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  1. I feel so alone. The idea of nothingness feels comforting to me. Especially if you have as much time as you want free of suffering and as many experiences as you can imagine beforehand. I wonder if the door doesn't actually lead to nothingness but rather leads back to Earth. A Reincarnation Door. She was so so funny! "I have math on my shirt! Is that an S or a math?" I loved Jason offering to hold Michael's weed for him and Michael actually smoking weed.
  2. I think she said that it was "on brand" for her. 🙂 I found this episode to be much better than the last one. Last week, I thought, why am I still watching this show? This week, a lot of stuff worked. Maybe because Karen is back? The ASMR podcast was the highlight to me. Sean Hayes did such a good job at that. I thought he sounded almost exactly like John Hodgman playing August Clementine on Parks and Recreation when they were making fun of NPR. My nitpick is that Jack pointing out that Karen's booty call was a booty call wasn't that terrible. I grant that he shouldn't stick his nose in someone else's business. However, if the only time you spend with someone is when they come over once a week for afternoon delight, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out what you mean to them. The school stuff wasn't as strong but I liked the kids making them stay in Contemplation Corner and Larry getting the last spot for Wheat/Samantha.
  3. He probably would, but then he wouldn't marry her. I liked the Ben and Darlene stuff this episode but agree with everyone that they should do an online zine. There were a couple of good moments in the football game--Mark starting out totally bored and getting totally into it at the end was pretty funny. I noticed in the background they had a poster of a cheesehead x'ed out--like a No Smoking sign. No Cheeseheads. I liked DJ's face paint and Mary's hat. I also like how excited everyone got at Jackie's gambling paying off at the end.
  4. What's frustrating to me about Randall's behavior is not what's going on inside his own head but the fact that he absolutely refuses to listen to all the people around him who care about him. If that many people are telling you something, most likely you should listen to them. He's very lucky to have that support and that many people who actually care about him. He should do it for Beth alone considering what she's done for him over the years. I have a feeling that he'll eventually see the light, though. I think what's broken him finally is the incident with the purse snatching. Everyone is calling him a "hero," which just ends up making him feel like a total fraud. The disconnect between how he feels and what everyone else sees is difficult for him to handle. Obviously, since he just up and walked out of his office without saying anything when they were congratulating him. The looks on everyone's faces, lol.
  5. I know, right? No one is going to be able to tell the difference between his Before Possession and After Possession personas. This one is right up there with criminal or cop who is about to retire and then gets pulled into one last job which of course turns into a clusterfuck. This is the one that is annoying me in this particular show. I get that Glory is in a terrible situation but it seems to me that she has some motivation to help if she actually cares about her husband's innocence coming to light. I will say, that I do actually like the PI. Although I was wondering why she bothers to write anything down since she seems to have a photographic memory. And this is the first episode where I was excited to see where things are headed and kind of wish I could binge it now.
  6. I wouldn't even make it through one day of working with Brianna. I don't need heaps of praise for doing my job, but I definitely don't need to be verbally abused over every little thing or break in someone else's shoes for them.
  7. It's a good teaching moment for him. Save the romance for someone who you know is totally into you and will appreciate it. You can't expect a perfect outcome just because you put in a lot of effort. Frankly, more boys need to learn this lesson earlier. Speaking of romance, I also tire of hearing about Jack and Rebecca's "love for the ages." I don't even really see it so much rather than hear it over and over again. Show me, don't tell me. I see it from Miguel, like when he gives Rebecca something to look forward to that he knows she enjoys (the TV show) when she's stressed about her doctor's appointment. That is very thoughtful and romantic to me--like when Rebecca's mom talked about her husband making her a Tom Collins to drink when she watched the Mary Tyler Moore show. 😊 Kate and Toby continue their drama. Toby needs to be more up front about stuff, like not bothering to mention that Cara tried to kiss him. Poor Kate invited Cara over to the house for Toby's birthday! WTF, I would feel like a fool in that situation. I can't believe Kate thought a good birthday present for Toby would be going to a support group for parents of blind children. That seems like a great idea, but a horrible birthday present. A birthday present should be for the individual and unless they specifically ask for it or you know for sure that they would like it, something fun rather than practical. Randall, Randall, Randall. You are insufferable. And of course he turns out to be right so he can be self-righteous about it to poor Miguel. Not that he acted so horribly after they found out he was right but Miguel immediately ate crow which annoyed me. It's probably harder to notice someone's decline when you see them every day.
  8. Damage finds damage, indeed. One thing I was disappointed in this season is that there wasn't more cat and mouse between Candace and Joe. Besides her initially showing up with Forty and ineffectually pulling on a knife on Joe there wasn't much there there. I was kind of hoping that she and Love had hooked up to try and take down Joe together. However, there is a nice symmetry in Love treating Joe exactly the way Joe treated Beck. Was Love trying to bait Joe into killing that Australian guy she was seeing? I guess Love is lucky that she's pregnant so that Joe is stuck in the "trap" of his own making, in his mind. It seems to be more of a Love trap to me. I seriously underestimated Forty. I thought he had figured out that Beck's boyfriend was her killer during his acid trip but it seems Candace pointed it out to him. I like that he tracked down Dr. Nicky and deep dived into Joe's story, though. Love was pretty heartless to let Forty believe that he had killed the au pair (or thought that she had, turns out that he figured it out). I guess she felt guilty about it so that's why she spent so much time and energy trying to take care of him. I really enjoyed the twist of the very last scene. I guess Joe's whole thing is like that old saw from Groucho Marx--he doesn't want to belong to any club that would have him as a member. Did the next object of Joe's obsession, the neighbor, have a wedding ring? I look forward to Love's reaction when she finds out about her if we get a third season. Ellie's still out there too. She's got some motivation to punish her sister's killer for sure.
  9. So far there are a lot of the same elements as Season 1, at least in terms of roles that the characters play. Love = Beck 2.0, Object of Joe's obsession Forty = Peach 2.0, Co-dependent obstacle to Joe's obsession Will= Benji 2.0, Guy locked in Joe's cage Ellie= Paco 2.0, Child Joe has to save Henderson = Ron 2.0, Adult Joe has to save child from Delilah = Claudia 2.0, Adult supervisor of child that Joe has to help out as well Group of friends = Group of friends 2.0, Joe thinks Object of his obsession cares too much about their opinions Plus we get flashbacks of Young Joe and Younger Joe in both seasons. I think they did a much better job with casting the younger Joe this season. They really do look alike, while last season all I could think was that Joe did not have such enormous eyebrows. At least this season we get Candace to mess with Joe which is different, so I'm really looking forward to that!
  10. Yes! Beck and Joe at least had some stuff in common. Beck wanted to be a writer and Joe owned a bookstore and was really into reading. Love seemingly has nothing in common with Joe and it's hard to see why she is so into him, other than the fact that he's attractive. Beck wasn't immediately into Joe the way Love was and from my POV, they had more of a connection. There was some witty repartee with Beck that we don't get with Love. I am interested to find out Love's motivations going forward. There's got to be more to her than meets the eye.
  11. I know I have to leave logic at the door with this show but even so...I cannot let go of the way people roam around on an unknown planet on their own! There should be a buddy system at the very least even if they are within the safety fence. Go outside of the main camp, take a buddy.
  12. I'm surprised to see dislike of Ben and/or his beard. I'm with Jackie-I think he's a sexy hunk of man. I like his beard and his gray hair and his big solid-looking bod. I hope that's less inappropriate than Jackie's comments! I think both he and Louise really fit into the show and have interesting interactions with not only their love interests but also with the other characters. As far as I'm concerned, they can stay around forever. I loved when Dan said Jackie was fragile right now and Louise replied, "Really? Because I saw her bitch-slap the heck out of Darlene on Thanksgiving." I also liked that Darlene made Mark stay at the dining room table and feel guilty about forgetting Dan's birthday instead of running off to make a last minute card.
  13. Interesting. Who was Eve's viable alternative? Did I miss something? I get that for Julian it was the girl from where he worked. Was the son of the senior who recently died supposed to be a good match for Eve? I definitely wouldn't date him after he'd unleashed his temper on me like he did to Eve at the funeral. Even if he did apologize. That is not something I'd want to deal with in a partner. Oh, Brendan. I will be pleasantly surprised if Chloe doesn't forgive him for that. Or at least dumps him for good.
  14. How old is Harris that the police are like, she'll just run away again. Shrug. If you are a minor you can't live without a guardian, can you? Who's the poor sap who is stuck taking care of baby Bev until 4 in the morning? Dan? I wonder if they really could have gotten someone to rent the place with a mold problem. That seems like something they'd have to take care of anyway even if they had decided to rent it out. I'm glad the restaurant is going forward even with the setback. It's good to know that they will have a lot of customers. How nice is Ben to take the laptop/tablet back to Darlene, help Mark with his school project, take Darlene over to Harris' at 2 in the morning and to bail Darlene out of jail? And why are the police even bothering to book her? Seems like a waste of resources on someone who is, yes, causing a noise nuisance but not doing anything too terrible beyond that. She wasn't yelling that loudly for that long. It sounds like there was going to be yelling one way or another anyway. At least it was outside instead of inside the apartment building. Obviously, I spent way too much time this episode wondering about the mechanics of how things work. I did like Ben telling Darlene that it was too soon to joke about the cheating. "You're not over it? It's been two weeks, I'm already remarried!" Also liked the exchange between Jackie and that couple. Woman: "Our grandmother died." Jackie: "I'm so sorry!" "Did I have something to do with it?"
  15. Harrison Ford to Star in ‘The Staircase’ Series Adaptation for Annapurna TV
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