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  1. bettername2come


    Ep 3x05 Ani: I think you're very handsome. I think you're adorable. Alex: Yeah. Well, you're the one girl in this county that would go for a skinny, sad kid. And you went for Clay, so... Clay: I'm gonna let that go because you're under stress. * Bryce: You're the only decent human left at Liberty. Monte: Got that right. * Clay: I don't want you to - I don't want you to hurt yourself. Alex: Yeah, I've run out of ways to do that. Clay (to Ani): Do you think I'm a sad, skinny kid? Ani: Ah I think you are a lean but right-sized very handsome, very complicated kid. Clay: I'll take it. * Justin: You seem awfully dark tonight. Clay: How are you not? Justin: I guess I am. But I'm alive, so I figure I'm ahead of the game.
  2. bettername2come

    Season 3 Discussion

    Ignoring posts to avoid spoilers because I can't wait to talk. I really liked the moment between Clay and Tyler where he told about his nightmares and asked him if he would've shot him. The tension just kept building and didn't fully go away when the scene ended. Bryce Walker actor is really fantastic, because he's really making me believe that Bryce feels bad and is trying to change. He's actually got me feeling slightly bad Bryce was murdered.
  3. bettername2come


    Clay: I have this thing where I think I know what's best for everybody, and I keep not learning my lesson that I actually don't know shit. Self-awareness is good.
  4. bettername2come


    "That's like getting your clothes from Walmart." And in the 13 Reasons universe the only remotely acceptable thing to buy at Walmart is Twist Up. * Monte: You’re a crazy motherfucker. Alex: Yeah. So leave.
  5. bettername2come


    Clay: Tyler’s my friend. Justin lives with me and my family. Justin: They’re adopting me. Ani: Oh, that’s fantastic. Clay believes brothers should take care of each other. * Jessica: Hey - what do you mean, girls like me? Ani: Who've got power they're finally ready to use.
  6. bettername2come

    Season 3 Discussion

    I wish this show had episode by episode topics. I want to participate in the discussion as I watch, but spoilers! Sigh. Guess I'll have to see what the At Least We Tried to Get Justice League is up to all by my lonesome.
  7. bettername2come


    For me what bothers me so much about this is that the real Allison's Joe is alive. Where do you get off killing the fictional equivalent when the real guy's alive? That's so screwed up. Fortunately, I am capable of covering my ears and just pretending the finale never happened. Which I did yesterday when the series finale came on yesterday and I turned it off the second I saw Joe wearing a lei on a plane.
  8. bettername2come

    Super Wish List

    At least the actress is doing well and getting more character development on Agents of SHIELD.
  9. bettername2come

    In The Dark

    The CW - making me yell at characters named Dean since 2006. I couldn't believe it. And after all my "no, I hope it's not Darnell, he seems sincere" thoughts, this got to me. I started to think they just pulled this out of nowhere, but now I'm not sure. They are so stupid with the drug money. So stupid. Pretzel is now the only smart character on the show. Five bucks says Murphy's parents get custody of Chloe.
  10. bettername2come

    Racing Wives

    I didn’t know this was a show, but I heard a few years back they tried to make a NASCAR Wives type show and it didn’t make it to air because they were all too nice to each other.
  11. bettername2come

    Quotes: Get Ready for a Large File Transfer!

    Well, to be fair, most MCU planets seem to operate as a whole, so you can’t really blame him for thinking otherwise after only spending time in the US.
  12. bettername2come

    Little People in the Media

    The show just got referenced in The Boys. They say something would be great for the reality show about superheroes if they were "airing on TLC between My 600 Pound Life and Little People, Big World."
  13. bettername2come

    S01.E06: The Innocents

    It is a good strategy for making sure Hughie doesn't go after Homelander when he wants to kill him himself.
  14. bettername2come

    Quotes: Get Ready for a Large File Transfer!

    Sarge: Shrike-killing bullets. Should've thought of that. Just never been to a planet that was so into guns. * Deke: Everybody! I'd like you to meet Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. They identify as my grandparents, so please just go with it. * Fitz: You said our grandson was a delight! Simmons: He's a work in progress. * Deke: And my best friend turned out to be a spy, and and my girlfriend turned out to be a psychopath. Simmons: Snowflake was not good for you. Deke: I was talking about Sequoia. My favorite part of this was that I completely forgot about Snowflake and automatically thought Sequoia was the psycho.
  15. bettername2come

    The People's Court

    Today we have the 21-year-old model who tried to sue for $9,932 for lost modeling jobs after getting scratched during her manicure. Then the mom goes on a rant about how bad Judge Milian is at her job.