether the executives would have still seen it on the footage that was shot, and if the cancellation would have happened anyways.
  7. I think the studio is just for the show. I'm pretty sure Hillary lives in Toronto. The latest season of Love It Or List It was filmed in Toronto. My guess is HGTV scouts out locations for new shows so audiences from across the country feel included. Hot Mess House filmed in New Jersey I think but the host is also from Toronto.
  8. If I had that mother-in-law I would be miserable too.. What a sour puss of a woman she was.
  9. I’m glad Amy wasn’t hurt. Oakland is kind of dangerous these days. My son and his wife recently moved away from that area. My daughter-in-law worked at a store and used to go in early (4am) to unload the new merchandise. In a little over a year she had her back window smashed while she was at work, and one of her co-workers was almost robbed by some armed kids. She told me that when she was driving in early if there were no other cars she would not stop at red lights, just slow down. I must admit I was relieved he got a transfer to Washington State.
  10. I got FJ instantly and I would hardly call myself a Broadway aficionado. I must admit I am proud of myself for getting an answer Amy missed!
  11. Per Alyssa’s Instagram stories Zoey fell and fractured her clavicle. She will need to wear a sling for a few weeks. They had to go to the ER. Luckily they were able to be seen- I know a lot of ERs are overrun these days. Maybe they went to a children’s hospital?
  12. I thought the cross was an angel? Whatever. Still tacky. And kind of creepy.
  13. You just knew it was going to happen. They take zero precautions and then it's all "we got sick!!!" Idiots. I am afraid Carlin is going to have a rough time adjusting to having 2 kids. She can barely look after Layla as it is. Adding a newborn to the mix is not going to go well.
  14. There’s an angel and a little frame that appears to say “You are my sunshine” ON TOP OF THE TOILET. Tacky, tacky, tacky.
  15. I think that if a child is bright and motivated they will do well. I can only imagine how much Allie would thrive in a traditional school environment where she would be more challenged.
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