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  1. I'll admit that I don't often pay full attention when this show is on, but I was wondering if Saanvi being gay had ever been mentioned before and I just didn't remember it. I actually thought I remembered a mention of a boyfriend or fiance at some point in the past, but again, I could be wrong. Or is this some kind of recon? On a different note, the charm on TJ's bracelet was a Dharma circle. Show, if you are going to try to steal from a superior show like Lost, at least be a little less obvious. I will miss TJ (assuming he's dead). He was one of the few characters I actually liked.
  2. Seemed like they really cut back on the music from the pilot. I get that the musical rights are probably expensive and they were really trying to sell the musical aspect in the pilot, but it seemed really noticeable to me.
  3. Fairly predictable episode - from Billy double crossing Owen to Probie passing his test. For the first time since the show began, I didn't actively dislike Michelle. That's progress, I guess.
  4. Did Ben, receiver of all callings, seriously tell Olive "We couldn't have seen this coming" when he had literally been having repeated visions of dead passengers laying among ashes?
  5. Koracik would have become my hero if, when Meredith & Co threatened to quit, he had simply said "I accept your resignation" and then figuratively dropped the mic and walked out. Bailey is clearly adopting or fostering the kid, right? I actually found the old couple's story kind of touching, but for Pete's sake, could Glasses stop with the constant need for approval / absolution / attention from The Sun. It is pathetic behavior from an already pathetic character. Helm and the other interns nobody cares about seem to be on the mend. Oh, goody. Was the last scene suppose to show that Alex had left Jo? Was she expecting to find him at the apartment when she returned home? Couldn't read Amelia's text to Linc. Did she find out the paternity? Is Pac North closing its doors just because it is bought out? Wouldn't it continue to operate under the Fox banner? How is Grey Sloan going to absorb the extra staff? (Although I assume not everybody was hired.)
  6. Was Angie's British guy the same British guy that Alex had the hots for over on Modern Family recently?
  7. I also wondered why none of the younger generation (except Manny - whom I would have chosen to leave at home) made the trip. Truly the only time I laughed was closet guy mistaking Gloria for Stella. Well, Claire has had Jay to fall back on and keep her employed. Mitchell has had periods of unemployment throughout the series. I honestly don't really remember much about Cam's jobs prior to coaching. Phil is the only one who has been shown to be consistently employed and successful.
  8. This show really needs to shit or get off the pot about the whole Barry vs C.B. situation. Part of the problem is that Barry is not a regular cast member (and I guess his Goldbergs schedule wouldn't permit it), so he only makes these occasional random appearances. The bigger problem for me is that this show is supposed to take place after he and Lainey have graduated college and gone on to careers, but he still acts like the immature, goofy high school kid from the parent show. At least Lainey has exhibited some signs of growth. What made Barry endearing as a high schooler does not age well on a grown man.
  9. This was trying way to hard to be a southwestern Twin Peaks. I don't mind eccentric, but there was a lot here that was just eccentric for the sake of being eccentric (namely the zoo animals). I'll watch the second episode, but I'm on the fence about sticking around beyond that.
  10. I didn't find it odd at all. There's a world of difference between being indifferent to the sexuality of someone you only tangentially know (the son of the random guy you happen to take chemo with) and someone you are considering dating / potentially starting a relationship with.
  11. Clearly Jug is not really dead. But if Veronica and Archie are not in on it, why would Archie declare him to be dead when he checked his pulse? Of course, its possible that biology/anatomy are some of those classes that Archie never attends and he maybe actually doesn't know how to check for a pulse ( a skill that would seem to be invaluable in a town like Riverdale). Maybe its a derivative of Jingle Jangle. Because in a town where teenagers run nightclubs, breweries, gyms, construction sites, and write long standing YA mysteries, why wouldn't there also be chemists thrown in there.
  12. I'm guessing Kevin being the last to know is only going to reinforce his feelings of being an outsider, especially where Rebecca's affections are concerned.
  13. I know this was supposed to be Kate's story, but for my money, Mandy Moore was the MVP tonight. She rocked it in both timelines. Her reactions during the diner scene were pitch perfect. They made Mark a full-on mustache twirling villain - a thin, wispy mustache twirling villain.
  14. I think the toxic fumes the guy was giving off (the "garlic" smell) caused the ambulance driver to pass out and lose control.
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