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  1. Still no idea why 2013 Nurses Ball is left out of the bunch. If they are just gonna air those ABC online episode collections then I guess CarSon/JaSam themed weeks are next.
  2. Sooo I'm guessing that the writers are secretly wanting the audience to root for Nelle in this Wiley story?... ...By featuring four unbelievably fucking stupid people as its protagonists? I mean, clever strategy I guess Writers.
  3. Kelly Thiebaud is supposed to be doing a character on Days so that might have cut into things. She said recently that it is up to the writers whether or not she returns as Britt.
  4. The "snake in the piñata" gag is a fine choice for a birthday party, I must say. Overall I'm quite pleased with the direction they are taking Charlotte, and I look forward to what else she has up her sleeve.
  5. There's a reason, sure. But that doesn't have to mean he's dealing with some kind of past trauma. I'd rather have a Batman that has overcome his childhood and who actually enjoys dedicating his life to fighting crime. Not a Batman who belongs in therapy.
  6. Yeah, this is definitely not new ground. I was hoping for a Batman that isn't dealing with any past trauma.
  7. The Power/Chikara arc was created to commemorate 500 episodes of Naruto, which is why the artwork and animation appears as it does. There's rumors that it was originally intended to be one of the movies instead of episodes, but that's only speculation.
  8. Molly/Brando seems awful but interesting. Maybe a Molly/Brando/Carly triangle with Sonny too busy with Mike to even notice? Jordan is terrible and I hope she gets sent to Pentonville when this is all over. The actress cannot do "angry" at all.
  9. Actually to me that sounds exactly like what a parent should do, especially considering how Sam got into the legal trouble in the first place. Also, Sam is an adult who should be able to handle that sort of business on her own.
  10. Maxie, Lulu, and Brook Lynn should all go back to Junior High. I laughed when Maxie was whining about being unemployed. Served her right. That would probably have been a better storyline than whatever the hell with Deception.
  11. I'm aware that there are other groups of minorities that the show could definitely use more of. However, I was referring to the show continuing to cast lighter-skinned Black actors over darker-skinned Black actors. Maya Ward was a decent character who I wouldn't mind seeing return, but she was light-skinned.
  12. I'd also like to see more dark-skinned Black people on the show in main roles. I can see the show beginning to expand the Black families and that's nice and all but being light-skinned shouldn't be a prerequisite.
  13. It looks like she's back at the injections again. There was talk of it back during her appearances last August, but I think it was more noticeable back then.
  14. Thank God Molly said no. It would have been pure bullshit for her to accept after all she said. Hopefully the writers have Molly stick with it and let the story play out, but I doubt it. The stuffed badger in Sonny's office is all I can focus on now during those scenes.
  15. Is it possible the actress is just naturally robotic and stilted in real life? If so it may be harder to overcome. I can't see Emma being recasted when she's only on sporadically.
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