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  1. I'm looking at the episode titles: 1. "If you could enter their dreaming"; 2. "And dream with them deeply"; 3. "You would come back different." I guess the writers wants us to dream with them deeply and believe that Davis and Nova are different people, who didn't do the awful things we saw them do.
  2. I think it was deserved. It was a big deal to him, and she assured him she'd be there. Who are these people she's helping and why is she keeping it a secret? She lied to Hollywood about a plumbing problem, and he will probably find out there was no such problem, so we can have the old cliche where he thinks she is hiding an affair. She should have told the kid she'd come for dinner another time. Boundaries, bitch! But then, no drama.
  3. Mr. Prosper was in a medically induced coma one day, possibly being put in some super cold state to maybe save his brain, and the next day he is up and walking alone and bright as can be?? Ridiculous!!
  4. But at the end, it looked to me like he took the excess that he should have gotten rid of and took it, rubbed it on his gums. So the weaning off seems about to fail.
  5. I alao refuse to pay for their streaming service! Our cable bill is already outrageous.
  6. I think she enjoyed spending a week putting them down for their values and beliefs, despite their values and beliefs having helped them become the rich white people she takes advantage of but claims to despise. What a hypocrite!! Mark and Nicole were correct saying no one is willing to give up whatever privilege and advantages they have, and people who are lower on the social scale want to take over at the top. There are a few exceptions of course, but not many.
  7. I think she gave Rachael her card before Tanya came and showed Belinda that she really didn't give a shit about her. After that, Belinda didn't want to get involved in any guests' problems.
  8. The 3rd ep was titled "Mysterious Monkeys," and is where Mark tells Quinn people are really just monkeys. Perhaps this gave the composer the idea of jungle music.
  9. Not authentic Hawaiian music at all, except for the singing and performing. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2021-08-08/the-white-lotus-hbo-composer-score-title-sequence
  10. But they would want to know how he got the combination to the safe, so Paula will be to blame for that.
  11. That could be, but there is still a body in a coffin to be accounted for. Maybe it is some random stranger and has nothing to do with the characters we know. That would be funny, after all our speculating! But I don't think you can annul a marriage just because you've realized your groom is an asshole.
  12. I have no experience with or knowledge of K's effects, so just forget what I said. But it was funny!
  13. From the LATimes, article about filming at the resort: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2021-08-06/the-white-lotus-hbo-cast-mike-white-hawaii-resort-tourism
  14. A certain disconnect in continuity at the end: Armond could barely hold the half-conscious Dillon up to undress him, but when Belinda and Shane open the door, Dillon is standing erect (snicker, snicker) without any trouble.
  15. Why??? This seemed like a good end to a series that has run out of anything creative to say. Among the many dumb plot points, the dumbest is that the mayor of chicago would just up and leave with no word to anyone, and that would not be news throughout the country. And Marcus is going to live and knows who shot him. But he won't say anything because his daughter's b/f was there. Ridiculous!!!!
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