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  1. Tubi has added the documentary "Master of Dark Shadows" that came out last year. Someone at that service must really like DS, because they now have the complete run of the series, several of the movies, and now this doc ! I watched about half of it yesterday but I had to stop just because I wanted to kind of savor it. Pretty much everything in it I had never seen-- they have interviews with many of the stars, writers and directors which I've never seen before. They interviewed John Karlin and Robert Cobert, both of whom sadly passed away in the last year. They talked about how popular David Selby was and how 16 magazine had never really featured 'soap' actors before him. I think any fan of the show will really enjoy it.
  2. Yeah, I know this show doesn't make a lot of actual sense and there are plots holes ( and not so good writing ) and all , but I still enjoy it and I thought this episode was a lot of fun to watch. Probably for the very reason that it borders on ridiculous-- it's kind of like a horror movie or maybe a haunted house thing that you do at Halloween, if that makes any sense. Just kind of dumb fun. I know I certainly enjoy it more that I would spending an hour watching a "real" procedure, i.e. Chicago Fire. I'd probably be bored to tears. ( No offense to anyone who enjoys that show ! To each his own, definitely ! Enjoy !! ) I did like that they incorporated the real story of the Gardner Museum robbery. Maybe, if nothing else, people who had never heard of that looked up the story and actually learned a little history ! Although, that is probably expecting too much.
  3. It's funny to hear that because I just watched Constantine this weekend ( probably the 4th time I've seen it), but this time was on Hulu and the last couple of times was cable & I wanted to see if they cut much on the cable versions ( honestly, I didn't notice much difference in the versions.) Anyway, I think Keanu does just fine in that role, I actually think he's pretty good but maybe it's because I think the movie is quite enjoyable.
  4. The "William" is equal to "Bill" ( obviously) and "Patterson" is her mother's maiden name, if I understand correctly. Personally, I think naming a girl William is both weird and cruel-- why people stick their kids with weird names I've never really understood ! All it does is create problems for life. I have an unusual first name myself, and believe me you really get tired of having to repeat the name and spell it over and over for people ! I enjoy this show and I'm glad they got an order to wrap things up, but I didn't go back and watch any of last season and the break was so long, I've forgotten how in the hell Madeline gained control of the friggin FBI !! She was running an terrorist organization bent on destroying America last season and now she's running everything in the FBI ? I've gathered that the current president put her there, but again, no recollection of that either. So for now, I guess I'm just reveling in the chaos that ensues every episode !
  5. I can't believe Michele didn't at least get a couple of votes, even though it wouldn't have mattered ! She played hard near the end of the game and she won a couple of immunity challenges-- and she never got voted out ! To get no votes seems like a deliberate snub. Maybe it was suppose to be ?
  6. Denise looks like she joined a boy band !
  7. If I could bet right now, I'd still bet Tony gets it-- final tribal hasn't changed anything at all.
  8. Tony wins the game, now no question ! BOO !!
  9. Maybe Ben just got tired of Tony's talking down to him all the time ? And, knowing he probably wouldn't win himself, decided to give Sarah a boost ? I don't know, maybe ?
  10. So that's probably the end for Michele 😞 They can't vote for Nat or Tony, so she's about it ?
  11. I know Michelle isn't the most popular cast member, but I kind of like her ! I like the hustle, even though it's coming too late. She HAS to hustle to even survive at this point. But at least she didn't give up. If someone does come back from Exile and ends up winning, I guess I wouldn't mind seeing Natalie win. To be clear, I don't want anyone from that group to win because I don't think it's fair-- but, she has really worked for it. And I'm afraid that someone from there WILL win, and in that case I guess she wouldn't be the worst choice. As long as Tony doesn't win, I think I can live with it. Don't like him, never have !
  12. willco


    Sorry to those who liked this show ( that it was cancelled) but overall I thought the show was really bad. I've watched every episode, hoping I would grow to like it, but I just didn't. And I think I'm pretty easy when it comes to sitcoms, I've liked some that others thought were bad. Just as an example : the show "Abby''s" from last season, it as kind of like a discount Cheers. I thought it was funny, and I liked almost every character that hung out at the bar. But apparently, I was in the minority and it only last one season. This one I won't miss at all.
  13. When they found out about Ali's heart condition, I thought to myself "There's about a negative 20 % chance ( no chance, really) that anything would happen other than her coming out fine and on the mend. It would just be so out of character for this show to actually kill her off. I'm a little disappointed that that's all we got at the end with regards to the GA, but then I really didn't expect an answer as to who's doing it. I was hoping, but was pretty sure it would be another lead that went no where. Because, at this point, what can they say ? I can't really believe that any human being, no matter how smart or tech savvy there were, could possibly have all that knowledge to be able to connect things like they did. And if the show had said it was God, I suspect most people wouldn't like that either. They kind of painted themselves into a corner, unless you just accept the premise as helping people just to be helping, without asking the deeper question. So I guess that's how it's going to have to be. I wonder, though, if anything had been written for the new season ? I wonder who "she" was going to be ?
  14. That really does suck ! First, because I like Sophie better than most of the others, but also because Tony got his way. I hated that he won his season and I hope this bites him in the ass hard. He's suppose to be tight with Sarah, but what that really means to him, I think, is convincing her to do what he wants. If not, he does whatever he want to, anyway. Some alliance ! Of course, now Jeremy will be his puppet. The way they left it, it looked like Jeremy didn't believe Tony. Then at tribal, apparently he did. I really thought he'd be the one out, surprised me there.
  15. Until the news came last week that 'God Friended Me" had been cancelled, I was wondering how that world would go on as it had-- it would be awfully hard for Miles and friends to be running all over New York City if the city was still shut down ! Now that the show is cancelled, I guess we will never know. I'm wondering if we will even have a normal start time for the fall season ? I've been catching up on things I never got around to watching before and also some re-watching of old stuff, but I always look forward to Sept. I think it's going to be a long summer.
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