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  1. Danny could do radio or tv sports broadcasting or something like that, he has a very nice even tone to his voice. I wonder if he has ever been approached in that capacity ?
  2. Ricard's face, when Liana was going on and on, like he wanted to say "Oh, shut it " ! Either that or he was really feeling that champagne :)
  3. So Xander didn't get a single vote ?? I don't agree with that at all-- but...
  4. Yeah, the way she said that definitely sounded like a "participation ' prize :)
  5. I think Xander has answered pretty well, really. I'm betting, though, that Erika is going to win. Doubt if Deshawn gets more than 2 votes.
  6. Heather's rope must have been wire on the inside ! What kind of rope doesn't burn thru with fire on it that long ??
  7. Heather made fire at camp in 5 seconds and now she can't even get a bite ?? So weird. Oh, now she does :)
  8. SO glad I was wrong about Ricard winning ! Sorry, dude, something about you bugs me, not sure what-- he did play a really good game, though, I'll give him that. Still hoping Xander can win, but Erika was played quite well in the 2nd half of the season.
  9. If Xander gives that damn idol to Ricard, I swear I might have a frekin' stroke !
  10. If they don't vote out Ricard now, they are all crazy ! I still think he will be in the Final 3 and most likely win, no matter who he's up against.
  11. I knew as soon as the show started that Ricard was going to win immunity all due to stupid Comcast's episode description in their guide-- it said something to the effect that " the tribe is scrambling after a player wins immunity and ruins their plans ". It did say it better than that, I can't remember exactly, but as soon as they all were agreeing Ricard needed to go at the next tribal, it was obvious he would win. Serves me right, I suppose, for reading the ep guide, but I don't recall ever having it be so obvious-- they could have just said who won and eliminated the suspense !
  12. willco

    S41.E11: Do or Die

    Yeah, you're right. I guess I forgot about that, which illustrates all these rule and twists just make everything harder to remember, to me anyway. (Either that or I'm getting senile :) Probably that ! )
  13. willco

    S41.E11: Do or Die

    Wow, I would have bet money that Deshawn was going just because it was so late when Jeff finally reveled his Do or Die punishment.I didn't think there was enough time left for a vote ! And then I was really, really, sure he was doomed because they gave him a 1 out of 3 chance to win ! Like others have said, that was a shitty thing to do to someone just because they were unlucky enough to go out 1st in a challenge. But the gods must have smiling on him because he not only picked right, but then survived the vote. So , for once, the ending wasn't obvious, to me anyway. I still enjoy the sh
  14. Wow, I really can't believe it ! I would have bet real money that the editing ( as I saw it) that Shan was going was just a fake out. I mean, we've seen that many times, that they wait too long to boot a strong player. I'm amazed and pleased that these people really made a smart move. I don't really like Ricard, as I've said I get a shifty vibe from him. But if he had waited it wouldn't have been long before Shan did it to him. So now there are several more strong players, which means that there will be some people who really need to scramble. Still hoping Xander can make a run to
  15. Yeah, the dinosaur ad was actually in the tv listings that I read, the network actually had it listed for either 3 or 4 minutes, I think, and the show didn't officially end til 10:02, so I guess we didn't lose any time ( not that it really matters that much given how dumb this show is : ) ) So I can't figure out who "Grandfather" is suppose to be ? I started thinking maybe it's Levi- if 'little' Gavin never goes to 1988, then Eve never meets Gavin and then he can go back & get her for himself. But then I thought that is really complicated for this show, so that's probably not
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