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  1. I didn't love it as much as I'd hoped to (certainly not as much as 30 Rock or Kimmy Schmidt), but I still really liked it (and it was much better than Great News or Mr. Mayor among the shows Fey's produced). I think that's the main way I would describe it--likeable. I liked all the characters, and even if it wasn't as funny as I'd hoped (there were some dry spots, and the last couple episodes were a little too serious/sad for me) it was an easy watch and I liked spending time in this world and with these people. Good escapism for 4 hours. On a storytelling level, it was very well-constructed,
  2. Yep. Until this year only 5 women had been nominated, so probably not a surprise. Lina Wertmüller (1976′s “Seven Beauties”), Jane Campion (1993′s “The Piano”), Sofia Coppola (2003′s “Lost in Translation”), Kathryn Bigelow (2009′s “The Hurt Locker”), and Greta Gerwig (2017′s “Lady Bird”). One Italian, one New Zealander (sp?) and three Americans.
  3. Happy "Husavik" Day! May not only the best song, but the only nominee - actually used in its movie - that's pivotal to the plot and key to its themes - that has to be believable as a specific thing (a Eurovision song) and good in its own right--and pulls it off win!
  4. I never got the sense he was being thrown under the bus by anyone (I don't take gossip sites seriously), but it's funny that you said this right before Shonda's interview came out saying the same thing about only expecting him to be in one season and how this is how romance novels work. A lot of sites, like the Apple link above, are pulling quotes from the interview, but here's the full Vanity Fair interview: EXCLUSIVE: Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers Reign Supreme as Netflix Greenlights Bridgerton Seasons 3 and 4
  5. 'Bridgerton' Renewed for Seasons 3 and 4 by Netflix
  6. Inside Rege-Jean Page’s ‘Bridgerton’ Departure "Sources close to the show tell THR that Page was offered an opportunity to return as a guest star in three to five episodes of season two — at a rate of $50,000 an episode — but declined for a multitude of reasons." ... "Sources say nearly everyone close to the show knew Page only had a one-year deal for Bridgerton. The plan from the start was for the sophomore season to be based on Quinn's The Viscount Who Loved Me and revolve around Jonathan Bailey's Anthony Bridgerton, with Page's Simon never planned to be part of the story.
  7. I wondered how they would keep Simon and Daphne involved in the series now that their story was told, since it would be expensive to keep the actors on as secondary characters. Well, here's an answer: No Simon in Season 2 ‘Bridgerton’ Breakout Regé-Jean Page Will Not Appear in Season 2
  8. Great interview with creator Jac Schaeffer in the NYT. This was my favorite part, to give credit where it's due to a line that clearly resonated with a lot of people.
  9. "We have said goodbye before, so it stands to reason..." "...we'll say hello again." Sigh. I should have realized when they went to the trouble of mentioning the runes in the previouslies that they were going to come into play, but it was still hugely satisfying when they did. Other than Hayward not getting the crap kicked out of him (or receiving any kind of physical punishment), I was perfectly satisfied on every level. Brilliantly done, show.
  10. I've been waiting for that Agnes "Am I dead?...Because you are" scene since the first trailer. Glad it lived up to the trailer and the whole thing wasn't spoiled.
  11. Well, that's significantly less fun. Oh well.
  12. Even though we'd left Bewitched behind in favor of The Brady Bunch, some of the doctor's line readings sounded very Paul Lynde, which I found amusing. Also loved how, in that typical TV-land way, she gave birth to giant babies that were in no way newborns, and which evidently came already wrapped in blankets (at least when she was handed the first one). (And like last week, I'm convinced the guy in the opening credits outside the library with Vision and Herb is definitely David Schwimmer in makeup. If they get to the 90s in a few weeks, they have to be saving him for a Friends reveal
  13. https://tvline.com/2021/01/21/bridgerton-season-2-spoilers-lord-anthony-new-love-interest/ The last bit is what I found most interesting, because a TV show is very different from a romance novel series, where the main couple from one book moves into the background of subsequent books as other couples' stories are told. In a TV series, lead actors generally don't want to become supporting characters, and it would be expensive to keep them on contract to just do brief cameos and pop-ins like they would in a romance novel series. To stay a large part of the show, they'd need story, which
  14. I can't find any confirmation, and he's not listed in the closing credits...but this is totally David Schwimmer in chunky makeup (ala Ross's double Russ on Friends), no?
  15. I've been thinking about the name Whistledown and wondering why Quinn chose it. It seems close enough to whistleblower not to be a coincidence. If anything, the show's introduction of the Marina plot and the decision to have Penelope use her power not just for idle gossip, but to expose wrongdoing, explicitly makes her a whistleblower in a way the book Penelope/Whistledown didn't seem to be. And the response to her actions is basically the same one real-world whistleblowers get. Marina was committing fraud. Penelope/Whistledown told the truth. That's it. Penelope didn't lie or commit libe
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