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  1. Regarding Imus- I never actively listened to his show, but you couldn't really miss the outrage after he made his racist rant in '07. He was fired, but back on the air ( though in another format) in like a year, which is sad. Last night one of the cable news channels did a story on him and they played a clip ( that he actually said !) which went something like. "I think I'm the best in radio broadcasting ever, I really believe that. " I'm surprised he actually found a cowboy hat that could actually contain his big head ! I didn't know about the camp for kids with cancer that he & his wife ran. I will give him props for that.
  2. I've seen every season and I didn't recognize about half of those people ! I have a really bad Survivor memory !
  3. Dean just kind of turned it around !?!
  4. Lauren was a lot nicer than I would have been ! I would be a very bitter loser if someone like Noura did that to me.
  5. I like Elaine and I'm sorry she's gone instead of a few of the others. But it's hard for me to feel too bad for her in spite of the obvious attempt by the show to get me to tear up. Everyone, no matter who it is, has a sob story to tell. Quite a few people who are over 40 have lost a parent ( or both ). Most have had health issues, lost jobs and suffered financially, etc. I don't mean to sound hard, but it's just a fact. Personally, I could make a long list, but I would hope I wouldn't do it on Survivor. I may be alone in that, though, IDK. Dan's reaction's to a couple of things during this episode ( I saw him roll his eyes or wave him arms in "disgust" at least twice when someone said or did someone) really pissed me off, so I wanted to jump for joy that they kicked him off the show ! At last, perhaps a bit late, but at least some justice !
  6. I swear I am no psychic, but just a couple of days ago out of nowhere a thought hit me that went something like, "I bet we have a rash of celebs dying in December". Why I thought that, I have no idea-- maybe because it seems like it's been a while since anyone famous passed ( even though, if you look back, that's not really true.) Maybe it's because there always seems to be a celeb death close to Christmas, but geez, it's still 2 1/2 weeks away ! Although Rene wasn't Tom Hanks famous or anything, I remember him being in quite a lot in the 80's and 90's, probably because that last name is so unique. Although I never watched Sesame Street very much, you just about had to have lived in a cave not to know Big Bird or Oscar ! Very sad for many people.
  7. I think I'm out of the age range they are going on on SNL now, but with JLo, that's about all I ever notice with her. She's almost my age, but damn she is still really beautiful. I like her singing and all ok, but it does help that I think she's hot ! (I will admit I sound really shallow with this 😉
  8. It took me a minute, but I knew that I had seen the name many times-- reading the obit, now I know. He was Rachael's dad, Dr. Green on Friends ! Geez, he really portrayed a dick pretty much every time he appeared-- if he wasn't yelling at her for something, he was yelling at Ross for something ! I bet he was probably a nice guy in real life, though 🙂 And the obit mentioned him being on The Edge of Night- man, that's going back a few years. I don't remember anything about that soap ( my babysitter used to watch it) except the way the the announcer did the into, "THE EDGE of NIGHT ! " in a very spooky voice. But I was probably 6 or 7, so it must have seemed scarier ! Funny, the things you remember.
  9. You are certainly NOT in the minority, from what I've read over the years ! Most people, at least those who post on boards, tend to despise the family visit episode. I thought tonight's was especially bad, the weeping, the almost passing out / falling to their knees with happiness. I personally have to at least mute it, it's just too much. Noura went full on "Crazy Train" tonight, I wonder how long she blathered on to the tribe members during her whole, "I'm going to flip everything on those dumb asses" speech ? Because we saw, what 8-10 minutes, so she probably went on for hours. She's something else, for sure. I'm actually glad this season is about over, it's a real mess ! Here's hoping the spring season is better.
  10. I've never had that channel on my cable package, but I did take advantage of the Hulu black Friday sale ($1.99 per month) and saw that there are quite a few episodes on there, so that was a pleasant surprise. For some reason. I thought Amazon had the only streaming rights currently. The funny thing is, I have pretty much a complete run of episodes on video tape, from way back around 2003 when (then) Sci-fi would run 2 shows every morning. And I do still have a working VCR, but when I moved some years, most of the tapes ended up being packed away at the very back of one of my closets. So it would be a job to dig them out and even then, they aren't really in the best order for watching. If I wasn't so cheap, I'd just buy the complete set that thy put out some year back, but I am so I don't 🙂
  11. I see that Tubi has added 40 episodes, starting with the one where Willie finds Barnabas' coffin. It's only those 40 for now, I guess, I hope they add more. And even though I've seen those eps many times, I'm sure I will burn thru them in no time ! At barely 20 minutes each, it won't take long !
  12. You know, I'm starting to think that Margaret's whole Christian persona in the pilot episode was all just an ACT !! ( ha). I spent the whole episode thinking it was the season finale, so I'm really glad it wasn't, just because that would have been a really bad ending. I hope they tie up a few loose ends, though they probably won't. But until it's over, I can hope.
  13. Tribal surprised me again ! I thought Jamal was going after Dean played he idol, so that obviously means I forget Jamal had one also ! I think Survivor is a little like playing craps. You can have strategy, but luck certainly plays a big part. Unless you assume everyone has an idol in Survivor, you have to take a chance when voting and something unlikely ( but possible like throwing 12's twice in a row in craps) can and often does happen to screw things up. Or something like that 🙂
  14. No, you're right. In the context of the show, the widowed father with a successful business is "The Unicorn" Apparently, that type of a fellow is suppose to be quite rare and desirable to women ? Although, if you read the thread from the 1st episode, that term already exists in the dating world, and the show has it wrong, but I don't remember if anyone said what it's really suppose to mean.
  15. willco

    S01.E05: October 31

    I thought it was a pretty good episode, and I've been a little cold on the show so far. Sure, it was rather predicable and yes, the girls made some really bad choices, etc. But the mood they set was good and I liked the debunking of the 'Ghost Hunters" and the call back to The Exorcist. If every episode were as entertaining to me, it would be one of my favorite new shows. As an aside, I was talking to my sister yesterday, and she sad there was nothing good to watch on Thurs. night. I suggested this show ( which I knew she wouldn't watch, as she never stays up past 10 PM.) But besides that she said she doesn't watch scary shows ! And she would think this is scary ! Which to me it's SOOO not !)
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