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  1. As much as I love the idea of Peter and original Mary Jane together, I can't deny that Tom and Zendaya have chemistry. And it's not like there's not a history of changing up superhero couples, especially when the chemistry's there. Tony and Pepper never married in the comics, right? And to pop over to DCTV, Oliver Queen has twice married blonde nerds who hadn't appeared in the comics before.
  2. Well, it seemed like the storyteller would turn out to be Jamie or Dani, so that's not surprising. Am I crazy for thinking there was too much happy ending epilogue to this? Owen lived and Miles got dispossessed! Those were the things I was deeply concerned about. And to a lesser degree, I needed Henry to live, but this has more to do with the Elliot dying in E.T. scenes breaking my heart than anything else. I'm glad all the ghosts found peace, that Peter sincerely apologized to Miles, that Jamie and Dani had time, etc. Between this series and The Turning, I'm gonna have to finally read The Turn of the Screw and figure out what's really going on there. So that's really Flora and everybody else not recognizing or pretending to not recognize Jamie? Why is her accent fancy? What year is this taking place? Is Flora 40? What's her first name? What was the name of Owen's restaurant? Who invited Jamie?
  3. Seriously! I don't like entire episodes of no followup to cliffhangers.
  4. I think she was faking it. She picks ups the bottle and puts it to her lips, same Dani’s tea, but doesn’t really drink.
  5. All right, I got way too emotional over some parts of this. Really this is the episode where they gave Peter some depth and make you feel a little bad for him, but it’s overshadowed by him being a terrible person. I’m tired of faceless ghost lady killing everyone. I’m glad Rebecca was faking but it sucks that she didn’t save Miles.
  6. I thought Hannah was dead since she never ate, although her seeming to drink gave me pause. I’ve got a bad feeling about Owen now. And my love of Ravi from iZombie has carried over to him, so I need him alive. Sigh. It’s so tragic that she died right before Dani got there. I didn’t see that aspect of it coming. If she’d been 5 minutes earlier...
  7. Sam: Ignoring your trauma doesn't make you healthy. Dean: Yeah, it does.
  8. "Practicing your sign language" is a fun euphemism. Was this Jack's first "son of a bitch!"? And it came just after I was looking at his smile thinking he looked so much like Cas and then he just switched dads to resemble. Dean correcting his "Dang it!" to "Damn it! DAMN IT!" was adorable. Loved that Sam got to yield Mjolnir again. And was that the grenade launcher Dean had? Their best weapons! I will definitely be using some of those happy holiday moments in a future fanvideo. Sam reminded me of Reid from Criminal Minds in his date outfit. I liked Dean's progression with Jack. Trying to move forward. The cake was a nice touch. And looked like a pretty decent cake too. I'm glad Mrs. Butters didn't end up evil. She was a fun one-off character. And she fixed the TV from Scoobynatural! And revealed Dean has Scooby boxers. But her complaining they didn't have homecooked meals immediately after Dean cooked was just plain wrong. It's always the non-monstery stuff that scares me on this show - the fingernail pulling. Putting that on the list of "Most Horrifying Supernatural Moments" next to the other fingernail pulling, the Drano and the garbage disposal. I think this is the longest I've gone without watching Supernatural since 2005. I don't think I've watched any full episodes during this hiatus and it's definitely the longest hiatus ever.
  9. I think I made this video just to cheer myself up after Oliver's death.
  10. Thanks. His scene was so quick that I didn't know which one it was. And usually I pride myself on being able to tell them apart. (I think Shawn is cuter. This is how I tell them apart.) I thought the dog was named Taro, like the plant. He is adorable and possibly my favorite character on the show now. I thought Black Noire was either a remote controlled bot or was going to be revealed as Butcher's dead brother.
  11. It's the hair. I stare at it mystified because I thought that was one 90s trend that wasn't coming back. And I don't hate it. I was not prepared for the emotional roundhouse kick to the chest that binge watching this series was. That ending was intense. That choreography and filming was insane and awesome and really well done. And seriously, did the school not go into lockdown when a girl who I'm 99% sure didn't go to that school started making threats over the intercom? Don't care about Ali coming back...unless they throw in some Adventures in Babysitting references. All the talk of Terry Silver coming back just makes me think "Huh, they should bring in Michael Ironside's character from The Next Karate Kid as some kind of security guy at the high school only to have him make everything worse, and no one knows to warn anybody cause all his crap happened 3,000 miles away 25 years ago in a different branch of the franchise."
  12. It was season 6. Did they lock him up when he thought Iris was fake when she kicked him out?
  13. Can I quote the gag real? I'm gonna quote the gag reel. Barry: You guys always lock me in here! This is so f***ed up! Every time I kind of f*** up you just put me in the box!
  14. I need to say this to Legends fans as they’re the only ones who’ll get it. I walked into work this morning after cutting off about 6 inches of hair to be greeted with “Hey, Haircut!” I smiled way too hard at that.
  15. Deke rubbing Jemma's back and saying "Relax. Get some rest. I got you" made me like him 50% more, along with all of his protectiveness as he took her everywhere explaining she had memory loss. It had a very real grandma/grandson vibe to it. This finale was really Deke at his best. Staying behind to help the team and because he knew they could still have a future Deke, but also because he's "basically a rock god" in this timeline and declaring himself the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D? Such a Deke move. Daisousa kiss! (did we ever name them?) Love that they're just traveling through space together on missions. And that ET made Sousa cry. Garrett thinking he could just teleport away in the handcuffs was so stupid. But he tried to be decent, so I feel bad for him getting shot in the head. Then the karma of it being someone Old Garrett killed was just a perfect moment. May hugged Daisy! I didn't get teary-eyed at Jemma's wedding ring being the final piece of the machine. Or Fitz's relieved "Jemma!" upon arrival. Like I think we all knew when a man arrived it would be Fitz, but I also went "Yep, that's definitely the sound of Fitz breathing" as confirmation more than his shape was. The quantum realm! Fitz talking Jemma through the future was so beautiful. And it was very obvious where they were going with Alya. Their reunion was really sweet. I got Fringe finale vibes from the picnic with their tiny blonde daughter. I really respect that they didn't even put a commercial break between Daisy "dying" and reviving. Like, we knew that wouldn't stick, and they didn't even act like they thought we would. Coulson got his car back! Fitting that in the time of Covid, the series basically ended with a Zoom meeting. This was beautiful. Deeply satisfying. The only way I could have liked it more is if we got a Bobbi/Hunter cameo and brought Tripp back from the dead.
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