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  1. Flodence

    S07.E15: In the Eye Abides the Heart

    There's no way that was Spencer. My first thought was "What is she wearing - that is so not a Spencer outfit " Also where is Melissa? After Spencer arrived home and realised someone had been there I thought Melissa may have come back. Could it have been her with wren? Or am I forgetting some important details about her whereabouts?
  2. Flodence

    S01.E05: Once Bitten

    Nicole Kidman. This episode - I couldn't actually watch some of it. She made me cry. Add me to the list of people that loves the therapist and wants a visit! Someone above mentioned the guy in the cafe having lots of face time tonight, and something must be going on with him. I didn't pick it up but my husband did and said the same. Great episode. I don't want it to end but need to know how it does.....
  3. Flodence

    S05.E06: C**tgate

    There were so many great moments in this episode but one of my favourites is Gary being told what the c word meant and Kent smiling.
  4. Flodence

    S03.E09: Desert Storm

    I'm getting sick of the fighting every episode. And apart from Chyka (and maybe Janet) all of these women need a new hairstyle.
  5. ^^ I couldn't believe it when her son didn't want her at lunch with them. There really must be some backstory we are not seeing.
  6. Flodence

    S03.E08: Do Buy

    What the actual hell is wrong with these women? STFU PF! Stop the fuck!!!!! Just saw the preview for next week. Janet "get up and fuck off". Ha! Hahahahahah!
  7. Flodence

    S01.E07: The King & I

    Which one was Juno Temples mum? I am losing interest in this show and mustn't have been paying attention. For some reason I thought she lived with an aunt. God I hate Richie. And not in a good "love to hate him" way.
  8. We get the show a day behind here, I just saw Jen complaining of her bad back pain, then teetering off in the highest shoes EVER! Ha! Hahahahah!
  9. Flodence


    Those things that Scott has said are hilarious. There was also the one where Kris was carrying on about how she had to get the baby's room ready by herself and order a bed and he was like "OMG are you ok?!" He knows exactly what kind of idiots these people are.
  10. Flodence

    S09.E11: The Vienna Incidents

    The bit at the end where Kim was reading her blog out loud - I fast forwarded through it. Nil interest in anything she has to say. As usual Scott is the most entertaining - loved him happy in his blow up bed. Not as good as the mobile office last week - that was great!