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  1. But does anyone live 25 years with dementia? My mother had Alzheimer’s, one friend’s husband had frontal lobe dementia, and another had Lewy Body dementia. None lived even 10 years after diagnosis, nor have I heard of any others. I'm not buying Rebecca living until 2045.
  2. “He's Madison’s doctor. That red-haired girl is his daughter, but I don’t know if they’ll have a bigger role next season.” That girl that Kevin met-in a bar or something when he was living in the trailer next to Nicky had red hair. I thought that the little redhead was young her. But I guess not. So was that scene just to give us a reason that the dr said that to Madison? Too much meaningless filler!! Last week several people commented that it seemed wrong the no one ever mentioned Kyle. Now they did! Fast response, writers!!
  3. I always find Pamela Adlon annoying.
  4. C’mom, tell us what you really think! (while I clap loudly)
  5. “ goal is to have Chrissy Metz lose weight over time (when the show premiered it was revealed it's a part of her contract). To date she's lost over 100 lbs.” She looks to me like she’s gained at least 50 pounds, if not more. If she has lost weight but they want to surprise us later by padding her now, I find it hard to believe that she would be willing to let them make her look even worse now than she did in the past. I agree with whoever said she looked like she was wearing living room drapes or shower curtains when she had brunch with Madison! I find “Our House” a lovely song, but not a fan of Mandy’s singing. And am liking Madison more this season, would not be unhappy to see her and Kevin end up together. They would make beautiful babies!!
  6. I really don’t need to ever see Kate in a swinsuit.
  7. I thought the party was just for the CrossFit people, which I assume Madison knew. She was probably helping because she loves to put on parties.
  8. Hmmm, could be misdirection. Probably means Kevin and Madison DO end up together.
  9. You are not alone! If there is another season, I will be busy clipping my toenails when it’s on.
  10. She hardly gets any screen time on This Is Us, and is not on at all in many episodes. Glad she has something else to do!
  11. “Toby's motive for losing the weight was the stroke and his newborn baby ....”. This has been mentioned many times. But what about Kaye’s weight making it less likely that she will live a long and healthy life for/with her child? If not Toby, surely someone in the family should be encouraging her to take better care of herself, and losing weight would be a big part of it. Of course if Ms Metz just keeps gaining instead of losing, that story line would go nowhere, but it could still be mentioned.
  12. I have two ovens and have been in many other homes that have two. We bought this house a few years ago and it had been remodeled in 2000, including new kitchen appliances. I think it is more common now in newer homes. Our kitchen is not huge, but has enough space that I can have a helper or two when fixing a major dinner, as long as they follow directions☺️ But I have never cooked or seen as many dishes at any meal as they had!
  13. Re/Avogate, many people have said Kate should not have told Toby that baby already ate some avo. I think she should have told him before he fed the baby because the neighbor could have mentioned it when he saw Jack. Hiding stuff never works out on TV! If Shauna ends up as Kevin’s fiancee, I will be spewing curses like I’m on an HBO show!!!
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