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  1. Batman Begins was an origin story, this is not. Begins was about an angry and disillusioned Bruce Wayne overcoming his issues to become the Batman. This film appears to be about an angry and disillusioned Batman with issues. Also, this is supposed to be "edgy". Begins was not.
  2. I think they're done with the whole "Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Week" thing at this point anyhow. This year seems more like they are intentionally stretching it out.
  3. I'm not sure I understand what exactly it is you are looking for. Serialized storytelling, single titles, or both? Are you trying to read just one particular era of books? And how are you reading them? Digitally, physically?
  4. Tenshinhan

    Eternals (2021)

    The Dane Whitman Black Knight may not have been British, but the previous Black Knights were. He is their descendant.
  5. So has Mo finally kicked the shoe polish for good?? I wonder if they are trying to pull Brad into some mob storyline. Seems like a peculiar time to suddenly spice up the teen storylines. It reminds me of when they tried it with Molly, Rafe, TJ, and Felix's sister some years back.
  6. Tenshinhan

    Scream Franchise

    Scream 3 was originally supposed to be released in December like the previous two films. It was filming delays and reshoots that resulted in its February release date.
  7. Was that the one with Stavros where Dante's handcuffed to a table going "Noooo!!! Lulu!!!" ?
  8. This is very much a 21st century Batman film, by the looks of it. That is to say, the trailer seems to reflect the world of the post-2000 comic books, whereas the Nolan films were firmly rooted in the 20th century. Also this trailer gives off a very "youthful" vibe, but I guess that was the energy that they were aiming for with the film. Probably hoping that adolescents will respond well to it.
  9. That was a good trailer, but very silly. It looks like they are going for a more fantastical aesthetic and tone. Most interested in Zoë. Not a fan of a brooding Batman or emo Wayne. Looks like some kind of Riddler/Hush mashup maybe? I really could have done without Alfred in this movie. I still dig the score.
  10. It will be interesting if they can do a darker, grittier take on the character. Really explore the character's psychology.
  11. It's been twenty years since the original films, so I think they can take liberties with those kinds of details. It was never going to be a straightforward sequel after so long, but much more of a "reboot", if not a standalone.
  12. She may end up getting vaccinated anyway.
  13. They are always known as the Five Families, no matter how many of them are around at any given time. It's more of a title than a description. I'm not sure if there are any more of the Five Families besides those three right now. There might just be a vacancy for the time being.
  14. Yes. ME mispronounced "Sahara", but I checked the captions because I had to be sure I was hearing right. The Sahara Desert and Namibia are on completely opposite sides of the continent! The only deserts in that region are the Namib and the Kalahari, and I suspect they meant to refer to the latter.
  15. Namibia is not "just south of the Sahara", Show.
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