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  1. These two will do anything to make money and stay in the spotlight, I saw a clip from Discovery+ where they talk about their sex life. Annie said David tells her β€œcan you tie me up and make me cum so hard?”. 😳😫🀑
  2. She hasn't done an inside (wink wink) activity with her husband either!
  3. I still say 66 pounds after surgery isn't that much when you weight what she does. She could have lost the same amount doing something like WW.
  4. At this rate of losing she should have just done a regular diet instead of having surgery.
  5. Same here, I was hired for graphic design at a newspaper and barely knew how to type. They sent me to a college class and I learned on the job. After I was hired my good old boss retired and a new young guy came in and he required anyone in my position to have a degree.
  6. Sorry to go off topic again, but did you notice my Twitter name is a Bowling For Soup song title?
  7. And we are thankful to your Mrs. that you watch that trash and snark along with us. πŸ˜‚
  8. What?! Who does that? Live Chat is good for my "eating habit" because I am too busy watching the show, reading, and typing comments that I don't have time to shovel any food into my mouth.
  9. If she works and drives a car and isn't bed bound why was she depending on him so much, especially for food?
  10. We have a Tech college here for that kind of career and the band Metallica gives scholarships. I dated a guy who did plumbing/HVAC and he made good money. He ended up hooking up with a woman he met on a service call (I guess it happens in real life too, not just porn)
  11. Maybe not giving him some is working for her, he keeps trying to please her to get some!
  12. I'm so old I remember when the first season of The Real World came out. And also when MTV actually played music videos.
  13. If she wants slow steady weight loss she needs to go on something like WW. Dr. Now expects you to drop the weight fast.
  14. @Floatingbison I think it was Giant Misfit who said it was Tammi from Real World who wired her jaw because she was marrying the athlete?
  15. At least her husband isn't cheating since she isn't giving him any. Melissa one of the first people on this show her husband was acting like husband of the year to her but behind her back finding women online and cheating.
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