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  1. I’m so tired of Randall. His never-ending drama, everyone constantly coddling him, his freakouts, and the focus always being on him. “Randall grapples with anxiety” might as well be the tagline for the entire show. Teen Kate’s “Why are you mad? Did I do something wrong?” to scuzzy boyfriend Marc is subtly waving ALL the red flags for an abusive relationship. Pity we didn’t see more of that.
  2. I have a soft spot for Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill so I was delighted that they seemed to be indicating she’d be Kevin’s endgame/mother of his child. And then the hall pass reveal. Bummer. But Sophie calling in the end…hmm. I’d be okay with that too. Toby has gotten more tolerable over the years and Kate’s only gotten more unbearable. So I’m kind of interested in seeing their slow-motion trainwreck of a marriage. What I don’t care literally at all about? Jack and Rebecca’s early dating struggles. Could not possibly care less. We know they ended up together. None of this is compelling. LET’S MOVE ON.
  3. There was a blind item a few days ago that people unanimously identified as Justin and Chrishell. If true, it's very disappointing.
  4. This felt like old-school Modern Family. Every subplot worked for me, and I laughed several times. Julie Bowen did a fantastic directorial job.
  5. Aw, Tess and Kevin scenes! Kevin/Justin Hartley is especially adorable in scenes with the kids. It will a delight to see him with a baby next year. Maybe this can be the end of Nicky storylines? Pretty please? He got his redemption, he got his family, let's call it a day and move on. I hope Kate and Toby find a good divorce lawyer, because they're going to need one. I’m intrigued about why Kevin and Randall aren’t speaking in the next 9 months. My money’s on Randall somehow being a sanctimonious, overbearing ass. I’m just basing this on the previous 62 episodes.
  6. The good: Baby Jack was cute, Toby was dorkily endearing, the flashbacks to the past were used effectively, and the burgeoning conflict between aging Rebecca and Randall has some dramatic potential. But I'm really, really tired of Deja. I think the actress is talented and likeable, so it’s nothing against her. I’m just weary of all the contemporary kid storylines focusing on her and her problems and her birth mother and her relationship with Malik and her education and her dynamic with Randall and zzzzzzzzz––– sorry, I passed out from boredom just remembering all her storylines. She’s really not that interesting, I’m sorry. Her adoption arc was, to an extent, but the focus on her the past two seasons isn’t. What’s a girl gotta do to get a real storyline with Tess and Annie? What's going on between them? How do they feel about being totally pushed aside and all their parents’ attention and fawning going to Deja? Outsider-turned-favorite-kid Deja is what Randall was to the Pearsons as a kid. Judging by the messes that adult Kevin and adult Kate are, I fear for Tess and Annie's adult selves. We know Tess becomes a social worker, but we know nothing about Annie. So I'll just continue to assume she's in prison for burning down an orphanage.
  7. I'm so relieved all my burning curiosity about Malik and Deja's torrid high school love affair was addressed so thoroughly, in such relentless nonstop painstaking detail, for almost 40 minutes. I can sleep easy tonight.
  8. Don't know how to feel about Kevin and Cassidy going there, but we got sweaty, shirtless Justin Hartley in this episode, so... *shrug*. I don't know why but a Toby remark cracked me up. It was his explaining why having sex next to sleeping baby Jack would be okay: "He can't…you know… see us." They’ll never do it, but it’s time to cut Milo V. out of the show. 3+ seasons in, we’ve seen all there is to see of Jack. The endless flashbacks to Jack and Rebecca's dating years are dragging down the show, IMO. I want to see how Rebecca moved on after his death, how the kids fared, how life moved on. Not see how Rebecca's dad was mean to him. Who cares, for real. I would have much preferred to see teen Kate’s relationship with her dodgy coworker fleshed out and how it apparently affected her, or see the fallout from teen Kevin’s marriage. Instead of Randall golf montages and his millionth identity crisis stemming from his adoption. Stop spinning your wheels, show.
  9. There are episodes where the present-day scenes benefit from being interspersed with flashbacks to the past. This was not one of those episodes, in my opinion. Too much was going on with very little actually happening. A 15-second scene of Kevin and Nicky (who I still don't care at all about), 5-second scene of newly married Kevin coming home to his family, 5-second look at Kate cuddling baby Jack, cut to Randall being worried about Tess, then cut to awkward family dinner in the past, then Jack and Rebecca setting up house, then a cut to William (oh. him again. great.), then Nicky and Kevin and Cassidy for a few seconds, then back to the teen Big Three...the whole episode felt very jumbled and superficial, a patchwork of tiny scenes one after another, none of it really adding up to anything. Last week's episode did a much better job of balancing all the characters without rushing through so many micro scenes. Plus it felt like Shonda Rhimes wrote so many of the weird speeches. That is not a compliment. People just don't just stand there and monologue at each other (example: Kevin asks Cassidy's ex-husband why he bothered to come to the event and ex-husband starts rambling how he met Cassidy at 15 when she bumped into him in the hallway and blah blah blah blah...).
  10. Either I'm getting soft or this was a pretty good episode. It was a nicely paced mix of all the characters and no one was off-the-charts annoying. That being said, anything concerning Nicky can easily be cut and the show will not suffer. Since they made a point of saying Cassidy wants her husband back, hopefully they won't pair Kevin and Army McFrownsALot. Teen Kate and her mother getting along? What?? Adult Kate and Toby's fight in the car really made me think "yeah, these two are going to get divorced eventually". Sure, she apologized but the passive-aggressive remark about the gym, the personal attacks, the condescending disregard of Toby's parenting abilities, the misdirected obsession with Bunny... get thee to a marriage councilor, Kate.
  11. Based on the premiere and this episode, all I can say is this: It's going to be a long, painful season. I still can't believe how far one of my favorite shows has fallen.
  12. I'm just here for scenes of Justin Hartley cuddling baby Jack. Annie continues to be my favorite Pearson. Adorable and drama-free.
  13. Preach it. My favorite comment on the episode via Reddit:
  14. Well, that was...something. I guess. No words can express how little I care about Jack & Rebecca: The Early Years. I get that Milo V needs a paycheck, but is their story really necessary, 4 seasons in? We know how they met. We know their story, and how it ended. Let's move on, for the love of god. And that cringy Jack monologue over dinner...some things never change. I called who the blind guy was the second he started picking up the broken plate pieces. I doubt that can be considered a twist. Well, at least someone in this extended family has a successful singing career.
  15. Vik, even from beyond the grave, is still the only person I liked. I caught the Affair marathon on Showtime today and his last episodes where he’s saying how much he doesn’t want to die were heartbreaking. So his funeral (and video message to his awful stepkids) was rough. The Solloway children are arguably the worst kids on TV and yet Vik found something to love there.
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