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  1. What's funny to me is they talk to him like he's a little kid yet he looks their same age.
  2. I forgot they skipped Angela this episode, we will have to wait for the possible drink/food toss until next episode
  3. Porngranny has watched too many daytime soaps with the writing a check business
  4. The middle son (Geno?) just wants to see his mom happy, poor kid.
  5. It's nice that porn granny and the bearded wonder are concerned about their grandson, but where is their daughter who is his mother?!?
  6. It was good enough for Keanu. LOL they had a picture recently of Keanu eating an ice cream cone there.
  7. Anthony's mom is originally from here and Blackie stays here and in Hollywood.
  8. Anthony Kiedis is from my town, his dad (Blackie) lives here
  9. I've been flipping over to The Grammys plus have some other shows I am taping. Why must they put everything on a Sunday night?
  10. Blake's mother probably thinks about Jasmine like the Greek dad said about the in-laws in My Big Fat Greek Wedding... "those people are dry as toast". Her parents even look like those parents.
  11. Tania has nice skin, that's my say something nice.
  12. Ms. Unconventional goes with the most conventional dress that everybody wears
  13. I usually don't like smart assed kids but I am Team Joey if he gets snotty with his mother and Mursel after this b.s.
  14. WTF? Why did we have to sit through the weeping and gnashing of teeth when the BEE people were just getting back together? aaaaaaargh
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