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  1. If 16 years was supposed to have passed in Grace's dream, why did some people appear to have not aged at all and Morgan appear to be about 30 years older? And why would nobody recognize Grace, whom they all knew, and whose appearance has not changed at all since she "died"?
  2. Was I the only one who found Devon's reaction to Rose and Barrett odd? Like really, really odd? Where did that come from?
  3. Bulldog

    S07.E09: Timeless

    I often wonder if the citizens of Central City question why lightning bolts so often shoot out the top of Star Labs into the sky,
  4. I loved that Kevin not only brought Uncle Nicky with him to the studio, but also let him actually sit in on the meeting with his agent. I think I would watch a series with nothing but Uncle Nicky critiquing movie scripts. I was kind of hoping we'd get a DeNiro cameo for the movie screening. I always wonder what is going thru an actor's mind when the script calls for them to basically insult themselves, like when Kevin worried he might have to go back to doing television as if that was beneath him after having a film career. (And while I know television used to be considered less
  5. I know its almost a cliche to say at this point, but the difference between the episodes with Liz and the ones without is striking. The Liz-less episodes were better written, better acted, better paced . . . just better all around. Since she's returned, the show has become a chore to get through.
  6. Two episodes in and I'm really not feeling this season so far. Too much Ava. Too much Gary (some characters are best in small doses). Way too much of the new gal. Are aliens going to be a running theme for the whole season? Who knew Amelia Earhart was basically a grown up version of Little Orphan Annie? I'm guessing McDonald's won't be signing on as a sponsor any time soon.
  7. Poor Tommy. If the husband really is dead (not a guarantee, IMO), I think it was a realistic touch to have him pass suddenly and unexpectedly. I'd also venture to guess that the vast majority of deaths occur quietly at home instead of in some big dramatic television worthy accident. I suppose if they were intent on killing off a character, he was the most logical choice as we've never seen him do much beyond cook dinner for everyone. I liked how he suggested they go golfing, then remembered that Billy was struck by lightning the last time they tried that. I think dim is hi
  8. Basically just a filler episode, but I enjoyed it. Nice light-hearted change of pace.
  9. I'm not going to get into a political discussion, but I fail to see how the landlord was bad in any way, shape, or form. Was there a moratorium on his mortgage payments? Was there a moratorium on his property taxes? Was there a moratorium on his insurance costs? Was there a moratorium on his maintenance costs? Was there a moratorium on his utility costs (which he was apparently providing)? The tenants were claiming they couldn't pay the rent because they lost their jobs. If they had jobs prior to the pandemic, they were eligible for unemployment plus the enhanced unemployment benefits t
  10. So, the super secret code that the FBI (the FBI!) couldn't crack was A=1, B=2, etc. I think I had a secret decoder ring when I was about 6 that used the same encryption.
  11. So, in an episode that featured racists, murderers, and bank robbers, the show apparently thinks the real villain is a landlord trying to collect rent? Seriously? I'm getting close to throwing in the towel on this show.
  12. I'm somewhat surprised to see mostly positive reactions to Spooner. I suspect she is going to be Mona 2.0 (which, IMO, is decidedly NOT a good thing).
  13. I thought he brought them along because he wanted to get them out of town since he knew that the authorities and/or Cassie & Co would be contacting her about the sister's disappearance/death.
  14. It was nice that Tim convinced Billy Riggins to get treatment at the end. I don't remember, but did Tim at least try to get him help before he turned him in. I know Tim's view on drug use because of his ex, but seems a true friend would have gone the other route. Billy Riggins (I know that is not his name here, but that is who the actor will always be to me) was right. Losing your job, pension, wife, family and facing possible jail time is a very deep hole to dig out of. I did like their exchange at the end where Tim asked where he could throw a bachelorette party and Billy mentioned the
  15. While I wouldn't say that it was Marjan's fault that the guy died, it did seem the type of situation where a few mere seconds could have made the difference between saving him and not. I certainly don't blame the wife for thinking that if Marjan had not been showboating for the camera, she might could have begun the rescue in time to save him. Completely agree with all those pegging Burke as the arsonist. I blame the quality of this episode on a distinct lack of Grace.
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