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  1. So exciting, 2 hrs. & it went pretty much as expected. I thought when Azah won Hoh there was a chance for a change-up, but no it still played out exactly as though we thought it would. I still think X will win easily. I guess there is a tiny chance that won't happen, but I'm not putting any money on it !
  2. I was only half paying attention to the show & I'll have to go back and check, but apparently DerF DID in fact say he was worried about becoming a comp beast !! Wow, you know I have a fear that I'll wake up tomorrow and have $100 million in the bank and supermodels serving me breakfast in bed. I think both of those things and Derek's issue have about the same chance of happening, 0.0 %. Man, this game is gonna go right down to the end with no surprises at all, isn't it ? Ky & X in the Final, with X winning. The CO did a good job completing their mission, but man it's just s
  3. I'm a bit late but I just got finished with the 1st episode, so I thought I' add my 2 cents. I've always been a big news-on-tv watcher and I was already out of college when this all went down and I do remember it all fairly well. So far, my feelings about the people involved, what I thought back in real time are matching what the show is showing ( if that makes sense ?). Monica- very young & quite naive. Tripp, an awful person and an even worse friend. I mean, really, what a user ! The President, so not to excuse his actions or the things he did, in any way, but he most likely isn't even t
  4. I can't listen to Derek F anymore, I have to keep hitting the mute button. It's been some time since I disliked someone on BB enough to do that. I think, in many other seasons, he would have been gone a long time ago, although certainly he's not the only person dragged to the end for no real reason. If he had any game at all, it would be different but he doesn't. He's just there. I think Ky thinks it's admirable to sit next to a strong player like X in the final and I guess it kind of is, but as it has been already said, it's also kind of dumb ! He must really think he can win agai
  5. There's nothing wrong at all with 'playing your own game' , Tiffany, but it's really too late to make that work. I've always likened the Big Bro. game to being in the mafia- everything's fine as long as you are loyal but the minute your aren't, you get whacked. I guess she never watched The Godfather or even The Sopranos. This would be a great time to switch things up, but they will never get enough people to make it work. It does seem like, based on tonights show, that she knows she might be in trouble due to winning Hoh.
  6. Back from ad break & Derek F has fallen ! Shocking. I swear, if by some weird chance he wins this game, I may quit watching forever. I find him very annoying. Also annoying is Brittini, while I always like seeing the jury house, I really didn't want to see ( or hear !) her. Why does she react to everything like she seeing The Hindenburg crash ? Poor Derek X. Darn, I kind of wanted to see Alyssa win the comp, just to see the CO scramble a little. But she'd probably end up putting up Claire & someone and Claire would end up going. Right now, it looks to me like X has a p
  7. So the gloves come off and the claws come out ! You do something a woman doesn't like & you'll feel the fury. Sounded like Tiffany would enjoy ripping Ky a new one. He might be the 1st one out of the CO alliance, once everyone else in the game is gone, that is.
  8. I feel bad for Claire, she's walking right into the trap but she doesn't realize it- yet. She sure will when she's nominated in the next week or 2. I'd think she will be quite perturbed at Tiffany for playing her like this. Of course, I know Tiff didn't do it just to be mean, but still I think it will hurt Claire. And Tiff really seems to think that she will be fine once the group is down to just CO members- doesn't she realize she might be the 1st one they go after, if they can ? I don't know why Derek F seems to be so popular with the public, he's the one player I really don't li
  9. Hannah looked tiny right there in the middle during the HOH quiz. She must be about 5 ft. or so- with the really tall guys like X and Ky and then Claire on the end, she looked kind of like a grade school girl standing in between the adults ! I must just be jaded, because the more the show went on trying to convince us that Derek X might stay, the more I knew he was leaving. I kind of like Claire, even though she's not that great of a player, so I didn't really mind whichever person left. But it seems like BB always tries this fake out / misdirect thing, I think it's obvious.
  10. Well, that played out just as expected, didn't it ? So much excitement !
  11. Wow, a non- CO person won Hoh ! Wouldn't it be great if someone had loose lips & sh found out about the alliance & then was able to get one of them out ? It probably wouldn't change the end of the game results, but at least they wouldn't skate to the final without even a hiccup. Of course, it won't happen. We can't have nice things on this show. It's not that I dislike any, or all for that matter, of this particular group, it's just that this kind of thing happens every season it seems like- some group gets power and rides it tight to the end. It just kind of spoils the suspense. But
  12. I'm over Britini crying like someone burned down her house & ran over her dog every time she gets nominated. It's the game of BB, no one promised her a walk to the end of the game. And the deal that she offered Ky would only have value if she actually would ever win an HOH, otherwise it's just words. And those that threw the Otev veto should be ashamed of themselves- not for throwing it but for doing it so obviously ! At least act like you lost for real.
  13. Thanks, that makes more sense. I tried to count them as they were sitting around the couches but the camera kept moving. I thought I counted 13 which is what made it confusing. I should have just started with everyone and subtracted the people who have left I guess. So that should make the jury 9 people which prevents a tie. I keep my finger on the mute button or just mute the whole thing and read the CC. It drives me crazy, too !
  14. I'm a little late, but one thing I don't get is Julie said that now they have all at least made jury-- but if I counted right, there are still 12 ( maybe 13 ?) people left. That means at least 10 people on the jury ? I thought it was usually 9 ? I must be wrong on the count or the usual number of jurors, I guess.
  15. I can't remember it ever being done, honestly. Doesn't mean they haven't I just don't ever remember it happening. I guess it is to build suspense for the live show on Thurs. , but anyone who really wants to know can find out what happened. This isn't 'Who Shot JR' ( kind of showing my age there !). But maybe most of the viewing public doesn't check online ? Derekx's punishment would probably make me self-evict if I had to do it ! I would not like getting out of bed to let people use the can ! If I get woke up like that, I have a hard time going back to sleep. And then I'm in a bad
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