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  1. I don’t know. She was wearing skintight jeans the other day. No evidence of a bump. She and Evan are ditzy as hell but I honestly don’t think they are ready for another, financially or mentally. So of course they will announce next week.🤪
  2. With the long curly mop and the sad attempt at facial hair Cade reminds me of Charles II of England.
  3. Willow did show up in an instagram story today. The obligatory "hug the baby sister" photo.
  4. I can see that. She obviously has to pretend to stand by her husband no matter what he did like a good submissive wife, but maybe secretly she is relieved.
  5. Ok, I stand corrected. My point is that the Rebers seem to be comfortable financially. I know houses are more affordable in Arkansas, and the dad having a real job is a plus. They also, if I am not mistaken sent both of their children to a real university. So yes, solidly middle class, but well-to-do compared to the Kellers.
  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe David is Nathan's partner in the lawn care business. I have no idea how lucrative the business is, but Nathan and Nurie are living in some sort of mobile home. Granted, his leech of a mother-in-law is a huge drain on his bank account. Hannah Reber is by all accounts a classically trained pianist. She grew up in a well-to-do family. Will she be happy with David? If they do get married she will no doubt supplement their income by giving lessons. How will she fit a piano in a mobile home?
  7. All I could think of for FJ was “ first female cosmonaut”. I guess the judges would not have accepted that answer. I did get the TS of (San) Pelligrino. Danielle had beautiful handwriting. Extra impressive because it is really difficult to write neatly with those electric stylus pens. I have adapted my signature to a scrawl when I have to sign in stores.
  8. I had totally forgotten about the Disney World trip. Never occurred to me that she didn’t see Alyssa. Maybe there is a rift. Also, I had a thought. Maybe Gil, being on the IBLP board, finally has health insurance. And maybe he has all of his under 26 kids on his plan? While these fundies may bitch about the ACA, I don’t see any of them having an issue taking advantage of it.
  9. Interesting that Josie just posted video of herself filling orders while wearing baby Hazel in a carrier on her Instagram stories. As far as the plumbing business goes, he has only been in business for a year. He owns it- he is ultimately responsible for its success. He has had to buy trucks, equipment, rent an office space/shop, get licenses, insurance, etc. For the first few years most of what he earns will have to be plowed back into the business. He probably takes a modest salary and whatever Josie brings in from her business and IG influencer gigs supplements it. So yes, not a
  10. You have to wonder if they all are just a little bit uncomfortable around Michael because of her infertility issues. None of her sisters can relate to that except maybe Erin now, and that has affected their relationships. Also, I get the impression that a lot of them view Michael as more of a mother than a sibling. And yes, she does appear to be a bit of a stick in the mud, so while they are more than happy to ask for her help they don't seem to hang out much. The thing that has really surprised me is there have been no photos of Willow with her new baby sister, despite Josie going on
  11. I have to wonder that if Mrs Reber had flat out said she did not want Josh in her home, and by doing so did not defer to her husband, that she would have faced some dire consequences when she got home. From what I have read she was pretty much pleading in with the judge not to send Josh to their house but it seems the judge did not get it. Isn't there a verse in the Bible about beating your wife? I know the one about sparing the rod and spoiling the child, but since these folks seem to delight in twisting interpretations to suit their needs, I can see them justifying "punishing" a dis
  12. I could have sworn I saw a photo of Alyssa holding Hazel, but I guess I am getting confused with Jadon. But once Hazel was transferred to the NICU there would have been no visitors allowed. That was standard practice even before COVID. And Alyssa left before Hazel was released. Who really knows what goes on between the sisters? I do know that I have seen photos of Carlin and Josie shopping together at Target on at least 2 occasions- there was no photo of the two of them, but Willow and Layla were together in a cart. Carlin is the typical middle child- she seems to want everyone to lik
  13. The condo looked nice but I there was one small change they failed to make which stood out like a sore thumb. They painted all the walls white but left the 1980's almond outlets and light switches and they just looked dingy. Switching them out for white ones would not have broken the bank and it would have looked so much nicer.
  14. Jim Bob is looking kind of rough in that photo. I think the stress and expense due to golden boy is taking a toll.
  15. Note that Austin is also listed first. Maybe they just matched up the order for the parents and the kids?
  16. I bet Mrs Reber is thrilled. Three more months of the houseguest she really did not want in the first place.
  17. They are home with the baby, which is good. The usual God is good stuff on the post but they did thank all of the doctors and nurses which is nice. Alyssa has gone home so that’s five fewer people to descend on them. I don't know if she will have the same issues with any subsequent pregnancies, but if that is the case, I hope the doctors were very clear about what they can expect.
  18. I’m just not sure if she actually understood what the doctors have been telling them throughout the pregnancy. If it had been me I would have asked a million questions and done extensive online research from reputable sites. But she probably just nodded and basically accepted that these “complications” were part of God’s plan.
  19. But… JESUS will protect them, don’t you know? 😉 Seriously, the lack of common sense is truly mind boggling.
  20. Carlin has already posted pics of herself holding Jadon. They were probably all waiting there when he got home. 🙄
  21. Rh incompatibility is hardly an unknown condition though. Josie writes that Hazel's issues are a mystery. A little google search shows that the previous miscarriage may have exposed Josie to Rh positive blood. If she had been treated with Rh immune globulin after her miscarriage the Rh incompatibility in this pregnancy may have been avoided. I had my last baby 29 years ago, but I am pretty sure they checked for Rh incompatibility just as standard test during the first trimester. I have to wonder if they just don't understand what the doctors are telling them, choosing just to "
  22. I hope she recovers from the jaundice quickly. I always hate to hear about complications. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But really, as they gush about God's plan do they ever stop to think that He is telling them to stop with the babies? To be fair they had no idea there would be issues, but maybe, just maybe, they will think twice about doing it all over again in a year.
  23. It seems to be very selective, but I am in Nevada and hospitals, testing facilities, and doctor's offices still require masks. Also, my husband had a jury duty summons yesterday and he needed a mask. Our state officially reopened on June 1st. Josie posted pictures of Michael, Erin, and Katie with the baby and none of them were wearing masks.
  24. I had the same thing happen to me- there was a pop up saying it was exclusive content and asking for my email. I clicked out and tried again and was able to see the whole thing. Carlin posted in her stories that she and Katie were headed to meet Hazel. They had Starbucks and flowers. I am assuming they are home. Given their questionable health insurance status I bet they want out before day 2 and more charges.
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