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  1. I loved this. Clever, interesting and refreshingly unique. Annie Murphy is wonderful and I’m curious to see where it all goes.
  2. What a strange little show. I don’t know why I keep watching shows like this - 4400, Lost, V, Fallings Skies etc. and they ALWAYS turn a really cool original premise into a convoluted mess by the end. Maybe these shows should just be one really good season and leave it at that. That said, I thought the aging up of Cal was a cool twist and amazing casting. I like Grace and Ben together so I’m sad to see that seemingly end plus it just means more SHOUTING & ANGST from the Stones so… that’s fun. Also what’s the point of the callings if it only warned Michaela about Grace’s murder right before
  3. t7686

    S10.E24: MIA

    Nothing wrong with a medical degree from the West Indies. BUT I do think Jade’s doctor is horrible separate from that. Who sends a patient home in that condition on a mattress in the back of a van? She did do it to herself (Brianna’s butt looks horrible so good luck with that Jade) but I actually teared up. Between manipulation from likely her parents and MTV, a callous doctor and a useles boyfriend, this poor girl was left in pain for hours. Brianna surprisingly was the only helpful person there. But overall it felt like everyone there was there for selfish reasons and no one seemed to really
  4. Well I wasn’t expecting that! Poor Toby but I’m definitely intrigued. From the looks of it I think Madison and Kevin are together by this 5 year mark. Or I think Kevin is getting married to the British dude’s sister in this future timeline and Kate’s renewing vows or something. Either way, good episode. edited to add: I also think it could be that the Brit guy is Madison’s brother. Her mom did have a British accent. It would be soapy but I could see it. Lol I just want those crazy kids to get together. She gets and accepts Kevin in a way that most don't and I think he does love her b
  5. Yeeees! And I say this as a twin, those girls are creepy as fuck. They seem almost… happy their dad died? Sorry to the young actresses but I hope they get recast over the break.
  6. I hope Darlene and Ben stay broken up for good. It had run its course and they both honestly brought out the worst in each other. Goodness, I can’t believe Darlene was one of my favorites in the original run. She’s insufferable now. Was she always self centered ?! I liked the rest though, as always, I think they’re jumping the gun on the restaurant as the novelty will wear off customer wise. I like that Dan and Louise got engaged but surprised they didn’t mention Roseanne at all. The kids aren’t conflicted at all? (Did we ever see how DJ handled his mom’s death… or anything at all?) I
  7. I was team Sophie way back in the beginning but I really like Madison now and I hope they end up getting married. I think it’s cool to show Kevin not getting the Jack Pearson marriage and that it’s still ok. He can be Miguel and be just as happy. Plus after all this build up, showing Madison click with his family and not going through with it? Ugh. Plus, wasn’t Sophie Kate’s best friend too? Not cool to do it again, Kevin. as an aside, I think it’s funny that Randall called Toby Tobias. I think it’s just to show affection.
  8. The acting by Gina Torres was amazing. I honestly wasn’t that invested in her or her family before but I sobbed during this entire episode. Finding a loved one like that is one of by biggest fears.
  9. Right? It’s weird, I’m wondering if his absence is partly because his son died and half because he was directing. Either way, I think his character (and Mary) are way underutilized. I could honestly do with less Darlene for a bit and more of him. Either way, I hope he is signed on for the next season too.
  10. True. He’s an ass all around but at least he was somewhat kind to Janelle. What a prick
  11. Yikes! Kody really hates Christine and her kids, doesn’t he? He hates her more then Meri I think. He still treats Mariah well... The juxtaposition between how he responded to Janelle going to travel to see Maddie and Christine traveling to help Ysebel? So sad. And how he treated Sol compared to Ysebel? WTF happened behind the scene was between these to? I really felt for Christine, she needs to get out. I live in NY and I’m just as COVID cautious as him but he’s using it as a way to be with Robyn 24/7. I think it made him realize that he likes living with her all time time and is res
  12. As someone who was called an Oreo many times growing up and never feeling like I fit in anywhere, I get Randall’s issues. Can he be an ass? Absolutely! But I think they were trying to speak a little on the climate right now. While watching you want them not to have this discussion, you want it to “not always be about race”, Kevin does come off more likeable (at least as adults) etc. but it’s discussion that needed to happen and I don’t think Randall should just shut up and be grateful for what he got nor does he have to be perfect just like Kevin is allowed to be flawed. I do think Kevin shou
  13. I loved it. I thought both actors did a fantastic job and the writing was wonderful. It really came off and was filmed like a play. I liked the larger picture that both boys represent and the fact that it raised some uncomfortable feelings and questions. Should Kevin also feel “lucky” and “grateful” that he was born? No, no one expects him to, it just is. So why the same for Randall? I am glad that Randall apologized too and I hope going forward he gives Kevin more words of affirmation because he needs that and I hope Kevin keeps telling Randall like it is because he needs to be told he’s not
  14. From personal experience, if a guy says “love is conditional” and that sometimes he “feels like he has to meet the emotional needs of someone he doesn’t want to” then run the F away. Yikes! What a terrible husband and father. I do think Meri can be cruel and Christine is a nag but neither women deserve to be emotionally abused. Janelle is just a sad sack (not even fun like Eeyore) and is now tied with Robyn as my least favorite wife. This whole show is messed up. I’d like to see Kody sincerely hang out with his kids without their respective mothers because he seems to dislike most of them and
  15. I love how this was considered a “crazy” shift when over on 911-Alamo they literally had lava. Lol I’ve been in and out the last few seasons with this show, why is Casey so... boring and lonely now? Nice nod to the head injury from season 2 but not sure where it’s going, are they going to blame his pissy mood on that a la Grey’s Anatomy? I like him with Slyvie and don’t get why he seems to be holding out for the actress who played his ex wife to come back, it’s unfair to Jesse Spencer. Somewhat funny episode, I agree with the poster up thread about that but also a little boring - not that I ne
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