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  1. Okay, that ending was stupid. I’d say I’m disappointed but I don’t care enough. The original series was better.
  2. So Martha's a tiny bit psychic with dreams of Clark flying, I guess? I love that Gregory Smith directed this. Seriously, I think Berlanti has pulled more from Everwood than the Arrowverse for this superhero show about a father who's grown distant from his 2 kids and moves to a small town to help bring his family closer. Tyler Hoechlin has the most beautiful smile. I love seeing the early stages of his relationship with Lois and his wonder with the new powers. I just love seeing them work together following a story and Lois tazing the guy after Clark saved her. I love that Lois fell
  3. As disappointed as I am that they didn't get Nick Bakay to play Salem, I did like the voice actor playing him in this one. And I do love that world-dominating Salem has successfully taken over the tv show as star and head writer. I liked Caliban's enthusiasm at only taking his shirt off when he wants to. It was nice to see the flashbacks to Harvey and Sabrina. I forgot how cute they were.
  4. Ok, The Fright Club were the best band in my opinion. That was a solid rendition of "Time Warp." Although I liked Sabrina's kind of 1990s Gwen Stefani costume.
  5. I think the idea is that it's not reversible after a certain period, but she had hers months ago. There was definitely a time crunch.
  6. The Kent family being open and honest about what they know gives me life. Loved Jonathan saying he wouldn't apologize for telling the truth. I also love and hate that he's now got an arch nemesis in whoever possessed Kyle. I'm glad Lois got to punch Possessed Kyle in the face with kryptonite. I liked the the little trio with Sarah and the twins. I like that they've given Lara more purpose here with her inventing the consciousness storing technology. I loved Clark trying to talk kindly and be reasonable with Edge. Yeah, Edge has a reason to be screwed up, but still he's a diabolical murderer, s
  7. Look, I'm as happy to see Barry and Iris getting laid as any Westallen fan, but, dude, you have superspeed, get the woman to a bed or at least an unoccupied gurney. Chester saying "According to legends" got me too excited till I realized he didn't mean the team. I really like when we get to see Cecile and Barry together. It's an aspect of the family/team dynamic that we rarely see, they're really sweet together, and they seem to have such faith in each other's abilities. And the height difference is adorable. Danielle Nicolet really showed off her range between real Cecile in emoti
  8. The picture below is from a few years ago on Supergirl in a different suit that seems to have no padding. For further research, there's plenty of shirtless photos from Teen Wolf.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It definitely inspired many of the same feelings as the original, without feeling too copycat. Yeah, I'm willing to handwave the D2 ducks having green jerseys as gifts or something later or maybe after the Eden Hall team had to change their name. Coach of the jerk Ducks in this series always makes me think he's supposed to have been in the original series. I keep thinking he looks like he could be Guy and Fulton's little brother. I genuinely thought he was Guy when we first saw him. Maya and Laura's friendship was a nice, fun surprise, Nick is a total sweetheart, Ev
  10. They really need to get the ELT in watch form like James had on Supergirl. Little less obvious and easier to hold onto.
  11. TVA agent: Please confirm to your knowledge that you are not a fully robotic being, were born an organic creature, and do in fact possess what many cultures would call a soul. Loki: What? "To my knowledge"? Do a lot of people not know if they're robots? TVA agent: Thank you for confirming. Move through. Loki: What if I was a robot and I didn't know it? TVA agent: The machine would melt you from the inside out. Please move along, sir. Loki: Okay, I'm not a robot, so I'll be fine.
  12. I swear I saw a snap or something at the top like it was reusable.
  13. I love that part of Lois's planning/building the team speech in the beginning involved calling Clark a great reporter. I mean, I know he is, but I still like to hear it. I really wasn't expecting continued respiratory issues from last week, much less that he'd infect Jordan, but it worked really well. I knew when Clark got hit so many times that we'd get a shirtless Tyler Hoechlin later. Thank you, show. "Where are you going?" - "Oh, to make a scene." I'm loving Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois more and more. I loved her confronting her dad, but Jonathan's confrontation was even better for
  14. I wasn't crazy about the episode as a whole, but I think they did a good job with the Cisco highlight reel, and I'm glad we finally got to find out what Cisco's greatest fear was. It was better than sendoffs we've had on Supergirl. I'm also glad that Cisco's party was just OG Team Flash (including Joe!). Karaoke to Gaga was a good sendoff, but seriously, let the musical theater veterans sound amazing at karaoke night. Okay, they don't use hydrogen in blimps anymore right? I was hyperfocused on that detail when Barry mentioned it. Did the Arrowverse learn nothing from the Hindenburg?
  15. On Supergirl, the first two season finales had Clark mind controlled. We've seen Kara out of control and dangerous at least twice, not to mention the other evil Kryptonians out there. There is a reason Oliver Queen and Kate Kane had Kryptonite, and it's best in the hands of someone the heroes can trust. Sam should absolutely have Kryptonite weaponry available. He should be the one he can trust to help protect the Lane/Kent family since they're at an increased risk of Kryptonian attack. Now the rate at which it should be available to the rest of the Department of Defense is another matter, espe
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