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  1. TheOtherOne

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    JAG Reunion! Catherine Bell to Join David James Elliott on NCIS: LA Catherine Bell To Reprise Her “Mac” Character On ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’; Could ‘JAG’ Reboot Be In the Cards?
  2. TheOtherOne


    Bell will be back too. JAG Reunion! Catherine Bell to Join David James Elliott on NCIS: LA Catherine Bell To Reprise Her “Mac” Character On ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’; Could ‘JAG’ Reboot Be In the Cards?
  3. TheOtherOne

    S05.E08: The Hospies

    The link in the second post above (which came from the Schitt's Creek Instagram account) offers links to the song on Apple, Spotify and Google Play. Or here: http://smarturl.it/alittlebitalexis eta: Looks like they've updated it with Amazon, so there may be additional ones coming as well.
  4. TheOtherOne

    S05.E08: The Hospies

    A little bit Alexis! There's still plenty of time left in the season--and Stevie as Sally Bowles and Patrick as The Emcee promise to bring great things--but as of now, that 30 seconds made the season for me. It's hard to imagine it being topped. Perfection. eta: Link to the full song! http://smarturl.it/alittlebitalexis
  5. TheOtherOne

    S05.E07: A Whisper Of Desire

    Me: Noah Reid is dreamy. I appreciate/resent the show's restraint in not getting him shirtless or otherwise scantily clad as they have the other love interests on the show. ::Patrick is cast as the emcee in Cabaret, a part that, since the late 90s revival at least, has been scantily clad:: Me: Well played, Levy.
  6. TheOtherOne

    S05.E06: Rock On!

    Commenting mostly because I love this show and it needs more comments, when I don't really have anything to say but gush. Great episode. I could watch David and Patrick hug for hours, because I'm a big cheeseball and they hit me right in the heart.
  7. TheOtherOne

    NCIS: New Orleans

    This has been alluded to for a while now, but it's still something to see it stated so explicitly. I really, really hate that they did this.
  8. TheOtherOne

    Glass (2019)

    There was a topic for the movie. It was farther down the page: http://forums.previously.tv/topic/74878-glass-2019
  9. TheOtherOne

    S05.E01: The Crowening

    Yes, he's the co-creator and showrunner and has written all the season premieres, most of the season finales, and usually 1-2 other episodes per season (in addition to the usual showrunner thing of overseeing all the other scripts he's not credited on).
  10. TheOtherOne

    S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    For the lazy (raises hand), The Many Different Endings of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Explained
  11. TheOtherOne

    S04.E08: I'm Not the Person I Used to Be

    "And are these your relatives?" "Are these my relatives? What kind of gene pool--?" I found the episode really funny, which I appreciated. The Valencia/Brah plot was an obvious retcon that doesn't really fit (and makes them look kind of shitty), but the final scene between them was so well done and tender I was able to forget that in the moment.
  12. TheOtherOne

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    Was just watching 30 Rock's "Plan B" and recognized the credited writers' names as the writers of this one, Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan. Looked up their credits on IMDB, and while I'd remembered their names, I never realized how they'd been responsible for some of my favorite TV episodes--30 Rock's "Argus," "Plan B" and "The Tuxedo Begins;" Kimmy Schmidt's "Kimmy Gives Up!" and "Kimmy Meets a Celebrity!"; last season's "The Trolley Problem." Pretty good track record, and "Janet(s)" is another impressive piece of work from them. (I did a search of the thread to see if their names had been mentioned, and they hadn't, and it seemed like they should be.)
  13. TheOtherOne

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    The Hollywood Reporter's latest interview with Schur post-"Janet(s)" has a lot of interesting tidbits about the process and how the show is made, which I always find interesting.
  14. TheOtherOne

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    From Variety's Schur interview: So I would guess they're going to have to go with "Michael was lying" as the explanation for Lincoln being mentioned back then. (edited: Or I'll go with HunterHunted's explanation below, which makes sense too.) Boy, between training for the fight scene in the last episode and playing her co-stars in this one, they threw plenty of challenges at D'Arcy Carden over a short period of time, and she pulled them off. Hopefully the show getting more awards attention is happening at just the right time for her to finally get some Emmy (and other award) love.
  15. TheOtherOne

    S03.E09: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

    "We did it!" "Well, she..." ❤️ I love this show very, very much. 30 minutes of joy I need every week.