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  1. Thinking about all the guest stars reminds me of all the interviews I've read with some of them over the years. I always enjoyed Amy Hill's with The AV Club, where one of the things she talks about is doing the show:
  2. Yeah, it's kind of annoying how incomplete that list is. The first ones that immediately came to mind were Carol's obstetrician (who I think was the actual first black character on Friends, in the second episode, not Jenifer Lewis in the third) and Phoebe's, who told her she was having triplets ("Doctors are wrong all the time.") But yeah, the Asian representation was a lot/even spottier. Hoshi, Pete's ultimate fighting trainer; Chandler's co-worker who wanted to get smacked on the butt by their boss in the same episode; Amy Hill as the loud-sex-having neighbor who wanted candy...
  3. She didn't even take a bite with all the layers! Ya gotta take a bite with all the layers! But yeah, the fact that they didn't show this when there was so much stuff they didn't really need is dumb.
  4. I'm sure some of the audience is laughing AT her, but personally what I loved about the fat version of Monica dancing is how happy she seemed. Regular Monica is uptight and neurotic and brittle, but whenever we saw her when she was fat (or the "what if she was still fat"), she seemed sweet and happy. I love watching this, because there's so much joy in it.
  5. I don't think this one's been posted. Nice story about the making of the special and the work that went into it. Inside the ‘Friends’ Reunion With Director Ben Winston
  6. It's interesting that you think they should donate the money they were paid from this to charity, yet you don't say that the billion-dollar corporation that will make much, much more more money than the cast from this should donate their proceeds. People don't deserve to get paid, but corporations do? Very interesting.
  7. It's probably already been mentioned, but I love how Lisa knew Mr. Heckles' real name, even if she didn't know the character's name. When the women are all struggling to remember and David says, "And his name would be...?" and everyone is talking over each other, Lisa says, "Larry Hankin," and then kind of smiles, knowing it won't be accepted. But of course she's right.
  8. I'm all for people getting paid what they're worth, even if they're already rich. In this case, I'd definitely rather see the cast get paid rather than just a corporation getting rich, since they're the reason people are interested in this. And all evidence is that they were worth every penny. When the trailer was released, it spawned fresh interest in the show (lots of charts and numbers here): "Friends: The Reunion special on HBO Max has also driven a surge of U.S. and worldwide demand for the original sitcom. As of May 24, Friends was the fourth most in-demand overall show in the
  9. Here's the Helen Baxendale interview: "She refuses to blame the Friends' cast for not giving her a warmer welcome - they have guest stars on all the time, she says, it is hardly worth their while making best buddy overtures to all of them. She won't single out anyone as being especially cold, but will say that the nicest cast members were Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow. It is a mark of how distant they were that she still calls them by their character names - Joey and Phoebe."
  10. The thing I suspect some actors who don't do a lot of sitcoms (like, had Turner done many, or any, before Friends?) don't get is that it's going to be different from a movie set or while doing a play. The actors are learning a new script every week so there's less downtime than on a movie or during play rehearsals--especially on something like Friends were they were only working two or three days a week by the later seasons. In the Golden Girls Forever book (which is great), there's a quote from Inga Swenson who guest-starred as Rose's sister, which I thought was illuminating about sitco
  11. Already rewatching it. They all just have such good chemistry, and are naturally funny together. So many great moments, like this bit:
  12. Really wasn't expecting much, but yeah, I really, really enjoyed that. Seeing the genuine camaraderie and affection between them, watching them bounce off each other... even though it was the actors not the characters, the interactions still had the same vibe of the show, and knowing it was real made it even sweeter. The way David and Jen held on to each other long after that final Ross-Rachel scene technically ended hit me right in the heart.
  13. The Making of Girls5eva’s Catchy, Laugh-Out-Loud Fake Pop Songs There's the answer to my earlier wondering how New York Lonely Boy came about:
  14. He guested on 30 Rock, so obviously has a prior relationship with Fey and co., but I was still surprised when I recognized his actual wife as herself (and then searched during the show to confirm that yes, that was their actual son, who really is an only child). Afterward I wondered how the appearance and storyline had come about: if it was something he'd discussed with Fey and others--raising an only son in the city--that led to the storyline, or if they came up with the storyline and reached out to their family about making their appearance. Either way, it was a cool scene.
  15. Fun interview Renée Elise Goldsberry Talks Playing a Pop Star in Girls5eva
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