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  1. Jessica had a couple of things about her that gave me pause. Bender was significantly older than her, and she and Patrick got engaged after several months. It sounds like she hasn't seriously dated anyone since Patrick's death. It may still be wise for her to continue to be alone for a while so she can reflect on his own life and not only her life as one half of a couple.
  2. In this case, I think Charles was trapped by gender bias in terms of domestic relationships. Lori is the woman. Charles is the man. I think the detective saw the gender narrative that more frequently happens...that the man was the aggressor, and didn't investigate further so as to confirm or disprove that bias.
  3. Thank you. I started watching it, but then I got to the part where they had interview footage of Tylee. I loved the psychologist and his wife the journalist. I thought he was very informative and thoughtful in his remarks and would be interesting to listen to further. However, when he started describing how Tylee couldn't sit still and seeing her and knowing what was done to her, I turned the show off. It does seem like Dateline is giving Chad and Lori publicity, and I find that infuriating.
  4. "Secret" is an actual term that the U.S. Military uses. Security Clearance Classification
  5. She did go to the authorities about the domestic violence. They went to court, and there wasn't enough evidence. The judge issued retaining orders for each of them against the other. There was no mention of the photographs, however. I think that Kit's involved, but I also think Joan's involved. Cal, Joan, and Kit are so intertwined, I simply don't think it's only one. TVBitch also said it best about another case months ago. The reality is it was one and/or the other. I agree Kit is narcissistic, but I think Joan is too. Kit's not going to admit it, and Joan has engineered it so s
  6. I don't think Joan's motive had anything to do with testifying at the court martial. Why would she care? It was Kit's court martial. Yet, there was plenty of evidence that she was vengeful toward men who wronged her. She told one of her kids that the kid's father was dead when the man wasn't, and she accused Kit of domestic violence. If she perceived Cal as spurning her (even if that didn't actually happen), I can see her attacking him. I think it's possible that they both worked together to kill Cal for separate reasons (the enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of thing) and then Joan turn
  7. The influx of migrants along the Texas border could potentially also provide Brian with a type of cover. People are crossing into the U.S. from Mexico. What if Brian crosses into Mexico at a non-checkpoint area somewhere along the Rio Grande? I think we;'re getting to the point that he's either dead or out of the United States by now. The coroner declared her death a homicide in Wyoming. He did it.
  8. Irlandesa, the one thing that made me really raise an eyebrow about Kit was his claim that she was able to get all of that classified information out of his office. That seemed implausible to me. However, Cal never did directly refute the fact that there was something between him and Joan. If she felt scorned, I could see her shooting Cal. I'm wondering if Kit and Joan did it together. After it happened Joan had the faux dog tags made, planted them, and then just didn't talk. She turned on Kit after the murders. He accused her, but he didn't cop to anything himself. If Kit's inte
  9. I'm not a car person, but tonight on NBC Nightly News, the newscast had images of authorities talking a car out of Brian's parents' driveway on a flatbed truck. I think this is what we'll see on this Friday's Dateline. The news showed 15 seconds or so of Andrea interviewing Gabby's father. At whatever time the interview was done, he told Andrea he thought something bad had happened to Gabby. 48 Hours is also prepping its own episode. Saw a clip of Gabby's best friend being interviewed.
  10. Police and FBI are searching for Brian Laundrie, fiancé of missing 22-year-old Gabby Petito +1 Sorry for your loss, Court. The article is a few hours old, but my late local news (via their national feed from CBS) seemed to indicate that the search for Brian is still ongoing at the nature preserve.
  11. A body has been found in a national forest in Wyoming. Authorities were searching the area for Gabby Petito Article was posted a very short time ago.
  12. This case is happening in real time (as in right now). It's so new that Dateline hasn't covered it yet, but I would be very surprised if they didn't do an episode about it.
  13. It is not anti-analytical thinking that: 1) He went on a trip with her and he came home alone...in her car. 2) He was not the one to report her missing. Her parents were. 3) Since he was on a trip with her, he was among one of the last people to see her. It's reasonable that any law enforcement agency would want to talk to him. Yet, he has not done that. Those are all factual pieces of information, and yes, opinion comes into that because he has done NOTHING to change the perception. And you're right, we don't have to know, but the problem is, the cops don't know either.
  14. He's definitely acting like he had no care in the world. He drove his girlfriend's car back from Florida and didn't make a beeline for any police station. If he wasn't involved in anything suspicious, he's not telling any law enforcement agency, " Hey, this happened with my girlfriend at XYZ location, and now she's missing. Please investigate." Her parents reported her missing, and he's not being cooperative AT ALL. He's doing an exceptional job of acting like a guilty person. And "he's only 23" is a complete excuse, in my opinion. Twenty-three is not thirteen or three. Twenty-three
  15. I will be surprised if Gabby is found alive. I think it's highly likely Brian did something, and he might be involved in this other case as well. Driving your missing girlfriend's car back to Florida with no apparent care in the world is suspicious at best.
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