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  1. I thought the ratings were steady this past year? Without minimizing the actual people's pain of losing their job, 20 jobs is a relatively low number. Hallmark is not the only game in town. Netflix, Lifetime, etc are making their own movies of this ilk. Hopefully, they can apply their knowledge and skillset elsewhere soon.
  2. I really enjoyed this. I watch all of these shows and the movies, but I don’t really follow them too intently. Is Lana’s husband someone we are supposed to know? There was that first boyfriend Lana had on Smallville, the blond guy? Lois and Clark are both terrific. I will keep watching.
  3. There is a reason that SAG seems to award this show more than the others. Their casting across the generations is so impeccable. Déjà was not a surprise (Annie was more an assumption) as the casting was so eerie. I wonder where Toby’s job loss will lead. Is that going to cause him to spiral again?
  4. I enjoyed it a lot. As a 90210 fan, I have always enjoyed the movies with Lowndes. I get her made up face can be distracting for some, but I am fine with it in this instance, as she is a fancy events planner in a fancy hotel.
  5. I don't think they thought they would find a match so quickly, so applied thinking years could go by before they adopted a child.
  6. That was one weird ass Memoriam. I am always confused by American broadcast tv standards, how they can show what was shown tonight but not a bare breast or use the F word. This show is stupid but I am kinda digging it.
  7. I loved that scene of Migeul and Rebecca talking about Jack. And the mention of their honeymoon. That is the most married feeling I got from them. I am needing a Miguel backstory!
  8. memememe76

    Monsoon (2020)

    Starring Henry Golding, Monsoon is about a gay Brit named Kit who left Vietnam with his family at a very young age. 30 years later after the death of his parents, he returns to his homeland for the first time with the purpose of scattering his folks’ ashes. During his trip between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, he encounters a childhood friend, a young Vietnamese woman who wants more out of life, and an African-American man who Kit develops feelings for. This was a good, at times very good, but it could have been better. The director held everything back and didn’t resolve a whole lot, like so many annoying indie films can tend to do. But I have a lot of affection for the characters, the main couple has tons of chemistry, and Henry Golding is so good. It is out on Netflix now, so check it out!
  9. Not as good as the first but better than the second. A more cohesive and collaborative effort. The final scene does an extremely effective job of encompassing the three movies, how it back goes to the movie’s origins is clever and sweet.
  10. I was more of a Buffy fan, but certainly gave Angel a shot, particularly since Cordelia was going to be on that show. I didn't last long with that show, when I realized that Cordelia was not going to be featured much.
  11. His drunk driving would be his worst offence, in my view. I, as a fan of entertainnment news, would not be upset if major celebrity Kevin Pearson ran from his set in Vancouver to meet with his fiancee who is delivering twin babies earlier than normal during a pandemic, particularly if the story involving Charisma Carpenter arose the same time. I guess I don't view this as the same as that country music person and that woman in those Star Wars productions.
  12. I really liked Toni this episode. Her not being attached to Cheryl really made Toni interesting again. She and Archie never hung out together so much. I am most interested in who is the dad.
  13. Yeah, we already knew that there was tension between Tully and Kate earlier in the season (ep 7?). So, no resolution at the end was disappointing. This is one of the differences between streaming and broadcast. Streaming can kinda get away with this, while broadcast would get a lot more flack because the viewers would have spent more time between ep 6/7/8 and the season finale, figuring out why Kate and Tully were on bad terms. I am in for a second season. IMO, this is of a higher quality than Virgin River and Sweet Magnolias. I admire their reach and I think they do a better job of giving depth to the male characters.
  14. There have been instances where male athletes have missed games to be there for the delivery of their baby. The producers should have been prepared for these situations. Kevin may not be Robert De Niro, but he is not an extra either. He is a lead. These productions should accommodate him accordingly.
  15. While Kevin and the crew would say they are shooting in Vancouver, they could have easily been shooting in the surrounding suburbs like Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, etc. There is one highway to get to the border, but there are also smaller roads that can get you there. Depends on where you are coming from. If Kevin is driving on 176th Street towards the Truck Crossing because he is shooting in Cloverdale (you see a lot of Hallmark movies being shot there), let’s just say that Kevin should be paying more attention to the road.
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