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  1. LOL at the tour of Dean's van. I actually had a dream about him after talking about him on here. 😂
  2. That's not the Peter I wanted for Bachelor
  3. Ben Higgins lips are permanently attached to the Bachelor Franchise's butt. I have seen Sean Lowe post some tweets disagreeing with the show so maybe he fell out of favor?
  4. Hannah did not look that excited when he got on his knees to propose, once they are done with the show I wonder if they will break up
  5. Katie, hate to break it to you but you already look desperate
  6. Chris B is trying to get her to dump him... he just started saying "if you don't think I am the man who can give it to you then..." and she cut him off.
  7. Katie isn't this something to talk about to Chris in private? I swear none of these people can date unless it's televised.
  8. Now we see why "grown ass man" Bukowski has remained single
  9. Obie said "nice tits" at the end looking at Krystal's Splashercize notebook. 😂 That was Sharon Lawrence playing his wife, hadn't seen her in awhile but she usually is good.
  10. I forgot to mention him. When Krystal went outside to have a cigarette when dinner was served (what the heck was that, did they say FAM Helper like Hamburger Helper?)... anyway, when she was outside I thought maybe the place would explode because that guy had planted explosives. Then when she was watching Obie through the window I expected the guy to have poisoned his food or set up something to go off there or do something but then nothing happened.
  11. I did not know that was Jennifer Nettles! That song stuck in my head too, I saw this article about it: https://www.fastcompany.com/90404022/how-misbehaving-catchy-righteous-gemstones-earworm-came-together
  12. LMAO! I am beginning to think Jenny is a nutcase living in some romance novel instead of reality.
  13. It would have been better than that family brawl at Disneyland!
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