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  1. I can overlook that by reasoning that they're about the sport of it, or more self-defense focused. That only Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do are really teaching competitive karate against equals. To that end, Eagle Claw wasn't even in the top 5 after the skills round. (Although Cobra Kai being #1 is still weird.) Stranger to me is that the committee and announcer are still hung up on Daniel winning two championships in the early 80s. The show itself hung a lampshade on that by having Daniel tell the announcer that Johnny was also a two-time winner. But there have to be a lot of repeat winners in
  2. I wish Eli had more of an arc this season so his win was more significant. Instead he was toned down from years past and felt like "not Cobra Kai". I guess merging his Hawk personality with his original one counts, but it was really like the H-plot amidst everything going on. The show's self-awareness goes a long way. Earlier in the season we had shots at KK3 via Silver's obsession over messing with a teenager and the illogic of jumping to the finals. And when this little karate tournament seems ridiculously over the top they call that out as well. That's why I'm giving the show some leew
  3. It amuses me that The Waitress was in 3 episodes and crossed paths with Charlie zero times. They could even do a callback to it later with him not realizing she was there.
  4. The second episode was better than the first. I guess it had to be that way to get the setup done. But Dee's situation was just slightly enough her fault that I couldn't embrace pity for her like I'm probably supposed to. And moreover the whole thing felt a bit disjointed and forced. I liked it. It just didn't hang together. But good moments. Ronald MacDonald, son of Luther Vandross! The second was great though. Nice plot for all of them. They're a bit split up, but I'm a bit invested about how the Charlie / Shelley relationship gets ruined and how much more screwed up Dee and Dennis can
  5. The AVClub hated the roller rink episode. While I disagree, they did have some good points about the thing that bothered me - Dee's continuity.
  6. I enjoyed these both more than last week. They were ridiculous in a way that wasn't afraid to take risks. Kaitlin Olsen had a major skull fracture when she was 12. Interesting choice to say that Dee's personality is based on a head injury. Is there anything we know about her in high school that would contradict the idea that she was actually a sweet person? I thought 40-somethings playing 20 added to the absurdity, so I was fine with that. But Kaitlin's look has really changed over the last few years, likely from cosmetic work, and it just stands out as different every time I see her
  7. I liked them but I didn't love them. Maybe its just been too long since last season. But I need an episode with all 5 playing off each other constantly. Both episodes opened that way, but then diverged. The first basically had them in pairs, and the second kept cutting between script and commentary. (And Frank's diversion. And guest revisits.) Both had good in-character moments. They just weren't quite what I was longing for.
  8. Alexa with an attitude killed me every time. Of course it evolves to be a relationship, but a dysfunctional one. And yet still perfectly does all the upselling reminders. I also enjoyed the other recurring jokes: "woke comedy" and clumsy "it's the future" exposition. And such a clever idea to call it the Post-Pandemic Special, open with saying we're nearly out of it, and then show that it's 40 years in the future. My favorite joke was Clyde declining the vaccine "for shellfish reasons". Just a stupid pun, but I loved it when Flora was undecided and I love it now.
  9. I didn't mind the girlfriend nearly as much as some of you, but I definitely agree she shouldn't have been there. (In multiple ways.) She was caught between a boyfriend who didn't want to do any work and his ex-girlfriend holding money over his head. So I don't blame her for butting heads with Lila. Nor Lila for pushing back. She should absolutely ditch him though. That is, if he didn't just ghost her when he bugged out to Oregon. Which seems to be his m.o.
  10. I watched this 3 years behind the curve so I know no one will ever see my comment. But I'm OK with that. I don't believe Wells was innocent. He was likely the dimmest of this "genius" collection of 40-watt light bulbs. But this couldn't have 100% been against his will: He was very calm in the bank. If he thought the bomb was fake and would be his get-out-of-trouble excuse, it makes sense. If he thought it was real, it doesn't. (And if he thought it was fake and wasn't in on it, why play along at all?) He lied about who did it. A victim would want the perpetrators caught. Som
  11. Just found this when the non-renewal hit the news. I was a huge fan of eco-challenge and getting even one more season was a gift I didn't think we'd get. I really like that none of the drama seemed fake. IIRC way back in the day there was a temptation to have the race seem closer than it was or act like a team was lost at sea when all that happened was the camera lost sight of them. And I was briefly afraid they were doing that with NZ right at the end, only to learn it was a legitimate mechanical failure. Goes to show that actual competition provides better stories than anything they can
  12. I don't know if the people have a crossover. That would be interesting to find out. But the techniques certainly do. If you look up the term "mechanics grip" it is described in equal terms as a magicians' trick or a cheater's trick.
  13. I think we all know the basic "math magic" that goes something like: Think of a number Add 7 Multiply by 2 Subtract 14 Divide by 2 Is that your original number??? Magic! Clearly you're doing a thing and then undoing it, The trick is in how well obscured the "undoing" is. This was similar and it worked well because most people have never thought about the mechanics of various shuffling methods. It's so effective that something like this has been used for cheating at card games, with the culprits able to do it right in front of people who had no idea.
  14. His was the only one that disappointed me. (Although I agree on Coughlan's demeanor.) It makes me wonder if because he was the first fooler and the first double-fooler that the chance to be a triple was obligatory on both sides. Or maybe he figured a US audience wouldn't be as familiar with that first performance from when this was a UK series? Whatever the reason his trick felt like a rerun. Which is a shame because if not for that, swapping a card from a deck and a page from a book seems like a great idea. Very happy with the rest though, especially Teller's.
  15. I was hoping for more than 3 "how to" bits, but it was nice seeing all the different magicians participating. Their YouTube channel had a similar thing a few weeks ago with The Ambitious Card. That last trick with the Fanning sisters: I imagine there was a cheat sheet off camera that would make this trick a lot harder to do live.
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