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  1. Why did Matt Bradley not merit an inclusion in the spring break trip? Where did this new friend of Erica's come from? I know she was in the last episode, but it was like she just appeared and everybody acted like she had been there all along.
  2. In fairness, I'm almost certain that if this show featured a man of a weight similar to Kate (and even "fat" Toby was nowhere near Kate), there would be plenty of discussion on this board and others about his looks. And I'm equally certain that they would not at all be of a sympathetic nature.
  3. I'm kind of surprised that so many seem to be painting Leif as some kind of predator. Joan is clearly the one with all of the power in this scenario. If the genders were reversed and big, higher ranking, older male boss had kissed young female programmer, I suspect the male boss would be the one being excoriated. Even if Joan is flattered by the attention or actually has feelings for Leif, she should know this can go nowhere but south. If she doesn't realize that, then she probably shouldn't be in her position of authority.
  4. With all that is going on in the world, I had made a personal decision to try to focus on the positive. Therefore, I have nothing at all to say about this episode.
  5. I have several family members who have adopted (admittedly, many years ago) and the health of prospective parents was absolutely something that agencies looked at when placing a child. I know "fat shaming" is supposed to be taboo these days, but I don't think anyone could objectively consider Kate to be the picture of health.
  6. I could see the final scene of the series being Randall buying a rundown motel with a creepy house up on a hill overlooking it.
  7. I must admit I smiled each time TJ was mistaken for Ben's son. He is so much more interesting that Ben's actual children.
  8. Three episodes with no Mina. I'm officially concerned. This.
  9. I have to strongly disagree with this. Randall lorded everything from his grades to his favored child status over Kevin throughout their childhood.
  10. To keep us guessing. Miguel seems very "go along to get along." I think he knows his opinion wouldn't count for much anyway. That would certainly be an interesting twist. With Rebecca's cognitive decline, I would seriously doubt that anyone in the Pearson family would even notice. Whatever happened to the little "club" that Miguel, Beth, and Toby had? I don't think it was ever mentioned again. I don't see how that would be possible. In a short period of time, they would have to off Miguel, have Rebecca, who is already having cognitive difficulties, fall in love with the brother in law she barely knows and get married. Just don't see that happening. I liked the suggestion someone else made that Rebecca is thinking that Nicky is Jack at the end and he wears the ring to along with the charade.
  11. Team Kevin. Yes, what he said to Randall was cold. But if anyone ever had it coming to them, it was Randall. Still not convinced Madison is Kevin's future wife. Kate is definitely dead in the future. Loved Beth tonight. Her reactions were all spot-on. Randall, when your wife politely says your actions were manipulative and dickish, listen to her. I can't imagine what connection Madison's doctor's daughter has to the rest of the show. There better be one are that was a total waste of time. Didn't catch the Nicky wedding ring. Can't see him and Cassidy. Probably someone we haven't met yet.
  12. I'm sure the apartment of misery will offer up tons of storylines for both Jo and Schmitt.
  13. What a trainwreck. The only thing missing from this episode was Oprah showing up and screaming "You get a surgery and you get a surgery and you get a surgery." Surely, The Sun is self aware enough to not lecture Koracik on ethics. Why no, no she's not. Speaking of The Sun, the schtick with Helm's undying adoration of her is wearing so very old. She even copied her hairstyle tonight. Is there a more pathetic character in all of television than Helm? Why, yes. Yes there is. There's Schmidt. Run, Nico, run. Get that team job. (And I don't even care for Nico all that much, but I would never wish a relationship with Schmidt on anybody.) So, Koracik wasn't just a port in the storm for Teddy. She actually loves him. Whatever. Can Dr. Leprechaun please hop the next flight back to Ireland? Well, probably not considering COVID-19. Just another reason to hate the virus. Speaking of COVID-19, you just know they are frantically trying to come up with an episode addressing that. The Resident did the human trafficking storyline better last week. That human chain thing cannot be an actual hospital protocol. Did they use stock Batwoman footage for that last shot of DeLuca on the motorcycle?
  14. I don't think I have ever in my entire life seen anyone actually sniff the shirt they are wearing then immediately take it off and toss it in the washer. Yet, that is a TV trope that is shown all. the. time. Of course it helps, if you have a young, good looking, ripped guy doing it. They would never shoot a scene with Tookie doing the same thing.
  15. If I were the writers, I'd head to the nearest casino and try my luck. This superbug storyline had to have been written well in advance of the current virus situation. Please let this be the downfall of Cain / Kim. I have a hard time believing that someone as neurotic and needy as the wife/med student is blood related to the awesome Dr. Kit Voss. Heaven help any future patients she may have. The actress playing Dawn Long had to earn the easiest paycheck of her life for this episode. Two episodes in a row of no Mina. Should I be worried? Why is Devin moonlighting at the vent facility? Finally, because it cannot be said enough, RING. THE. BELL!
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