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  1. Which was stupid because just a few episodes earlier, Regina had to prove she was bad by playing chicken with a train. They put no effort into maintaining a set of rules regarding Storybrooke and how it appeared (or didn't) to outsiders.
  2. KAOS Agent

    S06.E10: Wish You Were Here

    This was something that I thought would have made for interesting exploration, but at least for Ruby, I'd say the negatives outweighed the positives. Yes, bad memories were removed, but so was her close relationship with her grandmother and she became the town slut. The show backed off on what that meant later on as they were trying to pretend the curse wasn't so bad, but the reality is that during the curse she definitely would have slept around. Not cool at all. Whale wasn't really punished during the curse because he didn't have any loved ones left to be separated from and seemed to live a pretty good life as the town doctor. Not remembering his brother and how he died was probably a good thing. Although we don't know what memories he was given, so maybe it wasn't really any better. I hated Emma basically thanking Regina for the curse because otherwise she'd be a brainless twit. Yes, it was totally a wonderful thing that Emma was a starving, abused child who had no love or support as a young child. Living under an overpass burning a book to keep warm at the age of seven is so much better than the much loved Emma seen here because this Emma is weak and Snowing would have been terrible parents. It's such an awful message that's repeated so much through TV/movies. The hero can only be badass if they are lonely and bitter and experienced trauma. Well-adjusted people who grew up in a loving home and have a healthy relationship with a significant other are weak and boring.
  3. I'm fairly certain that the creators originally intended to break the curse in episode 16 of S1. The network wanted them to push it back to the finale, which led to a lot of filler. I think that had Once not been such an immediate hit they would have let them end the curse and go from there in S1. If the show was in doubt of continuing to a second season, then allowing that arc to wrap up a little quicker and possibly bringing magic to Storybrooke in S1 might be a way to draw more audience interest than drawing out the arc with character-centrics and deeper backstory. They spent eight years or something like that mulling the idea for Once. I'd expect the first season to be extremely well thought out. Add in some helpful guidance from successful, experienced showrunners and the show had everything it needed to build a coherent story filled with fun twists and complex characters. Combine the Wouldn't it be cool if... showrunners with a relatively short window to come up with a new long term arc and a loss of strong network oversight and you get the mess of S2 - particularly 2B.
  4. KAOS Agent

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    S1 had two actors it could afford to have in every episode, Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni. That's it. Percy Daggs had the second most appearances with 20. Veronica was in almost every scene of the season. It was a crushing schedule. By S2, they gave some other characters side plots to give Kristen a break. It wasn't fan service or love for specific characters that led to these stories, it was Kristen not being able to take another season working 18 hour days for eight months straight. At no point did any character come even remotely close to eclipsing Veronica in terms of screen time. That continued in this latest season. Veronica has always been the focus. Maybe what ends up happening to skew people's perspective is that because she's almost always onscreen, there isn't a whole lot of mystery about the character. We see everything she does and we see it from her perspective. She even voice overs her thoughts. She's the lead of the show. If you really hated her, you probably wouldn't be watching the show. Other characters offer better opportunities for discussion and for fandom to get really heated. Logan is the prime example. His character was very dynamic, which got him a ton of fans who'd defend him to the end, and then there was a large contingent who hated him, which meant he was extremely polarizing in the fandom. It's clear that they wanted to neuter his dynamism in this season. I think it was an attempt to bore fans with Logan so that they could move on more easily from his death. If he's just a boring regular guy, there's nothing to get excited about and fans wouldn't be so disappointed in never seeing him again. Obviously, this didn't seem to work.
  5. KAOS Agent

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    He gave an interview where he basically admitted this. He didn't know what to do with a "good" guy who'd worked through his issues and become a fairly well adjusted person. He wasn't written as a dynamic character in S4, and he struggled to do a whole lot with it. Killing Logan was meant to shut the LoVe fans up so the show could move on, which on some level I do understand (not the way it was handled, but the need to stop the madness of extreme fandom), but they made it pretty clear that the other characters in town weren't important either and we shouldn't care about them now. It seemed obvious that Tina Majorino wasn't at all interested in a glorified cameo because her conversation with Rob Thomas showed her that that would be it for Mac. There would be nothing for her in S5. This was a bridge season they were forced to do to get to what they really wanted. Regulars got to take a final bow and now we're supposed to move on with just Veronica.
  6. The only music I'd really like is the S3 finale wedding/Granny's makeout music. Those cellos were awesome.
  7. KAOS Agent

    S06.E08: I'll Be Your Mirror

    Honestly, reading the threads for these episodes just reminds me of how bored and disinterested I was in this season. Every episode where the Evil Queen gets a lot of focus is such a turn off for me. I don't know why anyone thought that retreading several seasons worth of Evil Queen vs the Charmings would be must see TV. Mirror world was dumb and I forgot about the dragon and how we found out that the Taser of Doom wasn't as powerful as it was first presented. Anyone on the edge of their seat wondering about the Dragon's missing daughter? Me neither.
  8. KAOS Agent

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    I think this is something that maybe isn't necessarily understood correctly by the powers that be. Yes, the show is about Veronica Mars, but it's not just Veronica that drives the story. I didn't particularly like Veronica in later seasons or in the movie, but I enjoyed watching her interact with all the others. That's what made the show for me. Those relationships were messy and worked to make Veronica palatable. Her cases were also mostly personal, which raised the stakes. Watching her wander around being a bitch to people without the heart behind it while she solves crimes with her brilliance is not interesting to me. I think killing off Logan this way was a dumb move. There were better ways to kill him off and make it meaningful without doing such a half ass job of it. Kill him off on a mission without him and Veronica having settled their issues about marriage or something. That puts V in an interesting position with all kinds of emotions swirling while still trying to solve the case. This was just done for shock value and not particularly interesting.
  9. KAOS Agent

    S06.E06: Dark Waters

    Not to mention the idiocy of Hook using not getting scurvy as a reason to throw away the Pop Tart and forcing some other breakfast on the kid while there was a large glass of orange juice on the table in front of Henry.
  10. KAOS Agent

    S06.E03: The Other Shoe

    The ridiculously twisted morality on this show never ceases to amaze me. Get off on mass murder and don't feel particularly bad about it? No problem. I'm sure you were just a victim. You are totally deserving of a happy ending. Been bullied and abused, living a life of domestic servitude? Victimhood doesn't look good on you. You absolutely must give up your chance of happiness so your tormentor can have a happy life or you will be punished and deserve to die for your selfishness. Fairy tales are morality tales meant to teach children life lessons. What the hell kind of messages are the kids who watch this show getting? Be a bully, it's completely acceptable to make mean spirited comments to your friends victims, crime does actually pay, doing the right or heroic thing is for suckers. It just keeps getting worse as the show goes on, doubling down on some of the more idiotic ideas they've used in the past (e.g. telling secrets is the worst thing ever!)
  11. Beyond creating one note characters that show little to no growth or human reaction, the recycling of stories got really old. The semi-annual Hook wrongs someone in the past and now is trying to atone in some way episodes were good for showing Hook is indeed a changing, better man, but why must they hit that same beat over and over? If they have so little creativity in their storylines, why not change out the character in the Hook role? Why not actually have Regina do what Hook does so that we see some sort of understanding that she did wrong and needs to work on atoning for past deeds? Or why not try Zelena in that role? It's an effective tool to show how Hook is working to change and how he understands that it's probably never going to be enough to make up for those he harmed. Why is it that other reforming characters aren't put into a similar position? Regina's victims who show up usually end up dead and no one even cares. The only thing her flashback episodes ever do is show the horrible atrocities she enjoyed committing in the past while in the present, it's all about her suffering when confronted by her victims. Edmond Dantes is laying there dead on the street (Is he really dead? Did anyone bother to check and see if he was just grievously injured?) and all anyone cares about is poor Regina's feelings about it all. Never mind that she set up the whole thing in the first place. Percival described a horrific scene from his childhood, then he dies and it's all about poor Regina losing her love and who cares if it negatively affects Emma or that it's yet another event that was set in motion due to her actions.
  12. KAOS Agent

    S06.E02: A Bitter Draught

    Oh yay! Another episode where someone actively chooses to do the right thing and gives up his revenge only to be punished with death and no one caring in the least. But the best way to fight the Evil Queen is to be happy, right? Snowing are the worst. Charlotte's death adds another to Rumpel's body count in his pursuit of getting to Bae. This will never be mentioned again and he'll suffer zero consequences for a young girl's death. Not to mention her poor sick mother whom she was leaving court to go take of, who probably never knew what happened to her. I still don't understand why Regina is immediately absolved of killing Edmond Dantes. He was not magical, he was not holding a gun directly to Snow's head such that a split second could end in her death and Regina has complete control of her magic. Just poof his sword away and throw Edmond to the ground. Or poof him to the jail. There was zero need for her to kill him.
  13. KAOS Agent

    S05.E22: Only You / S05.E23: An Untold Story

    It doesn't really help that she told Emma that she hates doing good. You only need to watch her when she's doing evil to see how happy it makes her. Percival described her laughing amid the murder and destruction of his village, so it's not like anyone should believe that she wouldn't revert simply because it makes her happy. There's not much tying her to being a better person when being bad feels so much better. I have such a hard time dealing with Regina's poor me attitude about how doing good is so difficult for her. Let's all cry for the woman who can't enjoy herself now that she's not allowed to murder and terrorize her subjects.
  14. KAOS Agent

    S05.E22: Only You / S05.E23: An Untold Story

    It always amazes me how the show will heap tons of blame on most of the characters for their actions, but when it comes to Regina, they love to have a ton of others act like it's their fault. No, Snow, you had zero to do with the Evil Queen being born. That's entirely on Regina. Direct actions by Cora and Rumpel helped her on her way, but she was given chance after chance and a crazy number of different life choices. Multiple people tried to help her and reason with her including her father and Maleficent (and even Rumpel when he marveled at her idiotic actions). Did anyone ever offer excuses for the poor choices Dark Emma made that she was infected with an evil presence and being mentally tortured and so it wasn't really her fault? Did anyone blame Rumpel for Emma being the Dark One? Or blame Zelena/Arthur for Dark Hook? Nope, it's all on Emma and her choices.
  15. KAOS Agent

    S05.E22: Only You / S05.E23: An Untold Story

    You're giving them an awful lot of credit there in believing they realized there was nothing more to Zelena's story. Considering they brought her back the next season, I thinking that wasn't their thought process. It would have been just as easy to send Emma and Hook to Oz through the portal than to the Enchanted Forest past. Mostly, I think they just get bored with their season arc and like to bring in a shiny new toy for the finale. It's where the "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" writing process takes flight because it's really easy to apply this in a two hour block and not have to put any thought into stretching it out over a whole season. It's also why the newly introduced storylines for the next season fizzle almost instantly. They aren't thinking about it long term when it's introduced and are bored with it by the time the new season starts. This episode encapsulates every major problem the writing team had. There's little conclusion to tie up loose ends, there's no follow through on what should have been deeply emotional events in characters' lives, shiny new toys are introduced in a new world with nonsensical world building, repetition of events we've seen ad nauseum, characters act completely contrary to real world people simply because the plot dictates it, etc. All of it made for a really lack luster and frustrating finale. And, because it must be said, especially for this episode, Shut up, Henry!