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  1. My FIL is a professor in his 70s. He's in Sociology. I've had professors during undergrad (in English) who were in their 70s. I work at an R1 uni. They are always trying to get folks to retire.
  2. Thanks. I found these earlier. I remember the fanfiction that PP mentioned, there was also an epic one after her assault. I can't find them on AO3 or on fanfiction.net though. It might have been on Tumblr or livejournal, But my initial searches are fruitless.
  3. Can you point me to the Aleesha:Matt stories? I tried to find it but to no availI tried to find it but to no avail
  4. You would pronounce the s since there is a an e after the s. like a whas.
  5. I just watched the episode and I think it's his dad's dog that called Swayze.
  6. I grew to not like Mary Berry by watching this. The frequent comments of 'spices' aimed at the non white folks who cook their traditional food and the telling folks to clean up while cooking along with some other things just have me giving her the side eye.
  7. I watched with my husband and his biggest comments had to do with the cheaper production value. Something to do with color saturation and maybe shooting with cheaper lenses. The color was just way off. I hope they fix it. The only thing I didnt like was that I couldn't binge it.
  8. I think also when it gets later in the evening, people tend to get very handsy and kissy, sometimes regardless of who they are with. I think with Deva she probably met Maria earlier on and then was reluctant to be kissed by others. I don't blame her. I know the object of the show is dating around, but I have never been able to do so.
  9. The Poly guy seemed like a creep. Great speaking voice though. I cringed so hard during Ben's dates. He was the most awkward. I hope he finds his lobster.
  10. Do you mean Toni from Girlfriends? It's been so long! Still waiting on that movie!
  11. Jessica claims to care for Mark. If she ever really cared for him, she would not have led him to believe that she was in love with him. It has nothing to do with not apologizing to herself. It has to do with human decency. For whatever reason, Mark 'loved' her. He thought she had reservations about the age but eventually came around. We all know that that wasn't the case. Just be real with him and say look, I think I made a mistake, we are too different, or the emotional connection isn't as strong as I thought. I connected with someone so deep, yet I am not going to apologize for not truthful
  12. But kelly also talked about mot being able to orgasm with previous (I am assuming brunette) partners. I think they both came up with excuses.
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