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  1. Sounds like I may be in the minority on this but I absolutely loved the Mickey Dance Challenge. I loved seeing how the pros incorporated the same dance move into their specific genre and I loved seeing the stars' eyes light up when they got to that part of their dance. There was something really fun and charming about it and I wouldn't be upset if they incorporated some variation of that challenge every season. I thought everyone did a great job last night, with the exception of Brian. I don't know if it's a fear of looking stupid or if he just isn't a good dancer or what, but every time
  2. Mr. Lily asked me what I would do if he did that to me and I said, "Stake you right in the heart, buddy. No hesitation." I've watched too many vampire shows/movies for that to even be a question. 😄
  3. I'm wondering if the Liam thing was pretend and they're going to be faking his death to. . . I don't know why? Lull the killer into a false sense of security so they can trap him/her?
  4. I just saw a commercial that Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley will both be returning on August 12.
  5. I was telling Mr. Lily last night as we were watching that I don't really like the dynamic of having Tayshia and Kaitlyn participating in the show. During the group date, it did feel very much like they were making fun of the guys which really brought to mind an us vs. them mentality. And when Katie has individual conversations with the girls, I feel like the girls (whether intentionally or unconsciously) are influencing the decisions that Katie is making. Chris had an element of neutrality when the Bachelor/ettes approached him with questions or issues that I don't think Tayshia or Kaitlyn ha
  6. They're MARRIED???? Good lord, how did I make it four episodes in without realizing that? And here I am thinking, oh look how cute they're flirting with each other. I'm an idiot. 🙄 I really like this show. I was telling my friend that this show seems to be good for my soul. I like seeing someone taking up for the underdog, especially for no other reason than that it's the right thing to do.
  7. I can't say that I warmed up to the show so much as I got used to it. And as others have said, if it's renewed I'll continue to watch it. But I'd really like it if they dialed back the breaking the fourth wall thing in the second season. They seemed like they were headed down that path the last couple of episodes and I appreciated it as I didn't care for it in the original and I don't care for it here. If they limited it to the beginning, where Kat catches up the audience with what's been going on and where her headspace is (like a live-action "here's where we are now" like Miranda did), and d
  8. JenLily

    SEAL Team

    I watched the scene a couple of times and noted that the guy's back was to the camera at all times. I also saw what looked to me like his left arm moving sharply (hand out of sight) right before he was shot. It seemed to me like he may have been going for a gun tucked in his waistband. I know they made a point of saying they didn't find a gun on the guy's body but considering they apparently didn't realize there was a whole second person there filming the entire thing, it seems completely reasonable to me that the amateur filmmaker could have retrieved the gun while the guys were in the other
  9. I thought this episode was really pretty good. As Ms Blue Jay said, it really looks like most of them are having some pretty serious breakthroughs that give me hope they might be able to salvage their relationships. Not Erica and Kendal though. I despise Kendal in the worst way. The man is an ass and a half. But I appreciate that Erica is seeming to realize that and that she's been working herself to death for the approval of a complete and utter scumbag. It boggles the mind that he thinks he can do whatever he wants and Erica will be cool with it. It really demonstrates how little regard
  10. "Who's the nutcase now, Ray? WHO'S THE NUTCASE NOW?!?!?" 😂
  11. Bow's eyes getting really big when Dre said they'd have to walk to the school absolutely knocked me on my ass laughing. I rewound it three times. 😂
  12. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Someone above said the word "charming" and I wholeheartedly agree with that description. I'm eager to see how the rest of the season goes.
  13. This episode actually made me laugh quite a few times. I think my favorite line was Erica telling Geoff he should wear the hat because "[t]his is the 80s, Geoff. People are going to look back on our fashion and say, 'They got it right.'"
  14. She was hilarious in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Loved her character and hope she pops in again.
  15. Sigh. I just don't think this show is very good. The biggest problems for me are her kids. I actually like the rest of the cast and would've been fine with this being a fish-out-of-water show for Kyra's character, moving from a small town in the Midwest to LA and meeting all sorts of new people. But the kids are dragging her down. I bet if the show wasn't so hyper focused on the kids being frustrated with their "needy, pathetic old mom" the writers wouldn't feel the need to dumb down Kyra's character so much. I wish they'd just get rid of the kids somehow.
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