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  1. Wait, A Million Little Things was good at some point? This show is not actively annoying but not particularly memorable either. I’ll keep watching but I watched this show for Scott, so bummed his character dies. No one else stands out.
  2. Randall’s “disdain” for Kevin’s acting career is not much different from Jack’s disregard for Rebecca’s renewed singing career. I don’t think Kate will automatically side with Kevin. How will she respond to what Kevin said to Randall while she is considering adoption? Obviously, we see her with Kevin at their birthday party but she could be there more for Madison. In terms of the adoption, maybe they will go the surrogate route? Or maybe Toby’s brother dies and they are the guardians? Toby’s adoption declaration mirrors Jack’s decision to adopt Randall.
  3. Madison’s doctor seems to be a Dr. K in training. His wife may be dead. I feel Madison will die in childbirth. Which makes me sad. I like Madison. I just wished Kevin treated her better. Cassady’s reaction to Kevin’s name was so strange. She was about to throw up. I don’t want to participate in what was the worst game, but by saying that he wished Randall was never adopted, that means Kevin would never know Annie or Tess.
  4. When Madison said she did not have her period for years, I was so sad for her. I look forward to Kate being there for Madison.
  5. Maybe the reason Jack and his wife didn’t name their baby Rebecca is the others already named their kid Rebecca? Annie or Tess would have had a child sooner and had dibs. I am sad that with Kevin and Randall not talking that Tess, Annie and Déjà won’t interact with Kevin’s twins. Black don’t pack! Mandy Moore needs to win Emmys.
  6. Did I miss it or did Zoey not mention her feelings for Simon? She tells Max that she will be 100% truthful but explains her not declaring her love for him based on some bleh fear of losing their friendship, but doesn’t mention that she happens to have feeling for another guy? I gather the brother and the wife are okay? I want to go back to that storyline, not some stupid Leif and Lorelei romance.
  7. Was Skylar Astin always so hot? I did not know!
  8. I don’t see how the writers are writing Randall in the right. They have the family refusing to speak to him and his therapist is arguing against it. Unless we will see Rebecca actually do the study and miraculously improve.
  9. I think the imbalance of this episode could be attributed to Randall’s actual proposition. Alzheimer’s is generally viewed as an illness with no cure. I could be totally wrong about that but I think that is what the general population believes. Had Rebecca been diagnosed with cancer and Randall was pushing chemo on her in his Randall way, at least we as an audience could understand where Randall was coming from. An experimental treatment is not going to get the same benefit of the doubt.
  10. I think Miguel is patient with Rebecca’s kids because his own kids treat Rebecca terribly too. At least the Big 3 are present in their parent’s life. There are still two seasons left, I suspect we will get more Miguel backstory next season.
  11. I find it weird to set your mom up on a date, with your professor, one year after your dad’s death. Just saying. Yet, Kevin is the one who had the biggest issue with Miguel. Dave Annabel and Mandy worked together as a romantic pairing on some medical show, with Octavia Spencer. Name escapes me. There was one shot where Kid Kate looked so much like Teen Kate. The guilt Randall holds clearly explains why Teen Randall behaves the way he did.
  12. I have no interest in Zoey breaking an engagement. I am far more interested in her brother and wife. Will there really be no follow through of that plot next week? Give Me a Reason was my favourite performance this series.
  13. I too believe that when there’s a second season (not if!) that Lucia will be pregnant and will get an abortion. Ella could be that person to help her, which can help them bond.
  14. Carter and Katherine is my favourite relationship. She should just start her own practice. Although given her background, she’d have no problem finding a new position.
  15. What a wonderful season. This is my first new show of the decade I love. There has to be a second season! The Beto/Ella relationship is so well done. I can totally can see them staying together or growing apart, and I would be happy either way Ella provides a comic spice to the series. I am fond of them both. I am wondering what is happening in real life. Are kids whose parents are forced to go to Mexico being entered into the foster system? Even when there are viable familial support like an older brother? I can’t fathom the anger they hold. Rafa recognizing Ella? Beto and Val saying goodbye at the pool? Emilio seeing the baby seat? The show really touches me. This show must return! I have to say that something bad will have to occur for Rafa and Val to go back to the US? One of the parents die? Violence? Illness?
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