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  1. JenLily

    S17.E14: Finale

    Now that I've had a few hours to digest, I can actually talk about the fashions we saw. Hester's runway show really wasn't bad at all. Her looks were creative and interesting and there were a few pieces (the first dress, the lavender and red coat, that last dress) that I actually loved. I'm kind of excited that DVF was so into her because I think with the proper guidance, she'll do some pretty awesome things. I loved so many more of Garo's pieces than I was expecting to. That black trench coat and the black zip-up hoodie sweater dress especially were right up my alley, and there were a few dresses that I'd love to have. And I loved those gloves on the last model. Impractical, sure, but they looked so cool. This really bothered me as well. I'm not sure why he was so fixated on that dress when there were probably other looks available that would have required far less work to adapt. I agree that Kate's dress and the one right before that killed his chances of winning. What else can I add about Sebastian's collection? Everything he sent down was so beautifully constructed and interesting and I'd wear every single one of them. I loved the floaty dress Nina had him make even more without the belt and that teal trench dress was to die for. Honestly, I can't even pick a favorite, he really knocked it out of the park. I'm so delighted that he won and I can't wait to see how they adapt his pieces for sale. I hope I can afford something. No one mentioned it but Christian's reaction when Garo told him he was leaving out the paillette dress was hysterical. He was so horrified you'd think Garo told him he was planning on killing a dog on the runway. I must've rewound it at least four times. πŸ˜‚
  2. JenLily

    S17.E14: Finale

    I screamed, too, and scared my cat. And then I burst into tears and scared my husband. πŸ˜‚
  3. JenLily

    S01.E22: The Source Awakens

    If I remember correctly, they explained it as she was able to wield her powers to do the opposite of what they originally did. In other words, she froze the demons by slowing their bodies/cells/whatever and then as her power grew and her control over them grew she was able to speed up their bodies/cells/whatever so that she could make them blow up instead. Something like that.
  4. JenLily

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    Interestingly though, she wasn't reacting to the noise they were making. She intervened when they ignored/disrespected their mother. I wonder if that was the environment in which she raised Perry, that the mother was to be obeyed at all times. It would go a little ways towards explaining (not justifying!) why he then went on to exert all the control he could over every woman he encountered as an adult, when he was out of her reach.
  5. JenLily

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    I'm not saying she is screwed up, or that she screwed up by picking him. What I'm saying is that when Jojo told her that little nugget of trivia, it stuck in her head. I still remember the exact look on her face when she heard that and I said to my husband, "Uh oh. She's going to end up with whoever she gives that first rose to, I guarantee it." Lo and behold. . . πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Nothing wrong with it (I mean, except for the fact that she ended up with a dude who seems to enjoy racist/sexist/homophobic posts on Insta but whatevs), but I do wonder if she would've chosen him had she not heard that.
  6. JenLily

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    Puddles are pretty still. I actually think that's what screwed Becca up with Garrett. One of the previous Bachelorettes mentioned to her before the show started that the last five or whatever picks had gotten the first impression rose and I really think that's why she ended up choosing Garrett. I hope Hannah breaks the cycle. I don't. The guy's a narcissistic sociopath whose only truth is what he speaks at that exact moment. He can't answer the way she wants because he's incapable of relating to other people. The problem is she sees that, she just doesn't want to acknowledge it. She wants him to act like a real boy to justify keeping him around now so she can bone him later. "See? He does have depth. I knew it was there, I just had to draw it out of him." Except there is no depth. What you see is what you get, which is a giant vat of nothing. And at this point, him still being here is all on her. "My heart producers loins want him to stay". Now I fixed it for you. πŸ˜‰
  7. JenLily

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    NO!! It was driving Mr. Lily insane last night. And then once he pointed it out, I couldn't stop hearing it, too.
  8. JenLily

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    I loved -- *LOVED* -- the lavender coat with the fur trim Hester sent down the runway. I would buy that in a minute. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing her show. Some of the stuff I'm sure will be crazy, but I think there are going to be a few pieces here and there that will be interesting. I've thought that most of the pieces she did during the season were shit but I'm really curious to see what she put together with all that money and time she had. I can't wait to see Sebastian's collection. Totally agreed with Elaine that I could see those belts at Hermès and I was absolutely blown away at the craftsmanship of those leather loopy things on his pieces. If he doesn't win this thing it'll be a travesty. Garo's neither here nor there for me. I think he does some cool stuff and other things are not so great. I think it was utterly unfair that he was stuck having to make a suit while Hester was only told no prints and Sebastian was told to basically just make something floaty. I liked that sequin dress he had on the runway but agree with whomever upthread that said the fabric did most of the work. I'm sad that we won't get to see what Bishme did but I think it was a mercy kill at this point. He still had two whole outfits to make as well as redo that terrible dress he did for Nina. I think he would've fallen apart. And frankly he looked more than a little relieved at being sent off so as much as I adored him, I'm happy with the way things went. But man, that black outfit was a killer. I wanted to see more of that. 😊 All in all, I'm really looking forward to the show next week. And I must add to all the praise being sent Christian's way. I loved him before but he really shined as a mentor. He's done such an amazing job guiding these designers. Good job, Bravo, for seeing what he can do beyond designing clothes.
  9. JenLily

    The Enemy Within

    Because Under the Dome was the most hilarious, ridiculous, over-the-top show EVER! It's second only to The Following when it comes to unintended hilarity. Manifest (and The Enemy Within for that matter) are not nearly as fun.
  10. JenLily

    S06.E22: Reckoning

    This. So many relationships start out in the workplace, especially considering that most people spend more time with their co-workers than they do with people outside the office. It doesn't really surprise me when people hook up with their co-workers on TV. I met Mr. Lily at work myself. That being said, most of the people I know, myself included, do not have/have not had relationships with people they work directly with on a day-to-day basis. It's usually people in other departments. The only thing surprising about Jay and Hailey is that they didn't hook up a long time ago. I was expecting it from the second they started working together. I was more surprised that she picked Adam first. I'm not fond of the actress either and my frame of reference is the exact same as yours. When she first turned up on PD, I remember turning to my friend and going, "Ugh, it's that girl." I didn't like her on Revolution and I don't like her here.
  11. JenLily

    S7: E22 - I'm Not Leaving You

    Lazy writing seems to be par for the course for the Chicago writers when it comes to love/relationships unfortunately. The only reason the chaplain is moving is to open the door for her and Matt which again. . . lazy writing. It would've been far more interesting for them to have kept her and chaplain together and have them explore how their relationship might affect his job rather than the same old two-people-in-the-same-house-being-together tired storylines.
  12. JenLily

    S04.E22: With A Brave Heart

    I keep hoping a video will show up that will prove he was lying. It's such tired and lazy writing to have a woman who was broken up with turn into an obsessive psycho. Much more interesting to me to have her be a normal woman with unresolved feelings that he misinterprets as her being unhealthily obsessed with him because he's a raging narcissist who thinks he's God's gift to both medicine and women so of course it's possible that she'd go as far as murdering his father to be with him. Good God. I will not be sorry to see either of them go. But I will be sorry if they don't do a proper resolution of their storyline before they do. Fifty? No. Forty-five is the recommended age to start getting annual mammograms by the ACS, with woman as early as forty having the option to get them. My doctor recommended that I start getting them annually at 40 because I have a couple of members of my extended family who had breast cancer. If Maggie's age is supposed to be comparable to the actress's actual age and if she didn't have a family history and wasn't exhibiting symptoms, I could see how she wouldn't have had a mammogram before. So unless they're implying that Maggie is much older than 40, I'm a little surprised that Sharon assumed she'd had one before. This didn't even seem like a season finale to me. With the exception of Natalie's silly cliffhanger, it just seemed like a normal episode.
  13. JenLily

    S15.E03: Week 3

    It was a weirdly disjointed way of telling the story but I don't think he was taking responsibility for the actual losing of the baby. I understood it as, he wasn't there for her the way he should have been during and after the loss and he feels some amount of guilt for that. It was a familiar story for me because when I miscarried, my husband wasn't there for me either (literally and figuratively) and it did massive damage to our marriage. We're still dealing with the fallout but I can completely understand how their relationship may have fallen apart and he's owning up to his part in that.
  14. JenLily

    SO3.E23 A Mom's Parade

    I didn't care for this episode, but not because of the musical aspect. I can't stand when TV shows and movies have the mother be all desperate for validation and gratitude from the people around them. This smacked of what I didn't like in the pilot, and had they continued down that route I would've stopped watching almost immediately. It's interesting because last night's "The Kids Are Alright" had a similar plot where Peg was pissed when she thought she was being taken for granted but they handled it in such a way where I wasn't rolling my eyes and groaning, "Get over it" at the TV. On a positive note, I was pleasantly surprised by everyone's singing voices, particularly Katie's and Cooper's. And that catchy little Westport number was stuck in my head for no less than an hour after the episode ended. πŸ˜„
  15. JenLily

    Station 19

    How in sweet baby Jesus's name did I miss that that was Patrick Duffy???