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  1. How long was it supposed to have been between the time Betty stole the keys and the shooting occurred? I didn't get the impression it was the same day. Did the daughter not notice her keys were gone? It appeared to be (an unusually large) key chain with several keys, presumably including her car keys. Seems that if she knew her keys were missing and knew her crazy mother had a habit of breaking into dad's house, she might have reasonably assumed Betty had the keys. I'm in no way blaming the daughter, the timeline just didn't seem to quite make sense to me. I wonder how Betty's supporters who feel she has served adequate time would feel if Betty was released and moved into a house next door to them. I, for one, would not like it. But, you better believe that I'd be sure to keep the grass mowed, the hedges clipped, the trash can taken in and not throw any loud parties.
  2. I felt sorry for her because Dan apparently didn't pay her enough to buy more than one work outfit. I remember this case well from back when it was first in the news. This episode finally got around to showing the truly batshit crazy Betty that I remember from interviews back then. Until this episode, she had definitely been getting the sympathetic edit. That said, I've always wondered about Dan's "fining" system. IANAL, but seems that if the divorce terms didn't specifically allow him to impose these fines, anyway halfway decent judge would have ordered him to knock it off and pay her the agreed upon monthly support. And yeah, $16K per month was ALOT of money back then. Heck, most people would live quite comfortably on that today. I realize it was a small fraction of what Dan was earning. I, personally, would have taken it and been glad to be rid of him (and had my kids, to boot.) But then, I am not batshit crazy.
  3. I liked SEC lady even if it was completely unbelievable that she would take a meeting at Axe's offices. I especially liked her reply when Axe said he would take the stock exchange gavel and beat Spyros with it if it would make her feel better and she said it wouldn't make her feel worse. Showing my age - but I wonder if someone in the casting department has some connection to the old soap Guiding Light. Frank Grillo, Daniel Cosgrove, Patti D'Arbanville - lots of GL guest stars on the show. I guess I'm dense, but I'm still somewhat confused about the business arrangement between Axe and Taylor. Is she his employee or not? She seems to have carte blanche authority to conduct her own business on Axe's dime. So Chuck Sr tells Chuck Jr that bastard offspring would water down an inheritance, then turns around and admits he already contacted them. If they didn't know that they were his offspring before, wouldn't the inquiry alert them to the fact and give them a claim to the inheritance anyway. Am I the only one thinking it wasn't an accident that Wendy let Axe see the drawing? Wouldn't a psychiatrist say that there are no accidents? Pizza guy might make the best pizza in the world, but isn't he still just a small time local pizza restaurant owner? Would he really have the cache to launch a mass market frozen food line? Is he supposed to be that well known? I don't think it is that odd. Think of all the well known national politicians. I can't think of any that I would consider especially good looking (or charming for that matter, either).
  4. Liked this much more than I thought I would (and I say that as someone who didn't really enjoy the movie). I also liked Connelly quite a bit, and I usually find her rather flat. Am I correct that she is Willford, and the other guy wasn't being sarcastic in calling her that?
  5. As someone who is usually team Axe, I hated the whole school storyline. Despite their wealth, I always had the impression that Axe and Lara were decent parents. But that all flew out the window tonight. I hated it. Hated, hated, hated, hated, hated, hated it. Way to insure that your kid becomes one those rich, entitled pricks you claim to disdain, Bobby. I always wondered how the whole pledging money to schools thing works. Is there any legal weight behind it? Does the school have any way of demanding payment for what is essentially a gift? What if the giver's circumstances change? I guess if Yale could have demanded the payment from Chuck Sr, they would have. I do like that the new wife seems to be playing a bigger role than I would have imagined. If Chuck Sr bites it, the reading of the will should be interesting. I must have forgotten something from last season. I thought Taylor's team came on board with their tails between their legs after being defeated and were basically employees of Axe. But they are acting like they are still an autonomous company. What gives there? I did laugh at Wags' son being a born again Christian. That could be interesting. And how many kids does he have? He mentioned looking for sons (plural) plus the stripper and he was talking to a 14 year old girl on the phone and he said something about knowing where the "little ones" were?
  6. I will forever love Connie Britton (seriously, if she had never done anything except play Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights, she would be one of my all time favorite actresses). BUT, that was a serious letdown. The writing was off. Her acting seemed off. Heck, the train wreck should have been EPIC and it lasted about three scenes. They don't even have the excuse of having to cut taping short due to the virus as that was their planned finale. As someone else mentioned, a rescue of that magnitude should have stretched over several episodes. Abby's reunion with Buck was just meh, and frankly, made no sense and was extremely out of character for the Abby of S1. Big disappointment all the way around. Like Lonestar levels of disappointment. Why would May want to celebrate her graduation with all of her parents' friends? Seriously? And yes, she is totally wanting to become a 911 dispatch instead of going to college (although I don't see why she couldn't do both, many college kids have jobs).
  7. I, of course, have never been head butted by a stampeding buffalo, but I would imagine it is not the kind of thing one just gets up from and goes on as if nothing happened. Who knew Claire was such a healer that her bare breasts have the magical power to bring men back from the brink of death?
  8. Why did Matt Bradley not merit an inclusion in the spring break trip? Where did this new friend of Erica's come from? I know she was in the last episode, but it was like she just appeared and everybody acted like she had been there all along.
  9. In fairness, I'm almost certain that if this show featured a man of a weight similar to Kate (and even "fat" Toby was nowhere near Kate), there would be plenty of discussion on this board and others about his looks. And I'm equally certain that they would not at all be of a sympathetic nature.
  10. I'm kind of surprised that so many seem to be painting Leif as some kind of predator. Joan is clearly the one with all of the power in this scenario. If the genders were reversed and big, higher ranking, older male boss had kissed young female programmer, I suspect the male boss would be the one being excoriated. Even if Joan is flattered by the attention or actually has feelings for Leif, she should know this can go nowhere but south. If she doesn't realize that, then she probably shouldn't be in her position of authority.
  11. With all that is going on in the world, I had made a personal decision to try to focus on the positive. Therefore, I have nothing at all to say about this episode.
  12. I have several family members who have adopted (admittedly, many years ago) and the health of prospective parents was absolutely something that agencies looked at when placing a child. I know "fat shaming" is supposed to be taboo these days, but I don't think anyone could objectively consider Kate to be the picture of health.
  13. I could see the final scene of the series being Randall buying a rundown motel with a creepy house up on a hill overlooking it.
  14. I must admit I smiled each time TJ was mistaken for Ben's son. He is so much more interesting that Ben's actual children.
  15. Three episodes with no Mina. I'm officially concerned. This.
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