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  1. Leeds

    The Royals

    Not just a ruling monarch; he used to be considered a deity. Probably still is in some remote parts of Japan.
  2. Leeds


    Actually HBO Max (so even more $$$).
  3. Leeds


    And yet another Baldwin family nightmare. https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/sheriffs-office-alec-baldwin-discharged-prop-gun-that-killed-crew-member-wounded-director/article_9612afc6-32c5-11ec-9e2e-e3cc47b69ce5.html
  4. I think Alexa needs to be taken a lot further away than Small Talk.
  5. Haha! A little bit south of you, but I do enjoy a couple of visits every year up your way (pre crappiness).
  6. Are you suggesting there's some kind of conspiracy theory? If so, what? And why would they? Her accent is Liverpudlian. Also known as editing. They look alike the same way as everyone British has a mum/aunt/neighbour who looks alike. If they go the way of American baking shows and accept Rice Krispies in all the cakes then I'm out.
  7. ThriveMarket home delivery: "Do you think homosexuals are too expensive? So do we." Apparently they're saying home essentials, but that's not what my admittedly distracted brain heard.
  8. I think you mean "no breasts, hips, or behinds". Sadly, size doesn't come into it at all.
  9. Leeds


    Please speak up. You don't need to be "something" to speak up against prejudice. You don't need to remind them that you're Jewish, they shouldn't be making these remarks. And having had this experience, I hope it helps you speak up when other minorities are disparaged by your friends/family. Easier said than done, I know, but ignorance is even easier.
  10. Nothing odd about collecting sheet sets. If you're ever in Portland, Oregon, visit Saturday Market and you'll be in kitchen gadget earring heaven.
  11. Consider yourself lucky! Where I live half the audience for the opera/theater/ concert is wearing shorts and Birkenstocks, including on opening night.
  12. I'm thinking my new pornstar name is going to have to be Chaste Cornflakes.
  13. The only time I use a delicates bag is for something like the belt from my dressing gown so it doesn't end up tangling the entire load into one ginormous bundle. What I don't get is why they pronounce it "Humera" when it's spelled "Humira."
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