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  1. I absolutely love the grandmother!!!
  2. I thought this season is wayyyy better than the second season. Doc in this season was the best Doc. I didn’t miss Hope at all, and I am glad it resulted in seeing more of the other women. Charmaine is such an awful character but there was much less of her. I even got used to Lizzie. Brie was okay. The scenery was stunning.
  3. Kaleb, MG and Jed are adorable together.
  4. I loved everything about this episode. Hot, shirtless guys. Fun bachelorette. A high strung Althea. Three heart to hearts between a child and parent. A strong case of the week. Kicking the butt of privileged young people.
  5. I didn't realize the show gets so much criticism for its fatphobia. I can under the scrutiny, but I thought the the writers portrayed that part of Monica's life in a very sympathetic light, and Courtney played that part of her character's life with such joy. As someone with my own weight issues when I was younger (I have since lost the weight and kept it up), I "get" Monica. I preferred Monica over a lot of female characters back in that day who ate all of the time and remained thin.
  6. As an Asian person, I hate how these articles about the show’s lack of diversity (which I acknowledge) never ever, like, never ever mention Lauren Tom as Julie, an Asian-American actress playing Ross’ girlfriend during the height of the show’s popularity. So many of the writers think Aisha Tyler was the first POC to be on the show. I think it is remarkable how the cast could agree to negotiate together. Not only were extremely popular but also very young. Young people may not know the history of Friends. I wonder if someone like Sprouse applied this knowledge when it comes to Riverda
  7. Jordan is SO ANNOYING. I have literally no interest in seeing him control his powers. In the much shorter time frame, Tag is far more sympathetic when it comes to him dealing with his powers.
  8. I have found the love triangle stuff annoying (and they really treated Rose poorly), so I didn't love this episode. But I loved the Shake It Off number and the scene with Mitch. Zoey has been off all season. In many ways, the whole family has been off. I hope never to watch David join a rock band of 20-somethings again. Maggie's gambling problem? Ugh. The best ongoing arcs involved Mo. I liked her relationship. I *really* liked Mo and Max becoming business partners. And I enjoyed Mo's and Simon's burgeoning friendship. The stuff at work was okay, but it lacked purpose. It became
  9. The CW loves killing off the parental characters and Tzi Ma gets a good number of film offers that I am now scared he will get killed by Zhilan. I was so scared during that scene.
  10. Low key but lovely episode. The montage of Beth’s business going under is the first show that I watch that is dealing with how the pandemic is hurting small business. What I found interesting was seeing Annie part of the dancing, she seemed to really enjoy it. I wonder if Adult Annie helps Beth with the dance studio in the future.
  11. I literally hate Chloe. I skipped all scenes with her and by extension, Hutch. I find the original members more interesting. It helps that due to flashbacks and present day scenes, those characters have arcs, mysteries and multiple sides to their personalities. But it’s like the show put more of their casting budget for the older actors. The younger characters are all variations of whiney. Not all of them are as awful as Chloe (and, yes, I loathed the landlord scene). All the interesting younger characters are seemingly dead. But I am in for a second season. I enjoyed
  12. I will continue to have issues with the show as Alina caused the death of three people. That is not going to sit well for me, especially as she did it for a guy.
  13. The scene with Nicky and Althea was so good. Love the family drama.
  14. The family stuff and the ongoing arc with swords are GREAT. The weekly cases? Less so. But I like that Nicky has her powers but she is not otherworldly and she is learning on the job. I did like how she got the Bro to confess with her wits than with her muscle.
  15. Loved As Luck Would Have It! I have always loved both actors so me liking this was a no brainer. But the chemistry was strong between these two. I want more!
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