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  1. willco

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    So, at the beginning of Tribal when Jeff says "We'll now bring our jury", does that mean that everyone single person voted out is going to be on the jury at the end of this season ? Or is it another "twist" that it ends up being just one of them ? Sorry if this has been explained, I must have missed it, but it's just confusing. The jury is usually only, what 9 people ? I guess Lauren winning would be ok. She always trys her best in challenges, doesn't whine a lot ( except for being hungry, which I can understand ). I don't mind Rick, either. The rest are just there ,for me. Glad Wardog is out, he's not nearly as hot shit as he thinks he is !
  2. willco

    S04. E19. Everybody Hates Kathy

    Yeah, that kind of gave it away, didn't it ? That first scene she did was way too short for her, there had to be more to her story. She did sell the scene, though, I thought. If I hadn't figured she was the real culprit, I might have believed it ! I love Rich & Patterson together. It's really fun to see what kind of quips they come up with & try to outdo each other with the verbal sparring. It would get old if they didn't limit it to small doses, but it works nicely now. How does Weller still have $100 G's to bail his mother out, I thought he spent all his money ( and took a 2nd mortgage ) when he was looking for Jane ? The FBI must be paying really well these days !
  3. willco

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    So there's a Julie AND a Julia ?!? Amazing. I really thought the vote was going to be Aurora, since it seemed like she " spilled the beans". And she was looking like she was going to hurl right about then, so I thought she'd be it. I was rather shocked when it came back as Julia. And while Julia did seem pretty snippy, or downright rude depending on your point of view, seeing as how she went from feeling like they had this tribal in the bag to losing complete control, all in the space of about 2 minutes ( in tv time, anyway), I can't really blame her for lashing out. That has to throw you and tribal is nothing if not emotional. David slips by once again-- every time it looks like his number is up, something happens and he escapes. And he didn't even need the idol.
  4. willco

    The Fix (2019)

    I'm so-so on the show, I'm usually doing other things so I might miss plot points, but I did think it was cool that they slipped in a "Mr.Eko" scene from Lost on Monday's show ! I wonder how many people recognized that ? Since I've seen every episode of Lost way too many times, I did, but most people might not have.
  5. willco

    S38:E08 I'm the Puppet Master

    I couldn't agree more !! I hate that episode every season. If I was ever a player on Survivor, I wouldn't even want any family members to come. I know a lot of people say it energizes them, but I think it ( for me, anyway ) just be a distraction. Perhaps I'd feel differently if I was there, I don't know. But I do really hate all the weeping and acting like it's been years since they've seen someone. It hasn't.
  6. willco

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    We could get to May 15th ( or whenever this season ends) and have every player still in the game in some way ! Then, to declare a winner, they can all put on boxing gloves & fight til one strong guy ( rightfully ) wins the game. Then Jeff is happy. I am kind of glad Keith gave up & left ( sorry if that's mean) but I just never liked him-- too sneaky and that thing he pulled with Reem & the clue ( even though I don't care for her either), didn't set well with me. Kind of feel bad for Joe, he never really had any chance to do well, he is/was always going to be a big target. Even if he wins his way back, i doubt of he will last.
  7. willco


    See, I think Shannon makes the show funny. Of course, she's a terrible person ( or so we are suppose to think). She's a teenager who's had, up to this point in her life, no good adult role models. If the show continues, she will get better. That's the way it is on these kind of shows. I guess no one here is old enough to remember Archie Bunker-- even as an adult, he was loud, crude, a bigot and not too bright. But he got better as time went on. Not really trying to talk anyone into liking this show, to each his own, you know. But I think it's a pretty good, easy to enjoy show and I do hope it gets renewed. But, CBS has a nasty habit in cancelling at least one sitcom that I like( usually a new one) every year, so I fully expect that this will get the ax. Just the way it goes.
  8. willco

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    I stopped & got KFC to bring home for supper, all in honor to Wendy ! Man, that was some tasty bird ! ( Ok, I actually didn't even remember Wendy & the Chickens until the show started, it was just how it worked out. But it did strike me as funny.) I just don't understand her thinking about them- does she think she has no chance to win anyway, so just do it because she wants to ? Does she think she will be so annoying that people will drag her along to the end as a goat ? I just think it's dumb to blow your chance on the show over a chicken ! It's not like they want to slaughter beagle puppies, you know ? They're chickens- dumb as rocks with a lot of meant on their bones. Eat 'em ! Still don't like Reem at all. She was probably playing it up for the camera, but to say hey, we're not helping you at all pal, until said pal brings home some fish. Then he's alright ? Hopefully, whenever they get around to doing something with these people, she will go out 1st if possible.
  9. willco

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    I really thought for a few seconds there that Randall was going to slug Kevin ! Now, that would have been shocking. But, not really much else was-- tiring, as others have said, is a better desciption.
  10. willco

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    What' wrong with Reem on the other island ?? There's lots to eat around there : there's palm leaves and tree roots and probably tons of little creatures down at the beach ! Or, take off your shirt, go out in the water and snag a few little fish. Ok, it's not like that or that easy, but I do wonder of she looked for anything at all, or they just didn't show it. Maybe she's so weak from not eating in the 1st place. If they really stuck her out there with nothing for 3 days, that is really pretty cruel. As for the game, not much to say except Wendy was super annoying. I get not wanting to have to kill the birds or even clean them, etc. but people need food ! If she had let them go, I'd have lost it on her ( had I been a player.) That's not her choice to make. Also, I didn't even remember the "Sia money" mentioned above ( it still only vaguely rings a bell) but that really could be her reasoning. Still not right, I think.
  11. willco

    S38.E02: One of Us Is Going to Win

    I think if I had just been voted out & was offered the Extinction option, unless I was pretty damn sure I could beat the other people who had already left the game, in some kind of challenge I mean, I'd just take the hint & go home ! Though some of that is based is seeing how miserable Reem is. Ah, who am I kidding-- I'd never last on Survivor anyway. It's a young person's game, for the most part. And that lets me out. It's almost not fair that one team gets a "Joe" and not the other. He really owned the ring toss thing.
  12. willco

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Wow. I have been re-watching Dallas on Imdb Free Dive, and he's been in quite a few of the ones I've seen lately, all about the Takopa development with Jock & then Jock's death. I was looking up Jim Davis a couple weeks ago, I was curious as to exactly when he died in relation to the episodes, and I saw that Morgan was still alive then. Amazing at that age ! I know it's not that uncommon to live that long, but it still surprises me. I can't think of one person, in all my family history, that has made it to 90. 89 is the best so far. Seems like most of the older characters from Dallas are gone now.
  13. willco

    S01.E16: Estimated Time of Departure

    The writers managed to ruin the Jared character in record time , it seems to me ! Not too long ago, he was a caring, level-headed guy and within the space of about 3 episodes,, he's become an abusive, hot-headed know-it-all. He doesn't give a crap about Mick's opinion (Wait, she's a woman perhaps she shouldn't even have one !), and thinks there is no possibility that he is wrong. If the 828ers life cycle theory is correct, then the gunshot can't kill Zeke yet. They probably aren't going to write Jared off the show, so I'm guessing that the bullet missed them both & lodged in the wall somewhere. Anything else would be too exciting for this show !
  14. I'll be there for Survivor ! (Don't always have time to post, though. But I never miss the show.)
  15. I was busy and couldn't watch so I recorded it, but I couldn't stand not knowing so I peeked and --- NOOO ! Not her for the win ! I might not even watch the show now. I think I would have preferred anyone else winning. She was just so damn annoying during the whole run ! Thank God this abomination of a season only lasted 3 weeks ( though honestly it seemed a lot longer, since they ran like 17 shows per week !), I doubt if I could have lasted much longer than that. I liked most of the players, but it just isn't as good as the regular season.