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  1. Virginia is so not ready for marriage. She wants to continue her hard-partying lifestyle but WITH a husband joining her. Can't she just find a boyfriend? On a shallow note, her eye makeup was awful. Erik is way too conservative for her and this match will be over probably by the time the honeymoon ends. I think Ryan is nice- looking but he needs a better haircut as most of you have said. Clara just has a very "hard' look" ; she's not attractive at all, imo, and that red lipstick was the pits. Briana looked beautiful; she's the prettiest of the bunch. I like Hailey so far and her mom Lea seemed very genuine in wanting this to really work out. Jacob seems like an interesting dude. I hope he rates Hailey at least an 8. That was a weird comment he made, though. To me a 7 is attractive or better than average. Chris has the biggest ego. Did my ears deceive me or did he say he wants to be the best-looking of all the MAFS grooms of all the seasons? Or was it best dressed? Either way, this is not a competition. Using cheers as a verb instead of saying " Let's toast to " seems to be in vogue with the younger generation. They say it constantly on The Bachelor/Bachelorette which makes me gnash my teeth.
  2. I also was left wondering whether or not Aunt May was Laurel's bio mom. It was never explained why Papa DuBois was estranged from his own sister. I realize that their family was upper class and May having an out of wedllock baby from her affair would have been taboo back then. However, May was sent away by her parents to have the baby. Why would this concern her brother? Plus, May seemed to be living a modest life and her brother was well-off. He couldn't help sis out? I just think it was so cruel of him to forbid his daughter to see her loving aunt. Or was it really his daughter? Maybe Papa DuBois and the Mrs. were raising their niece as their own. Hmmm
  3. Never read the books or saw the earlier adaptation but it sounded delightful and it was. I have to admit I shed a tear when that adorable calf was delivered. Can someone explain why Siegfried was not addressed as "Doctor?" James was a graduate of veterinary school but does one need to pass certain boards to become a. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)?
  4. Did the makeup department add some prosthetics to 18 year-old Kate's face? I don't recall her having double chins in earlier episodes and her face just looked much fuller, even around the eyes.
  5. I'm a bit behind with the DVR but saw this tonight and loved it. Jen Lilley was appealing and although I'm partial to brunettes, the lead was nice- looking and they had good chemistry. I'm not familiar with him. Always nice to see Barbara Niven as the mom and the plot was a bit different from Hallmark's standard fare.
  6. When was this filmed? COVID 19 numbers are rising dramatically and Pepper, Dr. Viv and Pastor Cal were making home visits and were thisclose to participants with nary a mask in sight.
  7. How did you come by this information? I don't recall Zac saying all of this on the show. I thought the brain tumor was when he was around 19 or so. He got addicted to pain killers after that, which if you have an addictive type personality, is very easy to do. My neighbor was early 20s and sustained a fall down an outside metal staircase injuring his back badly. He got addicted to the painkillers but in his family his uncle was an alcoholic and his dad abused crack cocaine, so it wasn't a surprise when the kid got addicted. I had a total knee replacement a few years back. They sent me home with 80 oxycontin pills, which shocked me. I found they didn't really alleviate the pain all that much and they were super constipating. I have about 60 still left. I have often wondered why some get addicted and others don't and I truly do think some folks have an addictive type personality, through no fault of their own.. Also, I just seemed to get a vibe from both of Zac's parents that they like to imbibe just a wee bit too much. We have seen other parents with wine glasses in hand, but it was just a feeling I get from having been around people who like to say they are social drinkers but can't really go a day without having a cocktail. I guess my own biases are showing b/c while my folks imbibed on occasion at social functions, daily drinking was not something they ever did. I could be way off base but his folks just struck me as big time boozers, which would reinforce my theory as to why Zac became so easily addicted. I thought Zac was sober for almost 10 years, which is a significant amount of time.
  8. Loved this! Thanks so much for sharing!
  9. This breaks my heart. I raised two sons. I grew up in a very affectionate household with mom and dad openly showing affection with each other and their children and lots of "I love you's." I showered both sons with lots of physical affection and always told them I loved them. And as grown men they are not really affectionate at all. They rarely hug. My nephew is the same age as my eldest and whenever he sees me he gives me a giant bear hug, which melts my heart. I complain to my sister about this all of the time and she told me my sons take after their dad, who I have to admit, is not super affectionate nor expressive with love language. His love language is action....if you need a lift to the airport he will be there. If you need a car repair he is there. Back to Ben and the show...we don't know what kind of childhood he had, although his sister seemed lovely. Maybe his parents were as closed off emotionally as my husband's parents were, which is why I think he is the way he is. Doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings, just means that some folks find it hard to express them. I also do think his military service may have contributed to him being closed off, as others have mentioned. And I was pretty angry with Tayshia for being annoyed that Ben didn't really show any emotion at his dumping, or express it the way she wanted. As others have said, what pure narcissism. I do agree that Tayshia seems rather shallow. Shallow but with a banging body!
  10. I haven't read through all the posts, SABER, so idk if this has been answered but Brendan did say his dad was deceased. He never mentioned his mother.
  11. I was watching it last night and promptly fell asleep. It was really bad! I awoke a few minutes before the ending and figured I must have missed a lot because that ending was so contrived and unrealistic.
  12. She is unbelievably picky for having a slim budget of $1000/monthly...wants to be in the city, near the metro, and have outdoor space for the dog she doesn't have yet. Agent shows her a 2 bedroom apartment in the Retiro district for only $50 over budget and all she does is complain that it's compact!
  13. Before commenting on Five Star Christmas, I'd like to ask if ALL Hallmark movies are talked about here? I had been commenting about the Christmas movies in the holiday movie thread. I quite enjoyed Five Star Christmas and it was touching how the youngest sibling found her calling while acting as the "pretend chef" and by finding her late mom's recipe box. I only know Bethany Joy Lenz from Hallmark and she's another actor who I find very natural. Apparently she sings as well. I'm obsessed with reading the Wikipedia pages of cast members. She played a 30 year-old but is really 39. She looks younger than she is. HOWEVER, and this is my biggest beef with Victor Webster, whom I really like, Victor looked too old for her in the film. I know he's only 47 irl but he looks older. The dad is 62 irl and the granddad was only a few years older in his late 60s. I'd be insulted if I were him. Lol Anyway, it was pretty obvious early on who the real critic was, but it was still very enjoyable.
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