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  1. I've only seen a few episodes of Black Lightning, but I liked how they brought him in here. You know Barry's going to relate to and respect him, and it was barely noticeable, but I really enjoyed the tiny nod of respect between Jefferson and Diggle. Also, nice work, Diggle the Paragon of Friendship winning your bro's soul back. Nice moment between him and Lyla, too. They can keep their place as my third favorite Arrowverse couple. He's not the best Lex Luthor, but in terms of big, sneaky plans, that wasn't bad. Poor Cisco. No one listens to him. I loved him calling "team leader" and breaching Earth-90 Barry to sacrifice himself on the treadmill. Well played. I was really happy to see Ashley Scott back as Huntress and to hear Barbara Gordon.
  2. I'm gonna need someone to yell "John!" before this crossover ends and have all three turn. I kept getting confused by Luci talking to Constantine.
  3. Kara: So the Paragon of Courage is apparently afraid of yardwork. Kate: Better let me do the talking. [Earth 99 Luke answers in an open shirt.] Wow. That's a really impressive six-pack. Earth 99 Luke: Sorry. Do I know you? Kate: No. No, but I know you. Well, a different like, a less this version of you. I I'm Kate Kane. I'm Bruce's cousin. Earth 99 Luke: Yeah, no. [slams door] Kara: Earth-one villain? Kate: Only friend actually. Kara: Oh. Well, at least, he's cute. Kate: Nope. Uh-uh. Let's not make that weird. That's weird.
  4. I’ve been half-convinced they’re gonna show up since they’re the only other CW with a multiverse.
  5. I don't like Clark giving up his powers, however, the fact that he still runs the farm, is snarking on Lex, and has little girls, and oh, yeah, is still a big guy who can punch you in the face kind of balances it out. Brandon Routh's a great Superman. I underestimated him in his original role. But I'm still not a big fan of Kate Bosworth's Lois, and am fine with her being dead. And Jason exists! Good, let Clark have someone. Not surprised by Kate being the BatParagon. She and Kara have good chemistry. I believe their friendship. So does the fact that Kate has kryptonite that seems to not be affecting Kara mean something? We got some great pairings here. All of the combos were fun, including Mick and Baby Jonathan. I take back 99 percent of my negativity about Bitsie's Lois. But she was still mean to Oliver last year. Lex still doesn't know that his Clark is Superman? What kind of billionaire genius are you? Can I get Dean Cain Clark, Teri Hatcher Lois and Justin Hartley Oliver?
  6. Did Lex just say that his Superman is not Clark Kent? Seriously?!
  7. Or he'll be more determined than ever to end reality...
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