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  1. I think it's the only believable path to any level of redemption arc for Alice. And a great way to get her and Mary working together. https://decider.com/2020/06/02/batwoman-season-2-ryan-wilder-replace-kate-kane-batwoman/ According to this they're looking for LGBTQ actor.
  2. Well, it looks like Kate's getting replaced by a new Batwoman. https://decider.com/2020/06/02/batwoman-season-2-ryan-wilder-replace-kate-kane-batwoman/ Hmm. Not sure how I feel about this. Kind of wish they just had Sophie/Julia/Mary take up the mantle instead. I realize Mary has no business being Batwoman, but she is my favorite. ETA: Actually never mind I hopped over to the Media thread and now I am all about the Helena Wayne spec. Yes. Yes. Yes.
  3. Did Sara just get abducted by aliens again? The Legends happily walking away at the end of a season just hanging out is one of my favorite things about this show. I'm gonna miss Zari 1.0. I love her and I'm glad we got to say a real goodbye to the character. I feel bad for Nate. He keeps falling in love with women out of time and then having someone who looks just like them to have to live/work with. It's a sad pattern. And they didn't even let him hear the entire Thong Song! I did enjoy his using a weaponized steel version of Sisqo's sweeping stomp in the battle. And I don't know how I feel about enjoying Sisqo on Legends more than Cisco on Legends. I'm glad Behrad's staying. I got nervous for a second when he started bleeding. I'm glad we got to see Behrad 1.0's flashback. He's a good brother. I miss Ray!
  4. Sara: My scars only make me stronger. * Sara: My power comes from my team. I feel like these two lines together just summarized Sara's character entirely. * Ava: Is it weird that I'm offended that we're only number two? * Behrad: Weren't they dead? Nate: Who hasn't died?
  5. I was waiting for Kyle to say "Both my parents are cops, remember?" when Max started telling him how to search. Michael Trevino really lets Kyle's kindness shine through. God, Alex deserves a better family. He got double kidnapped! Just go stay on the reservation with your nice brother. I literally yelled "What the fuck?!" at that ending. I - I did not foresee Liz's mom and Alex's brother working together, being behind the abductions (knew that was a regular taser though) and demanding Michael build a bomb. Although, I can see how if aliens killed her daughter, Valenti would've told her about them and she'd be out for revenge. I feel like the ICE agents seem over the top.
  6. Kyle: I hate having a conscience. * Kyle: Dude. Anyone ever tell you you smell like rain?
  7. Just random speculation, but does anyone think they might address the recasting by having Alice stealing her face and replacing it with someone else's? I mean, what's the point of having face swapping and not using it in a situation like this? And considering Ruby Rose's reasons for leaving are due to injuries from before the airing of the pilot, I could even believe this has been in the works for awhile and the reason the face-swapping escalated in the end of the season.
  8. Jemma: You stole a truck?! That is the opposite of "low profile", Deke. Deke: Why me? There's two of us. * Daisy: 1930s baseball reference.
  9. This. It's been so long since I liked them that I'd forgotten how much I could. But they were perfect Legends sidekicks here. And they worked to well together. And didn't annoy me in the slightest! Does Behrad have any memory of, let's say, Behrad 1.0's life? Sara remembers both timelines, so maybe? So, Charlie gave Sara and Ava everything they wanted, including a ship full of Androids in short shorts, so there's nothing wrong with Sara objectifying her crew, yes? This show has a bunch of great actors. I hope they have as much fun on set as I think they do.
  10. Ava: There's no need to vocalize at that decibel. They're androids. Sara: Oh, right. * Astra: Oh, it is grand to see lady adventurers in pantaloons. * Behrad: I... I should be dead. In every timeline, I shouldn't be alive. * Behrad: Guys, love that you're back together. And let's just say that I'm...processing what it means that my best bro is in love with my sister, who lived my same experiences in a different timeline. But where's my Zari? * Random dude: Motherfater! I wanna see the buds break free! * Mick: You idiots. Have you any idea what you've done? I love "Star Trip." And my hair. * Nate: I happen to like mush. But that's not the point! * Ava: Yeah, it's like a Zari clone. Totally get it.
  11. I got goosebumps during the “Beautiful Day” ashes spreading. Nice use of deus ex McEnroe. Devi’s got a real dilemma here. Two boys who are nice and care about her and help her when she’s in trouble. One of whom is very rich and smart, the other attractive and athletic. She really can’t lose. In terms of love triangles, it’s a pretty believable one. Rebecca’s a good sister. And I appreciated Devi calling her a friend and that Rebecca was totally up for getting her a job at Old Navy. It’s not her fault Devi would probably suck at customer service. I’m really glad I heard a random NYT Digest article on Audible today about John McEnroe being the voice of teen angst.
  12. I really like Paxton’s sister. She’s nice and talented and ambitious and I feel like we haven’t seen a character with Down’s syndrome like her before. “I left a funeral to be by your side after Nick Jonas married an Indian woman that wasn’t you.” Bwahahaha. ”The only person who gets hurt at parties is you!” It’s funny ‘cause it’s true. Trent’s grandma was a sad, dark turn on a show about a girl who had psychosomatic paralysis after her father’s death. Also, I love the side characters. I’m amused by Ben’s misinterpretation of “it’s cool.” I do appreciate that Devi really didn’t seem too annoyed by it, but that wasn’t falling for someone who she’s only recently started being nice to. I love Paxton. He seems like a good guy and a better brother. I ship it.
  13. “I honestly can’t commit full time to this friend group. I have a very demanding social life.” ”You finally figured out you were a Gryffindor like me?” “What? No, I’m a Ravenclaw like Eleanor.” “They were all Hufflepuff.” I’m laughing and a mildly offended Hufflepuff.
  14. Ben’s episode was nice. I liked that he didn’t rat out Devi, but he’s done that twice so I really think she owes him one. Weirdly, I barely noticed the difference between Samberg and McEnroe. The voiceovers on this show remind me of The Goldbergs. And I’m realizing Ben reminds me of David Henrie. For a second I thought Ben was going to unexpectedly just have a nice dinner but no, teenagers should never meet strangers from the internet.
  15. It’s really interesting to see Paxton end up mad about the sex rumor after he was initially interested in no strings attached sex. I also laughed at Eleanor yelling at Paxton and calling him a racist with his confused “I’m part Japanese” and his friend not knowing it. And nerds chanting “World War 3!” was something I didn’t know I needed in my life.
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