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  1. They sure are marathoning the heck out of all the different seasons. It's been fun rewatching some of the old ones. Season 1-3 are very, very good. Season 4 had it's moments, and I don't think I really finished watching Season 5. I just FF to the judging, and sometimes didn't make it through that. I remembered most of my favorites even though none of them won...lol I loved Bill in season one, Alberto in season two, and didn't really have a fav for season 3, and didn't mind Jason winning. Season four I loved Joshua, but I also liked Jen. I just always wanted to eat Joshua's desserts. Season five just sucked any way you looked at it.
  2. I will never for the life of me understand why people use salted butter when they bake. Why on earth wouldn't they want to control the salt content and use unsalted?
  3. You know what's really funny? They had a best of show on the other night, and Lorraine took at least regular sized bites of all of those. Who knows maybe she takes a regular bite at first and then does her little bites of each of the components. These shows are all what they want us to see.
  4. I thought they all looked great too. I'm really liking this batch of bakers. My favorite on these types of competition is always who's food I want to eat (and they never win lol), and I wanted to try all of those.
  5. There is no way those cookies could have tasted good. I made these black cauldron cookies at Halloween, and they were just plain nasty. The amount of food coloring you have to put in to make black is ridiculous. Even all the other ones would have way to much food coloring.
  6. They replayed on FN, but I think they are available On Demand right now too.
  7. I have never ever tasted a cake pop that was decent. I can't understand for the life of me why people eat them.
  8. They are currently replaying season one. They had some really good peeps on this season, and it's kind of funny watching holly jolly Erin after seeing her true self and meltdown on Food Network Star.
  9. Here we go again! Loved the winner's creation! It is so hard to hang cookies without them breaking or making them out of dough that resembles clay once baked. Hated the new female judge. I'm getting tired of the "bloggers" who are now our "experts".
  10. Aww those are cookies I made in the pic! That's awesome!
  11. I am so hoping this season is better than last year's! It really went downhill, so I hope they step it up because the Holiday Baking Championship was always my favorite!
  12. Oh good GOD preach. I can't barely make it through this show now that she's on it. I miss Lorraine, but she was one of my favorites besides Ben. Damn, I really liked Julie and wished that other woman went.
  13. 70's baby here. I'm really digging this season also, and I wasn't a fangirl when I was fangirl age. I'm enjoying the camp and the twists. Some I admit I saw from a mile away, but still fun. They've hit the 80's feel on the head unless my old, mid 40ish brain is remembering wrong.
  14. Oh man, my dvr picked up some "best of" Halloween Baking Champion show and some of the scenes had Ron. I agree he was the best judge out there, and I loved his show too. I wonder why they pulled the plug on him? He was entertaining and educational. I like Henson for Halloween, but I have to admit I like The Bachelor dude for Christmas.
  15. Or Sherry, who I loved, who returned last season a bit more street wise and with a bit of an edge from rehab. It would have made sense that she'd be in on everything, and that she also might be able to figure out a way to get them out of the whole Bryce situation.
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