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  1. Agreed. I think this is like the Westboro Baptists out of Kansas who claim to be Christian or the the extreme fundamentalism that has gripped Islam and Mormonism in cases like this and Warren Jeffs. These extreme fringes don't represent the actual religion. The tenants of the faith have been twisted to suit other purposes. The only Mormon I've ever met was someone who lived on my floor in a graduate school dorm. She had converted from Catholicism when she married her husband (a practicing Mormon). They were living apart so she could attend a specific grad school program, and she would be with her husband on breaks. She seemed perfectly average to me, and the things that she talked about in Mormonism seemed no different to me than any sacred belief or behavior that anyone might have or practice about his or her own faith. She seemed to be practicing Mormonism in the mainstream, not as part of a fringe or splinter sect.
  2. I'm not trying to argue with you, really I'm not, but it is mind-blowing to me how the legal system seems to be protecting Lori instead of JJ. I totally understand that Lori can't be forced to incriminate herself. However, she's in charge of a minor child, who hasn't been seen or heard from in MONTHS---by anybody, and she has repeatedly lied about where he is. At what point does his actual physical safety outweigh her civil rights? Or does it not ever (which seems totally f-ed up to me). At least if she's not going to say anything, her ass can be in jail until she provides proof that JJ is alive. This is reminding me of the disaster with Josh Powell and his children. An adult who should be nowhere near a child somehow is allowed to be, and I fear the results here might be as equally tragic as in the Powell case.
  3. The way I interpret that leads me to think the "compound theory" (that guy from the episode speculated that the kids could be in a compound somewhere) could have legs. Classroom apps have schoolwork and other classroom information. Maybe Lori's trying to educate JJ. I know that's a stretch, but I prefer thinking that to thinking that he might be dead. What about JJ's biological parents? I know they weren't able to raise JJ, but unless they have no contact with Kay and her husband, can't they say, "Hey, where is he?"
  4. We've all asked this question in this forum, but we seriously need a lawyer. How can a reporter be jailed when he/she doesn't reveal a source when compelled to do so, yet Lori and Chad aren't in jail? JJ is a minor child. Lori is his guardian. How is she not in jail until she produces JJ? Because Lori and Chad are bat-shit crazy.
  5. This case has gotten a lot of airtime here. I don't have the sense that it was foul play. Harley was a 14 year-old boy. It's not uncommon for teenage boys to be attracted to risky and dangerous behavior. I think the abandoned house was an attractive red flag to Harley, and he mistakenly thought that climbing down the chimney would be fun. I want Dateline to high-tail it to SC and start digging into the story of the 6-year old girl with red hair. Police are already calling it a homicide investigation.
  6. Maybe April (the friend) believes that she's somewhat protected by the fame of the case. Now, anybody with a functioning brain suspects that Lori and Chad have done something to the kids, and there's heavy suspicion that something is hinky about Tammy's death. Since Alex is also dead (and not available to do Lori's bidding), if anything happens to April, the cops are going to make a beeline for Lori and Chad. April may be hoping that they won't want to put that much heat on themselves.
  7. I was under the impression that the police seized whatever they thought had value as evidence, This show made me so mad I could spit. Chad and Lori have done something to Tylee and JJ. Every fiber of my being says that, and it pisses me off that they're not locked up. Why in the HELL would any agency give her 5 days to produce the kids? It should not take 5 days to produce a 7 year-old. One of their "supporters" mentioned Satan. He's going to be waiting for Chad and Lori. Their day will come, and I hope they both fry.
  8. I'm sorry that Kelsey was killed, but I feel her case has gotten TONS of exposure. It seems like there's been 5+ episodes between Dateline and 48 Hours. All for the psycho boyfriend and his squeeze on the side to have done it. Kelsey's story, while tragic for her family and her daughter, is not unique, and is frankly not worthy of this much airtime.
  9. He's been convicted, but an Indiana innocence group is taking his case. It was on the end card at the end of the episode. +1
  10. Kayla SAID that she didn't remember this at the time. I was curious as to why that wasn't pursued more. Annette might have been a favorite to Jessie, but Kayla was Annette's niece, which is family, If Kayla and Jessie are close in age, Kayla would have a vested interest in protecting her aunt by not talking to Jessie about what happened. At 9, you're old enough to understand when someone might be in trouble. Kayla might have thought that about Annette.
  11. The episode never went into why Annette might have had black candles, only that Jessie said that the candles were black.
  12. Corey was by no means a prize, but the women allowed him to be no prize by sleeping with him. It wasn't even like he was stringing all of them along or had women in separate towns. Everyone knew that Corey was a player. Heck, the women knew that Corey was a player, and somehow they all had themselves convinced to keep sleeping with him for whatever their individual reasons were. If you're willing to check your brain at the door that much for the sake of getting laid with a guy you know is sleeping around, I don't feel that sorry for you. Any of those women had plenty of information. They knew what was what and continued to choose him.
  13. Also, Annette couldn't let this go. She told the cop that was still painful. Why? Corey had fathered children with Jody and Wendy, and yet they weren't as fixated on Corey as Annette was. Another red flag. It was implied toward the end of the episode, but the episode didn't spend a lot of time on it. I think the jist was that the defense tried to make hay with the idea that Jessie's mom's ex (Jessie's dad?) had an affair with Annette, so that gave Jessie's mom motive to make something up. That went out the door for me by the sheer fact that Jessie was at Kayla's house for a sleepover. Annette lived there, and if there was this much bad blood between Annette and Jessie's mom, no way do I believe that Jessie's mom would allow Jessie to go to Kayla's house to sleep over.
  14. I went the other way because I would have convicted her. Annette and Corey clearly had history. The details that Jessie recalled were big for me. Nine-year-olds aren't just going to pull black candles out of thin air. Most people do not have those readily available, so they're memorable. They stand out. If Jessie had said birthday candles or Christmas candles (candles that are much more common) than I would be more inclined to believe that she misremembered, but the black candles stood out. I also don't buy that her mother coached her in any way. Who's going to tell your kid "OK Jessie, here 's a story to tell about Annette that involves lighting black candles." Other red flags were all of that "help" that Annette gave police over the years and that she put herself at Corey's house that morning. It's often said that criminals like to insert themselves in investigations under the guise of being helpful. I think Annette is exactly where she should be.
  15. Gary Hilton = Fry the bastard now. He's been convicted of murder in three different states. Florida needs to hurry up with that needle.
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