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  1. The voice saying "Wanda, who's doing this to you?" sounds familiar to me, but I don't know if I'm thinking that because I'm trying to make it true. Since Wanda has some telepathic abilities, is this her reaching out to someone mentally and they're getting a glimpse of what's happening to her. Sam, Bucky or Hawkeye seem like they would be the most likely candidates since they're getting their own spinoffs and she's close to Sam and Hawkeye. I hope she just got pregnant by Vision before the Snap (scientifically implausible tho it may be) and she's been kidnapped by someone. And if we could throw in a "pregnancy somehow gives link to Vision that can allow him to be rebuilt" I'm totally fine with it. I loved the Bewitched vibe throughout the episode. Not sure what the Beekeeper guy is.
  2. The acting was spot on. They nailed the vibe completely and the jokes weren't bad for the type of sitcom they covered. I especially loved "You move at the speed of sound and I can float a pen with my mind, why would we need to abbreviate anything?" They really had fantastic chemistry. I don't have a lot of ideas as of yet. I assume Wanda and possibly some of the other characters are trapped unconscious in some secret government facility somewhere. Kathryn Hahn really is made for this role, and now I feel bad for all the times I confused her for Ana Gasteyer.
  3. Man, you cannot have five minutes of peace as a character/viewer of this show. Glad Randall seemed at peace with his history. Stories in the past with non-main character focus seem better if I think of this show as more of an anthology. Yeah, ghosts are real on this show. Don’t hurt Kevin! And if you’re going to hurt Kevin, I need Kate to track him down like a bloodhound with their twin powers while awkwardly leaving Toby with Madison. How many episodes are in this season? How far along is Madison? I’m more confused than usual about the timeline.
  4. Nick’s a good singer. They harmonized nicely. Did we have some prior knowledge of Nick liking Sound of Music or can we just assume he watched it ‘cause Sabrina made him? Don’t think that’s the end of her DIY boyfriend. Maybe he’ll team up with Sabrina Morningstar’s dastardly clay husband.
  5. I was weirdly moved by Ambrose running to hug Sabrina when she returned from hell. I know they love each other and are very close so it wasn't exactly surprising but it was still a really sweet moment. I think I like him more as the series goes on. Gee, nothing could possibly go wrong about trying to make your own boyfriend.
  6. Seriously the red headband is what throws Zelda off? As much red as she wears?
  7. I appreciated Toby's response that spending two years trying to get pregnant was a lot of time where a previous pregnancy could've come up naturally. It wasn't rude or angry but was a legitimate point. Marc is lame, but he does look younger than 46 to me, especially for a smoker. "Broken in all the right places" is disgusting. I liked the moments of connection between Kevin and Randall. In their teen years they definitely seem closer over the phone. I can believe that Kevin considers what would Randall do. It makes me think of their first onscreen conversation in season 1. I liked that Randall looked a bit teary-eyed at Kevin saying that. I hope Kevin doesn't think Randall just wanted to end an awkward conversation. I like that Beth jumped right in with Randall for the phone call. I love how they function as a unit in their best moments. I'm glad Randall got some closer by hearing that William was probably telling the truth. He doesn't need additional issues about parents lying about parents' whereabouts.
  8. She was originally intended to be a love interest in the movie, but then there were second thoughts after Robyn Lively was cast, so she friendzoned him due to her being an actual 16-year-old and him being like 27. Although I guess that doesn't explain her being absent at the end of the film.
  9. When they said "they're flying in some doctor from out of state" and showed her, I swear it was a blonde woman that bore something of a resemblance to Elisabeth Shue, so they knew we were all assuming it and they got in a little reference to it.
  10. Episode 8: "Being a badass doesn't mean being an asshole." That saying needs to be on some show merchandise. Good to see Miguel struggling with karate moves after moving so quickly from unable to stand to independent walking. It's fun to watch Amanda be the one to get all riled up about Kreese. It's nice to see her getting involved in the karate aspects of the show more. I'm too happy about Carmen and Johnny hooking up. Episode 9: Elisabeth Shue! I was beginning to think she wasn't going to appear this season. She and Zabka have great chemistry. It was nice to see Miguel and Daniel get to know each other and for him to hear both sides of their story. I was expecting Sam and Miguel to Parent Trap the senseis not the students. Episode 10: Bert! The kid needs to stop falling for cute animal tricks, though. I do like the touch of Tori in a skeleton hoodie since the adults are making fun of Johnny's costume "skeleton pajamas." I like that the Ali/Daniel breakup was based on a misunderstanding rather than her being a jerk after the first movie. I like the consistency of Amanda always teaming up with the other woman about the ridiculous guys (this and Carmen at the double date last year). The fight wasn't as good as the school one, just because this time the Cobra Kais have a lot of random extras instead of nuanced characters so I'm less excited about the matchups. I enjoyed Assface encouraging Demetri to get back up in the fight. I like that after all the conflicted looks Hawk's given this season, that he finally manned up, apologized to Demetri and rejoined his friend. Johnny would've been so proud to see that. My brain went "Oh shit! Cobra pit!" without trying to make a rhyme. I love that Johnny dropped the sai without hesitation when Robbie told him to. Daniel rescued Johnny! I wasn't sure that would happen since we hadn't seen him come home yet. "We won't lose." Daniel and Johnny on the same side makes me so happy, even if Robbie not being on their side is heartbreaking. At least all the other duos are back together. And I guess Johnny didn't screw everything up with Carmen like I was expecting. So, Terry Silver next season?
  11. Episode 6: Love how Kreese outsmarted them by going to the police first. Cape Fear-level karate psychos plan ahead. "I feel like this story's missing a lot of context." As angry as I am at the Cobra Kai kids in general, they've done a great job humanizing everyone . Not that that's an excuse for breaking arms and releasing snakes into car dealerships. Miguel's "QUIET!" was beautiful. The "Miguel can only do something new when he's not trying" aspect is getting a little ridiculous at this point. Glad to see so much focus on him and Johnny though...and then I get to the next episode where's off the crutches completely.
  12. All right, posting at the halfway mark without reading because spoilers. I'm loving this season so far. Clearly they're playing up the "everyone's the hero of their own story" angle with Tori and the bit of Kreese backstory we've gotten so far. I'm so glad the secrets Miyagi was keeping from Daniel-san weren't negative, just a form of karate he didn't teach, that didn't feel like an insult. I really enjoyed hearing the letter where Miyagi said Sam treats him like a grandfather. I know we can't get it onscreen, but since Miyagi lived longer than Pat I want to hear more about their relationship and have it acknowledged that Miyagi was part of Daniel's family. I liked that we saw the little girl they saved in Part 2. If the actress was the same, I'll love it more. Good deeds coming full circle is good when so much of the series is saying otherwise. Zabke is killing it this season. Even when Johnny makes stupid decisions, I still see that he wants to do right and loves Robby and Miguel and his actions make sense for his own screwed up logic. I rolled my eyes a little at Miguel moving his foot when he wasn't trying to and had finally relaxed, but I'm happy to see it. The tiny karate kids grew so much! They don't look that out of place with the rest of the high schoolers anymore. I'm glad Bert is out of Cobra Kai. The rivalry is out of control. Breaking Dmitri's arm and attacking the little Miyagi-do guy. I loved Amanda slapping Kreese and cussing him out.
  13. I was doing a family tree thing and found a Lydia Martin who's my 5x great-grandmother. I'm gonna be on the lookout for banshee powers.
  14. All right, I finished my binge. I'd watch another season of this. The brothers had good chemistry. I liked Joe's snarkiness. Loved the exchange with his dad "If we get out of this, I'm making this my clubhouse" "Over my dead body, you are." "Oh, they have those down here too." I think he's my favorite brother, so he's upholding a fine tradition set by Shaun Cassidy. The group played off each other well, minus the love triangle attempts. Shame Stacy was evil, I thought she had decent chemistry with Frank. I liked Callie when she wasn't crushing on Frank. Glad she punched Stacy. Callie actress looks so much like Veronica from Riverdale to me. The supernatural elements didn't seem too over the top, as it seemed they had only a subtle control of events and felt like it was more about the conspiracy than anything. Glad Grandma didn't kill the daughter. Fenton Hardy is a terrible father. I will not be happy to see him in theoretical season 2.
  15. I'm five episodes in and enjoying it so far. They've done a good job of establishing the closeness of the brothers without having them too attached at the hip. The de-aging of Joe doesn't seem too detrimental. Honestly, after Nancy Drew I'm surprised CW didn't pick up the Hardy Boys and have them solve supernatural mysteries to replace the Winchesters. I don't think I've read any of the novels...maybe one or two of the Case Files or a Nancy Drew crossover. I have seen the 70s TV show which led to fairly intense reading of wikipedia pages. Also, I just realized JB is Benny from My Babysitter's a Vampire, which I was far too old to watch but really enjoyed.
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