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  1. willco

    S21.E26: Live Eviction #8; Head of Household #9

    Christie staying pisses me off. That's all I feel about the show. However, I guess I'll be in the minority & say I liked Julie's hair ! She looked like a rocker chick. Who cares if she's way past the age that she should be to dress that way !
  2. willco

    S21.E25: Power of Veto #8

    Can't say I'll be sad to see Christy leave ( hopefuly !) She sure didn't shed any tears for anyone else when she was gleefully voting them out, but now that it's her at risk, it's all so sad and unfair ! Did she stay in bed under the covers for the whole damn week ?? Because other than comps, that's about all we saw her do. Having said that, though, I realized tonight that I'm not rooting for anyone that's left in the house. I just don't really care who wins at this point. I usually have at least a couple of people I still want to do well at end, at this point in the game, but not this year. Kind of a sad ending. ( I guess I'll go to bed and pout until the Finale !!)
  3. willco

    S21.E24: Head of Household #8; Nominations #8

    Poor Analyse ! She got the beauty but not the brains. I'll throw out my Michie impression and try something that he might say ( well, maybe not- who knows ?)-- regarding Sis-- When they were handing out brains, she thought they said trains and said, "they're too loud, they scare me !". I mean, seriously, she's never heard of the days getting "shorter" as we get closer to winter ?? Surely, that was a put on, right ? I hope Christie does end up going home. She should be ashamed of herself, swearing on her sister like that, when she was flat out lying. Or maybe she believes she wasn't ? Sure looked like an alliance deal to me, but whatever Christie !
  4. willco

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Most of these people wold fit right in in the mafia ! Whack someone with no regrets, even if they were your best friend. And when it's their turn, they will say "Why me". Only one person even threw a vote against the mob. Really makes evictions boring.
  5. willco

    S21.E22: Power of Veto #7

    Yeah, the only person I still like in the house, Kat, will most likely go home. What a crappy season this has been. I will say I don't dislike Cliff or Nicole or even Jess ( although I think she's really annoying) but those 3 are just so boring and along for the ride. Kat at least has some strategic thoughts in her head and a chance to make something happen. As opposed to say Cliff, who tries to think game but fails to do anything. And he wasted his Hoh, Imo. Baring some big miracle, I'd say stick a fork in this season, it's done.
  6. willco

    S21.E20: Live Eviction #6; Head of Household #7

    No, I didn't either. Maybe it's because I'm older- I used to hear things people would say ( I'm talking 70's and 80's) that today would be considered horrible, but that's how it was then. But I didn't know-- in fact I missed Julie even saying it, so it must not even be on my radar. I will avoid ever saying it now, though, that I know it's considered offensive ( though I can't ever recall saying it anyway, my go-to word for being ripped off is probably considered in poor taste also. ) I guess I was more focused on how Jack was trying to spin the events from the house. I don't think it would have mattered to him what Julie said to him, a racist is a racist.
  7. willco

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    The show just started and already these people are making my blood pressure spike ! Tommy and Christie and such hypocrites ! Oh, people knew each other before the show ! How awful. Meanwhile, Jack is still an ass.
  8. willco

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Well, I'm glad Kat stayed because she's about the only person in there that I actually like ! I was worried for a minute when Julie was saying about how much "turmoil" there was in the house- ha ! They'd better show a lot more because that wasn't much at all. Even the short clip they showed didn't seem that bad.
  9. willco

    S21.E15: Head of Household #5; Nominations #5

    I agree with all the Jackson hate, the guy is just an ass plain and simple. However, I really enjoy Kat even though most of her scenes are silly. Maybe she really believes the conspiracy stuff, maybe she doesn't, but it amuses me. I watch a lot of that stuff on Youtube and other places, it's entertaining to me. Sometimes someone actually make a good point that makes you think, even if you know it's BS. I'd probably last even less time than Jess did on that comp-- which is why I will never apply to be on this show or any other !
  10. willco

    S21.E11: Live Eviction #3; Battle Back #1

    Wow, I wouldn't have bet on that result for any amount of money ! The old guy just blew everyone out of the water. And it's really too bad because I think David might have had a good shot at maybe changing things up-- what's Cliff going to do ??
  11. willco

    S21.E10: Power of Veto #3

    I read some of the live feed thread this afternoon & "Oh, it can't be this bad !" But it was. Most of these people are both mean & stupid. Where did all that come from Christie ? Did anyone actually tell her she might be put up or did she invent that idea in her own mind ?
  12. willco


    I'm liking this more than I thought I would. I couldn't make it thru the other installments, though, so maybe it helps just because this one is going to be done very quickly. I wonder why the network decided to burn thru all the episodes in 1 week ? Is that to appeal to the younger crowd that always wants to binge everything ? I usually prefer a slower pace, but it's working with this. I'm very slow at catching on to characters names, so I thought the girl that is "Beth" is suppose to be the girl that Paris Jackson played in the opening scene ( whose name I didn't catch, thus my confusion.) They looked kind of alike, at first, but Beth had all that crap on her face ( she looks much better with it taken off !) It was only when I went to IMDB that I saw it is a different actress. So whatever happened to Jackson's character ? I must have missed that. I also learned that the kid who player Amir is the son of Biggie Smalls. Still have no clue who "Ghostface " is, but in the scene with Tony Todd, they looked really short ( but he is like 6'4" ), so I'm guessing it is female, but I don't know who ? Maybe the Mom of the kid that was killed years ago ?
  13. willco

    S21.E05: Live Eviction #1; Head of Household #2

    I think it's way too much, so much in fact ( and I'm not kidding) I keep the remote in my hand during the show so I can mute it every time it is said. I usually just mute most of the recap because, jeez, we just saw all this stuff like a day ago, my memory isn't what it used to be but I don't need 5 minutes of recap for something I just watched the not even a whole day ago ! I also mute the "short" final plea the people on the block give just before voting starts, because it's usually useless and always just drags on. Having said all that ( mostly complaints, so I apologize) I did like this episode better than than the others we've seen so far. At least some things happened, even if the twist is kind of lame. I'm still not totally sold on this season, but it is getting a little better, to me, so maybe there is hope.
  14. willco

    S21.E05: Live Eviction #1; Head of Household #2

    That's what I heard !! But the CC didn't say it, so I thought I misheard.
  15. willco

    S21.E03: Whacktivity Competition #1; Nominations #1

    Well, I haven't every single episode, but I have watched every season, and I'm having a hard time getting into this one. Maybe it's because they start so early now, BB never started until after July 4th in the early days. It's not really the start date, but by starting so early it seem like the show drags on forever by the end, when you really are just ready for it to be over. Tonight's episode didn't really show anything new, just different people who think, after the game being on for a week, that they've got everything under control and know ( right now !) which final 8 people they will be up against for the half mil. Then the inevitable clever alliance name ! Jeez, they get dumber every year. And the "Oh, you are just a pawn !" nonsense. By the time all the tropes are trotted out, I want to punch a nun, I'm so tired of it ll. Maybe I'm getting too old for this crap.