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  1. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner here! Since there is no privacy anymore we will be harshly judged no matter what we do. Being a bit older now, I grew up before we had the double edged sword of Social Media. I have a feeling you did too. Maybe JD & A were smart enough to avoid the inevitable piranha type feeding frenzy that would follow any comments they might make. I'm starting to wonder if some of the clan are wising up and getting good advice (finally) concerning SM activity. I certainly have no wish to pick on family members who are grieving a sudden unexpected passing of a loved one. Unfortunately , some in this family make it entirely too easy for the more predatory out there to pick their bones clean. Someone with a better sense of 21st century social norms would be a great help if if the younger of the clan want to avoid each post becoming the latest faux pas. Is there a law that says a death in your family requires a testimonial on Facebook or whatever? Some things can be private........maybe for now. By the way, I like how you think. Rant Over!
  2. Maybe Grandma Mary was the glue holding a whole lot of things together! Time will tell.
  3. "Check outta here"....Lord Give Me Strength! I think someone needs to appoint a minder to oversee Miss Jill's Social Media activity. 98% of her posts seem to devolve into a steaming hot mess.
  4. Aunt Catfish

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Is it an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini?
  5. Aunt Catfish

    The Pioneer Woman

    Just now getting around to catching up with this thread. You still have a Winn Dixie????!!!!
  6. Aunt Catfish

    The Kitchen

    In my not so humble opinion, Giada is the one who looks like she never eats anything. It must be hard to control your weight if you are as petite as she is, but if she had a little meat on her bones it would say a lot more for her recipes. As for Katie, she will age gracefully and not succumb to the temptation to look like another botox barfbag. Let us pray that my prediction is correct!
  7. Aunt Catfish

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    Maybe that's what happened to Austin's shoes. They were tied to the getaway car of a previous wedding and somehow he got them back. You are so right about the Disney Princess look. That girl should be working on one of their cruise ships now!
  8. Aunt Catfish

    S15. E07. Winter is Here

    Just now getting around to watching this. Was that Axel Hillstrand on the Cornelia?
  9. I wish someone would film his hemorrhoid surgery!
  10. The great philosopher Jeff Foxworthy did say that any man that wanted to film his wife giving birth deserved to have her film his hemorrhoid surgery later on!
  11. Just curious...do these people charge by the hour? Do they wait around until junior finally appears at the buttcrack of dawn? Sounds like a strange occupation to me.
  12. The Jessica wedding dress looks like a Hailey Paige gown to me. Guess we will have to watch SYTTD to find out. Back when Joy Anna got hitched I was wishing she would have worn one of Hailey's designs. She could have looked appropriately young and stylish. Instead she opted for lace curtain church lady. Too bad. Oh well.
  13. Aunt Catfish

    The Kitchen

    I hope so too. I'm glad she put this info out to the public. It must have been difficult for her, but at least it should stop the unintentionally hurtful questions and comments. I am rooting for you Katie!
  14. Aunt Catfish

    S09.E07: A Bachelor No More

    Just watched this episode yesterday. That first kiss almost rocked my world! Didn't know old John David had it in him. I'm guessing their first night was pretty awesome. Then I saw his parents do that reenactment. I would rather be in a morgue witnessing an autopsy on a bloated swamp corpse than have that image in my mind. That was so creepy and inappropriate.......arrrrgggghhhhhh..
  15. Aunt Catfish

    Pnina Tornai and Her Sparkly, Sparkly Gowns

    Am watching now. Ep is "Hell Yes To The Dress". The Botox Barfbag chick that wanted a black dress is back on. Lots of cleavage and tatoos abound. Lovely with a wedding dress. I am frightened for the possibly brain damaged groom. Maybe we will catch this family on Investigation Discovery Channel in the future. In other news; the consultant Lisa (I think that is her name) looks scarier than ever. She seems like such a nice person. If she had hair color, hair styling, and clothing that were age appropriate for her, it would increase my respect for her. Who styles these people? If you are 50 or over, why are you trying to look 20? All I have left is my hatred for that "Forever Now" theme music. Please get a new theme! This song has replaced Freebird as my number one song that I would not give a damn if I never heard again! Otherwise, I am looking forward to seeing new styles. Just spare us all the drama!!!!