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  1. Just started watching and almost choked on a pretzel when I saw Keith reading in bed with a too short robe on. LMAO and smh that he was able to seduce all those women.
  2. “I pith on your whole family!” 😂
  3. It was fun everybody. Now I’m off to watch more idiots on The Vow on HBO....
  4. My family was so religious, only sex after marriage and you didn’t talk about it. Thankful to Planned Parenthood where back in the day I could go to anonymously for birth control pills.
  5. I bathed my daughter in the kitchen sink, at that time we had a new house with a huge sink
  6. That was one of my top picks for a boy’s name. Except in the movie Bachelor Party there was Nick the Dick. 😂
  7. Totally OT but going to try Intermittent Fasting. I lost my quarantine weight and want to keep going.
  8. “I will send for you” LOL at her mom trying to get info from Bini
  9. I “hate watch” Jenny but dang it they have the most interesting storyline at this point
  10. The Plathville show the oldest married son reminds me of an Asuelu situation, another man child that I would never be sexually attracted to
  11. I will admit sometimes I wish I had her confidence so I could eat all the junk I want and not care. 😂
  12. The combination of their looks could go either way in a child. Ari reminds me of Princess Fiona from Shrek.
  13. I preferred it at 1 hour, 2 hours is dragging it out. Am I getting jaded or are the 90 Day participants getting worse? I agree that nobody is likable (except for maybe Armando and daughter). The people on the last season of Happily Ever After were all terrible.
  14. Thank you. She cried because it was supposed to be Spirit Week, you wear different themed clothing and costumes to school this week and we had spent this weekend planning it all out. Then add on top of that I have been strict about social distancing and not letting her go to some things and now after being careful other people screwed it up for her.
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