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  1. I don't mind that Nicky found someone different than Sally, but I did get invested in her so I hope she finds happiness with or without her current husband. As someone who is letting her hair grow in gray, fuck you, Rebecca. I'm not judging you for dyeing your hair at age 71 so you can shut it about other people being happy being gray. I bet Bernadette wouldn't stop salsa dancing over one little condescending reaction from a stranger. I did like that Miguel made up a story about the bird brooch and that Rebecca knew him so well that she immediately knew that he made it up. She is ver
  2. 100%. And Randall being Randall makes it all about himself somehow. It's "I need to be doing more to help" and never anything like, these people are being failed or these people need to be able to get more help. Maybe that's nit-picky but I really think it's about his own ego a lot of the time rather than empathy for others.. Of course, if he actually does something to help, that's better than not. I'm not looking forward to the inevitable long suffering Beth having to to tell Randall to stop focusing on his own savior complex and worry about his own life and family but that's the show. I
  3. Whenever there is laundry hanging or being hanged on a laundry line outside, it is always sheets and never the fitted sheets, only flat sheets. Maybe there will be some attractive looking woman's lingerie or nighty but that's it, usually just sheets.
  4. Foreshadowing that Coach is going to die? Foreshadowing that the Antler Queen is going to die? Foreshadowing that the de facto leader of the group, Jackie, is going to die? I'm trying to think of a fourth "queen" but I'm out, ha. Maybe it was Laura Lee exploding in the plane.
  5. I'd be surprised if Larry didn't have a strong opinion about something. He's got feelings about everything from standing too far back in line to tucking your sweater into your pants.
  6. And she did it so that her new husband would get the thing he wanted from Logan--something to do with his business and using Logan's connections with the government to loosen regulations. "Peter is thrilled about it." So all her talk about giving into Logan's demands for custody so that her kids would have control of the company was bullshit. She never cared about them if she was willing to sell them out to make her new husband happy. I think she was happy to be free of them and didn't mind trying to stick it to Logan when she could but as soon as he had something she wanted, she caved on that
  7. I don't think that's true at all. Shiv pointed out to Roman in the car that Logan will never give him control because "he thinks there is something wrong with Roman." Plus there was the whole discussion with Roman and Logan in the boat about Kerri being a good looking woman and if Roman was afraid of fucking or whatever. That dick pic definitely stained Roman in Logan's eyes or at least contributed to his low opinion of Roman's sexual perversions. If not for that truth, Roman may have actually believed that Logan would look out for him and the full coup wouldn't have been attempted.
  8. I legit laughed out loud when she told Misty "You remind me of my granddaughter. Nobody likes her either." Misty singing Breakfast at Tiffany's while the coach was trying to do his thing was like a hell I had never imagined yet was so perfectly ghastly. I enjoyed Nat's father proving his uselessness by shooting off his own head because he left the safety off after berating Nat for being an idiot for not knowing about the safety. I'm glad she bagged the deer. Also, I'm glad she and Travis made friends (which we know would eventually happen) because he was so annoying this episode. It'
  9. I need a refill already, please! So from the 10,000 BC peoples perspective, they were totally right to be wary of the Sky People. I mean, they kidnapped a boy and hit people on the back of the head with rocks and shot at least one to death. Not cool, Sky People. I was waiting for whatever the heck Silas was so worried about so I am disappointed there was no explanation from him. I knew we wouldn't get any answers out of Aldridge, so no surprise there. I am speculating that the thing she built and showed Scott will take them back to 2021. Also, she got over her injuries quickly to be
  10. In order to remember Tom's name, you just have to remember that you have to break a few Gregs to make a Tomlette. It doesn't matter how many Gregs you break you will never make a Tedlette.
  11. Scott calls everyone out for "Stoner," ha! And calls them old I guess since stoner is an antiquated term according to him. I'm not sure if I've been brainwashed by this show like Veronica was by Aaron, but I think this was the best episode yet. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's bat shit but there was actually some suspense and intrigue and the character interactions were mostly OK. I enjoyed all the various quests everyone went on. I like Scott and Veronica looking for the cow and their conversation. I did laugh at the fact that they happened to have a harness for the cow. I don't th
  12. Every episode I'm left thinking, will this be the thing that finally breaks loyalty to Logan? Picking Mencken (name?) or Andy from Weeds seems to be able to do that for both Conner and Shiv. Conner because he wants to be president and Shiv partly because she doesn't want a fascist in power and probably more importantly, she doesn't get a say or any approval for any of her thoughts or decisions. Yet so far not much seems to sway her loyalty, especially since she seems to think she's so close to grabbing all that power for herself. As to Tom, if Logan can't even keep him out of prison and h
  13. Going on a first date with someone to meet their entire extended family and try to mediate a disagreement between them and their daughter is so many levels past thirsty that I'm not even sure there is a name for it.
  14. Something actually happened! We find out that the little blond boy has a name! Isiah! Just kidding, we also find out he's Eve's future husband, Gavin. And present day Gavin isn't actually psychic, he's remembering things from his time in the sinkhole. I'm not sure why he doubles over in pain every time he has a memory, but ok. Also, not quite sure how he's had so many memories from when the little blond boy wasn't even around. I guess he was supposedly spying each time. Kid really gets around. I'm glad these dumbos finally figured out that they need to try and find a way to survive and we
  15. That was an "emperor has no clothes" situation with Logan. Interesting that Logan in his physical and at times mental decline is still a better leader than his whole team put together including 3 of his children, Gerri, Karl, Frank and everyone. And even though Kendall is on the outs with everyone, he was still right about making a deal to stop the vote. "His urethra wrested control from his brain!" I laughed so hard at that and at Shiv asking Logan "Have you heard where we're at?" and Logan taking a long beat and then saying "...Uh huh" in the most sarcastic tone one could muster. S
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