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  1. Yeah, for sure tv shows tend to drop the ball after the initial big dramatic event, but I actually feel like there was at least minimal follow up with Abby's kidnapping (ridiculous that more than 1 character on this show has been kidnapped). She's shown to have taken some time off, have had trouble sleeping, be jumpy and irritable, a handful of characters comment on what she went through and her being gone, she's shown reacting to a man shouting in the hospital and struggling a bit to get back to work. It's only for one episode so it's not like we saw her continued process of dealing with her trauma, but Sam got even less than one episode of follow up. It wasn't even made clear that she took any time off because the week time skip shows her standing around the admit desk acting completely normal, no one welcomes her back or asks her how she's doing (other than Luka who we know wasn't working) so it almost seems like she might have been at work earlier in the week. We don't see her struggling to get back to "normal", she just is all of a sudden. I know the show was infamous for it's catastrophic storylines with little follow through after the fact, but I feel like Sam's situation was particularly glaring. Maybe because I've always had an issue with shows having female characters get raped for drama or as a ratings stunt and then forgetting about it. Plus I feel like the show missed multiple opportunities to explore the realities of PTSD. There's at least half a dozen characters who experienced horrifyingly traumatic things, either in the ER itself or a way from it, and somehow we never got an in depth look at how post-traumatic stress effects people, which would have been fitting for a medical drama.
  2. Going through the thread as I rewatch so apologies for resurrecting an old conversation but I just re-watched season 13 and I was shocked at how little attention was paid to Sam's horrific ordeal at the hands of Steve in Bloodline. She gets kidnapped, raped, and is driven to kill her abusive ex as her son sleeps 30 feet away...and then the following episode jumps a week ahead and she's back in the hospital like nothing happened. She gets a hug from Weaver when she first discloses the rape and I think Luka asks her how she's doing at one point, but then it's not brought up again until like a season or two later when she shares her experience with a rape victim in an attempt to comfort the patient and gets chastised by Wexler for getting too personal. The idea that someone would be able to bounce back from something so traumatic in a week's time and then proceed to carry on like nothing happened is baffling. I know there was ton of personal trauma spread around that ER but I feel like Sam's experience was one of the most egregious cases of lack of follow through. What was the point of putting her through that? More attention was paid to how it affected her annoying kid.
  3. lol same. I started watching around Abby's first season so I always felt a connection to the character. Also she always had a lot going on so she was interesting to me. Luka had his moments, I wasn't as attached to the character himself but I thought he and Abby were a good fit. They both had pretty heavy lives and needed a partner who understood that.
  4. This show should have definitely ended after season 1. Season 2, 3 and 4 just got progressively worse. This final season was an utter shit show and difficult to get through. And killing Justin just felt like a cheap way to make viewers emotional over the ending of a series that hadn't been good in years.
  5. I've felt that way since the end of the pilot when it was revealed Judy was driving the car, that's how strong their connection comes across to me. It was almost instantaneous how invested I felt in these two characters as friends. I was worried Judy's secret would ruin their relationship and couldn't really see how two people could come back from that... but somehow they did and did so in a way that felt believable despite the extreme circumstances and I think that's largely due to chemistry. But this season, even after we find out that Jen is lying to Judy about killing Steve in self-defense, I never felt their friendship was at risk because of it, at least not on Judy's end. Even with Jen still angrily pushing her away in the first couple of episodes of the season, it's obvious Judy just wants to remain in Jen's life pretty much at any cost. And sadly, it's in Judy's nature to accept being mistreated and blame herself, so I never expected her to walk away from Jen even after finding out she lied to her and murdered her ex-fiance. Judy was still telling Jen it was ok after learning the truth and blaming herself up until Jen lashed out at her for loving anyone who shows her attention... it's only then after Jen continues to push her buttons does Judy crack and finally say it's not okay. I love they always seemed to contradicting each other at first with the boys but would quickly get on the same page. The simultaneous "you're not in trouble"/"you're in so much fucking trouble scene" with Charlie cracked me up. As did the scene in the first episode where Henry asks why the pool cover is on and Jen says a dog died and Judy quickly adds that it was an old dog that probably killed itself. I also read that one their little "eat my fucking butthole, Judy" / "I would but I'm seeing someone now" exchange from this season was completely improvised, which just goes to show how in sync they are with each other and their characters. Overall, I thought Charle was less annoying this season and he had some nice moments where he seemed to realize his mother loves him and is trying her best. But yes, the snooping needs to stop. Assuming he goes ahead and reads the letter he found under Judy's bed, he's going to get all angsty and annoying again when he learns that Judy was involved in his father's death and I'm not really looking forward to the fallout from that.
  6. Overall, I enjoyed the second season very much, although I think the first was better executed but still, the new season was entertaining and engaging. I really think what makes this show work so well is the two leads and their chemistry. On paper, the characters shouldn't be likable (Judy is a flake prone to rash decisions that create a ton of trouble and Jen is angry and abrasive and murdered someone in a fit of rage), and you shouldn't be rooting for their friendship so hard considering they killed each other significant other's, but there seems to be such a deep connection between the characters where you really can't see them not being in each other's orbits, and Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini just make the whole thing work. I'm curious as to where they'll go after that ending. It doesn't seem to set up as big of a arc as last season's finale did, but after successfully following up the greatness of season 1 with a very solid sophomore effort in season 2, I'm eager to see what a third season might have in store.
  7. SadieT

    S07.E18: Lines

    Yeah why does it seem like Burgess is till the low man on the totem pole when it comes to assignments? She always seems to be the one hanging back doing office grunt work. I suppose I could see why Upton might be given the lead on some cases since she's a detective and for whatever reason they haven't had Burgess or Atwater take the test or get promoted yet, but Rojas is a total newbie and she's always out in the field.
  8. Unfortunately lots of countries restrict international adoption by BMI and possibly some private agencies too. It's also very unlikely that any doctor would have went through with Kate's fertility treatment. I know they discussed it being a risk on the show but the doctor was ultimately swayed. In reality many fertility clinics have strict BMI guidelines and if you're over it, they won't even consider you a candidate (it's usually in the 30-40 range). I have a good friend who is overweight and struggling to conceive because her husband is infertile. She's healthy and has no reproductive issues but so far she hasn't found a clinic that will perform IVF on her and I'd say she weighs about 100 pounds less than Kate but is still considerably overweight. I know she's also looked into adoption and all the info she's come across has said it's unlikely she'd be chosen at her size. It's a shame because she and her husband would make wonderful parents.
  9. Future Kevin is hot, like hotter than present day Kevin. Hope this is the last we'll see of Marc since he's such a piece of trash but rarely do abusively relationships end so cleanly so I wouldn't be surprised if it takes Kate a while to leave him. I was glad Madison decided to come clean to Kate. She doesn't seem the type to be particularly good at keeping secrets and this why we're spared a future tantrum from Kate about both her best friend and brother lying to her. I just hope we get to see Kate be an actual friend to Madison at some point.. maybe during the pregnancy (if Madison isn't a red herring and is in fact the baby mama). Do we know if Kevin and Baby Mama are still together in the future or just that there's a kid? I feel for Randall for having to keep his mother's secret and I'm glad Kevin isn't holding it against him because it really wasn't his place to share that information until Rebecca was ready, but now I'm really curious as to what could have caused the rift between the brothers. Maybe Randall tells Kevin he's not ready to be father? Nice to see Kate acknowledge that she's been kind of a jerk to her mother all these years. It's not uncommon for women to get closer to their mothers once they become mothers themselves so for Kate to realize that she'll be slowly losing her mother just as she finally got to a good place with her was really heartbreaking. I feel like this season as a whole has been really about Rebecca as a mother, whereas the past few seasons were centered around Jack the superhero dad. It's nice to see Rebecca get her due. Randall got his time with his mom, being the one to realize something was off and take her to the doctor, and we saw in Kate's episode last week that even as a child and an obvious Daddy's girl, she still wanted her mother, plus we got some nice scenes between them in present day together at the pool and all that. I hope we get some Kevin/Rebecca bonding next.
  10. I've always thought Marina can be a little over-the-top in her acting at times, but this was probably her best work. She was solid the whole episode and that fight scene was absolutely brutal and she handled it and the aftermath well. The fallout will no doubt be predictable... guilt, rage, isolation, recklessness, etc.. Here's to hoping the writers don't hit every tired grief cliche.
  11. Toddler Kevin is adorable. Jack giving 3(?) year old Kevin a big Jack Pearson speech about his stuffed animals was a little ridiculous to me but I guess he can’t help himself. I’m glad Kevin’s baby mama isn’t Sophie. Tonight’s episode gave some nice insight and closure to their relationship but I think it would have been unfair for Kevin to disrupt her life yet again just because he decided he was finally ready to settle down. There’s too much history there and it’s not all good so I think they made the best decision leaving it in the past, hopefully. Last week I said I hoped it was Madison in Kevin’s bed but that they’d probably be a train wreck together….still I was pretty happy to see her open Kate’s door. Madison has been a loyal friend to Kate who has stuck by her even though Kate doesn’t always deserve it, so Kevin pointing out that she’s not the one who gets left but rather the one who’s willing to stay actually makes sense with the little bit we know about her character so far. And Kevin seems to need someone in his corner and I think Madison can be that person for him so I’m kind of excited to see their relationship play out… if this is indeed for real and not a fake out. Madison has also been kind of a fan favorite so I wonder if that played into the writers’ choice.
  12. It's very obvious how much Miguel loves Rebecca and he deserves way more respect from the Pearson kids. Rebecca was a relatively young widow and it would have been a shame for her to spend the rest of her life mourning Jack and never finding love again. Her kids should be grateful she found someone to share her life with. I don't blame him for not immediately scheduling her for a brain scan because she forgot the word spatula. I low-key wish Madison would be Kevin's mystery baby mama because I enjoy her and want to see more of her (I'm offended on her behalf that she wasn't invited to the party she helped Kate prepare for), but realistically they would probably be a trainwreck. I have no feelings on Sophie so whatever guess she'll make a fine baby mama. I figured Sophia Bush's character was a fake out from the start because it's unlikely she'd be available to return as frequently as they'd probably need the character to, but the hall pass twist did surprise me. I too am over the Jack and Rebecca dating flashbacks. Nothing we're seeing feels fresh or new. Time to move on. Can't believe I'm saying this, but definitely see Kate's side of things more than Toby's. First Toby keeps getting caught in lies, and while I'm glad there was no cheating going on it does sound like he was having somewhat of an emotional affair with this other woman. Props to him for taking himself out of the situation when he realized it but maybe don't bitch about how unhappy you are with your wife to another woman? And it's totally understandable that he'd need time to come to terms with his son's blindness but he bitched Kate out for the avocado incident saying he misses all of Jack's big moments, when he's been intentionally avoiding being around him. I just assumed the guy in Randall's house at the end was a random intruder... dude kinda looks strung out so maybe a drug addict looking to steal to feed his addiction. At first I was expecting the following episode to be all "what happens next?! will Randall and family survive?!" high drama, but based on the previews it looks like it's going to be more about his anxiety and how he handles difficult situations.
  13. I actually think Sofia seems really sweet and gracious and I’ve only ever heard nice things said about her (I’m on another entertainment forum where someone who worked on one of her Disney projects said she was super nice), and she was so gung-ho in her praise of the show and Marlene and seemed so happy to be a part of the PLL franchise, which is why I find her silence kind of odd and wonder if she’s pissed about something. Eli on the other hand just doesn’t seem the type to say much, but considering the huge gamble the show took with casting him as a complete unknown with no other credits to his name, he could probably throw them a public thank you. The kid who played Zach (I think) tweeted that he found out when the news broke online but I wonder if the main cast was at least given a heads up. Didn’t Janel post a pic with the caption “onward and upwards” or something a few hours before the story broke? I’m starting to wonder if that was a nod towards the cancelation and they were just given a bit of a heads up. Didn’t Sasha and her husband sell their house and move to Portland? Unless she just rented a place there and kept her place in California, but I do vaguely remember her talking about moving for the show, which kind of sucks to have gotten settled in a new city only to have to move again a few months later.
  14. Haha she already confirmed they were “always endgame” and end up happily ever after with the twins in Rosewood. Yeah, like I have no issue with ridiculous shows as long as they don’t try to be anything else and I think The Perfectionists knew exactly what it was, and likely would have only grown into its own more as time went on. The show was silly and campy but this isn’t HBO, what did people expect? I think Freeform was too hasty in pulling the plug and should have given it at least another 10 episodes to see what it could have done. They owed it to the franchise at least with how successful the original was for them. Plus Ashley was supposed to guest star in season 2 and that would have likely given them a little boost in ratings. Anyway I’m kind of surprised Sofia Carson has yet to acknowledge the cancellation in any way. Almost everyone else in the cast (save Eli) has posted or commented on it but she seems to be avoiding all mention of it even though she’s typical very active on social media. I wonder if she’s upset about the way it all went down, or if she’s just waiting to put something together since she seems like the sentimental type. I’m kind of curious as to how much the cast knew before the news broke, like were they turning down jobs and opportunities thinking they’d be back in Portland filming in the near future.
  15. Such an unceremonious end. Months of radio silence and then they just yank the plug. The show was ridiculous but it's not like anything at Freeform is high quality. It was fun watching Ali and Mona again and I was starting to enjoy Ava. The other two might have grown on me with time. More than anything it's kind of sad that the PLL universe is officially put to rest. Looking forward to Emison getting back together in a tweet, because you just know Marlene is going to do it.
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