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  1. Hello? Hello...hello...hello. Did no one besides me watch this? *crickets* *tumbleweed blows by* Just in case I'm not talking to myself...at the end of the episode Jude Law did not look surprised to find the 40,000 pounds in the trunk (or boot) of his car. Did anyone else get that impression? Did he steal it himself? If so, why was he surprised by the text he got from his wife about the 40,000 getting burgled? Or was that even the same money? Was it a flash forward? Also, before he grabbed the bag and the money fell out, I totally thought that the bag was actually the striped t-shirt he had sent down the rapids and it had come back somehow. I think they were both blue and white striped.
  2. Regarding the girl/lady lawyer discussion, I think we have to take the full context into account. Given the realities of the time, a young unmarried woman would probably fill a secretarial position so Della was most likely calling a young woman a "girl." I don't think calling a young person in their late teens or early 20's a "girl" or a "boy" (taking race out of the equation) is necessarily demeaning. However, Perry told Della that she "would make a great lady lawyer." That's akin to saying "you're really smart for a woman" or "you're really attractive for your age." Those are really insulting backhanded "compliments." That's what Della was objecting to. Not just that she would be a "lady lawyer" but that as woman she wouldn't be in the same league as men when it came to lawyering even if she were a great lawyer (yes, I just made up a word). Whether people were making that argument in that time, I don't know. But Perry just calling her a "lady lawyer" wasn't the whole picture.
  3. Me too. I don't mind that the trial ended with a hung jury. It makes much more sense for it to happen that way rather than 12 mostly male jurors unanimously deciding Emily was not guilty. However, the fact that Perry bribed one of the jurors is just so far over the line of "what's right" as they kept harping on that it made me really hate the ending. I especially hate that both Della and Paul Drake have been duped by Perry in this way. Della even mentioned something about how surprised she was by that juror's verdict. That juror really did work for the bribe money though given that the jury deliberated for 3 days. I also disliked Emily's ending although I guess it makes sense. I feel sorry for the replacement Charlie. I didn't like Sister and Perry's conversation either. It seems Sister wants to have it both ways, have faith, peace and contentment but also leave the church because she knows the truth about Charlie. Pick one: either you don't care about the truth and you really did raise the dead or you do care about the truth over your own selfish need for ignorant bliss. I'm glad Ennis got his comeuppance but it was a little unsatisfying that his partner is still in a position of power. After all that negativity, I will say that I did love a lot about the show. Mostly the characters. I loved Perry, Della, Paul Drake, Lupe, Pete, Burger and even the coroner. I'm really glad that Paul will be sticking around and working with Perry. I just want a less convoluted case next time around. The thread thing didn't bother me. I just figured it was symbolic of Perry's investment in the case. At the end, he finally let it go.
  4. Strictly speaking, we did hear the end of it. "Never would have caught him if it weren't for the mayonnaise." What we missed was the middle of the story! 😉 That and Perry setting Pete's paper on fire made me laugh out loud. I appreciate that so much in a show this dark. A little levity really helps. I really enjoyed Sister Alice and Emily's conversation at the jail as well until the end when Sister Alice said she was going to resurrect Charlie. That is not going to be good for Emily unless Alice means something different than actually resurrect from the dead. Alice's mother has got to be up to no good. Alice told Emily that "mother was there," which makes it sound like at best she was no help at all, (maybe she didn't protect Alice from someone?) and at worst she was pretty terrible to Alice. All I got from the scene was she heard voices, had a seizure and thought she was talking to god. I didn't even consider death, but probably because I assumed she would still be in the show. I'm sure floating in the boat was a metaphor for something.
  5. His mom could easily have just been projecting there. Like at some point the baby showed interest in a turtle or a fake turtle and so she started collecting them for his room. She would have so little to remember of him as a baby, she was trying to hold onto him as a person. Same as Perry was trying to do a bit with his son that he doesn't see. That also made him a person to Perry. I thought that the turtle was from the same place as the alligator. Since we saw that the alligator had been cut open, I figured it was a hiding place and that the turtle might be as well. Did any one else see that or am I making stuff up?
  6. Right before Payton went out on stage to make his acceptance speech, McAfee, James and Skye tell Payton that they opened the ballot box and counted the votes. They explicitly say that he won the election. It's a "yay, you won the election, you earned and deserve this" moment! They totally gloss over that all stuff they went through with the tie, etc. would have been avoided if Infinity hadn't tried to "help" him.
  7. No one pointed out that if Infinity hadn't stolen the ballot box, Payton would have won fair and square?!? Ack. I think Dede was smart to concede rather than go through the spectacle of Rock Paper Scissors and losing. It's very ridiculous that she's choosing a Veep four years out though. I suppose she can always go back on it but why even offer it now anyway? I wonder what wild stuff Georgina Hobart is going to do while in office. A throuple with Angela Merkel and Erna Solberg?
  8. This comment confused me because I thought the titles were just the President's names so I paid more attention and noticed ALL the titles. Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton George W. Bush Barack Obama Idiot's Guide to Clowning Now I get the joke! Thanks for pointing it out. I totally would have missed it.
  9. I don't care about Senior, either. I assume he'll be like Frank Underwood and jump ahead in the line so whoever was supposed to be next in line will die. I DO understand why Chuck drew the line there--she was a child! Even if you are cool with people selling their organs, you can't take one from someone who can't consent to it, like a child. $38,000 is such an odd number, you can't bump that up to $40,000? I sort of enjoyed the scales falling from Wendy's eyes as Tanner flirted with that woman at the showing but I mainly am annoyed that they aren't setting up a real rival for Axe. I mean, if they are going to go in the direction of Axe competing with someone for Wendy's affection/attention/whatever, I'd prefer they set her up with someone with more substance. The whole Vitameatavegamin Vigilantrix subplot was fairly ridiculous. It seemed to be mainly a drug that completely deluded you. That's not something many people need, unfortunately. As far as Taylor and Prince go, I think Axe is just looking for reasons to fight with Prince. He wants to compete with Prince, so he's looking for reasons to justify it. It probably helps him to see others as the enemy in order to take them down.
  10. The alliances in this show shift so quickly and almost without reason. The characters are so shallow. No one has any loyalty to anyone. Now we've got Wendy/Taylor vs. Axe? And they think they are going to be bigger than Axe Capital? While working for Axe Capital? That seems..unrealistic. I'm down for Wendy and the painter hooking up. Much more so than Chuck and Julianna Margulies. I loved Wendy's line, "Do I have to stare at you some more?"
  11. DoubleUTeeEff

    S01.E07: Trick

    He's a grown man. She is not responsible for him not going to the police, that's all on him. Also, I think that his motives may have started out as a book deal but I think they changed almost as soon as Ruby showed up (maybe even before she showed up). He told Fiona multiple times that he was out, he was done, it was over, he wasn't coming back. That's why she was so angry and ended up chasing them.
  12. I find it hard to believe that it was Axe and not Laura who would go to deal with their son/the school. She has completely disappeared since the divorce. Was there even a throwaway line to explain her absence? I bet she would have handled the situation much better than Axe and their son would have been able to stay in the school and she wouldn't have made an enemy out of the headmaster. After Axe and Wags found out that the headmaster siphoned money to help Syrian refugees, why didn't they offer him money for that? Apparently no one else cares about them other than the headmaster otherwise he wouldn't have stolen the money for it. Axe could have made up for that easily and expanded the refugee program. He's in a position to do so and he would be helping other people out as well. I guess that goes against his life philosophy. Those refugees will make it without his help if they are motivated to do so! After all, no one helped out Bobby Axelrod! What a douche. Why not use a carrot? Or both carrot and stick? I get the headmaster was being stubborn about not taking a bribe but I bet if Axe helped out his pet project, he would have gotten farther with him and maybe even had someone on his side in the future. Why just the stick all the time? Same result and he's less of an asshole. Then there is the artist who waits around for Axe all day and is swayed by Axe's ridiculous speech about the Medicis. I think that story would have been better if the artist was holding out in order to milk Axe for more money rather than just being reluctant to work for him and end up charmed by Axe and his stupid pizza. And it isn't even Axe's pizza. It's someone else's pizza that Axe bought and shipped out under the pizza maker's duress. Another example of how Axe get everything he wants. I hate how this show portrays almost everyone as for sale and even the people who aren't for sale knuckle under when blackmailed. There have to be a few people in the world who just refuse to play Axe's game. I hope at least his other son hates him. Watching the son this episode all in awe of his father was vomit inducing. Why on earth was such a big deal made out of Wendy and Chucks and their kids "formally meeting" the grandfather's new bride and baby? We just saw a mere 2 episodes ago Wendy and the kids attend their wedding. Did they not "formally meet" at that time? Because it would be pretty rude to ignore the bride at her wedding. Was the baby not there or something? And if Wendy is serious about the divorce, she should not be playing happy family with Chuck. I'm sure she can find a way around him and get an apartment on her own somehow without giving in to his ridiculous demand to spend time with him and his new sibling. Well, like she said no person is a rational actor. She needs to focus her psychology and training on herself.
  13. Did Becky really say, surprise, we're going to Mexico like she and Jackie hadn't discussed it with any one before hand? That was so weird to me. What is Emilio thinking? I can see them getting away with a fake marriage, especially because they have a kid together. There are plenty of couples who are together because they've got kids, after all, it doesn't have to be some major love connection. But if he's there illegally and gets caught a second time, he'll see Beverly Rose even less than just missing her for those two years. When Dan and Louise were at the bank and Dan was getting all mad but then stopped himself, for a minute there I thought he was having a heart attack. I guess I was expecting something dramatic for the finale, LOL. I'm really glad it wasn't that and he was just stopping his tirade. I wouldn't be able to take it. I thought the dude who was in love with his bird was so bizarre but then when they ended it with that joke, I thought, worth it. That was funny. What did Darlene say? "Your "it's all going to be okay speech" needs some work." Ha. I also really liked Harris saying that someone was going to sleep with Dad and mess everything up and Ben saying, well it is my turn.
  14. He was pretending to be a Southern belle. He fanned his face with his cards and said something in a Southern accent about hiding the lower half of his face. Dan had just said that his dyed eyebrows took years off the upper half of his face.
  15. I enjoy seeing both Ben and Darlene's and Dan and Louise's relationships progress. It'll be nice if Ben and Darlene actually get a place together so poor Dan isn't so crowded. Although it's kind of unrealistic since they haven't done much with their magazine yet. Becky's in a better position to move out since at least she has the restaurant although I doubt they're making a profit yet. Of course, Dan will have to find a way to stop the foreclosure. It's not a bad story line but I doubt he'll actually lose the house so there's not much suspense there. I thought it was a little weird that Becky was so concerned with finding love at this stage. I mean, she just had a baby and is busy with a new restaurant! Give it a couple years for crying out loud. Not that she's obligated to marry Emilio but I don't think the fact that he might interfere with her dating life should be her number one concern right now. A baby is a lot of work. I just think one would be very involved with that before worrying about dating. So, since Mark is gay I guess he can't have sleepovers with boys or girls now? Doesn't seem fair. I really like Darlene telling Ben that her "kids love and respect him which proves he knows nothing about parenting." And Dwight asking Ed Jr. to "kindly not appropriate his culture." And Louise asking if she was "shtill shexy" after putting her mouth guard in.
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