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  1. At the gym when he was on his knees and throwing his arms around Olivia and putting his head on her stomach asking her to take him home. So awkward. He acts like a little boy and like Olivia is his mother, that would be a big turn off.
  2. I was waiting to see what Dean would say about Anny in her lingerie, I knew he would like that.
  3. I think they don't show them smoking on the other reality shows. Also this show is like bottom of the barrel for reality shows.
  4. Chon, Shon... maybe her inflated lips can't say John unless she figures if she combines Shane and John's name she can't call the wrong name out by accident.
  5. Maybe Cheryl's sister should be more concerned about Cheryl leaving her kids behind
  6. If we are supposed to feel sympathy for Amber it's not working, she and Vince both suck
  7. "You got a lot of lipstick on". Alex is just trying to get her to break up with him. Damn... just when you thought Angela couldn't look rougher. YIKES!
  8. Mama saying "congratulations" with tears in her eyes (and not of joy) is not a good sign.
  9. Better mute the tv because it's getting gross with Angela and Tony
  10. Is Tony finally going to give up the D or can he keep avoiding it?
  11. "Shane and I, we have really, really good sex and... I feel like he's my soul mate". Lacey is built like a linebacker, those little sundresses aren't doing her any favors.
  12. YAY, glad we get another season!!! I will watch BBT in just about anything and I love Patty and Marva.
  13. I noticed they used a song from Tex Ritter, the father of John Ritter who was BBT's friend. Also liked how he used his friend Dwight Yoakam in season 1.
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