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  1. Thought it was terrific. I liked how the club’s strippers were always changing. Unlike Magic Mike where it was same people over and over again. They did a very good job of how transient this life is.
  2. Kate was the first to find out that Kevin relapsed and immediately drove him to AA, but then she got into labour. Kate is also the one to push Kevin to leave LA. The writers had a bit of a missed opportunity by not having Déjà and Kate have a special bond in some way. Annie and Tess have closer ties with Kevin but Déjà could have sided with Kate. Or have Kate be close to Miguel.
  3. Still loving it. I really bought Val’s fear about the ICE attack. With a parental death, you don’t view the parental POV, other than through flashbacks. Here, we can see how the parents are grieving too. For me, we see enough parental deaths on teen oriented shows. I like this change from the original. I like Beto, but I thought the creators would have the Bailey character gay. His infatuation with Vanessa is short term and his best quality is interaction with Val. We don’t know what he is passionate about. There are long term redemption arcs for Emilio and Lucia, but not sure where Beto is heading to, bit of a blank slate.
  4. I am NOT advocating what Sam Niell did in the movie, but I didn’t love the movie, so I felt it was done to more clearly show who she belonged to. Maybe if he did what he did earlier in the movie, then I would better understand.
  5. With the next three episodes a focus on each Big Three, I figure we will explore Randall’s anxiety, Kate’s relationship with Marc, and Kevin and Sophie’s young marriage. One tweet I read was that we don’t really know what is happening with Annie and Déjà in the future. I certainly hope the mugger does not affect their futures in anyway. Mandy is just so good. I no longer have any problem with how Mandy plays Rebecca at any age. She is so seamless.
  6. I think you can do a movie of an undocumented couple with kids who are on the run and hiding.
  7. I will always be confused why Holly Hunter would not choose Sam Niell in The Piano. Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins in The Remains of the Day. Although really a show but it does have a movie, but I always did love Tom and Mary in Downton Abbey. Muriel and the swimmer in Muriel’s Wedding. I really enjoyed Andie Macdowell, but the chemistry between Hugh Grant and Kristin Scott Thomas in Four Weddings and a Funeral. I still don’t understand why Naveen Andrews and Juliet Binoche broke up in The English Patient. Finally, Sally Field and Danny Glover (or John Malkovich) in Places in the Heart.
  8. That physics teacher, ugh, I want to scream in frustration. If I were in that situation, I would be angry like Lucia too. I am sad how little their school is supporting them, and angry that this is probably happening in real life. I think the acting is good? The scene where they are separated by that chain fence? I bought their sorrow.
  9. Then you have a movie like Joker where the lead’s criminal and awful behaviour is explained by how he was treated. Hardly a fun time, but is an awards success and a big comic book box office hit. I think there’s a space for a real tear jerker with a prominent African American cast. O tragic romance of some sort. The Hate U Give may not have been able to overcome its YA pedigree, but I hope those types of films can still be made. I am ready for a truly great western romance between two Asian leads. As a Canadian of Vietnamese heritage, I think Asian cinema does sentiment with sincerity and little irony very well. I want that explored in an English language movie.
  10. That is the thing with films featuring PoC. Movies like Hustlers, Us, and The Farewell have to be released early to garner critical raves and strong box office. They have earned “consideration.” But then they are penalized for the inevitable short term memory of voters. Movies like Bombshell or Little Women or 1917 can get away with late releases because they have built in cachet, credibility. Voters will go out of their way to see it. Would Bombshell be remembered for anything if it was released the same time as Hustlers?
  11. This was my favourite Christmas episode of all my shows this year. So happy!
  12. I am not a Gotham person, I don’t care for the cool villains. So, I am on Mary’s side and will at some point stop watching the show when Mary and Alice inevitably become besties. I love Mary.
  13. I am rewatching it too, up to the middle of season five. I LOVED The Finale and Re-Watch it all the time, but by the time seasons five and six came, I watched each episode once and moved on. So upon rewatch, I am surprised how little I remember the fifth season and how much I am digging it. I always did love its balance between episodic and serialization. I loved that you can refer to episodes as The Third Season Claire episode or The Fifth Season Miles episode. You may not recall specific plot points in those episodes but you will likely remember important character or relationship moments. The show also really made the small supporting characters seemed weighty and important. There is a brief shot of Jack’s mom, Sun’s parents and Hurley’s folks as they wait for the Oceanic Six to arrive. That combination is so strange but it made me really want to listen to their conversations with each other.
  14. Maybe Delilah is right. If revealing the truth means more angsty teenager storylines, maybe they should keep the lie.
  15. I forgot to mention that Randall’s anxiety may escalate later this season. It may become so serious that Kate Kevin and Miguel would rather say they’re not talking to Randall than tell Rebecca the truth.
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