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  1. Jacks-Son

    S02.E09: Blood Moon

    I Love this. It's two opposing viewpoints head-on: 1) Nyssa specifically: "Nyssa didn't set her sights on Seg" - " Nyssa set up her father to bind her to Seth. But how can you ignore this: Nyssa + Seg | C'mon, There's Heat!!!
  2. Jacks-Son

    S02.E09: Blood Moon

    She obviously doesn't care. Nyssa-Vex is the daughter of a Krytonian leader and she set her sights on Seg, a Rankless con-man who was in love with a woman who was already bound to Dev. Apparently, she is aggressive in her goals and has proven to be manipulative, after all she got her father to bind her with Seg, which is like a Princess marrying a low-class citizen. To be shocked that she knows her way around convincing men to do what she wants is not to appreciate the full Nyssa experience. 😳 I think the distaste some feel is that Nyssa has chosen to continue to pursue a man she had already set her sights on and who was in love with another woman. Some feel she is trying to steal another woman's man. There are a lot more horrible things happening on Krypton than a woman going after her baby daddy she is bound to. There seems to be no such uproar about Dev pursing Lyta knowing that she was in love with Seg and thought him dead.
  3. Jacks-Son

    S02.E09: Blood Moon

    In Nyssa's defense though, she DID say she was terrified that she thought Seg may be the love of her life. (or something to that effect) She kinda said it with trepidation. Sure, she could have kept her mouth shut, but why should she? It's war, and she's in the middle of a revolution, so why not tell it like it is? Should she have been more considerate of Seg's emotions? Why? These people are in arranged marriages, so emotions are really not a consideration. Besides, are the Rankless bound to a chosen "mate"? Wasn't Seg elevated to be bound to Nyssa? Their whole system of romance, procreation, & marriage is pretty Romance-Free. Additionally, Nyssa recently found out she was a clone, and is grappling with self-discovery, so she may be going through things.
  4. Jacks-Son

    S02.E09: Blood Moon

    Thank you, phoenics! While it seems odd for me to say this because I find Nyssa fascinating, but where the Hell did THAT all come from and what was the purpose for presenting her "skills" in such a dramatic fashion. She was ripping through seasoned soldiers like it was a video game and I think we may have only seen her knock out a single guard back when Daddy was in charge. The whole scene was weird and perhaps a bit beyond belief. Okay, she's Superman's grandmother, let's dial it back on the heroics.
  5. Jacks-Son

    S02.E09: Blood Moon

    Anyone have an idea why the writers created such an extended scene of Nyssa-Vex kicking so much ass? What was that about.? I mean it was a nice scene, but why? To match Lyta's heroic breaking free and returning to the fold as a threat to Dru-Zod? Seeing Doomsday, kneel before Zod was so disturbing.
  6. Jacks-Son

    S02.E16: New World Order

    Not having met a full blood before, shouldn't the hybrids have, I don't know, maybe asked Ryn what's childbirth like BEFORE they steal an embryo and insert it into a hybrid. They're used to hybrid births and have no clue what a full blood birthing can do to the mother.
  7. Jacks-Son

    S02.E16: New World Order

    Thanks. Helen, Rick, and "ShadyAF Beth" came out reasonably okay, with no major flaws except a penchance for kidnapping combined with an overall skeevy personailty. So, a Ryn-Ben hybrid could survive, provided they can't extract the embryo from Lurch's girlfriend. But that's not going to help Ryn's people. So, the only way I see things can work, is the Siren's need to come out to the world but under their control. No humans around to twist the truth. Go before the United Nations and beg for sovereignty
  8. Jacks-Son

    S02.E16: New World Order

    I'm confused. Helen , Rick, and Beth are all Pownalls. I kind of remember, that their Pownall ancestor was a Charles Pownall. Was he the one who fathered a child by a full blood mermaid and subsequently slaughtered a colony because the child was disfigured? How is Helen a Pownall? Is her branch a direct descendant of the disfigured hybrid?
  9. Jacks-Son

    S02.E08: Mercy

    While I agree that Seg never hid how he felt about Lyta, Nyssa chose Seg to Bind with in the first place. She went above and beyond to convince her father to bind her with Seg, so she was already longing to be with Seg from the beginning. She had a child by that very same man that she wanted. So, it wasn't a case of her moving in over Lyta's corpse, as even before Lyta was killed, Nyssa was already yearning for Seg.
  10. Jacks-Son

    S02.E16: New World Order

    Not sure the proper protocol here, if there is even one, but whose baby is it? It was Ryn's egg along with beard's sperm that fertilized that egg, by all rights, shouldn't that be Ryn's baby? What right does Brian (?) have to the embryo?
  11. Jacks-Son

    S02.E16: New World Order

    What pissed me off about Brian(?) was that while he was in the midst of his hissy fit about the Pownalls, and should have been on the lookout during the sacred ceremony, HE was the one who had the Doctor implant one of Ryn's fertilized eggs in his girlfriend!!!! So, the hated Pownalls brought you a full blood to get your girlfriend pregnant while your hypocritical ass was acting all pompous about how you're too good for these newcomers. I loved the fake out because it was so realistic and happened exactly like a potential nightmare where all the worse things that could happen.... DID! Including the "Stupid Twins" capturing Donna's daughter, Cami, and selling her off as a Rich Man's Party Surprise. By the end, I think we were all thinking "Just why did Ben have to save that ungrateful fuck?" I'm glad Ben let him die and I believe Ryn knows what Ben did to protect her, "Ben is love"!
  12. Jacks-Son

    S02.E15: Sacrifice

    I'm sure Calvin, "Mr. NOT always the brightest bulb" (recently surpassed by Ian "The Dead Reporter") knew Chris favorite snacks and that the smell & taste can trigger a memory by basing it on his own experiences of memory loss after a drunken blackout!! So, we've got a potentially NOT pregnant Ryn, who desperately wanted "baby" [sic] get her impending pregnancy interrupted and possibly prevented FOREVER by Ian (TDR). All I can say is "Ian, Ooooh boy, you're in trouble!"
  13. Jacks-Son

    S05.E02: Episode 2

    I like when "The Women" get together and plan joint ventures. Caroline & Demelza huddling together and plotting behind their husband's back is always fun. Then Ross, the spoilsport had to go and ruin Demelza's fun. Prudie's distance and look of distaste when offering tea to Catherine, reminds me why I can't stand Prudie. Who the fuck is she to look down her nose at Catherine simply because she's Black? While I know it was a common reaction back then, I still hate it. Especially in these current times. I feel bad for Valentine, poor kid is lost and unloved and dearly misses his mother. I wish Ross could claim his son and raise him, meanwhile rub it in George's smug face. I think Demelza has a good enough heart to raise him along with his half siblings. I also feel bad for Morwenna. I can't imagine what she must be going through to fear a man's touch, especially from the man she loves and would clearly love to get beyond that. Demelza and Caroline should have a chat with her. I too don't like Ned. He's putting the lives of the people he cares about in danger. He's too loud and brash.
  14. Jacks-Son

    S02.E07: Zods and Monsters

    LOL, I love these process of elimination Parents. Only works with small sample sizes. See, this whole going back in time to see who your father was kind of creeps me out, especially if you're just going back to fuck shit up.
  15. Jacks-Son

    S05.E01: Episode 1

    It was mentioned in passing when Dwight was first introduced to Demelza at Wheal Leasure. She remarked, "T'was you that fixed his face!" What's up with a whole new Valentine? Dark, curly hair gone? Kid has no resemblance to Ross.