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  1. This is just not true. Deadline reported that Anna Faris informed production of her departure early in the hiatus. They had plenty of notice about it. Yes, it was a blow and maybe they weren't happy, but I suspect that since there was no push back on the actress from anyone including Chuck Lorre, who has no problem showing his displeasure with actors who leave his show, that she had a good, but personal and private reason for it. They didn't officially announce it until September, but she didn't just decide not to come back the week before.
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    MLB Thread

    The Twins had all COVID tests today come back negative, so they will likely play on Tuesday in Oakland. One of the players who tested positive was part of the team mass vaccination, so it's not like MLB is in the clear once teams clear the 85% vaccination threshold they are pushing for teams to have fewer restrictions placed on them.
  3. This is directly from the court proceedings of Lori Loughlin. Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin O’Connell told the court via Zoom that “Loughlin opted to cheat so her children could steal two admissions spots from more capable, deserving students.” I don't know how much clearer you can get than the prosecutor in the case stating this in court.
  4. The other thing about this back door scenario is that the school will often just add a spot in their admission for a kid like this. So if they cap their numbers at 3,000 and someone buys a new library and wants their kid admitted, the school will just accept them as 3,001. No big deal because no one loses a spot to this kid and everyone gets a new library. With these side door deals, other kids were losing out because the school was not involved in the process as they were above. They didn't just say okay we'll take ten extra kids because crew needs them, they said okay we'll accept ten
  5. I like watching the last Mystery 101 just to laugh at the lengths they went to to cover her pregnancy. Their extensive use of ponchos was inspired.
  6. The problem is that they clearly showed it was a Groundhog Day experience. Every day everyone was wearing the same thing doing the exact same things, Marco fixing the sign with Gold walking right under it all, Mary Margaret walking down the street and bumping into Regina, MM teaching the bird feeder lesson every time we saw her. Regina knew exactly what everyone did every day, so when Ingrid shows up, she would disrupt things. Does she have to tie up Dopey every single day? Her interactions with him and anyone he previously had contact with and now doesn't or anyone else would cause ripple eff
  7. They did actually say that if Henry was involved it modified those around him since he wasn't part of the curse or affected by it. He was going to school and getting different lessons every day, but for everyone else, it was making bird feeders every single day. Ingrid's arrival is the one that really makes no sense. She too would have changed things and been unaffected. Do we really think Regina wouldn't notice a new person in town after 15 years of cursed Storybrooke?
  8. It's kind of hilarious that he replied to that. Does he have nothing else to do? A random person says she loves Once and he tells her to make better entertainment choices and go watch Alias.
  9. This is why S1 is still an enjoyable watch for me. It's so completely different in tone and story than the remainder of the show that it's easy to divorce from everything that came next. 2A did somewhat maintain most of the elements of S1, but they made the mistake of bringing back magic and immediately separating everyone instead of taking a little time to give the audience some much needed payoff for the events of S1. The minute poor little Regina was sad-faced because she wasn't invited to the reunion dinner of the family whose lives she'd destroyed, the show changed for the worse.
  10. Oh I agree. Both the Evil Queen and Mayor Mills were menacing, ruthless characters and Parrilla did an incredible job keeping the Evil Queen from being too campy. It's why it was so disappointing when the split Evil Queen was running around town in S6 and she was a total joke. The weird dancing and endless sneering were awful. Not that the transition to camp hadn't been happening for years, but a purely Evil Queen ought to have been scary and not a clown. The later whitewashing of her crimes in Storybrooke though, does take away from the character they created in S1. She was a really grea
  11. I've been watching S1 and I forgot how awful Regina is. The writers were fond of saying Enchanted Forest Regina was a long time ago and Storybrooke Regina was different and never did anything too bad. Graham was bad (rape and murder are hard to justify as she's changed), but her actions towards Kathryn are truly horrific. Planning her kidnapping and murder. Sending a woman she knows is married to another man into a real marriage with someone else and being all pleased when Kathryn calls her a good friend is sick. Let's not even go into her actions regarding two young children who have been liv
  12. I guess it depends on where you live. Pretty much every small town around here has a 30 foot tree and a lighting ceremony. In a very 2020 moment, one town's tree was blown down the day after the virtual lighting ceremony. As unbelievable as it may seem to many, small towns across the country (admittedly, mostly in the northern areas where it's easy to get or even grow a big tree in the city park) have massive trees along with a tree lighting ceremony. Hallmark may turn it up to eleven, but it's not totally ridiculous. A few years ago, the Capitol Christmas tree came through our town and t
  13. Which is exactly why the show became less interesting to me. The show's initial introduction to the audience was about Snow and Emma with Regina as the antagonist in past and present. Snow/Mary Margaret had the most screen time in S1. It was very clear that the writers were only interested in writing for their "fun" characters and so the show became the Regina show co-starring Hook, Rumpel and later Zelena. I mean the show spent a season with two Reginas, so we know where their priorities were. I hated what became of Snow White. And agreed, she was generally really dumb. Emma was seemingl
  14. I think it's more a POV thing. They never gave the POV to Regina's red shirt victims. It was always about her side. She's sad and lonely and misunderstood. Slaughtered villagers didn't get a voice because they were dead. Or if they did, those people had no right to be upset with her because she's changed now and then they are quickly dispatched before anyone can truly think about the magnitude of her evil (see: Percival). Non-red shirts were also not allowed to show any kind of anger and they glossed over the truly nasty consequences of Regina's actions - Emma and Snow found each other so who
  15. Maybe she decided she hates Allison Janney. Or maybe her son is particularly susceptible to COVID and she wants to maintain his privacy on the issue. Who knows? I really dislike it when an unsubstantiated motive is attributed to someone and then used to drag them down. She left and it doesn't seem like it's because she thinks she'll do better elsewhere, so it's likely a personal matter. If it were really scandalous or even slightly juicy, it would have leaked, so I doubt it's some hidden drug addiction.
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