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  1. I started watching this not expecting much, but I am enjoying it and it's the type of show I think about after watching. I like how it's suspenseful and the women are around my age so I can relate. Wish I could binge watch, it's hard to wait a week between episodes.
  2. I figured they would leave us on a cliff hanger so they could milk more money out of being on this show.
  3. Corey is another one who "gave up everything". That's on your dumb ass, nobody has sympathy for you for doing that.
  4. With Sumit and the head piece I keep hearing the theme from The Music Man, a story about another scammer. Jenny is no Marian.
  5. Bless her heart she is so simple minded. I am *cringing* here watching these two.
  6. Now Jenny is worried about being embarrassed and looking ridiculous?
  7. Raul misunderstood, he thought the invite was for running a train I'll show myself out....
  8. I'll join you in frying wontons bedside like Penny 😂
  9. Paging Britney Spears' father.... we have a new candidate for you for a conservatorship, her name is Jenny.
  10. @Trackdawg hugs to you, just read your post about missing your mom.
  11. I admit I am a "wrong reasons viewer". I used to watch The Bachelor series for the drama not the romance. So I am dry eyed at this wedding. I'm just here to see if Jenny finally ropes Michael Jones into marriage. Can't believe this dingbat thinks Sumit is some huge prize and I still am skeptical if he will be there for her in sickness and health (or until the money runs out).
  12. That may be, but her face looks rough for her age.
  13. The guy whose car Shawna hit is setting her up?
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