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  1. I too was inadvertently spoiled. I Googled her name because I was wondering how many games she'd already won, and up pops a link saying she lost. I won't make that mistake again. With that being said, I carefully watched the episode and Amy really was off her game, Final Jeopardy notwithstanding. I suck at Jeopardy and even I was shouting out the answers (not to the football ones, though) and she wasn't even buzzing in. And, she's quick on the buzzer. She got better as the episode continued. I didn't mind Rhone's eyeglasses, but Mr. ECM thought he looked ridiculous.
  2. But the price difference between the two was significant-- $1000/month. Their children were young and I honestly didn't think the house was that small. Ymmv. Plus, there was a community pool and playground where the kids could meet other kids. I'm curious about Taniel's ethnicity. Neither his first name or surname seem to be Latino. Never mind. I found it. He's Lebanese.https://www.leveragere.com/articles/view/852/taniel-chemsian-a-close-up-of-his-trajectory It aired and recorded tonight at 10:30 pm.
  3. I actually gasped when she said that. I felt so bad for Jose at that moment.
  4. Raven and Adam have welcomed son Gates Zev! Congratulations! Mazel tov! https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/pictures/bips-raven-gates-adam-gottschalk-share-sons-name-photos/
  5. Just saw the Belgium episode. Such a nice family! The dad had a great laugh! I'm sorry the wife wasn't on board with house #2, as the kids liked it, it had a great yard and pear trees! Plus, 2 baths. #3 was a good compromise, I guess. Realtor Nabil was dressed so shabbily.
  6. 🤣And also PUERTA (PWERTA). I hate when folks say PORTO or PORTA. They say that with Puerto Rico too.
  7. I'm sad about Jasmina and Michael. I wonder why it didn't work. 😞
  8. Lol. Please explain. I thought you were saying that Tough Love with Hilary Farr was filmed in Canada. You mentioned accents being a sort of give away, but that could be true for other areas other than Canada. When you mentioned the prices of the houses definitely pointed it being in Canada, is where you lost me. That's why I posted the link. I did check Wikipedia for more info about Hilary. She is based in Toronto and NYC, so I think her Philadelphia studio is just for the new show.
  9. I'm confused. Hilary's new show is filmed in the Philly area. As far as cities go, Philadelphia prices are fairly inexpensive. "Where is ‘Tough Love’ filmed? Throughout the series, Hilary visits many different homes but according to an interview with ‘Love It Or List It’ executive Brian Balthazar, the majority of filming takes place in and around Philadelphia. The show follows Farr on her first solo endeavour visiting multiple households across the state and helping them turn their home and personal lives around with a bit of tough love. Certain parts of the f
  10. Where do you think most of the homes are located? I don't think they mentioned it in the latest episode. The couple moving back from Germany lived somewhere in NJ. I was surprised to see that Hilary's design studio is in Philadelphia. Philly is a perfectly lovely city but just seemed like an odd place for Hilary to wind up. I'd love to know more about her background. Anyone know?
  11. ECM1231


    As am I, @shapeshifter! Congratulations and welcome to grandmotherhood! Is that even a word? Lol I became a grandma last May and it's just amazing. My son was 35 when he became a Dad and had been living in Texas for the past 7 years. Besides my grandson, the next best gift he gave me was moving back to New York last Summer. It's a little over a 2 hour drive upstate, but sure beats a 4.5 hour plane ride. I hope your daughter doesn't live too far away and you can see your new grandbaby often.
  12. ECM1231


    Nope. They shoo them out after a day. It's crazy! Unless you have a C-section, in which case you get to stay a few more days. I don't understand it because sometimes things like jaundice don't even present in the first 24 hours. That happened to my nephew and he had to be placed under special lights. Is this your daughter's first child? I hope she has an easy delivery!
  13. 🤚Raises hand. Count me in as one who has neither read the books or seen the original series. I'm so enchanted by this series and I can only imagine how good the books are.
  14. Oh my goodness. My heartfelt condolences @Texasmom1970. A parent should never have to bury their child. My husband lost his firstborn, my 22 year-old stepson, in the September 11 terrorist attack; he was working in the WTC. I still can't watch footage, so I completely understand how that episode would be so upsetting. I'm behind on my HGTV viewing and haven't seen that episode. Gentle hugs to you.
  15. I started watching my recorded episode late at night and promptly fell asleep. We don't often see too many Long Island, NY episodes, so I was pretty excited and will have to watch again. Sea Cliff is a charming town on the North Shore with many, many old Victorian homes. I'm not sure where her childhood home was (town), but as others have said, it most certainly was NOT a Victorian. Looking at the size of that home and property, the wife most definitely came from wealth. I'm wondering how much older her husband is being that his sons are 9 &11. Not that I thought he looked old at all.
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