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  1. Mine is too. 😥 Mindy seems like a sweetheart; she's had so much loss in her life and appeared to be a 'right reasons' participant. I hate that she's probably going to be experiencing some major heartbreak. Damn you Zach of the big hair, ugly tats and Popeye arms. Grrrrr
  2. But why would Madison be in Pittsburgh for Sophie's parent's funeral? To my knowledge they don't know each other.
  3. Wait, did I miss this about Michael and Meka? Is there a link somewhere? I only heard about Brandon/Taylor and Zach/Mindy. They're dropping like flies.🙄
  4. Yes he is! I remember thinking his wife was rather plain-looking, compared to him, when I first saw them on Chicago Med together. But apparently she's a Broadway actress and Colin sings as well. I wonder how they met. I know it's shallow of me to mention her looks but I always wonder when one half is so much better looking.
  5. I loved the scenery in Love on Iceland, and the Icelandic tour guide was easy on the eyes. I knew Patti and Colin were married to each other but only knew them from their roles on Chicago Med. A quick IMDB search shows that they both sing as well. No idea Patti was in Frozen and I must have missed the Frozen references. I'm pretty easy to please and enjoyed it for what it was.
  6. I'll join you at that shallow table. He may or may not be a great guy but those moles would have been a deal breaker. Plus, I do think Jamie is very pretty.
  7. Yes. I was surprised when I read here that most think he was an actual intruder. My first gut reaction was that he was a figment of Randall's imagination. I'd be relieved if it was a real person and not Randall diving into the deep end.😟
  8. Toby's feelings about his son's blindness seemed perfectly reasonable to me. He's still processing all of this and his reaction seems more normal to me than Kate being all rah rah rah.
  9. YES to all of this! That was my take on it as well. He definitely came off as a dim bulb last night. I think his decent looks, cute dimples, and sense of swagger he has about himself masked his lack of intellect last week. Those vows were atrocious. As much as I think Taylor is stuck on herself, and I do think she is very pretty but she knows it, she's got way more going on intellect-wise than brand ambassador Brandon. And what exactly is a brand ambassador? Is he a salesman? Is he a beer delivery driver? I have no problems with anyone who does an honest day's work in any capacity but I fear they are not well-matched in the smarts department. Maybe he was acting all blasé at the wedding b/c he was intimidated? I guess time will tell.
  10. Love this reference and love this movie. I've lost track of how many times I have seen it. I can just see Bill Pullman leaning into Sandra Bullock right now. Katie and Derek had great chemistry. I was worried Derek wouldn't find her attractive although I think she is cute as a button. Fingers crossed.
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