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  1. "You nearly This Is Us'd the whole block." "Dad, why are you still watching that? They've got the same show on ABC but newer." So busy laughing at the "bite the hand that feeds you" humor and reference to James's show that it took me a full 5 minutes to remember Timothy Omundson is on This Is Us. "It'll be the redemption of my life watching you fail." "And all those years you thought you were telling me things I didn't know." Oooh. Dark Shawn and Henry dialog like we haven't see since season 1. I love how he came back and apologized and said Shawn would be a better dad than him. Likely true, Shawn will learn from his mistakes. Shawn saying "my wife" warms my heart. Hearing Shawn say "Wait for it" made me happy. And made me think the Psych musical should have had a song titled that before Hamilton did. Their banter was spot on. They got Toby from West Wing! Chief Vick - redeeming middle-aged white women named Karen the world over. They did a great job including Timothy Omundson's condition and giving him that nice Rear Window homage. Did anyone think his storyline wouldn't end with him walking to Marlowe? I also called the drugged ice chips with truth serum, evil Sarah Chalke and Selene being the pregnant one, but that's not a bad thing. I don't watch Psych waiting for Shyamalan-esque twists. I watch for witty banter, the best of friendships, and homages to everything. Also didn't call Selene invoking Pluto to prove her love for Gus in her proposal, but that just proved her love.
  2. Why didn’t anyone tell me Annie Pearson (Faithe Herman) was in Shazam!?
  3. FYI, they still have these. First BSC book: I tried to read "Claudia and the Bad Joke" but it was too advanced for me. A year or so later, I found my sister's old copy of "Kristy's Great Idea" which she had been too old for when she read it shortly after it came out. I then kept checking the books out and buying those Scholastic four packs (including the one with "Claudia and the Bad Joke") and I know that by the time I outgrew the books I had read over a hundred of the books from the main series, mystery and Baby-sitter's Little Sister books. Camp Moosehead comments: "Most of us don't have hundreds of extra dollars to have you teach us to inexpertly tie dye." Claudia's an artist. She knows all about shading. I can see some of Dawn's annoying tendencies coming through here. Her segue into issues in Central America during morning announcement was something classic Dawn would do. I loved her leading the kids in a Hunger Games salute as they took Claudia away. Making people pay that much extra for s standard activity was ridiculous. Jessi seems perfectly cast, just like everyone else has been. "I know Karen seems like a confident, mature woman, but she's only seven, and she's missing." That was amusing. The Karen and Kristy relationship has always been one of the best, but I think they've pushed it a little having Kristy call her her "real sister" when they've only interacted onscreen a few times. I did think it came off as genuine when when the girls said Karen was their friend. I loved Karen's shock at Vanessa Pike getting her role, and the way she strolled back into the play after that.
  4. It seems so odd to me that she would leave her child alone in the boat to go for a swim. I can't imagine it's a suicide, though, and her child is saying she went for a swim, and the fact that she wasn't wearing her life jacket makes it sound like she didn't fall out of the boat accidentally.
  5. Are you me? I've always felt this way about Mack, semi-rationally blaming him for them killing off Tripp. Bobo would be proud. Even though I just complained about Mack, he really was good for Fitz in season 2. My favorite part of Deke in the 80s was threatening to turn Sybil's parts into a Speak and Spell. And his shock at Cricket's death. "But Cricket was a saint! Who would ever murder him?!" I'm weirdly happy that Olga didn't die.
  6. Until I got on these forums, I don't think I realized how unpopular Dawn was. I mean, it does make sense that she would move across country if she wasn't popular, but she also had that spinoff series with her California friends. Of course, I never read it or even saw it in the library, so maybe it wasn't popular either. Her possibly haunted house with a secret passageway was always my favorite thing about her. Claudia was always my favorite. She was the babysitter least like me. Asian, gorgeous, zit-free, cool, fashionable, artistic, book dumb. I never disliked any of the babysitters, Jessi was likely my least favorite at the time. but looking back I think I find Mallory's storylines the least memorable. Watching the show I'm realizing just how deeply some of the plotlines and characters from the series are burned into my brain.
  7. Episode 6: Poor Mimi. It took me a second to recognize the name Manzanar. I liked Janine having good information and being helpful in her Janineness. It was really good seeing everyone in the group rallying to help. Mary Anne’s dad is growing on me. “Do you know the show ‘Queer Eye?’” “Of cour-oh, no, are they here?”
  8. Episode 5: Buddy’s dad came off so much better than he did in the book when he took just Buddy when he was supposed to have all three kids because his scatterbrained mom forgot. It worked that he was always supposed to get Buddy for swim. Damn, Kristy’s freakout was good.
  9. I’m surprised they went with the transgirl storyline. They presented it in a believable way with an understandable complication at the hospital. I liked that Mary Anne’s dad just had braided her hair cause that was all he could do and hadn’t made any overt statements about her hair. I’m a little disappointed that Dawn’s dad is gay as we won’t get the stepmom from the books. And where’s her little brother Jeff? Not sure I like witch neighbor being Dawn’s aunt.
  10. Seriously, if your child is ripping medical equipment off of the baby-sitter that really says a lot more about the parents than the sitter.
  11. For me, it may have been the shock of Keri Russell in the last Star Wars movie. It had been so long, but then BAM! 20 years later showing up in his project.
  12. Episode 3: I'm enjoying seeing/hearing referenced some of the kids. And how have I watched Scarlett Johannson all these years and never thought of Charlotte Johannson? She's one of the best kids on the show. Kristy reading "The Art of War" was a fun visual. Loved Kristy's mom making the Handmaid's Tale reference. "Kristy is one of those IT clowns bringing night terrors into the daylight." Sassy Mary Anne is really amusing me. Oh, God, I hate Stacey's mom with her "Did anybody see you?" about Stacey's low blood sugar. Like, damn, no wonder the girl feels it's gotta be a secret. I was waiting for her monitor to start beeping when she ran away from Kristy's room. That video was super-harsh, though. I can see why she didn't want to tell people after that went viral. I think using that as ammo for the Baby-sitters Agency was a good creative choice. I love Dr. Johansson standing up for Stacey and giving a calm explanation.
  13. Okay for a show I can predict easily since I've read the books before, I'm really trying to avoid spoilers on this thread. So, episode 2 comments. I like that they're switching the narrators like in the books. Mary Anne's dad is the demon leader from The Good Place! And uses the same speech patterns. "What would you know about having a normal dad?!" - Damn, Mary Anne, harsh. Love Claudia's Tippi Hedren costume, but Stacey's Marie Antoinette was gorgeous. I liked that Claudia and her parents had a nice open honest conversation about her grades, and that she had a nice evening painting Mimi, who I like so much that I know I'm gonna have my heart broken eventually. The casting for Karen and Andrew is really perfect. I could see her getting a spinoff. I want a whispering gallery.
  14. 33 year-old woman who read the books mostly between ‘95 and ‘98. Just watched the first episode and I think they’ve nailed it. They’ve got the general concepts of the characters down pat, although Claudia seems a little young considering she was supposed to be a little more teenagery compared to Mary Anne and Kristy in the books. Those few seconds of Karen were perfect. This is way better than the HBO version. A rare sentence. They’ve got a good blend of modern and retro sensibilities and a good justification for both.
  15. He does have a a lot of loyalty towards the actors he works with, which I appreciate. I mean, it's not just Greg Grunberg he takes from project to project, although he certainly holds the record. But JJ does get bored easily. Just starting a rewatch of Alias. Bradley Cooper looks so young. Victor Garber looks exactly the same.
  16. Just finished and I feel like I while this has always been a good show, I’ve never truly understood what was happening in it at all. The ending gave me the same feeling. Ah, well at least I’ll never forget how to say “You’re alive!” in German.
  17. I'm feeling the Daisy/Sousa ship in ways I did not predict in the previous episode. He's been just great to have back no matter what show he's on, but I loved his protectiveness of Daisy and trying to comfort her as we get a little more Daniel backstory. Ahem, may I suggest we try a throwback to season 1 and call it Skysa? (Fine, maybe I've just always liked the name Skye better than Daisy)
  18. Coulson: Will Daisy survive? Sybil: 86% Coulson: That's my girl.
  19. Question: did a “fuck” stay in? I only noticed the two edited out and only remember the others as curses cut short.
  20. I'm just starting the first ep season 3 and clicked on this thread for some reason. Your comment has convinced me to behave and not look at any more comments.
  21. Souza: I'll try to stay off the radar. Is that a thing? Staying off the radar? Coulson: We still have that.
  22. Michael Trevino is really fantastic here, and I say that as someone who was usually indifferent to him on Vampire Diaries. I loved him coming in yelling at Liz and then hugging her. So Michael and Maria broke up. I feel like we barely even saw them together. Seriously, they barely break up and he's saying Alex is his future, but not yet. I hate this stupid love triangle. Jason Behr and Kayla Ewell had some good chemistry in this one. Tyler Blackburn can sing. I - I don't know what to make of that ending. That beard on other Max looked terrible though. I did like that they each had to touch part of that symbol. I also liked that Max found out about Michael's tattoo. Last week had more of a season finale urgency to it. This week was much more boring.
  23. I didn't recognize the "Yankee Doodle Dandy" guy immediately, but I realized it before he came back around. They said the other guy was Larry right? So not Harry who Stephanie "married" as a kid? Cause that would've made more sense. Vicky was a big surprise. I don't think I believe she and Danny have stayed friends all these years, since she was never mentioned after they break up. A teeny part of me was still hoping an Olsen would show up at the wedding. Until Joey McIntyre showed up, I thought Elizabeth would appear as Michelle to officiate the wedding. I at least hoped we could get a "Michelle can't make it, she's got amnesia again" type comment. Did not predict Stephanie's miracle baby. Or that they wouldn't really move. I mean, this seems like the time to do it. They've had that house since at least 1987, it should be paid off.
  24. I wonder if the scene between Jackson and Ramona was one of the last they filmed. They seemed more emotional than I would have expected. That scene felt earned based on how their relationship has progressed. Hey! Dad from Good Luck, Charlie! He's always great in minor roles as bar bullies. And axe-throwing is adjacent to hammer-throwing and he once played Thor, so I feel that's almost a shout-out. This is my favorite episode in quite awhile, possibly ever. Well, second to the one where they drunk dial Michelle. They had a nice balance of legitimately funny and heartwarming.
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