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  1. bettername2come

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    All right, we all called Ray being so friendly that he makes friends in hell. Didn't call him befriending Vandal Savage. I wanted more Monitor clues, but I loved him being bothered by the show in some way. The power of love and song saves the day! Take that Flash/Supergirl musical episode! Ray deserves to have his best friend saved by the power of song. And I might have cheered when we got our Nate/Zari kiss after he was brought back to life. There's no way Zari's gone. At least not forever. I expected her to reappear in some Monitor related way though.
  2. bettername2come

    Quotes of Tomorrow

    Frederick: Ogre wins again! Mick: Cheating bastard. No one outdrinks Mick Rory! * Neron: As much as I'd like to pontificate about my bigger plan... Fairy Godmother: I taught him better than that. * Zari: That's where the kids used to gang up on me and say "Zari, Zari, why are your clothes so sorry?" Nate: I would've said "Zari, Zari, you smell like calamari." (beat) Bullying is bad. * Zari: I feel like that would've worked better with the real trinity. Sara: I asked. They said "Hard pass." Nate: Should've done the crossover. * Vandal Savage: What were we fighting about all those years ago? Ray: Your penchant for world domination and inability to accept rejection. Vandal Savage: Translation: it was about a girl. * Kid: They said this was a superhero show! Mick: These brats don't respect art.
  3. bettername2come

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    How long was Lex's corpse just sitting in the chair? Is James Nick Fury now? I think I missed whatever led to Brainy acting like himself again, though I'm glad he is. I got my hopes up for a Clark appearance when they mentioned Argo. Guess I'll have to wait for Crisis.
  4. bettername2come

    Supergirl Quotes

    Lillian: Try not to quote Hitler in public, dear. It'll hurt the brand.
  5. bettername2come

    Season 6 Wish List

    Cisco Ramon That exit made me nervous.
  6. bettername2come

    Nancy Drew (2019)

    Here I was thinking Riverdale meets Veronica Mars meets I Know What You Did Last Summer. I did like some parts of it - Nancy breaking into the guy's house, her making her suspect list in a notebook instead of a giant murder board like so many fictional detectives do, the cop's annoyance with her, but the overall Riverdale vibe of "look at this dark and strangely hued twist on this innocent thing from your childhood and your mom and grandma's" is a bit much, especially in the diner scenes. Not sure what to make of the ghostly elements. I feel like there has to be a shady real estate developer behind that, even if Freddie Prinze Jr. is no longer involved.
  7. bettername2come

    S05.E22: Legacy

    I wanted more Crisis clues! I did like seeing the newspaper and the "see you next crisis," but Arrow gave us way more hints. I hate Cisco giving up his powers. He had to adjust to having them and whether or not he wanted, embracing it, and now he doesn't want it? That's not quality storytelling. I hate Thawne. I love how Tom Cavanagh plays him. Tricking Barry and Nora into thinking they can trust him, getting Nora disappeared, the "I know what it's like to have a daughter" line, and apologizing to Cisco for killing him that time and then trying to take credit for Vibe. I hate him. I hate him so much. And he's the best villain this show's ever had and I enjoy hating him even when I am sick of him. Does that make sense? Nora disappearing is karma for Sara Diggle, Barry. Can no one in this generation of heroes raise their daughter to adulthood?! Sarah Carter was seriously underutilized.
  8. bettername2come

    S07.E22: You Have Saved This City

    When Oliver was going on about his legacy and the team, all I could think was that that would've been more powerful with Sara and Barry and the other teams there. Stronger image of the legacy and heroes they've inspired. I get why they couldn't/wouldn't do it now, but seems like it would fit better in Crisis crossover. Diggle and Olicity love each other! They're the only Team Arrow that matters. Sometimes Roy and Thea. I feel like there's a double meaning in that song - we don;t want an Arrow without EBR and Felicity doesn't want a world without Oliver. I really can't wait for the Crisis crossover now. Is that going to be the Arrow series finale? Seriously, they better be writing the hell out of this one, they've known it was coming for long enough. And they throw this at me when I'm still emotional from Endgame. Barry, Legends, I'm gonna need y'all to screw up the timelines for the better so my heroes get to live their lives with their loves and raise their kids and get their happily ever afters, okay?
  9. bettername2come

    Season 7 Live Posting Thread

    The discussion of the four pillars of heroism and the mark of 4 sounded completely stilted and out of character.
  10. bettername2come

    Season 7 Live Posting Thread

    I was happier to see Curtis than Black Siren. I mean she's only been gone a few episodes. He's been gone much longer. And you know, isn't murderous.
  11. bettername2come

    Quotes of Tomorrow

    Sara: Can you guys stop being dragon baby crazy right now? * Gary: And now I have three nipples because a spare never hurts. * Gary: I feel like we need more than a three-people bridge scene. Sara: Oh, we love three-people bridge scenes. Ava: Otherwise we just stand around all day. Gary: Oh, so that's why Mick's always angry. * Charlie: If I die, I'm gonna come back and haunt you. Zari: I would love a ghost friend. * Nora: Book club forever. Mona: Book club forever. * Ava: I never should've made you do my dry cleaning or work overtime without pay. That's illegal anyway. * Sara: Don't worry. We'll do what we always do. Mick: Yeah. Forming stupid Beebos.
  12. bettername2come

    S04.E21: Red Dawn

    I mean, I don’t think he’ll stay villain since it’s not his fault he went darkside.
  13. bettername2come


    Huh. Well that was a weird ending. I actually came to really like the boyfriend, best friend, Elliot and Frank by the end of it. I think Frank is tugging at some of my Jason Momoa/Aquaman love with his build and his tough guy with a heart of gold and his threatening people who threaten his fish. There's just a completely different vibe from the first few eps to the last and I'm not sure what to think of it.
  14. bettername2come

    S04.E21: Red Dawn

    I liked this one although some parts happened too fast for me to completely understand and I have no idea if I should trust Mama Luthor. Word to this entire post. You said everything I was thinking. Except the Rao part, That I hadn't thought of. But I was heartbroken when Alex started the "There's sunlight in everything, there's sunlight in the grass!" breakdown and then it actually worked! I'm sitting here in shock trying to figure out if that's a terrible idea or a brilliant one. Question though - how far does their mother live from them? I thought it was hours and required a road trip, but Alex didn't seem to be taking too much longer than Supergirl to get there. Ten years Jesse Rath has been showing up sporadically on my TV screen and this was the finest work I've ever seen from him. The way he shuffled through all those emotions and then turned cold and calculating. I have to say if he keeps these skills up, he's going to be a very believable and formidable villain next year.
  15. bettername2come

    Supergirl Quotes

    Lillian: Couldn't you just waterboard me like a normal person? * Brainy: I need to get this out of my system before all the punching and fighting starts. Causality be damned. If I get this out normal function will resume. * J'onn: You haven't seen Star Wars? Brainy: I believe I've been adequately shamed for that in the past. * Kara: Hope. Help. And compassion for all. That's what I stand for.