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  1. Why would the British call a pedestrian crossing a Pegasus? Surely a Pegasus would just fly across and avoid the traffic altogether. Come to think of it, they also have Pelican, Puffin, and Toucan crossings. And the only Zebra (the original) crossing the road in the UK must have escaped from a zoo.
  2. What did you eat? A little humble pie, maybe? ;-)
  3. So it's inappropriate even though as chefs they should be familiar? (Not to mention that they have willingly agreed to appear on a North American show where they are going to be given food challenges. One of which might quite well feature dairy of some sort.)
  4. As long as that's where the similarity ends . . . .
  5. Leeds

    The Royals

    In case anyone missed this during our exile: https://people.com/royals/queen-elizabeth-new-corgi-puppy-after-fergus-died/
  6. Leeds

    The Royals

    Thank you, mods, for giving us another chance!
  7. Why is it that even though I always check my posts before sending, if someone quotes one, that's when I see the typo/error?
  8. That's okay, I can't stand piccalilli, which in certain circles would probably justify the removal of my birthright.
  9. Who's "he"? How does anyone know the outcome before the final judging? Or are you saying it's rigged?
  10. I've got it through Amazon but to make it cost effective I've had to buy a three-pack. (No hardship for me but a bit of a leap of faith if you've never had it before!) If you have access to a World Market there's presumably is the British original. Of course the ideal way to buy it is to go to the UK - when you factor in the authentic Cadbury's and other goodies like Thornton's, Walker's crisps, Twiglets, Haywards pickled onion, Polos, Hobnobs, etc, I'm sure you can justify the cost!
  11. Savannah corrected the pronunciation of ecce - either way is correct (eckay/aitchay). Since when is "bean counter" hyphenated? No wonder it was a TS. I wonder if oeuvre would have been accepted the way Savannah pronounced it. I can't do phonetic spellings, but it's not "oovre", more like "er-vre". Surprised no-one knew Damascus and that Emily missed Chagall. Sorry to be shallow, but Emily's dress looked like the original sleeves were too tight so she slashed them to make them more comfortable
  12. That's okay, there's no cucumber in Branstons!
  13. You mean serious competition like in the Olympics? ;-) If you ever see it, Branston Pickle is excellent in a cheese sandwich and an integral part of a Ploughman's. (I've seen it at World Market and Fred Meyer/Kroger.) Also, pear and a mild blue cheese such as Cambazola makes an excellent sandwich/toastie. I once left a Camembert in the oven too long (I was making that ubiquitous early 21st century hors d'oeuvres) - believe me, there's a lot of fat. Cheddar is excellent as a topping on a casserole like Fisherman's Pie, is delicious in Mollie Katzen's vegetarian
  14. Either that or I was so sleep deprived (toddler + infant) that nothing would wake me except an idiot.
  15. Incidentally, one of the BMW ads horrifies me. It's the one where the passenger is getting a "chair" massage. I watched it thinking I couldn't imagine anything more distracting to a driver than someone next to me writhing and groaning. But it got worse when I googled the ad and discovered the driver's seat can also deliver a massage. How can this possibly be legal? Add a cell phone call and there's no way this doesn't end in disaster.
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