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  1. Good Bones: Mina Starsiak Hawk Talks About Her Family
  2. Maybe so, but as a 9 year-old, it's very difficult to go up against your parent as the authority figure even if you're right. Emily had no authority or ability to make her mother do anything.
  3. Fantastic. File as many charges as possible. Police to submit charges against Lori Vallow Daybell in estranged husband's death
  4. Akshay: I wondered if he might be somewhere on the neurodiverse spectrum. He talked about liking graduate school and hanging out at the library or watching movies. Both intellectual pursuits, but not particularly social pursuits. He seemed the most social with his cousin. Posters talked about him liking his cousin, but it could be that he was more social with his cousin because he knows her well and is able to interact with her more freely. He knows what to expect from her. Now, I don't think his mother would ever acknowledge or admit that her son is neurodiverse, but I think he could be.
  5. You're probably correct, but my devil's advocate rebuttal for more episodes possibly coming shortly is that I thought it was strange that we met the woman at her brother's wedding with less than 10 minutes to go in Episode 8. They gave her a name card and started telling her story. I thought that was odd because it wasn't like we were going to have time to follow her story. Sima could have easily been seen going to the wedding and interacting with the guests as she looked for new clients, Then fade to black. End of season. If Netflix were planning a release of more episodes in August, introducing that woman at the very end would make more sense. She could be the hook to bridge the two groups of episodes. Not much time will have passed, so viewers would likely remember her. However, it's far more likely that you're right, which is a bummer because I want more episodes.
  6. Angels and Demons was new to me. I just don't understand how grown adults can think someone's going to make them immortal, keep them safe, or whatever other crap that cult leaders promise. People seem so willing to abdicate their own thought process at almost the drop of a hat...and, by the way give these whack jobs all of their money. Daniel Perez is clearly mentally ill, but I don't feel sorry for those who are criminally mentally ill like he is. I think criminally deviant mental illness can't be fixed, and it's a threat to people like Sarah and Emily. Best to just keep Daniel locked away from society.
  7. Yeah, the one woman at the very end of Episode 8, she clearly said that she was close to her family, she was Indian, and arranged marriages are what many Indians do.
  8. I don't think so. I think she's just very driven. She's financially successful, and for her, I think a man is a want, not a need. Some women need a man, but Aparna is not one of those women. She's got her job, her travels, and if the right guy comes along (Jay?) then great. If not, that's OK,too.
  9. I loved how the students at his school (the ones in the library) were clearly trying to help him get a date by talking about his positive qualities. They were trying to hook him up (in a good way). It showed how much they liked him.
  10. J.J. Vallow ‘Would Not Be Found,’ Missing Boy’s Uncle Allegedly Told Lori Vallow’s Friend This morning on CBS, legal analyst Rikki Klieman (who I like) said that the best way for prosecutors to file murder charges is to get one of them to flip on the other. I will spit if they try to pin all of this on Alex, and the jury buys it. Please no. Chad is disgusting, but if it's necessary to flip him to make sure Lori never sees the light of day again, that is what must happen. Either that or some miracle evidence falls from the sky so prosecutors don't have to give either one of them a deal.
  11. What’s expected to happen at Chad Daybell’s preliminary hearing Hearing is on Monday.
  12. Date of Chad Daybell’s predicted end of the world comes and goes Prosecutor asking judge to block video cameras from Vallow, Daybell hearings
  13. Despite bond reduction, Lori Vallow expected to remain in custody
  14. Ding, Ding, Ding! That literally jumped off the screen at me immediately. If that's what happened, even though the jury didn't see Gil's interrogation, they know that Gil himself never said that's what happened...which meant that he kept that from the police. Honestly, the biggest reason I thought Gil was acquitted is because the jury didn't seem to possess higher-order thinking skills. They didn't seem to grasp Sabar's point (which is a biggie), and the female juror made a point of saying that she had made up her mind about this supposed scenario on the first day. That's not a hallmark of a person who is thinking critically. Plus, the jury only took six hours. Not enough time to weigh or discuss any situation in a meaningful manner, in my opinion. I think Gil did it and got exceptionally lucky with the jury he had. Either that, or his lawyers recognized what they had during jury selection and capitalized on it. (Yes, I watch Bull.)
  15. I watched Summer Rush in a binge. From the numbers given above, it doesn't look like there will be a Season 2. There's a whole lot of drama in the Foy family that has zero to do with food or restaurants. It would have been interesting to see how they handled Covid-19.
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