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  1. That was so nauseating to watch ! Da Vonne, did it ever occur to you that the other players, those who have been against you from the start, might be the liars ?? Damn, she just has a terrible read in this game. Also, there are several other players who I wish would kindly just walk off a cliff and be gone. They are really bad for my blood pressure ! Dani, for one, is getting to be just as despicable as her father was/is . What a waste of space.
  2. 5-3. Pretty much what everyone thought would be the closest the vote would be. Nicole could have made it a tie and let Dani be the bad guy, but she doesn't possess the nerve to go against 'The Committee'. I hope they use this week against her and she cries all the way to jury. But if she does make it to the end, Ian will probably vote for her anyway. Very little game this season.
  3. Exactly ! She would have been much more believable, perhaps, if she hadn't made it clear that with Ian out, she's the only previous winner left in the game. I feel bad for Ian when he sees this season after it's done & . I liked Nicole in her season because she seemed like an underdog to me, but she's aligned with a bunch of people who aren't real nice, so I hope they turn on her. She's got it comin'.
  4. I think, when watching this season on tv, I might as well have just watched a couple of episodes of Friends again. It's the same thing, really. I know all the lines and what happens, just like this season of BB. We at, what , week 5 and so far, every eviction has been par for the course. Sure, you could shuffle the names, but there hasn't really been a surprise. At least if I watched Friends again, it wouldn't annoy me quite as much. And I still find a lot to laugh at-- after BB, I need an anti-depressant.
  5. I've got to say, while Christmas still sucks ( the person, not the holiday. That I still like !) , Day pretty much screwed that up herself. She's playing the game & she wants to be good at it, but she really isn't. Now, Christmas probably would have never changed the noms anyway, but her conversation with Day just cemented in her mind why she shouldn't do it. Ian-- yeah, he probably was feeling bad, I doubt if he's faking. But, man, he sure is sliding by this season ! He's a former winner of the game and he's not really aligned with anyone. Everyone is underestimating him, imo. Which is a good way to get far-- then he has to start winning comps. Wait, he did that the last time ! Wow. Nicole is sliding too, but she has people on her side. I hope she's out before Final 4.
  6. I don't think there's anything wrong with you, because I was laughing too ! ( Or perhaps there's something wrong in both our heads, IDK.) No, it was funny ! I was have felt bad if someone had really gotten hurt but the rest of it was hilarious. Nicole was so worried about losing her pants- why ?? No one could see anything anyway ! I really hope someone screws up the noms big time-- the power group needs a good swift kick in it's ass.
  7. The 'Dark Shadows' channel on Pluto is 535. I love the show also, but I watched a lot of the episodes when Tubi put the whole run on it's site a while back. I will probably still check out the channel on Pluto often, just to see what story line they are in. I think they just started both shows a week ago, so DS is still in the early years, although Barnabas is already on.
  8. Dani is such a beyotch ! Kaysar didn't do anything different than what she's done, except he told everything out loud whereas Dani sneaks around & drops 'seeds' of info about people. It's too bad that Kaysar blowing up people's games probably won't even accomplish anything. If the same core group of people keep winning HOH, nothing will change. When it got down to Christmas & Day, I made a million dollar bet with the invisible man sitting next to that Christmas would win. And of course she did. Now if I could only collect my winnings !
  9. I don't know if the media thread is the right one for this, but Pluto has added a dedicated Survivor channel, episodes just run 24-7. I know that Hulu has the episodes, but this is a good option for those that don't subscribe to Hulu. The channel is 296. So far today I've seen episodes from season 7, including the finale and sea. 8, which is the 1st All-Stars. The ads don't seem too bad so far.
  10. Ok, I admit that I haven't paid the best attention to all the 'blah-blah' that goes on in the house, so maybe I missed it, but when exactly did Janelle give Nicole the impression that she was 'after' her ( Nicole, that is.) I mean, did Nicole just wind up her hair too tight and squeeze the small part of her brain that actually works ? I just don't remember it happening, other than maybe Nicole's name got mentioned during some strategy session as a possible target. If that's all it was I think her reaction is just a bit over the top. Seems more likely to me that Nicole just wanted Janelle out because of envy. And to that end, I think all the hampsters went overboard where Jan. & Kaysar are concerned. Janelle was a comp beast in the past, but she's kind of lost it, based on what little we saw this season. But I guess once they set their sights, they just stuck to it ?
  11. I agree 100 % on all your Rachel points ! And I don't think anything could ever change my mind about her. On the other hand, I used to like Nicole and I remember rooting for her in her winning season & was happy she won. This season, though, has sure changed my mind. She has showed such an unpleasant side that now I'm hoping she gets nominated, at the very least . Because she sure wouldn't handle it with class like Janelle just did, I bet ! Funny how things change.
  12. I really didn't know how much I wanted to see Janelle play BB again until it actually happened-- and now she'll probably get the boot. And I really have no desire to see the likes of Cody, Memphis and Nicole play the game out to a conclusion that will no doubt be disappointing ! I'm sure the producers had to scramble just to get enough players for this season, but seeing who we ended up with, I almost wish it hadn't worked out. What a sad state of affairs. Well, pretty much everything in 2020 has sucked, why not BB.
  13. Geez, I hate unanimous votes ! It's particularly galling when the evictee is someone as inofensive as Keesha ! They all think Kevin is just someone who will do as he's told, toe the line so to speak. I guess it's hoping for too much for him to actually grow a pair, not just be a number for the power group ? If the show continues to be this boring, it's not going to be the fun distraction from this, so far, pretty awful year that I was hoping it would be ! I was really hoping Janelle would win HOH, just to see what would happen.
  14. This episode really reminded me that I didn't like Kaysar very much. I'm sure production tells the players to talk things up and all, but he seemed just a bit too proud of himself for spoiling Cody's nom plans. I hope the bravado was amped up for the cameras because it wasn't a pretty look for him. It seems to me that he usually has 1 or 2 good plays in him before he screws up. I think he, no question, is a smart guy, but his record on Big Brother hasn't been the best. Pull a few more big moves and then he might have bragging rights. Other than he & Janelle, the rest of the players seem to be playing a bit timid so far. Which isn't a bad way to play early in the game, but it made watching a little dull.
  15. Ok. That's why I don't remember anything about him, 🙂 I remembered the name and that he is a black guy but nothing else. He went out in the first episode, right ?
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