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  1. That was stressful. Glory was so incredibly creepy this episode. Was she even monitoring them when they were locked in the room to make sure no one had a heart attack (again) or anything? I don't advocate for violence but I was surprised that no one punched Yao in the face after he opened the door and told them it was all a simulation and that Masha never "intended to hurt anyone." Please. Would the police really drive to the retreat with sirens and flashing lights like that? I wonder what Delilah told them. I was a little annoyed that Masha got what she wanted--to see her daughter.
  2. This makes perfect sense especially since Selena Gomez knows both of them and she was around when both murders took place. That makes her a good suspect for a murder podcast. I'm just quoting you since you sound like you might be old enough...but my favorite joke of the episode was when Steve Martin was explaining who Sting was to Selena and he said, "The Police? Roxanne!" For you youngsters who don't know who Sting is, Roxanne is both a Police song and the name of a movie that Steve Martin starred in. Steve Martin was on fire this episode with his physical comedy as well. I
  3. That kiss was hot. I'm not buying what Masha is selling to the Marconis, like at all. I think she's using them as guinea pigs. I think she thinks that if she figures out the right combination and dosage of drugs and whatever techniques to get the Marconis to "see" Zach, she'll have figured out how to use it on herself so that she can see her daughter again. Because no matter how much she talks about how she knows healing, what we are seeing just doesn't jive with that what with her flashback to her daughter biking into traffic. I think it's completely unfair for Napoleon to blame Hea
  4. There were things I liked. I'm not a big fan of musicals so I liked that this was a dark musical. It kind of twisted the whole idea of musicals. I may be ignorant and there are other examples but I liked that most of the musical numbers weren't catchy or tug on your heartstrings. I thought "May we Start" was catchy but beyond that...not so much. I liked the names. Henry McHenry is reminiscent of Humbert Humbert. Ann and Annette while obvious, highlighted that they both had talented singing voices. Simon Helberg's character being referred to as first "The Accompanist" and then "The Conduct
  5. All through the episode, I kept expecting either Dylan or the other guy that was partying with Armand was going to end up dead of an overdose. A little bit of a twist that a younger guy would be the one to end up dying and something that Armand would feel guilty about. However, it did make sense that it was Armand because of the whole Shane/Armand feud. We always knew the more privileged one would end up without consequences while the less privileged would end up suffering. Plus, they brought out Chekhov's knife. Pretty much everyone is stuck at the same place if not worse than they were
  6. If Greg does die, let's hope Tanya isn't responsible for scattering his ashes.
  7. Interesting. Wouldn't using the override code wipe out the code Nicole had programmed into it though? As long as that still worked, you would know no one has used the override code? I forgot to mention how funny Kitty's clueless question to Shane and Rachel about whether the White Lotus was really romantic or not was. Gee, Kitty, I wonder why Rachel and Shane's honeymoon is not really romantic right now?
  8. Another possibility is that Mark was lying to Quinn about how much the bracelets cost in order to gain the respect he was so desperately seeking. Plus, it would be an ironic twist for Paula and Kai's heist to end up worth very little. (Which I believe you already mentioned in a different scenario-the real bracelets switched out for copies). Doesn't the fact that Kai knew the code to the safe make Paula more at risk, not less? I mean, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out it was an inside job if the burglar knew the code? I thought Paula was going to ask to use the safe and "accid
  9. MIL showing up on your honeymoon uninvited and husband being totally cool with it seems like grounds for immediate divorce to me. And Shane telIs Rachel that her mother would never show up because she can't afford the ticket and walks out on their fight so he can continue his obsession with Armand. Why did she marry this guy again? She doesn't seem to care about his money. I wonder if he's been on his best behavior and is just letting his true self out now that they're married. Is Rachel going to get nothing with that pre-nup if she is married for less than a week? Ooo, Olivia. She's the
  10. I thought there was a lot going on this episode even if it did also seem like nothing much happened. There was a strong theme throughout around people's base instincts or the Id, if we're mentioning the Freud that one of the girls was "reading." First the newlyweds and Rachel's worry that their relationship is based only on sex. Shane can only reassure her that they won't lose their spark, not that they have a relationship that is deeper than physical attraction. It's the same as his way of reassuring Rachel that she never has to work again misses the point completely. He's either a very
  11. I loved the beginning with all the guests waking up in the morning happy as could be and all the employees showing up for work with "here we go with this shit again" faces. The conversation between Nicole and Rachel was so good. The way it turned was so fantastic. I wonder if Rachel is oblivious to how she really wrote the article or if Nicole took it too seriously. Maybe a combo of both but you'd think Nicole would be used to criticism. Possibly it was just a chance for Nicole to talk back so she seized it even though for Rachel it was just a puff piece. The way Rachel framed her pr
  12. To me the most believable thing about the movie was the fact that humans and their leadership were too stupid to take action and work on preventing a threat and instead they waited until the threat showed up to start fighting it. Of course the most frustrating as well but believable. Overall I found the movie dumb but entertaining. I actually didn't mind the length or the third act. Chris Pratt was underwhelming but Richard Splett and JK Simmons were nice additions. I liked the Whitespikes too.
  13. I'm totally into it so far. I love shows where terrible things happen in beautiful places. See Big Little Lies, Bloodline, and even Ozark to an extent. I haven't read anything about the show so I don't know how sinister the death is going to be (like a murder or suicide) or if it just ends up as something unfortunate (accident or natural cause). Reading here that it's the same guy who did Enlightened makes me even more excited because I loved that show. I'm thinking that it's too easy for the death to be the newlywed bride and that she ends up leaving her husband instead. The way she was
  14. As long as we're talking about it, I think Jeanette has more traits of a malignant narcissist than a sociopath, especially considering her preoccupation with image. These are from https://www.healthline.com/health/malignant-narcissism#traits My comments in italics. NPD Like other personality disorders, NPD occurs on a spectrum and involves a range of symptoms. The DSM-5 lists nine traits that help identify NPD, but only five are needed for diagnosis. Common symptoms of NPD include: grandiose fantasies and behavior, such as a preoccupation with thoughts of personal suc
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