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  1. I hope it gets picked up elsewhere. I’m enjoying it. Well, the parts with Yorick and his team. They have great chemistry. It did make me finally read the comic, which I’d been hearing recommendations for since it was first published. It needs less of the the Hero and political storylines (or the political storylines need to make more sense), but even then I enjoy the performances especially from the actors I’m familiar with. I said before that I think this is Missi Pyle’s best performance yet, and seeing her slip back into the look and mannerisms I expect for the flashbacks confirmed that for
  2. Love's reaction was rash, but if she had hit him in the head from the front, I might not've had a problem with it. Scott Speedman has aged well.
  3. Human Gideon hasn't showed up lately, so I'm glad she appeared to people who hadn't already seen her. And it makes a lot of sense to bring her in now when Sara's the only other remaining member of the original lineup. Like the bank robber fan, and the "Bullet Blondes." It's super catchy and much better than me calling them Bonnie and Bonnie when they went into the bank. Nice to see Nate getting to use his powers. He remains in destructible human form far too often. Loved the practicality of switching him to driver's seat, but also that he made the most sense to be on the outside clinging to th
  4. Legends rule #1: The cuteness is lethal. I did love that Bishop was distracted by the cuteness, thus leading to his demise. And the baby Cthulu cuddling Mick's hand was lovely. I'm glad they went with the original dress Ava chose, since the altered version Sara saw in the bowling ep didn't count. The wrap on Sara's pantsuit looked weird but I liked the overall lines of it. Thought Sara had the better vows. I loved Spooner's power switching power. It was fun to see Mick using the wind, Steeled up Ava, magic-wielding Sara, etc. And I'm always a sucker for the Legends' Power of Love team thing.
  5. I've thought since she started that Lisseth Chavez reminded me of Gina Rodriguez. Turns out it's not just a physical resemblance, she's also am awesome actor who can make me feel for her during outlandish emotional situations. Good for her. And mini-Esperanza reminded me a little of Jenna Ortega, so even better. I really did buy into the Astra/Spooner friendship here. I think they might be the best female friendship this show ever had. Astra also had a great scene with John and while I only saw the first few episodes of Constantine, I appreciate the continuity of emphasizing the importance of
  6. "You're about to get your ass beat with a fucking shoelace." 355 continues to be the best. Although, I appreciated that Yorick really didn't make any dumbass moves. Well, aside from thinking he could beat even a concussed 355, but her vomiting and collapsing after proved his point pretty well. I think this was my favorite yet. No boring amazons, (though I admit, Missi Pyle's probably putting in her best performance ever), some interesting new characters. I like Yorick, 355 and Dr. Mann together. They play off each other well,. Didn't care too much about the former First Lady, but my inne
  7. I love that in his hallucination, Mike had no doubt that Buddy would come to his rescue and attack the villain. Thanks for giving Buddy credit. This was a good psychological episode, and I enjoyed seeing the JSA. Poor Pat, sure, you don't get to ask questions but you've got to help them break a "let's kill people" tie. You have as much voting input in the JSA as the dog got when you wanted to go to Yellowstone. And Jay gets to stay out of it, but Pat doesn't? Rude. My real question about Mike's mother is was she still in the picture when the JSA was killed? Did she know about Pat's sidek
  8. Unpopular opinion it seems, but I like Yorick. The actor's good, the character seems like a real person, and I think he's funny. He plays well off 355 and Dr. Mann. I liked that he was upset the pilots died because of him. I do wish he'd stop being such a COMPLETE dumbass, although I appreciated that he thought to tell the cops at the marketplace he was looking for testosterone, since I was yelling at the screen for him to pose as transgender. But he really needs to listen to Agent 355 and just stay put and keep his freaking mask on. I liked that Dr. Mann wouldn't have been interested/as inter
  9. That actress they got to play Young Mabel looks so much like Selena Gomez, especially when you saw her at an angle instead of head on.
  10. Okay, I’m still completely not interested in the Olsens as superheroes. You can be a hero without a metal suit, I promise. Although I will admit I did enjoy Kelly using the shield during Crisis. I want Nia’s dream dress. Perfect for many occasions such as running through the forest like you’re in a perfume ad, blatantly ignoring symbols of truth, and breaking universal laws against necromancy. I know people make poor decisions when they’re sleep deprived but this is ridiculous. I was amused at her falling asleep while standing in Andrea’s office, but I really appreciated how even though s
  11. I’m always happy to see Jason Behr working. I think this was q good role for him. Stoic alien is definitely in his wheelhouse. Nia and Lena make a good combo. I’m starting to think they look like sisters. With The Citizen ranked 4th and Kara wanting to copy Iris’s story, I feel like Iris got a lot of respect we haven’t seen outside shows give her. I liked how they went into the emotional consequences of events. I loved Kara asking for another hug when she woke up. And I will never tire of the Danvers sisters bonding and teasing while eating Chinese food.
  12. I cackled at Pat’s “Aren’t there any normal kids in this town?” Mike is right, he needs training. Him saying Cindy was going to kill him was one of those moments that felt a little too real. I was amused at Cindy revealing she didn’t want to recruit Mike, he was just bait. I do think she’ll come back blaming Courtney for dropping her into the void, but maybe she’ll be grateful for her trying. And points to Artemis for stopping Isaac from killing Pat since he’s friends with her dad.
  13. I freaked out when Crusher had Mike. I was so sure he was gonna get revenge for the drill. I loved seeing Tigress and Sportsmater being legitimately good parents. And Tigress going from judgmental to understanding of Barbara's parenting ideas. And Crusher's genuine confusion about why he and Pat never ended up really friends. I was legitimately happy for them when Crusher said they got to have conjugal visits.
  14. Turnabout by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin.
  15. According to the books that take place after the series
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