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  1. Of course, when they did a close up on Galdy's phone, it is clear that she has not pressed the record button since it shows it at 00.00 worth of recording. These missed things drive me crazy. UGh! Also, Michael - go to hell.
  2. Nina would never be arrested if it had to go through Robert or Mac. Rather, they would show up with a key to the city and thank her for keeping Sonny at bay for NINE MONTHS!
  3. I think Carly was calling Jax to try to strong arm him into taking Crimson away from Nina....a thing that she loves.
  4. So let me get this straight, Joss can forgive Sonny for 1) trying to kill her father in a plane crash; and 2) getting his green card revoked so that she could not see him for who knows how long...BUT she can't forgive Nina for keeping the fact that Sonny was alive? I mean all three situations do not warrant forgiveness...but come on Joss.
  5. How rich was it to have Carly - CARLY - of all people, throwing someone out of Monica's house. Just unbelievable. Also, newsflash Carly, Sonny DID lose a child to mob violence. He's almost lost of all of his kids (except Avery and Donna) to mob violence. You need to spend some time thinking about that your crazed lunatic. She is just the worst.
  6. What if - hear me out - what if Cameron Mathison is joining GH to play a not-so-sincerely-dead Peter? Did we ever get confirmation that he was coming to play Drew as suggested?
  7. It did not. Diane was the attorney and, with multiple interruptions and complaints from Tracy, managed to get the entire will read including where Edward left money to PBS (haha). Then at the end, Diane presented Tracy with a box containing Lila's Pickle Relish. That was it.
  8. Edward's will read, "To my living grandchildren" I bequeath to each 12% of my shares of ELQ. Tracy argued that AJ shouldn't get anything because he was dead when Edward wrote the will. Monica argued that the will said, "living grandchildren." All agreed, then, that AJ should receive his 12% because he was, in fact, alive. Therefore, since Austin is one of Edward's living grandchildren, he is entitled to 12% of the ELQ shares. I just watched the reading on youtube.
  9. Didn't Finn, at one point, tell everyone he was having a second DNA test run at Mercy? He mentioned knowing that DNA tests run at GH were routinely tampered with. Maybe he will remember that and decide to check Gregory's DNA.
  10. I like the Jason/Britt scenes but realized yesterday, as Britt was pouring her heart out to Jason and he was not looking at her, that KT is carrying the load in these scenes. SB is just...sheesh.
  11. I think the pauses occur when he is looking around for his next line. I am convinced that his lines are pasted onto the floor. Notice how often, during his awkward pauses, he looks down. If he doesn't look down, he's looking around for whoever it who is holding up his lines. He is awful.
  12. My favorite moment was when Scotty described Jason's "stinking, wasted, thug life!" #BIGFACTS!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Worse than that, they never interacted before now and now they are interacting like fools. Every time she "aww shucks" at Dante I just want to throw up. Good grief. I mean this feels so awkward. I just don't get it. Why in the world would they put Sam with Dante? Are they that committed to KeMo the mumbler or do they just hate Dom that much?
  14. This Dante/Sam thing is just no. I am not interested in this any more than I am interested in Jersey Mike. This is ridiculous. I do not want Dante saddled with that bore.
  15. As always, Kevin has to make the first attempt at reconciliation. Why? Because no one can be as hurt or as wronged as Randall. I'm over his self-righteous self...truly. He was the most unbearable part of the show. Also, can Daija grow up and move out? I'm not a fan.
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