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  1. *makes note to ask at Charlotte con this fall for gonzosgirrl just in case.*
  2. Dean. I loved Dean's prayer to Castiel. He called him his best friend, he was open and honest in a way he couldn't/wouldn't have been to his face, and he was still going to say it to Cas's face if he hadn't heard it. Also, even when Sam makes a decision he can't understand, he believes in his brother. Beautiful. And he stepped to God and punched him in the face and towered over him in all his tall, powerful beauty. Yes. Sam. Believes in his brother. The brother who raised him (I'm not crying). Stands up well to torture because "it's not my first time on the rack." Kisses Eileen. Had hope in his family's ability to do better than the possibilities he's seen. I liked the twist that those visions were memories, rather than drafts. It made sense. And it made sense that Chuck had manipulated things so that Eileen would come back to life and be his eyes in the bunker. Her return's a little contrived and Chuck's probably a shipper. And glad to see Jack coming back. The man deserves a paycheck.
  3. Racist Coffee Lady: At least Ethiopians are good for something, right? Kevin: Yeah, I really gotta get a new matchmaker. * Lizzie: I'm still a Chicago girl. I see what your did there, show.
  4. I was too busy thinking “But Clark’s been doing this for like 15 years. And Black Lightning is on his second round of heroing, right?”
  5. I was so excited when John said "I'm never letting my child watch that show again" in regard to Beebo's appearance since I knew it meant Sara Diggle was back or he wouldn't have used a gender neutral term. Then I yelled when JJ was there, but both! I've been wanting him to have twins since rumors swirled about Flashpoint. I cheered harder for that than I did for Ezra Miller or Beebo. I loved that Sara defended Beebo's good name. I liked how Rene and Dinah were used. I loved Rene called J'Onn "Martian J'Onn" for clarification. Ray is just delightful, per usual. This was my favorite episode of the crossover, even though it was missing some important things: Oliver, Cisco, Iris, Felicity...Seriously, I was deprived of not having Cisco interact with the brain squad, especially Kevin Tran Ryan Choi. Sara and Barry bonding was long overdue and beautiful. Seriously, she didn't know about his dead parents? Most people find out within a day of meeting him. I would've preferred for Lois and Clark to only have one kid. And I am not happy about the fact that we have no confirmation on Smallville Lois and Clark and their girls living. But I'm choosing to believe Brandon Routh Clark is living his best life with Courtney Ford Lois and their son Jason. There's totally a news network asking that very question on Earth Prime right now.
  6. Seems fitting since he kickstarted the Arrowverse.
  7. I'll tell you, if they got Courtney Ford as Lois Lane, that would make a killer Newer Adventures of Lois and Clark.
  8. Full trailer's here. Anybody know which Ashmore that is? IMDB was uncooperative.
  9. So, I'm not very far into 8, but besides missing Kelso and Eric, I really miss the credits. It's not right for them to not be in the car. I actually hit "skip intro." I never do this!
  10. Some good elements. I like Mina's offscreen awesomeness in founding the Jonathan Harker institute. I liked the explanation of why crosses work on Dracula. There were moments where I thought they would go one way and they went another that I didn't expect - thought Agatha was gonna be a vampire, didn't realize that was Mina at first, didn't see the whole institute thing coming. He was a good Dracula. At this point I think the most shocking thing would be a faithful adaptation of the story. Out of curiosity, what is the best, most true to the book adaptation?
  11. Good ending! Very karmic for Joe.
  12. "I'm reading too much Chandler." When love said "Like shit?" I was hoping she had actually used shit. And then when she listened to his explanation and said "That's what makes this so hard" I hoped she had Candace hiding in the room and had put something to knock him out in the cake. Seriously, though, have him investigated. There's proof he went on more than one date with Beck. The 7 Totems of LA should have been mentioned earlier instead of all crammed into this episode. And now I shall be researching how often palm trees catch on fire. I doubt the donuts can't be beat. Does Joe not know the magical power of a Krispy Kreme with the Hot Donut sign on? I recognized the husband as the guy from Switched at Birth who catfished Emmett.
  13. I wanted to yell at the cop so much when they said they couldn't prove anything. I'm rooting for Candace. Any girl who crawls out of a grave and seeks revenge on her would-be murderer is final girl material to me. I really enjoyed her freaking out PTSD scene when he hugged her at the weird hippie circle. And I hate Forty's mom even more for not letting her leave without hugging him when she was obviously freaking out. I laughed way too hard at "Fucking crackheads."
  14. I thought it might be nice to have a place to discuss ongoing theories to the long term mysteries and ideas for what's going to happen next. Unrelated to the current mysteries, it popped into my head to wonder if doing Nancy Drew with supernatural mysteries might be the CW's way of setting up an extended universe to eventually introduce the Hardy Boys and have them pick up the torch where Supernatural left off.
  15. "If only the universe would send me some sign, some platonic way to stay in your good graces." - "William fucking Bettelheim." - "Can I get a different sign?" "I'd rather watch a cat massacre." All right, but a massacre by cats sounds like it could be really interesting. I hate how much I love some of his lines. Like I'm not supposed to relate to the sociopath, but, man, sometimes he just says these things that perfectly encapsulate thoughts I have about everyday annoyances in life. I enjoy Young Jane Villaneuva as Ellie. Chris D'Elia's also really well-cast because he just looks sleazy.
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