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  1. For me, anything three hours and under works as long as the story itself is served by the runtime. If it were over three hours, then such a film would need to be a special case in my view. I know that Matt Reeves was fighting the studio for a longer cut, so hopefully this means that the end result is more in line with his vision for the film.
  2. I don't think that his being a child is any kind of exemption. A lot of people hate children. Especially children on television, who can be especially hateful.
  3. The Raimi version also had the father issues and the difficulty getting close to people. I blame Raimi and the writers for MJ being what she was in those films. Dunst could have played a better MJ but the script just wasn't there. Overall, the Raimi films had a weak understanding of all of the Spider-Man characters. Raimi pretty much just went his own way with them.
  4. But Alexis's conviction was just last year. Presumably the WU members' alleged crimes must have occurred years before they were hired. Also, perhaps an Ivy League school might be a bit more broad-minded and understanding in its hiring practices than at PCU.
  5. It could still totally be a hit. Morbius has never needed Spider-Man to work.
  6. Trailer is too plot-specific. Looks like they are embracing the silly in this film. I really hope Alfred dies in the end. The Riddler as a main villain is ridiculous. If you forget the comic books and just go with it, it looks like an interesting film. I like the feel of it all, and at least they are trying something different. Also I dug seeing Bella Reál on screen so hopefully they do something worthwhile with her.
  7. It's not just you. Those weren't tears of joy in Sasha's eyes.
  8. You don't replace big characters like Batman unless it's temporary. Temporary replacements can be enjoyable, but at some point the original character should return. All of them age slowly. I don't think that the aging thing will become a problem anytime soon, if ever.
  9. I never really liked this show. I was a fan of the Batman and Superman Animated Series, but thought that a team show was a bit much. I think that Timm/Dini and them work much better in series focused on solo characters. If they had done a Wonder Woman show or a Green Lantern show instead, then I think that would have been better. Then they could have just done special team-up episodes and movies if they wanted the Justice League. I also didn't like all of the continuity between this show and the previous shows. It felt like they were overdoing it at times. And I *really* don't like
  10. But is it really just because they don't agree with her, or is it because she finds their viewpoints and way of thinking to be horrible and disturbing? There's a significant difference.
  11. Morbius first appeared in Spider-Man but his character has mostly existed independently of the Spider-Man character, appearing in other books. Keaton's Vulture is supposed to appear in Morbius, so maybe Sony still has plans for some kind of interconnectivity. Pretty sure that was cancelled a couple years ago.
  12. Sasha and Brando's baby dying around Christmas time works for me. It's not so much about bad things happening during the holiday season in real life, the show is not reality. It's more to do with how Christmas itself isn't just about joy and happiness, it's also about tragedy and sorrow. That's the other side of the holiday season that people often forget. However, many classic Christmas-themed fiction stories revolve around darkness and grief. So I think that this dead baby plot is just following in that tradition.
  13. If they kill off Alfred and then bring in Dick or something, then I might be interested. Let's see how an insane Bruce Wayne handles raising a twelve year old kid by himself.
  14. Sigh... Bruce Wayne is not a rock star or a recluse. Nor is he insane.
  15. I feel like it had to be a deliberate choice by the writers to do the sauna scene that way, with BL in the blazer. Like someone wanted to send the audience a message that they know how absurd it all is, they're in on it. At the very least I don't think that it's incidental.
  16. Woulda been cool if Ms. Wu slit Michael's throat. Why exactly was Sam so cranky today? I really didn't understand that acting choice.
  17. I thought she was just dating someone, not married... But either way...
  18. Wonder if Chad hooked up with Katelyn...
  19. I always wanted them to try Shawn/Liz. I think I remember Gladys going on about her Irish ancestry in past episodes.
  20. Batman Begins was an origin story, this is not. Begins was about an angry and disillusioned Bruce Wayne overcoming his issues to become the Batman. This film appears to be about an angry and disillusioned Batman with issues. Also, this is supposed to be "edgy". Begins was not.
  21. I think they're done with the whole "Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Week" thing at this point anyhow. This year seems more like they are intentionally stretching it out.
  22. I'm not sure I understand what exactly it is you are looking for. Serialized storytelling, single titles, or both? Are you trying to read just one particular era of books? And how are you reading them? Digitally, physically?
  23. Tenshinhan

    Eternals (2021)

    The Dane Whitman Black Knight may not have been British, but the previous Black Knights were. He is their descendant.
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