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  1. Team Kevin in that argument. He at least started out fair and truthful, angry at Randall for undermining Rebecca's wishes and not even admitting it. Randall saying Jack died ashamed of him was such a low blow. Saying Jack died ashamed of Kevin and proud of him was so unfair. Saying he could never be devoted to anyone was a low blow and completely ignores the very close, sometimes codependent relationship he has with Kate. It ignores Kevin helping out Nicky and skipping out on his play to talk Randall down from panic attack. Kevin is flawed and his worst side has often come out in his relationship with Randall, and in 90 percent of their arguments, I will side with Randall. But he shot down every good thing about Kevin's character and his career and it was just mean. And as much as I hate what Kevin said, it wasn't the first shot and he just had two bombshells dropped on him in the span of 10 minutes. Randall doesn't have that excuse. I thought Justin Hartley put in a great performance in the end. This could be the episode that gets him an Emmy nomination like the rest of the Pearsons got. I liked how Kevin said he wasn't walking away from the conversation with Madison, and then Randall said he wasn't walking away from this when he came back to argue. Nice parallel. In other parallels, both brothers think they could've saved Dad. Jeez, Kev, even last week you were saying Randall couldn't have done it and now you're saying you could've done it. Really? With your broken leg? I liked seeing Tess holding little Jack, reminding me that she will be going into social services. The timeline seems wonky. No way have these flashforwards been taking place only ten-ish years in the future. Methinks Kevin might have multiple multiples. And Future Tess doesn't seem to be fresh out of college either.
  2. I'm with others thinking they drove one of the other cars in the bunker garage, but Dean isn't thinking clearly when someone says they found "the car" and assumes otherwise. I was amused at how other Dean was slowly morphing into regular Dean. I feel like HunterCorp must be a successor to the Men of Letters. I've never been a big fan of Rachel Miner's Meg, chemistry with Cas notwithstanding, but I was incredibly happy for her getting to make a return appearance and the empty was a good way to explain her not being active. Her appearance was much more believable than the Jo/Ruby one, although I don't think I can blame them for wanting to work together on the show once. And some of those women were replacements for the originals.
  3. I have a feeling Ava wouldn't allow that fine gentleman to stay on the ship judging by the way she pulled Sara back while she was throwing cash at him. It's so fun to see the Legends have fun. And they were not at all subtle in saying just because you love the characters doesn't mean you can just keep them forever. I did love the bro-hug. Nate's hit or miss for me, but I always love his friendship with Ray. Ray's earnestness and optimism brings out a great side to him, imo. Is Wild Dog joining the team or something? The way they mentioned picking him up and his role offscreen last week I'm half-convinced, but that makes no sense. He has a kid to take care of. A good exit. I think it's the best of the non-death exits for me. Definitely better than the flying chicken people got.
  4. Okay, Sterling K Brown did a great job and I appreciate that they made it clear the scenarios were all made up by Randall. I also liked that he had a fireman save Louie because it means he has a soul. And I even think it's fair of him to say he doesn't want to rehash his issues with Rebecca because they've been honest about it and I don't see what doing this could change. But, damn, Randall that was unfair to your mom and all I can think is that it's going to blow up in everyone's face and somehow make her condition deteriorate quicker,
  5. Okay, I kind of wish I had started at the beginning and counted how many times they said "community." It would've made a good drinking game. Although I admit, upon searching thesaurus.com the only one on the list that wouldn't have sounded weird was "people." Good acting, although I feel I wasn't supposed to laugh at "I almost murdered somebody...I still kind of want to," but I did. I just really didn't think she'd word it quite that way. I did like how they tied it back to her mom's death and how she doesn't think she's getting full use of her powers. Actually, while we're at it, I don't understand the weird lasso of light aspect of her powers. This connects to psychic visions how? Also, that idiot thought it was a good idea to go at a superhero with a Swiss Army knife? C'mon, dude, you at least bring a switchblade or something. I don't know how they keep thinking thinking this virtual reality tech is a good idea. It's the freaking Matrix. I did not miss Lena and Lex at all. It's been so long since we heard from Dean Cain I honestly couldn't remember what had happened to his character since the last time we saw him. In season one finding her dad was a much bigger focus of Alex's. but I can't remember the last time she mentioned him. Hmm. Very light on the Kara. Easing Melissa into maternity leave I guess? I thought she might have started to show when they showed her in suit from far away and then did a closeup. And the scene after that where she was wearing what looked like a pajama top. But when she had on her purple shirt (against her sister's advice!) and later on she looked completely normal to me.
  6. This was good. Didn't notice Sophie wasn't in it till the end. I did not miss her at all. Poor Kate. I wish she would just talk to Mary. I've thought this since the beginning, but things like a guy slashing his own throat and then getting it fixed with a staple gun makes me think they should really switch timeslots with Supergirl.
  7. Mary: Sorry. Doctor-vigilante confidentiality.
  8. Cause she's the captain of a ship! I really liked this one. Nice use of Damien. I was waiting for the ring to be them/Ava think Sara was proposing to her. I also thought they resolved their issues too quickly. I guess things are just easier for puppets. Ray Palmer is the nicest guy in the world. He makes a great Mr. Rogers. I liked all the Nora and Damien bonding. I liked that she really loves her job now - although I'd be sick of that shade of blue eventually. Too bad Stein's not here to help Mick deal with the sudden appearance of a daughter. They finally have something in common! And while I'm mentioning Stein, I was so happy to see Jax in the previouslies. I miss him. And Stein. But Jax could come back. I wish they would bring back the living Legends occasionally. Heck, I'll even okay a visit from Carter if it means we get some Ray and Jax in the future. Please?
  9. I was convinced that both brothers were there trying to kill Sydney. After she sprayed him and he stumbled into the dresser, it seemed like there was already a guy in the hallway when she ran out. Not sure. Seriously, Adrian was completely reckless in the hospital. I realize he was probably just gonna frame his brother at that point, but still. And people were a little unnecessarily stupid. Emily just believing her sister said such hateful things. Sydney not realizing that that punch came from nowhere near Cecilia. Elisabeth Moss put in a great performance, but I've been a fan since the made-for-TV Escape to Witch Mountain remake in '95, so... Overall, I enjoyed it and the time went by surprisingly fast. A friend who saw it before me said there were little moments of him being invisible that went by fast snuck in, but I don't think I noticed any that weren't obviously placed.
  10. Even when Barry does right he's wrong. I do love the chemistry between Tom Cavanagh, Grant Gustin and Carlos Valdes. And Thawne is much more enjoyable than Nash. I enjoyed watching Thawne and Cisco's powerless fight. He's had that coming for a long time. But I miss the days where Thawne had the screwed up love/hate relationship with them both. Now he just wants to slit Barry's throat? That's so pedestrian. Grant Gustin's definitely poised to take Jensen Ackles' mantle of "CW's Best/Prettiest Crier." Didn't care for villain of the week. C'mon, Cisco didn't even bother with the name. Didn't like Cisco calling Caitlin "Cait." He's never once done that in the past 6 years. 90% sure. But hey, at least they let her be a bioengineer instead of just letting Frost have all her knowledge. And I'm sure Danielle Panabaker would prefer to waste less time in the makeup chair during her pregnancy. I was glad Cecile was the one tasering Thawne, because I thought it would be Kamilah, and I really don't feel like watching Cisco get saved by his girlfriend who I care very little about. Although I did care that she got blasted away into the Mirrorverse. Or I assume she did.
  11. Kevin was right. Kevin was right, Kevin was right, Kevin was right. It's Mom's decision. You couldn't have saved Dad. His money is what's paying for things. Randall was admittedly right about three things tonight 1) Telling Rebecca about the trial was a fair decision 2) "Jack-rassic Park" deserved a better reaction (though "Ptera-jack-dyl" was admittedly better) 3) Rebecca did look like a young Helen Mirren. Wrong about all else. Seriously, Kevin asked you to wait. He gave you a perfectly good reason. You AGREED. He was at his own WORK event. You've asked him to contribute to your campaign events and you can't listen to him and not screw up your mother's evening? Give the woman her night out! I liked how the flashback to 1999 was relevant to the issue they're having today - Kevin wants to push Rebecca into the world and Randall is so busy trying to take care of her he doesn't listen to her. The lady who was staring at the painting looked deeply discontent to me. I half-suspect we'll get an episode about her and how Rebecca was wrong about her life. I'm looking forward to the "what could've been episode." Those can be a little cheesier on realistic shows, but I'm looking forward to seeing Milo Ventimiglia working with the adult Big 3.
  12. Luke: So, dog ate my break up? * Luke: Cowl cam! Kate: Use that without my permission, and I'll find a new place for my batarang. * Alice: I literally pumped life back into your veins. Mary: Ugh. I need a bleach transfusion.
  13. And on Whistler! But I hadn't seen him in anything since Flashpoint ended, so glad he got a paycheck. All right, I'm going to call a ridiculous plot twist - she's not really a Marvin, but they don't know that 'cause they don't know Owen's also not a Marvin. Lucy on the car was the scariest thing ever on this show. Although I won't be surprised if I have nightmares about the seaweed thing.
  14. According to Quora, 1992 was a Saturday, but it seems that was a rerun. The Saturday Leap Day before that was 1964. Didn't know that, but now I just wonder if they made a mistake during the airing and just ran with it.
  15. When he walked out attached to wires, I admit I was expecting a Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark disaster to go along with his "musical guy who can't make music happen" persona from Sack Bunch Lunch. This one didn't work so well for me, but I do love the one with Jennifer Lopez. When I saw the black and white color scheme I was hoping for a sequel to the noir where Kate McKinnon and John Mulaney have no chemistry.
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