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  1. Bulldog

    S05.E01: Panic

    Well, Chimney did survive a piece of rebar going thru his skull. So you never know.
  2. I liked it. I wonder if the show would be stronger with only two storylines instead of three. Kind of gave you whiplash switching back and forth as it did. I'll keep watching to see where it goes. I did wonder why in the nurse segment the whole family seemed so fascinated by rain. And apparently the choices you make affects the hairstyles of your friends in the future.
  3. Looks like I may be in the minority, but I kind of loved this. I'm surprised myself as this doesn't seem like the type of show I would normally watch at all.
  4. Bulldog

    S05.E01: Panic

    Welcome back show! I love that this show is educational as well as entertaining. Tonight I learned that the appropriate course of action if you believe a jetliner is barreling towards you is to hide under your desk. Although I do wonder why nobody else wondered why they couldn't see this jet that was supposedly right on top of them. I haven't been to a zoo in ages, but I assume that the cages are now opened via a keypad that the zookeeper enters a code to access. If computers and traffic lights and hospital equipment can be hacked, seems that simple keypad would be a piece of
  5. Have they announced who any of the guest hosts for next season will be? (If I understand correctly they are going to show Richards' one week, then Bialik is going to step in, then they are having another series of guest hosts, correct?) I saw several people on Twitter suggest Betty White. I know it was said mostly tongue in cheek as she is well into her 90s. Clearly, she would not be a viable candidate for the permanent gig. BUT, if her health is up to it and she's game, I would LOVE to see her host for a week (that's one day of taping, correct?). I can guarantee ratings would go thr
  6. Maybe Holzhauer should have said something before this debacle took place. Seems low hanging fruit to pile on now. I think there's a reason James hasn't been mentioned along side Ken & Buzzy as a possible replacement.
  7. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that the best route might be for the show to proceed without a host at all. It wouldn't take much altering. Just have the clues pop up on the screen. Nobody has to read them out loud. Contestants can buzz in and answer. A sound effect could tell them if they were correct or not. I, for one, would not miss the little mid-show interviews, which have always been my least favorite part of the show. (Seriously, if some of the things contestants talk about are the most interesting tidbits about their lives, then I am seriously saddened for th
  8. I'm a fan of the show, but I don't really have a horse in this race. I thought Richards did a perfectly fine job as a guest host and I had no objection to him being named as the permanent replacement. Even when Alex was alive, I tuned in for the questions and the contestants. That said, I do wonder what would happen if every one of the guest hosts underwent the scrutiny that Richards has been subjected to. I feel fairly certain that something could be found in the past of every single one of them that the internet mob would find objectionable. Richards might be the devil incarnate for all
  9. So, if Shane had not been "upgraded" to the Pineapple Suite, he would not have had the knife used to stab Armond? And yes, Shane was totally justified. There is no jurisdiction that would have charged him and no court that would have convicted him for killing an unknown prowler in his room accidentally. It just would not have happened. Are we to believe that the police never asked Kai how he got the code to the safe? And if they did ask, was Kai so in love with Paula, a girl he had known less than a week, that he would not have given her up? Not buying it. Of course, Paula did get
  10. I don't really understand why so many people seem to think that the guest hosts were performing some kind of audition for the permanent job. I never saw it presented that way at all. Besides, all (or nearly all) have other jobs that would likely preclude them from taking the gig. I thought it was a stop gap measure to keep the show going from the time of Alex's passing until a new host could be named. And it raised some money for worthwhile charities to boot! As for Richards, he'll do fine. He wasn't necessarily my first choice, but he did a perfectly respectable job, and its probabl
  11. I thought he was a bellman. That still wouldn't be a good reason for him to be in a guest's room unless they were checking in/out, but it would at least explain him having a key.
  12. Anyone want to guess the over/under on when Meredith is a guest on the island?
  13. One thing I forgot to mention earlier. When Paula and Kai were planning their ill-advised caper, Kai mentioned having a pass key that would presumably open any room in the resort. I would assume there is some way to track those and monitor who each pass key is assigned to. I would be very surprised if they can't track which staff uses the key to go in and out of each room exactly for liability purposes, or in the case of potential thefts (and, in this case, battery). It should be very easy for the police to determine who the last staff to enter the room was.
  14. This plan had more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. Even if Ruby planned to die on the island, how is Mel going to explain the absence of a body. I've actually known people who have died (unexpectedly) while on vacation. The bodies are always shipped back home for burial. Is the family not going to wonder why there was no funeral? No grave to visit? No ashes to scatter? What's Mel going to say to his family? Well, Grandma dropped dead while we were vacationing, so I just left her there. Oh, and you can never, ever go there and see where's she's buried or pay your respects.
  15. So, Paula thought a pair of $75K bracelets was going to allow Kai's family to get back acres of prime real estate in one of the most desired locations in the world with a luxury resort built on it? Clearly, she is not an economics major. It was nice that Paula's attempt at larceny actually seemed to bring the Mossbacher family together. I think the dinner afterwards was the first time any of them acted as if they even liked one another.
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