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  1. Did Shauna really just use a regular old kitchen electric knife to cut up the body? How did Misty get the body parts in the coffin? She couldn't have put them in there during the viewing. The CGI for the bear was very bad. I've seen a lot of suggestions of casting Liv Tyler as the adult Lottie. I didn't like her at all on 911 Lonestar, but I could actually see that working.
  2. Maybe Harrison will go look up his siblings, Cody and Astor.
  3. Bulldog


    This was my big complaint. There is simply no way that one would go from being a doctor to a job bagging groceries. (And that is not a jab at grocery clerks. I have no doubt it is a hard job. I couldn't do it.) If she wanted to get away from the pressures of the ER, there are so many medically related jobs she could take that would be less taxing. They did something similar on Young Sheldon with the college professor taking the job at a grocery store. Its just not something that would happen. The physical trainer was the kid from the underrated Bless this Mess. I always thought
  4. Except for the blackmailing her friends thing, Jeff actually turned out to be a pretty decent husband. 1) Not cheating. 2) Stood up for Shauna against Jackie's parents. 3) Willing to fall on his sword to take the blame for Shauna's murder. 4) Seemed genuinely hurt to discover Shauna had been cheating on him. So what was in Adam's drawer that convinced Shauna he was the blackmailer? It appeared to be one of the journals, but apparently was not. Then, did Jeff remove the journals from the safe and then return them later? What was the point of that? Didn't he say that he had read th
  5. My favorite moment in the episode was the quick look exchanged between Dexter and Deb when Dexter told Harrison that he would never hurt family. For once, Deb didn't say "WTF?", but it was definitely implied.
  6. I would love to watch a spinoff featuring a squad where Probie is actually the "best man" on the team. No doubt, wacky hijinks would ensue.
  7. It was OK. I'll give it a couple of more tries before deciding if I want to stick with it or not. I did wonder why Thony let the mobsters drive her to her actual address. She had just seen them murder someone. Why let them know where you live? Get out somewhere else and call a ride or walk.
  8. The judge was temporarily my favorite character, until he backed down at the last minute to the great and powerful John Dutton. He should have reminded John that he was running for public office. I suspect a far greater percentage of the electorate in Montana would have agreed with the judge's initial stance than John's bleeding heart take. Perhaps a "leak" to a local news station of John Dutton trying to pull strings to get a lighter sentence for his girlfriend is in order. I have no clue what was going on with Kayce, nor do I care. This was perhaps the first time ever that I
  9. Lizzo running a four minute mile and Aaron Rodgers being named the spokesperson for Pantene were more likely to happen than Laura Lee making it very far. I was leaning towards Jeff. If it was Adam, would he have had time to break into the safe and get the journals? He was only in the closet a few minutes. He would have had to either know the code or done some serious prying. Even if the safe wasn't exactly Fort Knox, I would doubt it could be broken into that easily. It would have had to be Jeff or Callie who were both more likely to know (or correctly guess) the combination
  10. I laughed out loud when Shauna said she hated her daughter right after the Taylors said that Callie reminded them of Jackie. Was it my imagination, or did the number of survivors appear to increase this week? Granted, most of the girls were glorified extras, but there seemed to be more of them than previously. I wonder if the writers suddenly realized that they needed a few extras to kill off at some point. Really, beyond the four who we know made it to adulthood, I have a hard time keeping the other girls straight. There's Jackie, who is obviously the most important character that
  11. I missed that. Good catch. I think there's a girl back home with her leg in a cast that might disagree with that characterization. This never occurred to me until I read it here. I bet this is the route they go. I just read where this show was renewed for another season. This route opens up all kinds of possibilities for the casting of more adult roles. There's a couple of sentences you don't see every day.
  12. I guess its safe to say that Conrad's period of mourning is officially over.
  13. During the ending montage, when the two women from the first rescue were in the hospital room, I was hoping that the driving examiner would wake up, look over at the other woman, and say "You flunked." Just me? Ok, moving on.
  14. Lots going on in this episode, but my favorite exchange was Tom telling Greg he no longer had to pretend that he liked Hamilton. It struck a chord with me because I knew a couple who scored tickets to Hamilton. After seeing it, they just raved and raved about how it was the greatest show they had ever seen, etc. This went on for quite awhile. Their enthusiasm finally subsided. After it had all died down, they were at our house for dinner when they confessed that they really didn't care for it all. The wife just said that since everybody gushed over it, they didn't feel that they could g
  15. Were the only people commenting those who had never met a teenage girl before?
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