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S05.E01: Forty: Part One/S05.E02: Forty: Part Two

Message added by Lady Calypso

Keep the discussions about this episode. There are other topics you can move to if the discussion is straying from the events of the episode itself. 

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Randall's bio-mom is alive?!

Also, am I the only one that had the suspicion the majority of the episode that William had purposefully or maliciously given her the drug that (almost) killed her, or overdosed her? Especially when Bio-Mom of Randall (Laurel?) made William promise that he would give Baby Randall a family if she couldn't be the mother he deserved. That was soon after she didn't get the assistant manager job so they couldn't get the apartment with the window.

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1 minute ago, Laurie4H said:

Too many monologues and a little to political in my opinion.

Does Kate work?  Adoption is expensive.  How do they money?  

Toby works in IT.

Holy crap, Laurel might still be alive!

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Well, up until that big fucking twist, this was heavier than usual. In a good way. But I think we all needed that bit with Beth: we fight on.

Also, I think this season might get me to like Randall again. He's finally starting to address his issues.

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They just threw everything from the last 8 months into the first 15 minutes, didn't they?

So Randall was actually born the day before?

I guess baby wasn't allowed on set since little Jack was always "sleeping."



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Wow!  I did not see That twist coming at the end!  Kleenex for me!  Some really intense scenes, I think Mandy Moore is So Terrific as Older Rebecca...she broke my heart when she got lost & did not know where she was, and then her & Miguel hugging & he gave her the seeds for a new tree: Kleenex again!  And more Kleenex when Randall & Kate had their Heart to Heart about how Randall felt growing up in a White Household..he was really blunt & honest, but poor Kate felt terrible & I am surprised that Jack or Rebecca did not talk to Randall about his situation.  Kevin & Madison are cute together...I think I am OK with that.  

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3 minutes ago, PepSinger said:

Also, Randall and Beth's end scene killed me. "I'm not having a breakdown; I'm just sad." Oh, Randall. That's how I've felt since March. In fact, my birthday was last month, the big 3-0, and I had the same reaction to my birthday as Randall did. I felt I had to fake it, but I was Randall all on the inside. I felt seen. This is us, indeed. 

Yeah, I turned 45 on October 1st and I was glad to be working from home that day because it meant I didn't have to see anyone and pretend to be excited. (Thankfully birthdays tend to be pretty low-key in my family, anyway. We celebrated with dinner at my parents' that weekend.)

2 minutes ago, CSunshine76 said:

That ending was some bullshit. Has this show jumped the shark? I mean come on.

Yeah, not sure how I feel about that one. Just feels like a little too much.

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4 minutes ago, Blakeston said:

I called the "Randall's mother is still alive" thing a while back - because they cut away from William telling Randall about what she was like - but that doesn't mean I'm not incredibly irritated by it. They already did the "that person you thought was dead is still around" thing with Nicky.

Also, unless Kate and Toby are adopting a baby with severe health problems, I don't buy for a second that they'd be given a child so quickly.

It happened to one of my cousins.  He and his wife were matched three weeks after they turned the paperwork in.

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14 minutes ago, CleoCaesar said:

Aaaand we’re back.

Who I was glad to see: Kevin, Tess and Annie, Beth, even Toby a little

Who I wasn’t glad to see: Young St. William (holy hell let it go), Malik, Randall, young Jack and Rebecca (holy hell let it goOOO)

Randall is still a sanctimonious prick. Good to know some things never change. How do people stand him? Seriously. He’s just unbearable. I have literally no sympathy for him. Are we in for a fifth season of him being coddled by everyone in nauseating monologues?





I agree with your entire post—but I did get on his side when he had the conversation with Kate about the fact that he’s been dealing with race and racism his entire life—but no one in his family ever talked about it. 

7 minutes ago, Pop Tart said:

Did we really need flashbacks to the days they were born. Again? So tired of Randall and all his pain. How many years now has he been processing his birth? And all that time he spent with William and never asked when he was born? Or looked for records about his birth mom’s death? 

Agreed. Randall never researched his mother?

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1 minute ago, LexieLily said:

Kate took the idea of her twin brother one-night-standing-and-knocking-up her best/only friend remarkably well, speaking of Madison. 

I was all set to be annoyed when I saw that clip in a preview because I was totally expecting her to make it all about herself somehow.

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4 minutes ago, Bulldog said:

So, we're supposed to believe that super rich movie star Kevin Pearson uses Pert (not even Pert Plus!) shampoo and not some fancy salon product?  

I thought that was the shampoo in the cabin’s bathroom so it was his mom’s?

Oh and was that a different actress playing Madison?

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With Rndall's mom being in so much pain post birth I thought the twist was going to be another twin.   

I liked the scene with Kate and Randall.  I'm glad Randall was able to express that he's been alone with this his whole life and Kate was in a place of privilege that didn't have to see it.   Because yes.   But I wish when he was like, "in the past I I would have tried to make it okay for you" I wish Kate would have said that it was okay if she hurt too sometimes so long as they were communicating.   They don't have to stop having tough conversations avoiding the tough conversations in the first place was a problem.

I found Miguel leading the charge to save One Day at a Time both awesome and I wondered if the people who actually lead that charge were like step off Miggie, this was our win.

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I knew Randall’s mother would be still alive but I feel that’s going to further divide the family where we have one show with Randall and his family and another with Kate and Kevin. And it looks like Toby and Kate were potentially selected by a birth mother and that happens.

I don’t know what I thought overall except I’m in the middle of a big family argument and seeing the Pearson’s so fractured made me sad. Have to settle with this for a bit.

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I totally get Randall’s, “I just feel sad.” I hope he connects with his family again but I get the just wanting to pull away for a bit and just ... check out a little. I think he’s tired of thinking, caring etc. starting to like him again, I actually liked all three this episode and I liked seeing young William and Jack. Good stuff. I saw it coming and don’t really like that Laurel could be alive (I thought it was good writing to have something he just wouldn’t know about because that’s life unfortunately) but I’m willing to see where it goes. 

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At first I was put off by them bringing the pandemic in so fully.....after all, there was no pandemic in the finale last season when we first saw a lot of those scenes.....but I quickly came to appreciate it and it made me remember how much we've all been through in these past six horrible months and how we got to where we are. 

So glad the show is back!


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Holy crap, that ending. As soon as Randall told Beth he wanted a year with no surprises, I knew there was going to be something.

That conversation with Randall and Kate needed to happen, because he's right that he shouldn't have to pretend like everything is fine to make his white family members comfortable. He even started to say "I'm fine" when he called his therapist and it's good he'll be finding another therapist he can be more open with. I liked his conversation with Malik too, and that they check up on each other. He and Kevin still need to have a serious talk, though, and I understand his annoyance that Kevin was basically asking for advice without making any attempt at an apology.

I'm glad nothing happened to Kevin and Madison's twins; I was worried there for a moment, even though I know we saw them in the flash-forward, simply because you never know with this show. LOL at Kevin's Grey's Anatomy reference and also at Randall saying of course he remembers Madison because she's the only friend anyone in the family has. Toby's reaction to the news at the very beginning was also hilarious.

The scene with Randall and Rebecca was hard to watch, especially when she asked a second time about Beth and the girls because she didn't remember that she already asked. 

Jack and William unknowingly passing each other twice in the hospital also got me. I guess Randall was technically born the day before? It wasn't totally clear. 

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1 minute ago, Bulldog said:

On another forum, folks are pointing out that during Rebecca's "lost" episode, nobody - not the people in the park, the restaurant, or the police -- were masked or socially distancing.  Now, of course, I understand the logistics being that last season was shot prior to the pandemic and this season wasn't.  But, yeah.   

Yeah I noticed that but decided I’d need to let that go. It’s also jarring that Randall goes to sit by her on the bed and they Both talk about how “safe” they are and I’m thinking... she just ate INSIDE a restaurant and walked around a grocery store without a mask.... she’s not safe now. Giving them a pass though. 

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