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  1. So next week is the finale already ? Did they really only plan on 13 episodes, or is it because of the current situation we're all suffering thru ? If so, I don't hold out much hope ( not that there was a lot anyway !) of the last episode making any sense, because it must have been a rush job, I'm guessing. I know a most of the stories really don't make a lot of sense and that the writing could use a couple ( any ?) decent writers, but I still enjoy seeing how things play out. This show isn't even in the Top 10 of bad shows I've watched in my time, so I'll be a little sad that it's already done. And now, for who knows how long ? Will shows that normally start filming in July even be able too ?
  2. Yul seems like a really nice, smart guy but to be honest, his season was so long ago ( in my mind, anyway) that I can't really remember it. But I sure as crap would rather watch him play than Wendell. who just seems like a real ass this season. I long ago stopped picking people I wanted to win, but they usually didn't & I was just always disappointed. Hopefully, we will have a decent winner, but since the Extinction twist worked so badly last time, I don't have a lot of faith. I don't blame Sandra for quitting. But that just makes me think even more than she Rob weren't really roughing it when they were advisers. Or she got paid really, really well for her time !
  3. There is an old song that incorporates the line, "You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself." Rebecca should definitely take that to heart and maybe even included her husband in her decision ( wow, what a novel idea !). But she should decide whether to do the trial or spend that time with her family. Not Kevin and certainly not Randall. It's fine for Randall to give his opinion, but the way he did the whole thing last week was wrong. As for Kevin and what he said to Randall this week, well that was wrong also but he was totally provoked into that, I think, and I doubt he would have ever said shit like to Randall if Randall hadn't said such awful things first, and also done the crap he did with Mom. Kevin has always some impulse issues , and lashing out like that just proves that. If Randall was as perfect as *HE* thinks he is, he wouldn't have said what he did. But he isn't, he just doesn't know it. Man, what a mess.
  4. I'm starting to think that it's actually God himself who is send the Callings. Hear me out. If you read the bible story of Joseph ( of the Coat of Many Colors, also one of Jacob's sons ) , he had dreams that were kind of symbolic, such as wheat shafts bowing down and stars bowing to the sun,etc. Same thing for the dreams of the men he was imprisoned with and later Potipar and Pharoh. In all the dreams ( much like the Calling on Manifest), God never just said in the dream, "Hey, do this and do this in this way." No, that would be too easy, I guess, it always had to be in code ! Ok, I've convinced myself ! So, now that we know it's God, everyone can just relax and let it flow, no questions asked, right ? Right ?? As for the episode, as has already been posted, I heard Grace say 4 months for the baby, too. How can that be ? There is no way 4 months have past since the last episode, so either they messed up or they are just so dumb logic escapes them ( I mean the writers). Does that mean that Adrian has been in hiding for 4 months ? That's just what I an think of right now, I'm sure there other things wrong with that time line.
  5. No one has been eliminated yet-- everyone voted out has gone to Extinction. Counting last night's votes, I think ( if I've counted right) there will be 7 players there now ! I would think they will do something with them soon ??
  6. Wow, Sandra got played ! I must not have been in a scheming mood tonight, because I never saw that coming. Of course, I know it's always possible for a double cross, but I thought Denise was so glad to have a life preserver thrown her way, that she would repay the favor ( and not turn on Sandra !). And Sandra must have thought the same. I really didn't see them voting out Parvati either. I guess these people are smarter than I gave them credit for-- when the game started, it looked like they might just let the big name players coast thru the game. I, for one, am glad they haven't !
  7. Oh, Randall ! I thought he was actually going to come to his senses and therapy would help him. And it seemed likely until the last 10 minutes or so, when he bullied ( or guilted ) Rebecca into the trial ! He doesn't seem to get that it should be her decision. She obviously knows that he wants her to do it, but she gave her reasons against it-- that should settle it. Not saying it would be easy to take, but I think it's the right way. Oh well. Shoulda known Randall would get his way. Other than that, I thought the episode was well done. I, too, like "What-if" or alternative timeline stories. Even though she only got a few minutes on screen, Randall should be thanking God every day for Beth ! She is just a gem ( and easy on the eyes, too !) Hopefully he does, but he doesn't seem like he appreciates her a lot of the time.
  8. Yeah, it would have been a lot more believable if they had found a bunch of old movie posters- The Pickers on History channel have picked some old theaters that had large stashes of them, and some of the old, classic ones can be worth quite a bit. Someone on Pawn Stars brought in an unusually large original Frankenstein poster and it was worth in the 1000's of dollars. But, as this is suppose to be a feel-good show, they often don't rely on realism, ha ha.
  9. Oh, no ! Poor Rob, I feel really bad for him ! ( Heavy sarcasm intended !) 😆 Seriously, I can't believe that he got anyone to trust him in the game, not even that he might backstab you, but he's good at working people to his advantage. Why take the chance & drag him along ? Now, if only they could get Sandra and Parvati out, too. Of course, the problem with this season is that these dangerous players could just as easily flourish on E.I. and come back into the game & win it, just like it happened when they did E.I. before. And I think that would make me even madder if one of those players did it that way & won-- and now, that's probably what will happen ! Man, I hope not.
  10. Shh ! Don't let Randall hear you've forgotten a name, you'll end up in St. Louis for 9 month ! 🙂 I can see that Randall harbors guilt over Jack's death and all, but seriously he needs to get over himself. And all the eye rolls tonight pretty much every time Kevin said anything, in any time frame, was annoying as all hell. Randall has a massive ego, thinking he knows better than everyone else ( even his much older Father ), and it's hard to watch. If the writers are trying to write him as the world's biggest dick, then bravo, they've succeeded !
  11. So, very recently ( I'm assuming at the start of the month) Tubi ( a great free streaming service) added all the rest of the episodes ! A few months back, they put a small number of episodes up, but then when I was looking this weekend, there's the whole run. Now, there may be a few missing somewhere, but it looks like there's over 1200, so it has to be close to complete. I watched the start of the 1795 story line, which I always enjoyed, and I haven't seen it for years. And they even have the eps CC'ed, which when Syfy was still Scifi and ran the show, they weren't (it was early in the 2000's, though ). Having that helps a lot for me.
  12. That's a 'moo' point, like a cow's opinion-- it doesn't matter ! ( Credit to Joey Tribianni on Friends, ha.) I'm with everyone who's wondering why they are not voting Rob or Parvarti out-- why go for Ethan instead ? Why the go around ? I'm not saying getting Ethan out is a bad thing for them, but the other 2 are much more dangerous, imo. Oh well, who knows why they do anything ? Maybe we are already seeing why Extinction Island hurt the last season when they had it, it takes away from time when we can see conversations at the camps that might give us an idea of why they vote a certain way at tribal. I don't dislike being surprised, but this one just confuses me.
  13. At the first commercial break after Randall's therapy session, I called my sister and said, "10 bucks says the therapist is his birth mother or a sister he didn't know about, or something like that. Because we didn't see her face and that is something it seem like this show would do. Hey, so I was wrong ! It happens, I'm not Randall ( ha ha). But I wonder about not showing her, was it just so the focus would be solely on Randall ? And yeah, he needs it badly ! I'm in the group that doesn't get Kate rage about Madison & Kevin hooking up. I get it might be a little weird for her, but that should be the extent of it-- they are both adults, and willing it seems. I don't remember, is there a significance to the Blue Jays card for Kevin ? Does he like the player or the team. ( I was doing other things , so if they mentioned the reason tonight, I'll catch it later when I watch the whole show.)
  14. Whoa ! Denise is only in her late 40's ?? I had no idea, as she is another winner I don't really remember ( I really have a bad memory when it comes to Survivor). I think she looks a lot older than that, maybe not quite 70, but still. Interesting bit of info, thanks.
  15. If it had been anyone else other than Rob doing that puzzle, I would swear that they threw it ! Because Rob is fairly good at puzzles and I just can't believe he could let himself lose on purpose. If he had and then admitted it later ( even if just to us ), then I would say that was a pretty good game move. He was really sure he was safe, so why not ? I thought I remember the Guat. season, but I really don't remember Danni at all ! It's weird to me, I do remember Stephanie and the former football player Gary Hogeboom (sp ?) but not her. The fire tokens could end up being a big part of who does well down the line. If someone gets a small bunch of them, they could really pay off.
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