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  1. She also needs to be disabused of the silly notion that men will be lusting after her when she has the weight loss/makeover. 😂 She said something like that last week that she wanted to be that type of woman... but it's.not.going.to.happen.
  2. Getting through the 2+ hours of this show seems almost as long as waiting for my next meal when I am dieting. Thanks everybody for making it a bit more tolerable.
  3. Why does Mike think he is a prize? He looks like he smells of stale sweat and his personality is a dud.
  4. That was a weak "I'm done" from Cold Shoulders, she needs to take a lesson from Debbie.
  5. I worked with a guy who got a mail order asian bride because he thought that American women were too opinionated and figured she would be submissive. After they married she moved her mother here and they both made his life hell and spent all his money. 😂 Brandon better watch out or karma may get him too.
  6. What a romantic, holding in his fart. Give that guy a medal. 🙄
  7. LOL at the cheesy heavy metal music entrance for gambling man
  8. Paging @Trackdawg ... if we have to watch this shit show you do too, we need your gifs. 😂
  9. This bitch, if Mykul even looked at a female doctor the wrong way she would be having a fit and never letting him hear the end of it. Yet she pants over most any man.
  10. Too bad Jon Hamm will never live up to Don Draper, the first few seasons he was sex on a stick.
  11. I still prefer Sinjin... I have a soft spot for him sitting in his bathrobe singing opera Lalalalaaaaaaa 😂
  12. I long for the days when Sunday night tv for me were new episodes of Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Those shows I would watch closely so I didn't miss anything unlike this shit show.
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