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  1. Ryan probably falls in lust quickly, not love. My heart hurt for Brett. I really like her and think she has the best intentions. She's starting to get those warm and fuzzy feelings towards Ryan but he's just not feeling it. His stony faced affect didn't even change during that Jenga type game. Brett wrote all those nice things that she liked about her husband and he couldn't even crack a smile. He should just be brutally honest with her and say he's never going to fall in love with her.
  2. A few of the episodes have had the homeowners mention having to be located "within the Beltway." I know the show has filmed in North Carolina the past few years, but where is this Beltway that they speak of? I hate that they never mention city/town names like House Hunters.
  3. My husband, pushing 70, saw her for the first time last night and asked me if she was 12. 18 is generous on your part, imo. Nothing womanly about her, imho.
  4. Just adding that today they revealed that they are expecting a boy.
  5. I haven't seen many of the episodes but did the episode before tonight's show the wedding? I was disappointed not to see it. Also, what happened to Lynn's Arthur?
  6. The beach ball substitute for Myrla, complete with big eyelashes, had me in stitches.
  7. I thought I had seen all of the Murder She Baked films and don't remember Mike and Hannah getting engaged. When did that happen? Also agree with those who didn't care for the out of town sister.
  8. Haven't read any comments yet and I'm only up to Greg's hometown family meet but my shallow comment is that Greg got all the looks in his family.
  9. Agreed. There's a lot of anti-short men sentiment out there. Lots of comments about Napoleon complexes, etc.
  10. Okay, my gaydar is really, really bad so would some of you please message me? I suspected one person in particular, but now I'm thinking there may be more. Thanks in advance.
  11. Did I miss something? Did either one or both of them request a spouse of Vietnamese background?
  12. Absolutely! Cannot believe Ryan's only 35! He looks way, way older! I think it was Johnny last night who said that Ryan looked like a weary traveler. Spot-on! What's his deal?
  13. I thought it funny that the son called his mom vain yet he was the one constantly posing for selfies. They were a very attractive family. I missed seeing the inside of the resort house, house #2, because my husband came in and started talking to me. It was 420K and had the pool. The mom's objection was that she'd have to invest money for an accessory dwelling unit. However she paid 40K more for the small house with no pool. Wouldn't the 40K more than cover the cost of getting a rental unit added? Also, why is Brisbane much more affordable than other cities in Australia? I thought it was
  14. Ashley I. and Jared are expecting their first child. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/bachelor-nations-ashley-iaconetti-pregnant-173815537.html
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