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  1. You would think now that Kevin Spacey has been outed that blackball stuff would cease to exist since rumor has it Jason's problems started after he did that movie with him.
  2. I hate that I've watched so many of these that I have to watch the finale.
  3. I'm trying so hard to give this show a break because of my love for The Bomer but... OH COME ON.
  4. I'm still not buying Nick as the ringleader in all of this. They've shown how charismatic Jamie is, how he just made all those friends at the bar. Nick is awkward and appears anti-social. Those types of peeps normally don't seduce people. People like Jamie seduce people. I think that artist is going to be move involved with the two of them and that she knows them - possibly painted one of them before.
  5. I'm just catching up with this season. I don't like hating on kids, and there were to many annoying ones this year. Reggie reminded me of this jerk know it all I went to school with so it took a bunch of my usual enjoyment out of the show. I know it's not fair to compare to someone with his mannerisms, but based on how he acted the last two episodes I'd guess they weren't given him a bad edit towards the end, but had given him a good edit before that. I was glad to see Grayson win, and once Anthony was gone I enjoyed most of the episodes. Like I said I don't like hating on kids, but Anthony seemed more like "look at my I'm cute" rather than "I have a speech impediment".
  6. Wasn't Nick digging the grave the last flashback we had on the show? This time it was Jamie. I still think that Jamie is the instigator and Nick the follower. Makes me wonder if in his flashbacks he's switching them in his head. It's an interesting thought, and it sure sounds like Nick has killed peeps before. Ambrose could have a serial killer on his hands if the two are switched in Jamie's head.
  7. Bomer is killing this role. I don't know if I can take any more baby scenes with him. All of his scenes have this sense of dread or anticipation - like some crap can go down at any minute. I need to start drinking while watching this because it really packs on the anxiety.
  8. Well there's 1 hour and some odd minutes I'll never get back (thank you DVR). I really wish this show would delve deeper into the enablers. I'm sure Dr. Now did say something to Dawn and the Mom, but it just wasn't show. I mean here is a show that has people feeding people to death, and their excuse is usually somewhere along the lines of "You wouldn't want to deal with them if they don't get their food." When you look at people like this train wreck, she can't go get her own food or order Uber Eats or anything like that, so it is specifically people bringing her food. What could she do? Yell? Scream? Just leave the house. She can't follow you. I think it would be interesting to see what makes these people listen to these bed-bound brats.
  9. On rewatch I noticed something interesting. When Jamie was telling Nick to leave he said, "You don't get to tell me what to do," and then very quietly added "not this time."
  10. That's where I'd put my money! I'm getting huge narcissist vibes from Jamie.
  11. They sure are marathoning the heck out of all the different seasons. It's been fun rewatching some of the old ones. Season 1-3 are very, very good. Season 4 had it's moments, and I don't think I really finished watching Season 5. I just FF to the judging, and sometimes didn't make it through that. I remembered most of my favorites even though none of them won...lol I loved Bill in season one, Alberto in season two, and didn't really have a fav for season 3, and didn't mind Jason winning. Season four I loved Joshua, but I also liked Jen. I just always wanted to eat Joshua's desserts. Season five just sucked any way you looked at it.
  12. I will never for the life of me understand why people use salted butter when they bake. Why on earth wouldn't they want to control the salt content and use unsalted?
  13. You know what's really funny? They had a best of show on the other night, and Lorraine took at least regular sized bites of all of those. Who knows maybe she takes a regular bite at first and then does her little bites of each of the components. These shows are all what they want us to see.
  14. I thought they all looked great too. I'm really liking this batch of bakers. My favorite on these types of competition is always who's food I want to eat (and they never win lol), and I wanted to try all of those.
  15. There is no way those cookies could have tasted good. I made these black cauldron cookies at Halloween, and they were just plain nasty. The amount of food coloring you have to put in to make black is ridiculous. Even all the other ones would have way to much food coloring.
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