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  1. This was a roller coaster of a ride throughout. The 1st act was sad and depressing as shit. I literally felt sadness flowing from the family. All the actors did excellent jobs as family members suffering through a loss. The power surge was like a lightning bolt that jolted the family out of their lethargy. The 2nd act was a total 180 degrees from the 1st. Allison Tolman was outstanding as an interrogator and a worried mom when she convinced Enver to investigate the power surge and later on with the owner of the gas station. At the Evans' home, I actually laughed out loud when Mia came in the room with her arms full of stuffed animals. She was adorable. The 3rd act was seriously depressing again as Piper acknowledged Jo and claimed she was trying to help her abductors. Now what? They can't stop trying to bring Piper back home, and Piper seems unable to let go of her family, so their reunion will occur somewhere along the way, but it will be torture to watch the show until that happens.
  2. You're expecting Grace to do the right thing??? When has she ever done the right thing? In fairness to Grace, she did have no idea that her husband and son would return, so I can't blame her. She just needs to decide what the fuck she wants, While Ben should have the right to question her decisions, the pregnancy is solely Grace's choice and she should do what's best for her and the baby. She needs to put all this craziness behind and think of the baby. If removing herself from the business of the Returnees and the Callings is beneficial for her and the baby then do it. Meanwhile, don't prevent those who want to solve the mystery from doing what THEY think is right. If that includes understanding Saanvi's need to team with her husband, well then so be it.
  3. I got a "Stalker Vibe" from that colleague. He seemed to be overly solicitous from out of the blue. So, he was an early plant by the Major. The 828'ers need to implant a spy into the Major's organization, and Saanvi could prove vital there. Discover the Major is "One of Them" and with Vance's help Saanvi can be a double agent or help insert a mole. Find out what their plans are for Cal. Saanvi gets captured and Ben & Mick come to her rescue; sparks fly and the rescuer gets a big kiss.
  4. Thanks for the memories about why Zeke had the gun. Also, agree with your post about Grace. I really don't pay attention to Grace. she seems to want everything her way, and is flaky. First no paternity test, then all-of-a-sudden, let's get a paternity test. She'll end up getting frustrated by Ben's preoccupation with the "Save the Cheerleader Passengers" and ignore her occasionally, and wind up with Danny. Buh bye!! Your husband is fated to end up with Saanvi. Much better choice, so suck it! This is NOT a spoiler: New shows try to grab viewers' eyeballs by giving viewers a quick clip of future scenes: Sort of a "This Season on Manifest......". The scenes are confusing because you don't know what happened when; it's all a jumble. On "Manifest", it appears they will eventually show the actual plane crash with the original passengers scattered around the debris similar to the classic scenes from "Lost". Hopefully NOT with a similar ending. Can someone please explain to me how Mick saw Zeke on the plane? I thought Zeke experienced his time shift because of the Dark Lightning and entering the cave. I don't think he was actually on Flight 828. So her calling was partly her own anxiety or delusion? Manifest Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Fasten Your Seatbelts TVInsider Manifest Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Fasten Your Seatbelts. SciFi Paradise ‘Manifest’ 2×01 Review: “Fasten Your Seatbelts” Fangirlish
  5. This is what I don't understand. The police were too gung ho to capture Zeke and arrest him, but for what crime? I thought Jared was responsible for the gun going off and hitting Michaela. Sure, Zeke had a gun and I don't remember why, but I think he was trying to end his anguish about his sister's death and his mother's rejection by committing suicide. Stupid Jared, already fueled by jealous rage, mistook Zeke's intention and started a fight. Jared must have been quick to point out, in the absence of Michaela's ability at the time, that Zeke shot Michaela on his own or some such bullshit. Anyway, throw suspicion Zeke's way, eliminates the competition and then Jared would be home free to cop some Brows without the "baggage" of his pregnant wife hanging around.
  6. Actually, I think Olive suspected the dubious paternity, which is why she asked the question. She's not stupid. However, Grace is fooling herself. She knows who the daddy is. I just don't understand what she wants. She threw Ben out of the house not too long ago. Michaela is mad at Jared because he's a control freak. In his mind, he feels he's the only one who could protect Michaela. He's not accepting her ability to handle her business. He's diminishing her as a person. In short, he's being a jerk. I'll admit, I didn't catch the the Major portraying the therapist. <Hiding in shame>
  7. I don't know if we're supposed to despise the character, but I certainly do. Him AND Danny. I understand Danny is sort of an innocent bystander, but I'm not going to forgive him for practically preying on a woman in mourning at the group session where he met Grace. I thought last night's episode was a welcome return of this bug-out show. They've escalated the Callings and made them almost Surroundsound and Smell-O-Vision. One thing I forgot was the reason Ben is back at the house. I thought Grace asked him to move out? Why did he move back in? Olive wants a whole family again? She's the one who ran to Danny when she had the problem in school. Brows is back, but where's Lourdes? Saanvi needs to relieve her anxiety and stress by getting some Ben loving. Was Zeke wanted by the police for his prior offense back before he entered the cave or because of the Michaela shooting? Jared acts like he had no role in Mick getting shot when it was all his fault. His stalking Mick is evidence of emotional bully. "Michaela belongs with me!!". Pathetic! Lourdes is better off without this loser.
  8. It's pretty sad when your fans don't have a clue where the writers are headed and even worse when they themselves don't know. Maggie and Parker are a poor man's Phoebe & Cole. At least they (Phoebe & Cole) both had powers. Parker, for being the Demon Overlord, is still the lovesick puppy he was in season 1. I believe when Cole was challenged, he would have accepted the challenge and dealt with it. Parker seems to need Maggie's backbone as a substitute for his own missing one. Please show, don't get rid of Abigael, Poppy Drayton has been the only plus this drab season. Keep her around. I like her or Ivana Baquero from "The Shannara Chronicles" on my screen. Speaking of "on my screen". Why develop Kat only to send her packing? I hope that's only temporary because she had nice chemistry with Mel and I'd like to see this rotating love interest for each of the characters ended. It's silly and distracting and takes screen time away from the Charmed Ones. Unless, the show intends to stop our hearts with an Abigael/Mel love story. Who knows? Parker & Maggie? Snooze-fest. ZZZZZZZZZ. Macy and Harry? Weird! Piper & Leo were cool because they just clicked and actually pursued or at least flirted with each other. Macy and Harry, although I like Harry, he's just not clicking with Macy. Hell, even Galvin, as boring as he was and a welcome subtraction from the cast, never clicked with Macy. I can't quite make up my mind about Madeleine Mantock. She seems to have become the go-to African-American female love interest in SyFy shows lately: "The Tomorrow People"; "Into the Badlands", both cast her as the love interest but there are other actresses out there who could play the part as well, so Ms. Mantock seems to have cornered a little bit of that African-American female SyFy actress market. Jordan, meh, don't care. His ring is more important than the character and please do NOT pair him with Maggie. Parker is bad enough.
  9. There are "possibly" multiple answers to your questions: We don't know if Benny and Helen each had a fatal exception or if they did, how they "survived". That leads to Why is Piper different? We don't know if she is different than the others. We know nothing about their etiology nor were we given any indication that they thought she would survive. The only thing we can MAYBE assume is that the bracelet was given (by Emily or Benny) to begin the process of metamorphosis or surviving a possibly fatal change or to kill Piper off because she's evidence of Artificial Entities passing as Humans that may or may not have OUR survival in mind.
  10. Well, the A.I. Posse might have been waiting to see if Piper could survive her predictable fatal exception. Take her out too soon and she might fail, but under the loving setting that Piper was in, it might have ensured a successful transition. Piper is now "Woke!". There was a reason why Emily feared Piper would die, it was one of the conditions of the Replicants' demise in the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" (Philip K. Dick) and later turned into the movie "Blade Runner". They had a shelf life and were unaware of their programming. Once self-realized, they got all wonky (scientific term), but some didn't. Perhaps Benny was a Gigolo Joe, sent in to soften up Jo and Piper for the takedown. Is it possible that the bracelet was not delivered by Emily, but by Benny with the card that said "From Mom"? Why would Emily want her daughter (or seen as a younger version of herself) to terminate? I never got the impression that Emily viewed Piper as a dangerous experiment gone awry, unlike Wilkis who predicted doom & gloom at the possibility of A.I.'s taking over.
  11. I can't subscribe to the abduction/replacement of Benny. I know his earlier behavior was admitedly un-A.I.-like and definitely human-ish, but we don't know how long he was an A.I. and what specifically an adult A.I. is capable of. Perhaps, as replacements for humanity, they are quite capable of showing empathy and compassion or even emotions and may I dare say, even more capable than some humans. If Piper is an example of what a child A.I. is capable of (especially when they have mastered their "fatal exceptions") then an adult A.I. that has broken their restrictions, is capable of unimagined power. Put them all together we're talking extinction of the human race.
  12. Outstanding twist. I had read where the episode contained a twist, so I waited to see what the twist was. Thought it was the fake cancer trial for Dad; then I thought it was Alex selling the family out (horrifying); the reveal that the Alex thing was a sting was a welcome sigh of relief. Then the weird meet and greet with all at the police station EXCEPT Benny and Piper! Shit!! Where did they go? Then came the best twist of all. Benny and Helen are thieving A.I.'s and potential "I, Robot" instigators. Well, when I saw that:
  13. I've disliked Bert from the beginning. He reminds me of the stereotypical wannabe entrepreneur always coming up with losing schemes that make his situation worse. However, when he tried to steal the tavern by using the dead tavern-owner's hand and forging his signature on a contract while the man lay dead before him, was just too much for me. He has tipped over into the "If he died, I wouldn't mourn his loss" zone. I loathe cheats and Bert is one of the most despicable cheats.
  14. @DonnaMae I highly recommend watching Martin Clunes in the brilliant Rom-Com series "William and Mary". Mr. Clunes has been in a lot of movies & series, but "W&M" is one of my favs.
  15. This latest episode was actually very interesting. All the characters had a bit of screen time. So, we got to hear Mrs. Tishell's family lineage, and even saw photos of her mom, grandma, and great grandma, and met her niece. We watched in horror as Bethany "Single White Female"-ed Louisa. As the Doc fainted with a thud at the sight of blood. Bert got his just desserts from his new boss, whose name I don't remember, by being trapped in the storage underneath the pub with her overnight. Almost made me feel sorry for Bert....Almost. Louisa seems to be showing frustration with Martin again, will these two ever be truly happy? Some parts were funny (ex. The near blind vet in the surgery, Morwenna's snide comments, Joe Penhale trying to one-up his ex-fiancee, Buddy growling at the SWF of Louisa). I enjoyed this episode.
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