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  1. Ouch Jack. That was not a good move. But I get it, he’s tired, Just wants to watch a movie and isn’t this drinking slightly crappy era Jack? Good writing to show that one seemingly innocuous thing can completely set a kid down a path for the rest of their lives. I really felt for all Randall’s here. Reminded me of why I liked Randall so much in the first season. And Beth! She’s the best, that’s ALOT for a college kid and she took it all in stride. He’s lucky to have her. I love the Kevin is his go to person. I think all three of the Big Three episodes will have whatever Jack does as each kid wakes up that night have some sort of lasting effect.
  2. Wow that’s was a bummer. Can’t believe they made the poor guy talk about the miscarriage then unanimously vote him off. I’ve been a fan of James’s for year and enjoyed watching him this season. Don’t think he should have been the bottom two regardless. Lauren probably instead. I’m rooting for Kel now.
  3. Agreed. Not that it makes it right, but I think it's because Kevin was such a... snarky kid. Rebecca says as much at the rehab session. It's sad that the only real bonding moment was I think that episode where they both fall asleep on the floor but neither realize it? I hope we get some sort of acknowledgement of their issues later on. I also hope (as a side note) the other siblings take more of an interest in Uncle Nicky.
  4. Good point. Is the actress who played Mary's mother no longer on the show? I know Michael Fishman isn't the most... natural actor but I wish they'd dig deeper into his story (unless they did on the originally reboot with Roseanne? I had all the episodes saved on hulu to watch later but when they cancelled it, Hulu deleted it before I could watch and I can't find the season anywhere, though I digress). Mary as a POC in a white family is a interesting plot point and I'm glad they touched on it, if even for a minute. Also, I too wish they would say if Andy and Jerry are in this reboot or not. Drives me crazy.
  5. I have a soft spot for Beth mom, she reminds me so much of my own. This show, at least in my experience as a first generation Jamaican American, is spot on in portraying a Jamaican mom. Even the way Beth responded to her mother's upbringing (becoming somewhat reserved yet close to her family) is accurate. I loved her and Rebecca bonding but agree it did seem like Carole was judging Rebecca for being a mess. Kind of messed up but again I can see where she's coming from. Both my mom and my grandmother are big on a "stiff upper lip" and would probably respond the same way. I also like how Kevin is developing. He's becoming my favorite of the adult siblings (sorry Randall) though I hope they don't make him give up on acting. One of them has to stick to a career/he's good at it.
  6. It was probably the best episode of the series so far. Good stuff. That said, David was my favorite character in the original series so I'm sad that they've made him a deadbeat dad in this. I know Johnny Galecki wasn't available in the beginning but I wish they had come up with something else to keep him away that wasn't so out of character/ makes it hard to root for him now. I'm still hoping Darlene and David work it out and I hope they're able to grow into a more equal relationship as time goes on. I liked Ben well enough but I've always had a soft spot for Darlene and David.
  7. This episode was great. I loved seeing Beth's family and more of her back story. I'm a little sad we didn't get more of her siblings - though I get that it would be hard to make us care about characters we're just introduced to in addition to young Zoe and Beth's parents. I hope they come around again soon, it would be interesting to see how other families function beside the Pearsons. Young Beth was so spot on it was uncanny. That quiet, wide eyed but tough thing older Beth does, the younger actress completely captured it. The writers got Jamaican mom's spot on. Phylicia Rashad was amazing and reminded me so much of my own tough, sometimes scary but ultimately loving Jamaican mom. I think she could have been a little softer in her approach but I don't think she was completely wrong with telling Beth that unfortunately, it just wasn't going to happen and she should find another path. Sometimes just because you want something, doesn't mean you're going to get it and that's life. I can't explain how, but they totally captured the slight differences between Caribbean American culture and general American culture.
  8. I actually was a Teddy fan as I mentioned before. lol It's just weird. I was completely fine when he was in prison. The writers were the ones who said he'd be out but didn't follow up on it which turned into bad writing. Deacon can be a great step father without ignoring the fact that Daphne has a father. But anyway... it was an ok series finally. I wish Juliette didn't retire but I suppose it was a way to show that she's going to let Avery have his shot which seems to be the case in the flash forward and the Lost Highways. Very uneven and odd last season but I'm still a little sad to see Nashville go.
  9. Did something happen between the actors?
  10. I actually always liked Eric Close and I liked the character for the most part. I was never 100% team Rayna, I thought she was selfish and self involved and she and Deacon spoiled the girls horribly. I feel for Deacon in that he had a child out there and she just didn't tell him until way later but the way the keep shoving the perfect little family thing in our faces bugs me a little. It just seems weird that it's totally cool for Scarlet to take back her horrible mom, Juliette hers and now Deacon his dad yet Teddy who despite his many faults - Rayna even had a pretty good speech how he was still apart of the family to the girls about it- was a good dad, gets tossed away. Plus I don't think Daphne needs to call Deacon "dad" to show she's apart of the family- actually it makes her more separate to ignore that she has her real father out there- somehow it's still just about Maddie and her world. That said, I'd be more ok if they didn't say he was coming out in three months. Now it's just bad writing on top of it. But eh, it mostly bugs me because I'm so bored of the current plots that I'm able to pick holes in it more.
  11. I agree so much with this. Why so many side plots about people no one cares about? I can't explain how annoyed I get that they complete forget Teddy exists. I get it - Deacon's now the best-dad-that-ever-was but damn. Teddy was suppose to get out of prison months ago. Where the heck is he? I don't get why Daphne can't be his step-daughter that he loves very much and her him without completely forgetting she has another father who was nothing but good to her ... and Maddie. Though I guess if I had the chance to drop Maddie as a daughter I would too. Ugh. Also why is Clare Bowen off on her own side plot?
  12. I thought this got much better by Part 2. Still thought, this adaptation lacked... warmth. For the first time I didn't love Jo (her thinking Beth loved Laurie when Beth was really upset because she was dying and Jo being completely tone deaf towards it? Ugh!) and Amy, while I never really liked her, came off badly here. There was no character development and since the actress looked so old, instead of being a bratty kid, she just seemed somewhat pathologically mean. I will say I loved this version of Meg. She was so fun and interesting. Susan Sarandon did a better Marmee but I did like how the parents had more to do. That scene where Emily Watson finds out Beth is dying was heartbreaking. That said, that scene also pissed me off. Poor Beth, even her mother didn't expect or want anything more for her? Ouch.
  13. I agree with everything you said. I saw what Rebecca was doing as being super excited her daughter had the same talent she did and hoping they could be closer because of it. I think Rebecca just wanted someone who could “get” her music thing. I feel bad for her, obviously Jack is everyone’s favorite Except Randall’s and even he probably would choose both / William, and she was the one to pick up the pieces when Jack died. I also feel bad for Kevin. Wtf? Besides Kate and Toby, no one should have left that taping. For that reason, I really like Sophie. I think they have awesome chemistry and he clearly needs someone who’s just about him. I will say that present day Rebecca is... off. Strangely distant, awkward and tight lipped. The family was so close in the past and randall’s Family has a lot of that too but things get very weird when present day Rebecca comes around.
  14. That was god awful. Maybe the worst series finale I've ever seen. Though you got to hand it to the writers for going full on batshit, soap opera crazy instead of the fun, interesting murder mystery it started out as. Can we stop and acknowledge how many random children Spencer's dad has wandering the globe? How all of Jason's sisters are a little nuts? How boring and useless Ali became after she came back from the dead and made the show jump the shark with her? How we only got to see Chad Lowe for a second only for him to give his daughter's English teacher permission to marry her? Ugh. I'll miss the characters but that's it.
  15. Overall I liked it. I loved that Bay and Travis ended up together and liked that she chose herself for once but still got everything she wanted. I liked how they brought up everyone's seemly preference for Daphne yet made it clear that for the Kennishes - they have three kids. For example, for once and for all they showed that while it may be easier for John to show his affection and pride for Daphne, he loves Bay just the same. Toby's storyline was sweet but his whole marriage and son plot-line always seemed heavy handed, rushed and not quite believable. He says all the right things but for some reason I never quite bought it. I loved that Kathryn stood up for Bay and gave Daphne a pep talk. I also love that Daphne asked to call her mom and called John dad as well. It was sad - yet fitting that Bay didn't ask the same for Regina, but it fits. Someone mentioned up thread and I agree, Regina sees Bay as a distant relative and her relationship with Daphne seems more like aunt/niece than mother daughter. It must sting a little for Bay that Regina's willing to raise literally anyone else besides her biological daughter. I'm a little sad for Bay, she's the one who wanted to find her bio family and was the one who ended without one - at least biologically speaking. Regina's a stranger, Angelo's dead/seems more Daphne's dad, the grandmother didn't want anything to do with her and even Angelo's other daughter is MIA. She's never going to have that sort of bio family Daphne gained but I liked that the series finale showed that she'll be ok. They all will.
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