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  1. memememe76

    This Is the Awards Thread

    Or for Watson. She was crowded out by all of those Games of Thrones actresses. It is too bad Griffin Dunne missed out on the Guest Actor list. I am THRILLED for Mandy.
  2. In terms of comebacks, although again TV related, Wynona Ryder has to be mentioned. And Keanu too with the John Wick movies. On a smaller scale, I love seeing Michelle Yeoh in the pop culture limelight again.
  3. memememe76

    Grand Hotel

    I am enjoying this show so much. Everyone is so good looking. Javi's "I am not a janitor, I am Facilities" line was such an amazing signal of growth. And I was kinda heartbroken for Jason.
  4. memememe76

    Grand Hotel

    I am officially a fan. What I really like about the show is how genuine a lot of the relationships are. The father son plotline really worked for me. Interesting that no one is really an all out villain...yet.
  5. memememe76

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    That was great. I cannot remember, but did Jane know Perry was married that night? It appears that Perry's death is being reported as an accident, but his abusive behaviour has been hidden. Would the police do that? I cannot wait to see Bonnie scenes with Jane and Celeste.
  6. memememe76


    I didn't know anything about at all about Nicole. How awful for Nicole and her kids. I wonder what happened to Gwen's son. Did Nicole and him ever establish a relationship?
  7. memememe76


    We all kinda knew how it would end, but why did it hit me so hard? I have grown so fond of this series. Michelle Williams has been masterful. It was not perfect, but it was worthwhile.
  8. I enjoyed it. To defend the cast, sitcoms have the benefit of doing multiple takes and selecting the best ones to show an audience. That is why we got all those bloopers over the years. The scripts were not intended as one continuous play.
  9. memememe76

    Romantic Comedies

    Making an assistant find the unreleased manuscript of Harry Potter for the kids or else the assistant is fired goes beyond uncompromising professional, imo. But, yeah, let's bitch about the friends.
  10. memememe76

    Romantic Comedies

    I like The Devil Wears Prada, but I am tired of propping up the unlikable character. I would hate working for someone like Miranda, and I refuse to think i am some lazy slum for thinking such a thought. I am tired of anti heroes.
  11. memememe76


    That was Nicole. I am assuming her middle name is Providence.
  12. memememe76


    I am a bit confused by the episode. From previous posts, I thought Chicago was going to be a big revival for Gwen, but she seems worse off than ever. Was Chicago not as successful as I thought, or was the seeming lack of success just Gwen being insecure? If I never heard of Chicago ever in my life, I don't think I would understand what the show is about. Chita seems like a real sweetheart.
  13. memememe76

    S04.E21: Sandra's Fight/S04.E22: Employee Appreciation Day

    This was an excellent episode, that redeemed pretty much everyone. Sometimes you read about shows redeeming themed after a strong finale, but it's usually reserved for dramas. But it applies here. I have been enjoying Amy and Jonah much more together than their off and on pattern. And their conflict is much more sensible and ties in with the show's themes. I am so looking forward to Sandra and Jerry's wedding. I have no idea what will happen to Mateo. With Whiskey Cavalier cancelled (I am sad about that), can Ana Ortiz do more episodes? As Amy tries to unionize the show, Ana can play the antagonist.
  14. The concept of people of colour having to work harder to gain the same benefits that caucasian people get extends to aspects of self promotion as well. It may not be particularly classy, but it is part of the game. Golding cannot just do a bunch of small (and little seen) indies after CRA for years and then get offered big studio roles, a la Robert Pattinson (who I like, btw). Golding cannot play it cool like someone like Gosling can. I like Gosling too. I do see improvements in how Asian men are viewed. Music with BTS, who don't fit the western aesthetic. TV, a relationship like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kennett Choi (a handsome guy, but not Hollywood pinup material) on 911 would not have taken place a decade ago. Movies are always slow.
  15. memememe76

    Season 1 Discussion

    Yay! There is a lot to like about the show. The cast is great. But the writers kinda ran out steam midway through the season. Ideally, this is a 13 epsidoe season type of show, but that's not gonna happen. Some things that may get this show have a stronger, more consistent second season 1. Keep the storylines within the school realm. I am not interested in weathercaster will. Have him lose the job due to budget cuts. 2. Is Miggy's kid too young for preschool? Well, age her up. Have the others counsel him as he navigates the preschool waters. 3. Angie either is too responsible one episode, or too irresponisble the next. They need find some semblance of consistency with her. I actually thinking bringing in the deadbeat dad for next season would be really good. 4. Will has become too much of a winner. He has a successful tv gig where woman after woman after woman is lusting for him (I actually think the actor is mega cute). But the character is less fun now.