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  1. Don't ask me when, but I'm SURE Dateline covered this case somewhere along the way. May he burn because he certainly deserves it. 'Dating Game Killer' Rodney Alcala dies at 77
  2. Money. This article details how this situation with Tarek, Christina, Ant, and even Renee Zellweger all ties to Discovery and Discovery+. The company is making money from all sides of this situation, and let's face it, Tarek, Christina, and Ant are all making money from this, too. And the cynic in me doesn't think the fact that Christina's new man is a real estate broker is a coincidence either. Tony Kornheiser on PTI (ESPN) always quotes a fellow reporter who once said, "The answer to all of your questions is money." https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2570856/ant-anstead-renee-zell
  3. I thought the white countertops with the green cabinets was an odd combination. The countertops stood out almost too much.
  4. People had a lot more to say about the incident between Tarek and Christina. (Link below.) Tarek El Moussa Is 'Super Remorseful' He 'Lashed Out' at Ex Christina Haack, Says Source
  5. The fact that she's with the realtor this soon after Ant is not a terrific sign. It points to the fact that she seems to need to be in a relationship AND need the attention of a man. She's a woman of significant financial means who has the opportunity to be on her own for quite a long time if she wishes. However, she seems to be unable to do that, and that lack of stability is going to affect her and the kids.
  6. When people (anyone, not just Christina) do anything publicly, they are inviting judgement and comment. On her show, she has repeatedly (including in last night's episode) referred to the fact that she has two "baby daddies." Her business is literally all out for all the world to see, including Taylor's birthday party and her wedding to Ant. I don't watch Tarek's Flipping 101 show, but is his personal life on as much display as hers? Her show is pretty close to 50% her personal life and 50% her current project. For her own sake (and for the sake of all of the kids), she would probably benefit
  7. I wonder if the four properties in CA are her house plus three properties that she owns and is flipping with Tarek? Otherwise, I can't image where the houses would come from, but I'm surprised that the company doesn't own them. How would the company's assets affect her divorce from Ant?
  8. Christina Haack Maintains Ownership of 5 Houses, Wedding Ring After Finalizing Ant Anstead Divorce
  9. Yes, but I got the distinct sense that Robert's family doesn't want that, at least not now. I'd support Andrew's release for the reasons you've stated, but I think he's got to be realistic about Robert's family. They may never want to interact with Andrew.
  10. There's a marathon on right now, and I just saw an episode with Ant in it. The series is certainly not aging well. They didn't even make it two years, did they? Also, I saw a commercial for the current season. Somewhere in the season, the Tennessee house is going to come up. I can't image that being long-term with her. TN's like night and day different from CA.
  11. Yes, her father doused himself and Catherine. I think he never got over the loss of the first son. I think Catherine did indeed kill her mother. Her childhood was horrific, and for that I have empathy. However, I think Catherine has been damaged enough by that childhood to be dangerous. She needs to be in jail. I'd support Andrew's release, however, but I also support Robert's family's feelings about Andrew.
  12. I feel very sorry for Taylor and Braydan. Hudson is too young to understand the dynamic with his mother. Ant's kids are a lot older. Taylor and Braydan have had to deal with their parents' breakup, the introduction of Ant. marriage to their mom, Christina's divorce from Ant, and now the introduction of a new guy. Hopefully, Tarek's still with the woman he's been with...or he's single.
  13. Back in the days of early Flip or Flop, Tarek seemed very close to Taylor, and I think that's still true today. (Even allowing for TV embellishment.) He also very much wanted a son. Ant seemed involved and interested with his older children, and from everything I've read, he didn't want the divorce. I completely think both men are genuinely interested in their kids.
  14. I hear what you're saying, and teenagers have been known to shoot their parents. However, there was mention of a $900,000 that Jason got in some sort of settlement. They blew threw that in some amount of time. Coincidentally, Nichole had a life insurance policy on her worth S100,000. Money is the age-old motive, and it's a heck of a lot easier for me to get to an adult male killing his wife to collect 100K than it is a kid shooting his mother AND killing himself over a cell phone. Admittedly, the temperature stuff I can't fully explain, but Nichole is dead either by Taylor's hand or by J
  15. Andrea said that Jason's mom didn't want to give another interview. I vaguely remember this case from an earlier time. Maybe I'm wrong, but I got the sense that Andrea interviewed the older son several years ago and Remington and her brother much closer to present-day. Meaning when Andrea interviewed the older son, Jason hadn't threatened the EMT yet.
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