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  1. Everleigh

    S10.E19: Yes-Woman

    It was shitty of Alex to be embarrassed by Phil, even if he was being annoyingly silly, but I always feel compelled to cut Alex some slack when it comes to her family because they generally don't treat her very well or consider her much. In fact, they've done a handful of storylines about either Phil or Claire not feeling connected to Alex and thus having to go out of their way to make that connection, by way of wacky hi-jinks of course... but alas their newly found connection and mutual understanding never lasts more than one episode because a couple of seasons later the storyline will repeat with one parent or the other. I think this might have actually been the third such story I can remember with Phil, in particular, trying to connect to Alex after realizing he doesn't have as good a relationship with her as he does with his other kids. The storyline is stale and repetitive and it always makes me feel kind of sad for Alex that her own parents don't bother to have much of a relationship with her but are best buddies with Haley and Luke.
  2. Everleigh

    S09.E08: Cold War

    Kail's face while her friend was suggesting she be reasonable and put her son first pretty much says everything you need to know about her. It's like she can't even mentally process the concept of not being a total selfish bitch. I know her kids are generally well taken care but hearing her basically admit that she doesn't give a damn about sweet sensitive Isaac's emotional well-being was so ugly. My heart breaks for Aubree. She seems so eager to please Cole and gain his approval. I wonder if she feels like she's not on the same footing as her siblings and is just looking for a little assurance. Calling Cole "dad" in the note was sweet and he's definitely more of a father to her than Adam ever has been, but I wish it was more for her sake than his. And her wanting Chelsea to put Cole on speaker so she can hear Cole get mad about Adam not showing makes it seem like she equates his anger towards Adam with caring for/loving her and it makes me sad that she even has to worry about that. It's a shame what Adam has done to that little girl. I do think Cole loves Aubree as his own so I hope she doesn't always feel the need to seek validation from him and becomes more at ease with the situation.
  3. Everleigh

    S20.E14: Part 33

    I know this episode was inspired by 12 angry men so there was going to be some anger, but all I could think during it was that the whole unit needed to chill.
  4. Everleigh

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    That poor baby. What's NC's stance on corporal punishment? Now that Nathan shared the photos and it appears the marks on Kaiser's backside are switch marks, I can see Jenelle pulling her usual BS and dropping the slip n' slide angle and switching to claiming David was just "disciplining" Kaiser and doing what's best for him. I hope the exposure leads to help for this baby soon because I seriously worry about him in the hands of those monsters and fear David will only punish Kaiser more in retaliation against Nathan. God, I really hate these people and wish they both just fall into a hole somewhere on their hideous land to never be heard from again.
  5. Everleigh

    S10.E10: Stuck in a Moment

    I was put off my Claire's initially moodiness but I'm totally on her side with the tree thing. My dad does the same thing. He owns a restaurant and rather than shopping for holiday decorations for the place, he'll often take the decorations my mom has up around the house to decorate the restaurant with. He even took one of the trees one year (my mom puts up two), so I've witnessed firsthand how annoying that is and don't fault Claire for being pissed. It was nice to see Mitch and Cam getting along and singing holiday jingles together... too bad they can't get along and remember to take care of the kids at the same time. Alex has definitely lied to her parents before but she has always been pretty awkward and terrible at it so it wasn't too much of a stretch to think she couldn't handle keeping such a huge thing from them. Really thought Jay's "medication" was going to turn out to be viagra.... wasn't expecting the elbow cream thing and it really wasn't funny.
  6. Everleigh

    S10.E08: Kids These Days

    I always like when they mix up the families and we get variation on the dynamics of the group. I felt bad for Alex when Claire came home and expressed such relief at finally being able to spend time with and talk to Haley instead of having to endure anymore time with Alex, especially since Alex acknowledged that Claire wasn’t comfortable talking to her about certain things and thus sought out someone else to help her, but of course Claire insisted on being included when she found out and then seemed so put off and bothered by the whole thing. The whole sensitive anti-bullying thing was obviously over-exaggerated but at least there were some funny lines in there, especially hearing Cam and Jay throw around some of the newer words and catchphrases that seem so popular on social media and the like. Always like when Mitch and Phill have scenes together and that they share their nerdy side with each other. Gay or straight, Gil is still a tool. I like Dylan and think he’s sweet and probably would make a good father, but I hate when tv shows continuously make a punchline out of a character’s intelligence (well lack there off) but then retcon it all by making them suddenly able to do something that actually requires a brain, like becoming a nurse. Certainly there was another career he could have pursued that would demonstrate his sensitivity and make more sense.
  7. Everleigh

    S10.E02: Kiss and Tell

    Yeah in Alex’s case it seemed simply that her parents didn’t think she could have multiple boys interested in her, so at least they put a twist on the retread with Manny. When I was in junior high, a boy came back from break with a “girlfriend” he met on vacation and told everyone they had sex. Next thing you knew, 3-4 other boys also had “vacation girlfriends” that they totally had sex with while away. This whole Canadian girlfriend thing made me think of those poor stupid boys who actually thought they were fooling people with fake girls who lived thousands of miles away.
  8. Everleigh

    S10.E02: Kiss and Tell

    The episode was solid but Manny's seemingly made-up but actually real girlfriend was something I could have done without, especially since they did pretty much the same thing with Alex a couple of seasons ago, right down to the suspicious-sounding name. Teddy Keys in her case.
  9. Everleigh

    S10.E02: Kiss and Tell

  10. Everleigh

    S10.E02: Kiss and Tell

    I liked the episode overall. And I loved that the episode paid homage to Mean Girls and aired on October 3rd (unofficial Mean Girls day).
  11. Everleigh

    S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    Oh yeah, Declan Murphy! I remember now and I second your plea to hopefully never have to see him again. That character was just....ugh. And when you consider Amanda's history with her old boss from Atlanta assaulting her, the fact that she slept with and get knocked up by her superior Murphy always made me uncomfortable. MH's pregnancy was during the Neal Bear era where Olivia was not allowed to have a personal life so of course, they hid her pregnancy. The two subsequent showrunners really overcorrected and leaned too much into the personal side of things, but I never begrudged Olivia becoming a mother since we found out it was something she was interested in back in season 8 or 9 or whatever it was. Personally, I would have rather seen her foster or adopt an older child in the system because I think it would have made more sense for the character, but whatever. When we first learned Kelli's second pregnancy was being written into the show and not hidden I thought maybe Amanda was going to come to realize she wants more children and intentionally get pregnant but instead it was more of an Opps! I did it again! scenario and not to put all the responsibility on her, because it takes two people to make a baby, but I do seriously have to wonder what her birth control method is.
  12. Everleigh

    S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    Right? A cardiologist who can afford high priced hookers must make bank. Put your personal feelings and pride aside and get that money for your child. I wonder if Donal Logue's character, whose name I forgot, pays child support even though he's not involved in Jessie's life. He could know he's a trainwreck and want to spare his child by staying out of her life but if he was even half-way decent he'd be sending some financial support her way. Anyway, Rollins really knows how to pick 'em.
  13. Everleigh

    S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    I thought she was just stressing that she still loved him even though he did something wrong and got reprimanded for it. On another note, is Rollins not planning to tell the good doctor he's the father? Dude obviously makes a shitty partner but he might be a decent father and the kid deserves a shot at having a relationship with his or her dad.
  14. Everleigh

    S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    Really don’t care about Stone’s sulky grieving. Let’s move on quickly, please. Rollins needs a refresher on birth control. We’ll probably see this new kid as much as we see her first one so I don’t really care either way, but I’m honestly surprised they didn’t choose to just hide her pregnancy as much as possible and then send her away for a few episodes considering we’ve already been here with her. Olivia having had an abortion when she was younger actually makes sense for the character. Have they always been allowed to say “pussy” or did they just get it through the censors? With the number of times it was dropped tonight it felt like a shiny new toy the writers were having fun with. Small children aren't exactly known for their consistency.
  15. Everleigh

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    That clip is honestly infuriating. She didn’t get upset because the other idiot driver almost hurt her son…Jace was such a non-factor in her reaction it’s ridiculous. She does nothing to show that she was considering his well-being at all, it’s like he’s not even there. She's just using him to paint herself as a victim when she was the smirking idiot chasing some dude off the highway and brandishing a gun like it makes her tough. I know this is only a clip and doesn’t show the whole conversation but it looks like Dr. Drew is being much too gentle in calling out Jenelle for exposing Jace to that type of danger. I also hope he mentions the additional damage Jenelle is doing to Jace by calling him a liar to his face and telling him he didn’t see what he (and the cameras and everyone else in the world) saw when he tells Barb that his dumbass mother pulled a gun out.