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  1. Scary. I feel so bad for the relatives (except maybe Dan's brother who was also a jerk). Even some of the wackos on the reality shows I snark about here, I wouldn't go on their Facebook or Instagram or whatever and harass them.
  2. Yup. If Linda had her own child to pay attention to which meant less attention to Dan and hanging on his every word, also when she wasn't as new and fresh anymore, he would have eventually found somebody else. They did do good casting with Linda because she is annoying. I will chalk up some of her annoying behavior to youth. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/9f1fb472-8b0a-41be-ae2f-a1808086e78c
  3. Her sister is thinner than her, I am thinking maybe Kalani was insecure about her weight and figured Asuelo wouldn't judge her on that. She really needs to have higher standards for herself, but then again a self sufficient strong man wouldn't want to put up with her family's interference.
  4. Jihoon, how lazy do you have to be to not even check out that apartment? No excuse for that. Jenny and her thin greasy hair. ugh. Too much time spent on Cheesedick who is not interesting. That bathroom was gross, Ari needs to run back to the U.S. Maybe I am getting jaded or 90 Day is wearing themselves thin with all those spinoffs because I find this new season boring.
  5. A short bus is more Asuelu's speed. I'll show myself out.....
  6. It's there but somebody has it checked out, you can put yourself on the Waitlist https://openlibrary.org/books/OL24733457M/Forsaking_all_others *edited to add that it looks like there are actually 9 people waiting to read it. We weren't the only ones with the idea I guess. The way they have things categorized there sometimes you have to go through the back door to find something.
  7. It has a lot of the same information the Stumbo book has but I found the Stumbo book to be better because goes into more detail. I read it for free at Openlibrary.org (no I am not affiliated with them, just am cheap)
  8. Season 1 was better than the other seasons. The next 2 seasons had some strange stuff going on but for me BBT could read the phone book and make it interesting.
  9. I have a soft spot for cutie Eleanor, reminded me of traveling with my little girl. Her grandkids seem to really love her. I think Angela is more bark than bite (except when she is throwing food). Her poor mother, I noticed tonight how much Angela looks like her. Asuelu Aslowu I have been giving the side eye to since the Tell All when he was hitting his head. He would be better off moving back to Samoa because the little boys don't need all that fighting and he is never going to be a real helpmate. The D couldn't have been that good. I can't imagine being attracted to somebody so child like. Colt is never going to be faithful. He seems to always have been a nerd so when he gets attention from women he can't help himself. Debbie seems to be playing up to the camera and enjoying being on tv. I was going to say the same thing, that Karine wasn't much better because she lived in a total mess and it wasn't because she was poor, it was because she was a slob. Karine should have seen long ago Paul wasn't going to be able to help her much but at least she got to the U.S.
  10. Dan and Linda's bedspread was Betty's. Strange.
  11. On another thread I told people about openlibrary.org where you can read it for free. I see it's checked out, but you could be put on the waitlist. https://openlibrary.org/works/OL17735327W/Until_the_twelfth_of_never
  12. Linda seemed to be forgotten about In 1989 I was a teenager and too busy with my social life (plus we were a one tv household back then) to pay too much attention but I remember hearing about this case. Back then I probably would have related more to Linda but now that I have been married it makes me more empathetic to Betty. It really was like Dan just moved Linda in as a replacement, almost all their friends stuck with Dan so I can see how frustrating that was. Especially when Dan started saying he regretted the whole marriage and downplayed her help in his career.
  13. Interesting . . . but I couldn't find anything to confirm that online. I read it here years ago in the comment section (some really interesting comments, some from people who knew them. You may have to hit "load more" to see them all)
  14. I agree with that. Same goes for June. When the show puts her in rehab or she gets some freebie (I assume she got her teeth fixed for free for the publicity) it's like she knows she can keep doing wrong and she will still get helped. So why change her behavior when somebody will keep cleaning up after her? Some people saying if only June could get away from Geno but... she seems to screw up with any man she gets with. If it wasn't Geno it would just be somebody else.
  15. I can see why Linda would not like Betty but Linda enjoyed egging Betty on a bit too much. Not giving Betty her china was one example. Linda had already won (not that I consider Dan a prize) so her rubbing salt in Betty's wounds was petty (just like Dan).
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