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  1. Good point that the DeMarcos myst be paying for the therapy, so they do exist. But he might have a different last name -- the husband could be his stepfather, Eladio could be a nephew or other relative, etc. I just don't believe he came from a poor family or that he was hired to care for a disabled son because they met him in a restaurant. But we shall see, eh?
  2. Unexpected news--is Jada pregnant?
  3. Is it common for a sponsor to show up at the house, demand to see the bottles, and offer life counseling on all your personal. problems? This seemed like overreaching yo me, but maybe it is the process, I don't know.
  4. Considering how perfectly she dresses and keeps her home, I was shocked that she gave Colin a bottle of water and no glass. That is hardly high-class! Then he only drank part of it, so I guess she threw the rest away? We are in a drought lady!!! Maybe she used the leftover water on her plants. Then Laila drank from a bottle, and Brooke drank her vitamin water from the plastic bottle. You are ruining my image of you Brooke!!!
  5. I thought that before the Tess drama.
  6. I'm thinking maybe he is a rich boy living in that huge house just making up all these stories about being poor, etc. LoveLeigh suggested he is delusional, but maybe he us just a bored brat enjoying the attention he gets. Saying he was hired to care for Jeremy after meeting the DeMarcos in a restaurant rang very false. If his stories are all lies or delusions, how long before Brooke figures it out, and how will she handle him?
  7. On my cable system, HBO OnDemand lets you ff.
  8. It seems that many men are turned on by watching women make out, so more audience.
  9. Interesting thought! I might even care about him now. Not betting on Uso. Have you seen Mare of Easttown?
  10. How do you remember what music was played in a previous scene? I'm impressed!!!!
  11. Don't forget, the events at the end were 8 months after the murder investigation. When Deacon Mark was preaching, he said it had been 8 months since he was able to face the congregation. Mare seemed committed to her therapy so she was able to deal with her guilt and grief. Having to face and acknowledge the pain Siobhan suffered from finding Kevin hanged was another important step. I can imagine that after 8 months being helped to heal, she would have changed and lightened up. We have no idea what she was like before Kevin's suicide. I assume she was a driven, focused detective but she may
  12. Because every "serious" show -- and many that are not -- has to have an important character who is not straight. Didn't you get the memo? The whole Siobhan arc would have been exactly the same if she had been involved with a male. Just gotta get that diversity in.
  13. I just rewatched this morning. When Pat said Billy came home with blood all over him, it made no sense that he killed Erin because there was almost no blood on her. She had lost a finger and there was a gash on her forehead. So where did all the blood on Billy come from? I lean more now toward John being both the father and the killer.
  14. I predict that we never see or hear about the house again.
  15. I found Brooke's wardrobe. choices for each episode interesting. With the boy she felt motherly toward, she wore a tight low-cut dress with a corset-like belt that emphasized her large breasts. With the middle-aged man, she wore a looser low-cut blouse with a jacket. For the teen's appointment, her blouse had a higher neckline and she was enveloped in a long, heavy-looking coat that looked way too warm for a sunny California day. For her booty call, she looked like she was dressed for an expensive night out, then he shows up in jeans and a denim jacket. But I don't think she was surprised.
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