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  1. I don't know. I do agree that it seems cruel to let the kid cry & cry, but my sister did that with my nephew ( this was back in the 80's ). I was staying with her for a while while I was at a new job, the nephew was around 1 - 1 1/2 then. I mean, it would go on for ( what seemed like ) hours. But now he's probably one of the most level-headed, responsible guys one could ask for ! So maybe it works ? On the other hand, I can see myself in Malik's actions. When I was that age, I'd always have all kind of excuses when I messed up, especially at a job. I started working when I was 9 and worked clear thru high school. It wasn't until my job when I was a senior, so 17-18, that I started seeing that adults just wanted a job done, not to hear all the excuses. Hopefully, it will be a lesson learned for him.
  2. This is the one show that my sister and I both watch, at least this season since Survivor got cancelled, and when I talked to her before the show I told her it was the last episode until next year-- she was about as mad as some of you all are ! But they probably didn't want to run a new show next week being Thanksgiving week and it seems like a lot of shows don't like to burn new shows in December anymore either. Oh well. That director came off as kind of a jerk-- if you want an actor to read a line a certain way, maybe TELL them that ! Maybe he just wanted Kevin to come up with his own take on it, but the way he said nothing, I just don't get that. Kate and Randall have been more tolerable this season, but I still like Kevin the best. At least he ( sometimes ) has a sense of humor about his faults. Sometimes Randall does ( I was shocked at how well he took tonight's mishap !) but Kate always seems so sour.
  3. Shocking, just crazy shocking ! ( Said no BB fan ever, nor anyone who has ever crossed paths with this wacko !)
  4. I'm just guessing and could be way off, but I think maybe it's a polite way of saying that you kicked something's ass ? Like if you did 5 loads of laundry all in one afternoon ( maybe you usually only do 2 ), you might tell someone, "I kicked ass !". Though again, I might be way off. If the teacher is an older person, I can see being uninformed about 'pronouns'. I'm always reading about some new thing ( to me, anyway) that someone or some group of people want to be called. Non-gender specific is just weird to me. Of course, I was a teenager in the 80's, so none of that was around back then. At least, I had no knowledge of it. Back then, they weren't even that many people that would even feel comfortable with people knowing they were gay. It was the midwest, though, very conservative-- and I lived in a small town. I think that all makes a difference.
  5. I thought he looked nervous as all hell ! And that made him look a bit sickly. I think he wasn't sure he made the right call by cutting Nicole, but it turns out it was the right move by long way. Nicole might have gotten a few votes & made him sweat it out even more. I still think he would have won, but he doesn't have our prospective or all the info that we have to call the winner. And yet, we the viewers still get it wrong sometimes. It's just this season seemed like such a blowout, at least it did to me. I guess he's not the worst winner by any means, but it sure seems like he had smooth sailing to the win. Of course, he thinks it took a lot of work, and it did kind of, but we saw everyone protecting him and that he was never even considered for the block, so yeah, he had it pretty good.
  6. Yeah, I do to. It's ain't 500 G's, but with the stipend it will be almost 100. Minus taxes of course, but still not bad for 3 months "work".
  7. Enzo will most likely get Nicole's vote ( bitter ! ) and maybe one more, but that's it. I still think Cody wins by a big margin. ( However, I'd be happy if E pulled it out. Maybe Cody would shed a few tears too 🙂
  8. Cody wins this comp, Cody wins the game. There we can all leave now ! 🙂
  9. Well, crap ! I was all set to quote Gerald Ford with "Our long national nightmare is over.. " tonight after the finale and you beat me to it !
  10. I'm fairly sure those are like birthmarks. I've seen them on her many times in the past. I guess I just told on myself for often staring at a certain area on Janelle ! Busted !( I am a guy, though 🙂
  11. I just wanted to chime in & say that I love Adele as a singer & she does look great, but- for the episode in particular- I thank God for closed- captioning ! Her accent is so thick, I never catch all the words that she is saying. It's always been that whenever I've seen her on interviews, also. It's weird, because I can understand the lyrics in her songs just fine. I thought she was a pretty good host. Hope she'll do it again.
  12. I always mute the intro because I hate the long-winded way the announcer does the recap, so when y'all started talking about "The Root" I didn't know what that is. Have they been saying that in the show, too ? Because if so, I really am spacing out on this season ! I don't gamble all that much anymore, but I would have bet $1000 that Cody would NOT evict Nicole over Christmas ! No friggin way. It was just so predictable. Of course, no bookie in his right mind would take that bet-- maybe they would, but the odds would be like 1-20 ! ( Which isn't good.)
  13. They should give the win to Moolan. At the very least, he should get a prize for having to listen to Enzo ramble on all this time, especially with the bragging about this Hoh win-- you didn't actually win, Cody let you win ! Don't cha know , yo ?
  14. When I saw how they were both dressed, I figured Christmas was going ! And Memphis sure didn't seem shocked that it was him-- damn, I really wanted a stunned look if it ended up being him ! So much talk and then it boils done to what Nicole wanted.
  15. They probably should have had Hoover be the sole sponsor this season, although you "want" a Hoover to suck ! I guess it will be somewhat fulfilling to see Memphis get blindsided, if he really believes what he's saying about being so sure he's safe. And then maybe to see Nicole lose to Cody, because she deserves it-- the guy should have put up at least once and he was never even considered ! I don't think he'd lose against anyone that's left, really.
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