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  1. And yet she remains a bitch with no redeeming qualities. Every "evil" character had some redeeming trait with the exception of Giles and the twins who are obsessed with George. Ms. Hart isnt even a very good "Coroner". She IS knowledgeable but uses her position for personal gain instead of in search of the truth. I don't know what her character is supposed to represent and whatever she brings, I grit my teeth at her scenes and expect nothing but the worst.
  2. Torture? Is that what they call it? No offense meant but, I see some sick person with petty grievances who used to sell drugs from her previous employer's locked drug cabinet and wants to feel accepted so bad that she's willing to kill and is playing out this elaborate Alice In Wonderland Tea Party. Her husband is an entitled cad who wanted to thumb his nose at society by flaunting his Black girlfriend. Yes, he's odious, but does he really deserve to be in some endless opium daze and chained up? It's a bit excessive, IMO, and I question the show's motives in showing such a despicable charact
  3. So they had a girl, I usually watch with Closed Captioning, but I guess I didn't hear them say Jordan was the name of a baby girl. I had also posted how sick I am of faux-coroner Hart and am disappointed the show replaced the likeable Rebecca James with this odious character Violet Hart.
  4. Hmm, I thought I had answered this last night but my post disappeared. Season 15 Ep 2 aired and the Boy's name (Yes, it's a boy) is Jordan.
  5. There was a particular episode (among the many episodes showing the crew & Moya surviving death) and Chianna, (To show her worth and appreciation), cooked everyone's favorite delicacy. I don't remember what Zhaan ate. Plant or Meat.
  6. Those are some of my favorite Sci-Fi shows and I would throw in the Stargate SG-1 franchise and the David Tennant & Christopher Eccleston "Doctor Who" experiment. I Haven't watched any of the latest incarnations of the Doctor, so I have no opinion of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th doctor. Current SciFi really doesn't adhere too much to actual science. In fact, I put most sci-fi as more "Fantasy". Even the older shows and movies used vague explanations regarding how an event was possible; officially called "TechnoBabble".
  7. Let's see here, Zhaan was a plant but her species of plant was Carnivorous. She was not an Herbivore (although I don't recall if she considered it Cannibalism). I believe she needed meat for sustenance, much like that Biologist found stranded by their Rescue shuttle and who ate the other scientists (although he needed the bones). (The scientist was played by Ben Browder's wife). Zhaan grew spores as her body shut down from lack of meat.
  8. Somehow, I seem to remember them naming their baby after her “dead” brother. Or at least listing his name among those under consideration. However, I don’t remember if Rupert is actually dead or if he somehow faked his death because of poverty.
  9. Full season two (Six episodes) are airing free on Peacock here. It's probably a Comcast thing. I think what makes "Departure" so good is the outstanding performance by the lead actress. Emmy & Oscar winner Archie Panjabi. Her take no prisoners and never back down attitude is a nice "Fvck You" to the haters & criminals.
  10. I actually liked this episode. Back-handed compliment: Cheyenne was actually pretty smart this episode. They seem to have slightly altered her character. Had to laugh out loud at her, "It's pee-pee water, will I get Hep?" Everyone else was annoying as always. Jeff and Mateo are pathetic. Marcus should be fired on the spot and he can take Justine with him. People are popping up and dropping off screen so frequently, it's hard to keep up. Don't know why Jonah has devolved into a clueless poser who lets his fellow workers put words in his mouth. Mateo asking Jonah if he wanted to sleep wi
  11. Damn straight. Let them stay estranged. I've never been a fan of either: Cheyenne has no redeeming qualities and her status as a "Hottie?" (not by me, stupidity is such a turn-off) is negated by her dull, drug addled mind and being married to Bo doesn't help. Mateo, can continue to be made an A$$ of since he's nothing but a self-centered jerk. I'm feeling like this show has lost it's way. I thought the Covid episode was a good start but then they ruined it by going too far with the emphasis on African Americans' struggle in the next episode I recently went into quite a few drug stores lo
  12. @peacheslatour. Sorry, it's been awhile. I believe the dog, Doc & Louisa shelter, used to belong to Martin's Aunt Joan (Stephanie Cole). If it's the same dog, his name is Buddy. Imaginative, I know. He's a sweet dog.
  13. Sucky News: “Siren cancelled”. https://deadline.com/2020/08/siren-canceled-freeform-after-3-seasons-1203005299/amp/ As usual, I’m late to the table.
  14. LOL, if they should feel sorry for an actor/character, it should be Sam/James Denton. I don't know what his damage is, but the guy brings all the gravity of a Black Hole to a relationship. He sucks at it! Never having bothered with that "Housewives" drama, I have no historical basis for this opinion, but Sam <= George in the "Interesting" category. Is it the writing or the Channel?
  15. Dreaded words to hear from Martha, “ Hell-Looooww!🎵” And “Oh, my."! Patrons always scamper away.
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