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  1. bettername2come

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    I hate it when shows kill the spouse in the finale - Original Recipe Roseanne, Medium, 24 season 1. And if they were going to kill Logan, they could've done it in so many ways, incorporate a fatal flaw, make it about him at least or his work, but no, he's collateral damage from a crazed bomber who wasn't even the original bomber. It was stupid, cliche. Not what I needed. I knew when Logan, Veronica, Keith and Wallace were all gathered for the wedding that one of them would have to go, and man, I wish it were Keith. He had a good run and I could've dealt with the fakeout from the dementia to a sudden death. Logan got his shit together. He did the right things. He healed. He did good. He tried to deal with things appropriately. He finally got the love of his life to agree to spend the rest of her life with him and they get two fucking hours. It's wrong. He deserved better. He at least deserved a mystery.
  2. bettername2come

    S04.E07: Gods of War

    Because he's her moral center! God, that scene was hot. I'm sitting here loving it and yelling, "Don't do it! Please be a dream." And also, damn, Kristen, looking good. Logan and Veronica getting engaged probably means he's gonna die, doesn't it. Weevil, you beautiful, heroic, protective man. The minute the friend is in danger, he forgets the fight and runs to the rescue. Love the episode title. Because Mars is the god of war. Because this show loves is Roman/planetary themes.
  3. bettername2come

    S04.E06: Entering a World of Pain

    The fight with Weevil and Veronica was great. Francis Capra was holding his own in that scene. This show really brings out the best in him. Leo is still adorable and my favorite. Hector! And his crazy hyena laugh! I was totally expecting Clarence Wiedman to be lying about Logan hiring him when the Carr brother showed up, but then he shot back, so I guess not.
  4. bettername2come

    S04.E04: Heads You Lose

    I just remembered my second favorite ship of this show: Logan/Random Uplifting Quotes. They're not just for voicemails anymore. I really enjoyed seeing Weevil. And that Veronica assumed he misunderstood her Fagin reference, but no, he got it, he's just thrown off by her thinking he has anything to do with bombings. Francis Capra always does so well with the many facets of Weevil's morality. And I think he's looking more attractive than the last time I saw him on something. I don't know he just reminded me more of classic Weevil. Mercer is disgusting as always. I almost didn't recognize him. He seemed so old. My first thought upon seeing Tim was "what? Lucky's dead" before I remembered Tim would've gotten a haircut since his Hearst days. Say what you will about season three, but it's had the most successful legal justice for the big bads. Leo is still the guy from this show I would choose. I loved him bringing the pizza. It was his turn! It was fun to see him and Veronica on a stakeout together. "Is there anyone in this town that isn't in law enforcement?" - Yeah, the criminals. one priest and a high school physics teacher.
  5. bettername2come

    Veronica Mars Quotes

    4x04, "Heads You Lose" Veronica: C'mon, young buck. The money is one thing, but when you add a sexual component, it really makes me want to shoot you. Can't we all just get along? * Logan: I think Piz is back there somewhere too. Piz? * Leo: I never thought I'd say this, but I kinda miss Sheriff Lamb. Veronica: Yeah. He was dumb and easy to manipulate, I'll give him that. Leo: Yeah. A good lay, too. *Veronica chokes.* Leo: What? You know, those deputy jobs were very hard to come by. Veronica: Off that, I think I'm gonna head out. Leo: What? Because I sold my body to advance my career. Veronica, I was young. * Veronica: Would it be rude to follow him? Leo: It'd be malpractice not to. * Leo: I don't like to use this term, but I'll do it because I'm in southern California, your boy....seems chill. * Clyde: Is anybody in this town not in law enforcement?
  6. bettername2come

    S04.E02: Chino and the Man

    There was a plot point in season three that it was running out faster than it should have because of being split between Logan, Trina and Aaron's illegitimate son Charlie.
  7. bettername2come

    S04.E03: Keep Calm and Party On

    I loved that Claudia turned out to be Weevil's sister. That's a twist I didn't see coming and respected. And I'm shocked at how excited I was to see Hector. Veronica doing E seemed out of character and out of character for current Logan. I did like that little clip of them all dancing and doing shots though. I'm really glad Wallace is the physics teacher. Since he wanted to be an engineer, I'm glad he's at least teaching something in science. I am so curious about what Logan has been up to the past 10 years. I love them making fun of the true crime community, and casting Patton Oswalt really goes a long way to proving that it's good-natured teasing.
  8. bettername2come

    Veronica Mars Quotes

    Season 4x03, "Keep Calm and Party On" PCHer: Eat a dick! Veronica: Okay, but I like 'em well done. *taser noises* * Veronica: A cam girl? So what? It's not even in pussy grabbing range. You know, who even cares anymore? I thought that's what we're all learning. Nothing matters. * Logan: Einstein said you cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for death. No wait, that was war. Short answer: I'm not getting you cigarettes. Chief Langdon: Uh, I'm sorry: Who are you? Logan: How much time do you have? 'Cause I've been thinking about this a lot lately. * Penn: Okay, if you must know - Logan (from the other room): Oh, she must! * Logan: I assume any text that starts with "bring me pants" is from Dick. * Logan: That's Fake Dick. Veronica: That's the worst kind. Logan: That's Real Dick. Veronica: I take that back. * Drunk Veronica: Play "No Scrubs!" * Matty: When your friend was murdered were you angry? Veronica: I'm still angry. * Don: After what they've been through, they're too damaged for anybody else. * Don: The blow to Lilly Kane's head came at an equal level. Which means that it was done by someone the same size, or smaller *websleuths look at Veronica* I don't know my eyeline. Can the Mars girl tell that I'm looking at her?
  9. bettername2come

    S04.E02: Chino and the Man

    And thanks to JK Simmons, avoid statutory rape charges!
  10. bettername2come

    S04.E02: Chino and the Man

    And that makes perfect sense, but all I could think of was the pilot’s “I feel like I’m in a scene from The Outsiders” “Be cool, Sodapop.”
  11. bettername2come

    S04.E02: Chino and the Man

    There's our favorite Dick! I thought he was really on the streets and on heroin for a second. Glad to see the knife to throat scene from the trailer was a fakeout. They got me for a second but I realized we hadn't seen other scenes from the trailer with him. Actor in action movies is a believable career choice for him. Perhaps the only job he can believably have. Hey, he didn't do anything awful! I liked the Logan/Veronica argument. I found it believable. I really like that Logan is seeing a therapist. I did not like that he punched a cabinet and then the screwed up sex. Methinks Veronica needs a therapist too. JK Simmons is always welcome. Pony the dog is good as the new Backup. I assume he's named after the Outsiders character. Patton Oswalt as an online crime solver is beautiful, given that he was married to crime writer Michelle McNamara. Logan the one man security force is wonderful and I love him. Perhaps now more than ever.
  12. bettername2come

    Veronica Mars Quotes

    Logan: Sorry. I had to make some assumptions about who the good guys were. Tyler Carr: Didn't you just screw the pooch, whoever you are. We're gonna make you bleed. Logan: Oh, good. I guessed right. Well, enough talking about it. Words into action, fellas. * Veronica: You watch murder porn, too?! I knew it. * Logan: Don't worry. I got the check. Veronica: I didn't want you to murder him for it.
  13. bettername2come

    S04.E01: Spring Break Forever

    Wallace has a nice woman and a cute kid! Logan suggested staying with them longer for Cards Against Humanity! Patton Oswalt! I don't think shirtless Jason Dohring has ever looked better. It's like they never left and yet so much is different. I loved Logan's proposal. And referencing Occam's Razor. They called him a Naval Intelligence Officer this time. They only stated pilot in the movie right? Damn that seems so appropriate for him. Our girl has had such an influence on him. Oh, god Keith with the memory loss. Including saying the car accident was 2013. Movie was 2014 but didn't it take place in 2016? It's probably just a production mistake, but I'd rather believe it's a clue than believe Rob made a mistake. I like the new mystery. New damaged teenager seems fine. Can't understand why Big Dick is taken seriously. I enjoyed seeing Simone from The Good Place and Dawnn Lewis. I like that Kristen and Rob are recruiting people from their other projects. I think Krysten Ritter told the cast how awesome her Jessica Jones credits were and they copied them. They were pretty visuals that fit the darker elements of the show. Don't like the new cover. If they wanted a slow dreamy version they could do better. At least use Dandy Warhols part two. Or the Alejandro Escoveda cover from the movie. All other versions are better and I didn't mind this cover when I first heard it. I just didn't like it in context.
  14. bettername2come

    Veronica Mars Spoilers & Speculation: New Season(s)

    Why did I come into this thread? What good did I think it would do? Who they gonna kill? It's Logan, isn't it? Or is it Keith? But they almost killed him in the movie, so I doubt they'd do it again. I used to think they could always kill off Veronica and have a season where the characters solve it, but that's stupid. Right?! I gotta stay out of this thread.
  15. bettername2come

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Looked up the actor. He’s 36 years old!