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  1. I’m sorry- Britini is hilarious! Her ridiculous reactions crack me up.
  2. Even if the situation was explained to Alyssa the same way it was explained to Claire, that can’t be ok with Alyssa. She was basically just told she’s going next regardless (unless she wins hoh).
  3. I wonder why Tiffany didn’t tell Claire she was a pawn?
  4. I don’t think keeping Claire is good for Tiffany’s game. If it somehow ends up with those two in the final, Claire could get a lot of votes from other “victims” of the cookout, as well as votes from people who are impressed with her staying power against all odds. Oh and members of the cookout who now hate Tiffany. whereas if Claire’s on the jury, Tiffany would get Claire’s vote.
  5. I’m confused - if the pan was burning on top of the stove, why was the fire inside the oven? I miss Derek X :(
  6. Everyone must know who the secret hoh is right? They have literally nothing else to think or talk about in that house . I’m sure they figured it out. Also: that movie did not look good .
  7. Who did Tiffany think she was going to replace Claire or Derek x with? Sarah Beth was HOH and Alyssa was safe. I guess the good news is the cookout will have to start eating their own in two weeks.
  8. I would assume they are terrified to mention it. What a horrible look if they’re wrong. “I think all the black people are teaming up against us.”
  9. Why didn’t Kyland nominate Alyssa? Did he explain this and I missed it? She has no allies in the house.
  10. Derek X reminds me of the people on Survivor who ditch their own team to become the bottom rung in the majority alliance, and then wonder why they’re picked off first once everyone else on their old team is gone.
  11. I don’t know why, but it always seems like the cookout is more loyal to Hannah than Hannah is to the cookout.
  12. I question Andrea the bridal designer’s taste level.
  13. Colbie Caillet? And Hannah looks like Meghan Markle. Frenchie looks like someone at my work who I hate, which isn’t helping.
  14. I think the Vegas team does consistent, amazing work and I hope they win. Plus it will be fun to watch the high strung daughter and Thomas implode when they lose.
  15. They sure make a lot of towers on this show.
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