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  1. Okay, writers this stringing along who Kevin's love story is going to be has become really tiresome now. Just pick already. After this episode I sure don't hope it's Madison. Team Sophie all the way but it has to happen in a good way which I feel like there is barely time for. I freaking love Beth more and more for every episode. Her and Rebecca's relationship is ADORABLE!! Seems like Toby and Kate are heading for troubles.
  2. Couldn't it still be? If that trip happened right before she turned 8 and then the mom decided to leave cause of the dad just working instead of being with his family? Obviously kind of weird and horrible for her to just leave her daughter with a man that doesn't have time for her. But the stories could still fit together.
  3. Omg what an episode... Left me crying multiple times. First though I really hate how they incorporated covid into the show. I really wish I could forget about it while watching my favourite show instead of getting reminded of it every few mins ugh. Also I wanna see what they originally had in store, it sure feels like they changed A LOT of the original storyline. I really liked this episode since it found a really awesome way to include relevant flashbacks with the now. Those are truly my favourite episode. And finding out more about how Kate fared after Jack died was way overdue.
  4. This was the worst episode for quite a while. I felt like you can really tell they've been struggling with this virus and having to re-write everything FAST. This felt way rushed and just bad. It's like they're going by in slow-motion. I love this show but this episode had me going in and out so many times. Ugh. The only thing good about this episode was Beth! I freaking love her.
  5. Hahah I actually paused the show to have a better look at those names! Thought it was extremely weird how it said "Fogelman" then I remembered once I read in here lol.. Too funny these directors!
  6. What a beautiful episode! (another one) I really love how this show shows us the other side of whatever mood strangers seem to be in and the importance of always being open and not judge right away. The person who cuts you off in store or traffic may be on the way home to a dying family member with medicine, you just never ever know. If you're in a good position in life always being nice and handing a helping hand just goes such a long way. I also thought it was Miguel's parents and got pretty annoyed! More strangers!?! Whats the point in this huge special episode, we need all the
  7. Wow this episode had me crying so much and kept tugging at my heart!! First I was a little underwhelmed with the Kevin and football storyline, but they did alright. Maybe I just miss pre-teen Kevin lol, he was such a sweetheart. I thought I would be super into the sport theme of it all, but turned out what really got to me was the parent theme and what Jack said about your parent always being inside you and their voices even long after they're gone. Nobody thinks about it but as someone who has lost a parent after a difficult relationship let me just say how much that made sense to me. H
  8. Okay so not the kids, but I just want Kevin and Sophie so bad!
  9. What a complete waste of episode! I tried anyways since there is literally nothing else to do these days, but was BORED to death and then went in here and saw something about my fave Kevin so I managed to stay with it til the end. That lake scene with Randall and his mom...... WAY WEIRD! Even for TIU. I don't know WHAT they were thinking. Anyway about the car crash. PLEASE be Madison and the twins, so Kevin can go to Sophie and have a family with her ❤️ Did he say they were on the way to the hospital or already there? I also thought it didn't look like Kevin's car.
  10. What a crazy way to start the show after the long break. It felt way rushed and as if the producers just got it ready last night. Shocking start. I would have liked a bit of a smoother start but I guess they had a lot to say in this episode. It just feels WAY rushed, they have dragged out a ton of things for forever and then BAM here you go, all the answers in 42 mins! Like wait what. Anyways, I guess the abortion story had already been guessed so not much of a surprise there. It probably was a bit much for Kate to go there and confront him, but I think deep down it was really good for h
  11. What a great episode finally. But WHAT, I can't get over we have to wait til January... And no Thanksgiving episode... This really was one of the best things about 2020 right now, the show coming back and now this.. Ugh! Anyways, so this episode contains my favorite part of this show. The flashbacks leading to understanding the actors and their behaviors today. Just love love love, I just find it SO interesting! Also I just love Jack and Rebecca, they just make the best couple and I think tonight's struggle is one that a LOT of moms and dads deal with and find themselves relating to. Hec
  12. Omg all this waiting in these horrible times for this.... I'm WAY disappointed! For the first few minutes I was surprised that they actually incorporated Covid into the show but I actually was fine with it at first - thought it was an interesting twist. However it VERY quickly got old and as others have said you watch TV shows to kind of forget about your life for 45 mins - not to be reminded about horrific events going on that you hear about in the news 24/7. It just makes you sad - and not in the usual good TIU way but a "Im sick of life" way. Ugh. Same goes for the black lives matter.
  13. Omg I died laughing at your last sentence! You put everything I'm thinking into words!
  14. Wow, what a beautiful episode! I really love these episodes where they combine 3 timelines.. it's just so beautiful. Freaking love it. You really get to see why things matter to people and how they turned into who they are today. Just imagine how helpful it would be if you got a little flashback story to everyone you meet right away. It makes so much sense for Randall to be like this with what he experienced and for Kevin to be more "laid back" as he wasn't there when Jack died and the fire. What a trauma for Randall. I can really see now how this whole thing can really mess up the
  15. A few things I loved in this episode: Pre-teen Kevin is my favorite of all time. I could watch episodes after episodes of flashbacks to that time. I also just think it's SUCH an impressionable time, so maybe the most crucial years for how the big 3 adults turn out, which is why I'm holding on to every second. It was so clear how much of an afterthought Kevin has been in that family dynamic. The whole grade thing, having to beg to go to a store for 5 mins with his mom, etc. I do find it really refreshing though how we see Rebecca and Jack are two loving parents but sometimes things or fami
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