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  1. I thought Beth looked great! I liked her new hair color and how she was wearing it and her makeup was on point. I loved her dress although it was short and most importantly, her girls were covered up!
  2. Oh I felt awful when Greg said he was allergic. He truly is a gem. I am a dog person but I know folks who are allergic to cats and have gone into anaphylactic shock. Scary stuff. Hopefully Greg's allergy is not too severe. And yeah, the experts suck!
  3. Yes, you are correct. I had closed captioning on. He never said he wanted to put the dog down b/c of expenses or anything like that. He actually seemed quite upset to think Beth's dog might have to be put down.
  4. D.C. teacher and her friend/ potential roommate. 299K budget. 1st house is a 5 bedroom Cape Cod. Totally updated. Absolutely nothing to do. 9 foot ceilings on 1st floor. 2 master bedrooms on 1st floor. 3rd bedroom in attic. Final 2 bedrooms and a full bath in basement. They are complaining about the 1st floor bedrooms. Any br that can fit a queen sized bed is a master bedroom to me. Yea the closet is tiny but I am 62 and still waiting for that elusive walk in closet. The buyer wants a rowhouse so I can understand not liking a stand- alone home, but for a starter home or even a forever home, that cape could not be beat! These young' uns want everything!
  5. I will as well but I am less than enthused. He looks incredibly dorky tonight. The haircut is awful!
  6. Chris lives in Chicago. I wonder where Katie lives? The long distance thing is hard. I hope they can work it out.
  7. Wells popping out of the cake in a blue onsie pj was funny!
  8. Where are Nicole and Clay? He is so puffed up with self- importance. He believes his own hype. Ugh!
  9. Not buying Hannah's " love" for Dylan. He is head over heels but her, nope!
  10. Yay! Old man Bukowski popped the question! Congrats to Katie and Chris!
  11. Nicole the Inquisitor! She is not backing down! See Clay squirm!
  12. In the side by side photos, that looks like Drew, not Jonathan, to me.
  13. Greg is the owner of at least one math tutoring center.
  14. Milwaukee to San Antonio...man moves for a new HR job in San Antonio and ostensibly to be near his 5 year old son in Dallas. Scratching my head at that one. Closer than Milwaukee, sure, but Dallas is at least 5 hours away! He has a double sided paddle ceiling fan that MUST be accommodated by high ceilings. ETA: I want to slap both his sister and realtor. He is approved for a 330K loan but his budget is 250K. Sis keeps pushing him to spend more and realtor has not shown him 1 house in his budget. I know it's fake but still!
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