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  1. Is it possible the actress is just naturally robotic and stilted in real life? If so it may be harder to overcome. I can't see Emma being recasted when she's only on sporadically.
  2. Brad and Julian really look like a couple of assholes in Lucas's room. I hope Lucas is totally playing them both and remembers everything. I don't know, but this story makes me laugh.
  3. I guess because Justin Lin is back in the director's chair is why we see the return of his old Better Luck Tomorrow buddies Sung Kang (Han) and Jason Tobin (Earl). Looks like Sean is back as well.
  4. Not even remotely what I said or implied. This is also false. The difference is just as you stated. One is straight, the other is gay. And to call attention to it in no way opposes equality. There are indeed arguments that could be made regarding the subject of race in this matter, in addition to sexual orientation.
  5. Willow is straight. Brad is gay. It's just as TEEVEE329 stated. The show is sending the message that if the heterosexual bio-mom has a problem with the homosexual's parenting, then she should consider revoking the adoption. Willow's motivations and reasoning are irrelevant, as is her hypothetical reaction were Brad to be straight.
  6. Actually, that is exactly what's going on. I agree that it is a troubling message that the show is sending. Unfortunately, I doubt that the writers are even aware of this.
  7. Not a bad trailer but the attempts to connect this to the Spider-Man movies are silly. Let it go, Sony.
  8. It's possible, but based on this cast of characters and early info, it seems unlikely. I believe it was revealed at some point that Nashton was his real name before changing it to Nigma.
  9. Down here we got the Dickens episode today instead of the pre-Christmas ep you all had, which will air for us next time.
  10. Tenshinhan

    Batman Movies

    LOL at more Falcone and even more Long Halloween. Damn, so lazy. Is this really the best Reeves could come up with for a new film? Just recycle the same plots and characters over and over and over again. It's like they just don't give a shit about the Batman mythos anymore. That said the cast for this is great, and seeing an actual Long Halloween adaptation even if only loose sounds interesting, but I honestly don't know what they were thinking.
  11. It's actually like 200 more episodes. But you're totally right about the incessant flashbacks and occasional filler!
  12. Tenshinhan

    Batman Movies

    The "political candidate" thing immediately made me think of Barbara's time as a Congresswoman. This "Bella" thing seems like it could be false or a cover.
  13. They must really want to make this new Nik look dumb. When Jason found the muddy footprints and it cut to Nik looking down at his shoes in terror, I laughed.
  14. I hope they aren't planning to have Brook Lynn get involved with the new Nikolas. I think I remember their last story being kinda gross.
  15. Tenshinhan

    Batman Movies

    I was hoping they would save Alfred for a sequel if they were gonna include him. If they really must put Alfred in the movie, then I would like it if they do something a bit different this time. Like maybe have an Alfred who is new to Wayne Manor, while Bruce insists that he doesn't need a butler. Maybe have Alfred be clueless about the Batman's true identity and a bit of a thorn in Bruce's side. Then have them come to terms at the end of the film. I think something like that would go a long way in making the character work this time around.
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