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  1. Lol love this! I was wondering if there are 2 shifts or if Cody had already turned in his notice? David is the help.
  2. Don’t they own a cheerleading or dance gym? I’d love to know if that’s really what they do for a living or if anything else. I know that competitive cheer is expensive as hell for parents of kids who participate so they should be doing quite well.
  3. Are we not going to discuss the Family Chantel home?? IMO, it was a perfectly fine, clean, cute place, not anything wrong at all with it. But I imagined their home be some new-moneyed, cookie cutter McMansion. Has their house been shown before & I missed it?
  4. Loved seeing him snatch that smarmy, smug, know it all River across the room in next weeks previews. Whatever else he’s done wrong in this relationship, he gets major points from me for that alone. And backward kicking the dining table on his way out is all kinds of awesome. (Disclaimer- not that I would tolerate or condone that behavior from my own husband or other family member, but we would never be on a reality show so I’m allowing myself to enjoy this type of behavior.)
  5. I may be wrong, but I honestly think that Anfisa really does love Jorge. Yes, initially it was all about money for her and she made no secret of that. But the pretense of him having money was shattered way back and she seems genuinely upset that he is a lying liar who lies and won’t get it thru his head that it hurts her when he won’t be honest, even over the simplest things. Somewhere, somehow, she did start to love him and said she had dreams of starting a family with him. If it was all about money, she’d have bailed by now. Maybe she’s wanting to stay married until her green card is a
  6. Re Cindy, yeah at first I was like “you go girl” because that gives me reason to be hopeful that when I get her age, that I’ll enjoy sex still and want it often. But now I think someone should put the water hose on her.
  7. Im officially over Leslie’s selfish ass. Stacy has zero help or support and is bending over beyond backwards to accommodate this transition. Leslie can’t be bothered with anything other than her breasts. Poor Jennifer is about to crack.
  8. Stupid Nicole showed Azan she’ll put up with whatever treatment he chooses to dish out. Instead of getting mad and letting him know she won’t tolerate him messing around, all she did was cry and have the sads while begging him to love her. Pathetic.
  9. I’ve thought the same thing about Troy/Lucy, something just doesn’t seem right based on what I’ve seen and compared to other people on this show. I told my husband maybe Troy just needs to cross dress and the freedom to do that, such as periodic solo trips or something. Cindy may feel different though. But rather than throw away the relationship, maybe she’d be open to that. Whatever they decide, I hope it’s a mutual, beneficial decision that will allow them to stay together. I really like them.
  10. Idk but I was glad Beverly put him in his place. It’s not for anyone to tell Beverly how to feel or deal with the end of her marriage (so long as it doesn’t truly hurt anyone else). She didn’t ask for any of this and IMO, she’s not even dealing with it in a constructive way. And she may have been a shit mom, who knows, but cut her some slack.
  11. Are you thinking of Melanie & Devar? She is a nurse who met her now husband on vacation, maybe the DR also? He was educated/trained to do something really cool when he moved here, something like underwater welding??? He probably makes good money and good for him for actually learning a trade that he can probably do anywhere.
  12. While I don’t like being told what I can and can’t do, I appreciate the fact that my husband can and does stand up to me. And makes it clear what he will and will not tolerate as a married man. I respect the hell out of him but he in no way bosses me, he just has a line that he makes clear about certain behavior, and I have the same. There’s zero respect coming from Pao. I honestly don’t know what Ross gets out of this relationship. She’s not even that pretty.
  13. Agreed. Chantel & Pedro BOTH should learn the art of handling in-laws. Let them run their mouths and remind them often that opinions are like assholes and they are entitled to theirs. And then let the comments roll of their backs. Much much easier said than done, I know and it takes awhile to master it. Their marriage would improve by 50% if they’d at least do that.
  14. She was beyond ungracious, it was tacky and rude. What’d she expect? She knows there was a huge issue with Chantel and their tiny apartment from way back. Did she think more spacious accommodations would magically appear since she was gracing then with her visit? Maybe she can tell her brother to keep his money and not be spending it on her and their witch mother and use it towards a bigger apartment for him and his wife?
  15. Not one single one of them has any redeeming qualities, except perhaps Anfisa. I would say Russ but he’s such a doormat that I feel no pity for him at all. A man with such an obvious lack of balls is hard to feel sorry for.
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