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  1. It was pretty bad and yeah, no chemistry at all. I hadn't seen the promos and when I checked the TV listings for what was on last night I saw Clark Backo's name as well as the male lead. I was intrigued and had to tune in as I thought it was a gay romance. I didn't realize Clark was a woman.☺️
  2. I loved her! What a hoot! Was the military couple extremely tall or was Kuspina Lilliputian? They towered over her. Those booties on the cobblestone street were an accident waiting to happen.
  3. The After the Show episode was part of the two hour finale episode last night. After Seb/Lizzie and Steve/ Mishel spoke their peace, they aired the segment with host Michelle Collins. The guests were Michael, Seb, Johnny, and KC. Then at the end Lizzie made an appearance. Then Michelle showed a clip from next week. A final dinner party where EVERYONE comes back.
  4. Amani and Woody are just the cutest. I love everything about their relationship! So playful! I was concerned about Woody but he won me over. He did, however, go down a peg in my mind tonight. He's not a dog lover. ☹️ AND if he were to get a dog, he wants to keep it outside!!! NO, JUST NO! PLEASE don't adopt a dog if he/she won't be a true member of the family. I do agree, though, that some of us dog lovers don't like to sleep with our furbabies. There's only so much room on a queen-size bed. My hubby is over 6 feet tall and our pooch is at least 85 lbs. I won't even get into the cleanliness issue so as not to offend those who differ in their feelings about pets sharing a bed.
  5. Henry on Unfiltered: " I think in general, she's (referring to ChristinA) just annoyed by my presence." 🤣Henry DOES have a dry sense of humor. He can be quite funny. Henry's fat childhood seemed to have scarred him and may be the root of his lack of self-confidence, which he himself said. He still sees himself as that fat little kid, who was perhaps bullied. I don't think his garrulous, loud mouth Dad helped matters as he was shown being pretty obnoxious at the wedding and cracking jokes at Henry's expense. ChrstinA hasn't shown one iota of empathy; she basically said in her TH after the exercise that she doesn't understand why Henry is holding on to these issues at almost 35 and should get over it. She wants a confident man? Henry's not it. These two are a bad match. Henry should perhaps consider therapy although I did find it interesting that he more or less has accepted his lack of self-confidence and doesn't consider it a top priority to improve upon as his wife would like. It's too bad he isn't more self- assured as imo he is quite good- looking and seems fairly intelligent as well, with a dry sense of humor. He could be something of a catch.
  6. I've never been able to stand her and am no fan of her husband after he replaced my beloved resident mechanic Edd China on Wheeler Dealers. Edd had been on that show for years. I refuse to watch it now that Ant is on. Anywho, their baby boy just turned one and boy, is he adorable. Though I am not a fan of either of them, I am truly sorry to hear their marriage did not work out, especially since there are young children involved.
  7. I didn't watch the Aftershow. What did he say? I still don't understand what went wrong with their relationship. I wish I hadn't been so quick to delete each episode after viewing b/c maybe I could have gone back, watched again and tried to make some sense of it. Connie is a lovely woman, very smart and very pretty. Johnny could do much worse. I honestly don't know what he was looking for, unless of course, it was a chance to be on TEE VEE and get his 15 minutes of fame. Curse you, Johnny for breaking Connie's heart. I've felt very protective and motherly towards her after watching her audition video. Such a sad, lonely gal with apparently no friends and no one to pal around with, let alone a boyfriend. She fell hard for John. 🙁
  8. I didn't realize it was based on a book series. I like Cameron a lot as well as Andie but she's 11 years older than Cameron irl and looks it. It took me out of the movie.
  9. Not to belabor the point but how do we know what Mishel's weight AND height are to determine her BMI and under what classification she falls? Has that been stated somewhere? And you're right. Beauty is very subjective. There are cultures where men appreciate a more zaftig woman. To me Stacy is practically anorexic looking. Lots of plastic on that one.
  10. I don't think Mishel is that fat. Honestly? 100 lbs heavier than Steve? Steve may be fit but he's got the oldest looking face for a 51 y.o. And ymmv but I think Stacy is VERY unattractive. She is all fake, fake, fake. I think Mishel is pretty and I think Connie is really pretty even though she tends to have some skin blemishes. Steve should have told Mishel privately weeks ago that he wasn't attracted to her and preferred younger women. Instead, he gave her false hope week after week that attraction was growing, leaving her more and more confused. I'm not upset that he didn't desire her sexually, only that he kept lying and leading her on.
  11. Watching Connie's audition tape again tonight and her reaction to it was painful. I remember my heart aching for her at the beginning of this season, watching her intro package. I wanted to envelop her in a big hug. I just cannot imagine feeling so lonely and alone. I'm so sad knowing this didn't work out for her. Steve is an ass. Still to this day he can't be honest with Mishel. Yes, it hurts to hear a partner is not sexually attracted to you, but Mishel wanted to know the truth. Obviously he likes younger women but I wonder if Mishel is just a bit too chunky for him. Btw, I thought she looked fab on her audition tape. Not sure what to think about Lizzie; Seb serms to be all in. Drew is probably gonna bail. Did anyone see the after show with Michelle Collins?
  12. Vegetarian? Have we seen him eat meat or fish? Dumplings today over sauteed greens, and that tray of vegetable lo mein the other night. He's such a kind soul. I'm crushing on him, dirty feet, stained nightshirt, and all.
  13. What a contrast between Woody's openness in answering the exercise questions to Brett's joking around. Amani makes me smile: " I'm learning new things about my husband. He's crazy...I like it."😂 Wow, did ChristinA and Henry have a breakthrough? I like Henry's calm demeanor.
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