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  1. With the success of The Undoing, Nicole Kidman is really finding general population success on prestige television. We are also seeing that with Kaley Cuoco. I think an actress of colour like Taraji P Henson could hit similar gold going this route. Kristin Stewart is seeing her star shine with the success of The Happiest Season. It’s hard to dispute the fact that her presence increased interest. I wonder if there is an actress who wants to challenge the Hallmark system and create a series of thoughtful female centred movies.
  2. I quite enjoyed Five Star Christmas. The absurdist humour and ensemble nature was a nice change of pace for Hallmark. I also liked the young college student had a storyline not involving romance.
  3. Did Charmaine give birth? I fastforwarded thru all of her scenes. As I did with that pot gang. And anything to do with Jack. Preacher was the most tolerable character on the show. Hope, Charmaine, thet teen gitl, Mark's sister....So many annoying female characters!
  4. I already really enjoy Daisy and Aisha‘a friendship. Love their gift bag! I also like Jesse and Slater.
  5. I wanted to like Heart of the Holidays more than I did. I am big fan of Vanessa Lengies from her American Dreams days, but I didn't get caught up in it. It also doesn't help that I didn't think what his NYC boyfriend did was all that bad. I also felt bad for the bookstore owner who disappeared. The romantic lead lacked charisma. I then watched Yadda yadda Christmas Sweater (great title, BTW). I couldn't get into it because the premise sucked so much. As a runner, I expect other runners to be mindful of their environment. If you're going to run near a Xmas tree lot, you should be aware of people lugging heavy Xmas trees! I didn't understand why she should be blamed. Ugh.
  6. Ivy & Holly really turned things around for me. I was initially ready to delete it during the lead's "job" interview, where she was whining that she wanted a job and not a volunteer position because SHE HAS A MASTERS, but things turned around quick. I liked that both she and her boyfriend (Jeremy Jordan, who was charming here) learned along the way to temper their dreams with some practical short term solutions. Christmas in Vienna made me sad because I was planning a trip to Vienna this year but it was cancelled because, well, you know why. I liked Sarah Drew but the male love interest was a bit of a dud. I also found the friend really selfish, having Sarah do her job during that time.
  7. Christmas With the Darlings is my favourite Xmas movie of the year so far. I found the central couple attractive and cute (I liked their banter involving lists and cookies with or without raisins), the kids didn't annoy, and I like Katrina Law. She can be a bit stiff, I concede, but I like how she can be kind and not cutesy. There is a scene at the end where she is questioned whether she can handle family and career, and her response was perfect.
  8. That final scene was GREAT. Bring back The Vampire Diaries!
  9. I liken Kevin's movie career to someone like Ryan Reynolds. A popular and well liked and obviously talented actor, but how would a director of a stature like Paul Thomas Anderson or Damien Chazelle view Reynolds? ETA: Not suggesting PTA or DC or anything like the director depicted on the show. Have no clue, they could be sweethearts. Just in terms of prestige.
  10. With Covid and me not wanting to go to the gym, I will run near my workplace and change in my office. I don’t dance around, however. I also like the casual Asian representation on the show. The grandfather and granddaughter, Jae-Won, and the actress who played Mulan on Once Upon a Time playing Kevin’s costar.
  11. Lovely episode. Teen Kate is not only my favourite Kate, she is my favourite character on the show except Rebecca. Her storyline with Marc just fascinates me. Seeing young Randall and Kevin get along for a few minutes always gives me the warm fuzzies.
  12. I gotta say that I preferred the more Covid related storylines over the non-Covid storylines. I totally get how such plots can trigger audience members but scenes like the final scene also provided me with an outlet to release certain emotions I have had over these long months. Also, the actress playing the wife was very very good.
  13. I really liked it. I can’t believe the actor who played Dash was also Marc on This Is Us, who was such a despicable character. I enjoyed all the young characters but they should have had them be in college. The Fiji stuff was unneeded and I don’t understand how Lily’s parents were so passive in how the grandfather was treating Lily and Langston. I wished Edgar was more than just a douche. I am not sure why he would spend so much time and energy looking for Lily after the club if he didn’t care for her. Books have never looked so pretty! With the pandemic, the NYC scenes made me feel very nostalgic.
  14. I suspect that Beth wanted 8 weeks and Randall cut it down to 7. I like seeing parents on tv punishing their kids, even when it may be overboard. You don’t see it enough. I also like that Randall supported Beth and he was made to appear the fascist evil parent. The scene between Young Randall and Kate’s friend was so well done. The actress did a very good job of uttering such awful words in such an innocent way. She truly did not realize how horribly she treated him.
  15. I didn’t quite get the point of Holidate, although it had some funny moments. I didn’t quite get why they each needed a date when the family knew and they went to places where they knew no one. For me, it would make more sense to have a Holidate to attend holiday friends parties or work functions, kinda like Pretty Woman. Here, it was like they just wanted a drink buddy but felt inadequate to drink alone. If that’s the case, why not have sex? It was basically No Strings Attached or Friends with Benefits but with no benefits. Too bad, I liked the concept. The idea of them just seeing each other during a holiday, kinda like Four Weddings and a Funeral.
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