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  1. Sean is wearing lady glasses. That’s all I got.
  2. I had twins and found time to shower daily. Most days I got my hair fixed a bit and mascara applied. I don’t understand these moms saying no time to shower. Babies nap often, babies can be placed in baby devices and cribs for 15-25 minutes without harm. I think it’s kind of dumb for new moms to say this stuff. Makes me think they are unorganized and not capable of creating a routine for themselves and baby.
  3. How can that baby be brothers with Lux? There is zero resemblance. Creed is super cute!
  4. Has Teresa had an accident resulting in physical trauma? Why does she walk like she’s had back surgery? Her legs are seriously bowed. Is some childhood condition, maybe worsening as she ages? She looks like walking is very painful for her.
  5. Last June, Covid!! Geesh, my family was hunkered down only going to work. We visited by Zoom and phone only. None of us ever got Covid. Seeing these ppl just ignore the pandemic LAST JUNE is so annoying. Selfish and stupid, or probably just ignorant.
  6. Ryan had two sweet babies to play or love on right in front of him. Instead he cuddles a dog with one hand while sitting in his recliner and the other hand clutching his vape.
  7. Maybe Chris really enjoys and loves Amy. I get exhausted with all the snark and meanness.
  8. Loved the extra bits of TJ laughing. He’s got a great evil laugh, seemed he was really having fun. TJ my fave part of The Challenge.
  9. Cate is one of those women that don’t become pregnant because they want another child. She only craves the special attention that being pregnant affords her. She has zero genuine interest in raising and nurturing children. It’s sad.
  10. This show just cannot be real, right? These people are like cartoon characters. I get so depressed watching. How many young people are so uneducated and unmotivated? Why do they all speak with such a weird,slow dull affect? Is it that difficult for them to make sentences? The two sisters taking their baby dolls to the zoo....omg. Funny at the jeweler, “$8000” and he says my budget is $500, why not say up front, duh.
  11. Nothing at all wrong with Chelsea moving 45min away. Now what Kail wore to meet that realtor, that’s was so wrong. She looked horrid. I can’t believe she paid to build a butt like that. I wish I could sell mine.
  12. Every week I am left wondering why so many young people have no dignity, no respect for themselves. They are badly embarrassing themselves and not one of them cares. Like Leah’s sister, just ewwww. This Jade girl, again ewwww. Brianna, ewwww. I try not to judge them as just plain ignorant but I can’t help it. Education is important everyone! Become educated and you will have so many more opportunities at a decent life without all this manufactured drama and stress. Maybe I have finally outgrown this show.
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