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  1. From the pilot it was obvious that this was a show about three very affluent South California families. They live in multimillion dollar homes, the the spouses didn't work and stayed at home with their children, they could drop thousands of dollars on flights and five-star hotel rooms, they freely bought gadgets and anything they wanted to, really. None of this was hidden, nowhere was it said that these families were representative of anything, much less the common person. So all of the above critiques, while sort of valid, are about 11 seasons out of date. They've always been like this, always spent like this, always falling into jobs like this. They're conspicuously rich white/Latino people. The show is called Modern Family, not Average Family.
  2. I really enjoyed the documentary with the cast before the finale. The finale itself left me cold. Cam uprooting Mitchell and Lily's lives so he can be a football coach in the middle of nowhere - and with a new infant no less - was just irritating. No point to it, and Cam has been a whiny baby for years and seeing Mitchell give in was a sad ending for one of my favorite characters. I'd comment on the rest but none of it hit any real emotional notes, so meh.
  3. Could just as easily say there was no excuse for what Randall said to Kevin. Jack died ashamed of Kevin? What? Not to mention, Randall did a full character assassination of Kevin, which Kevin didn't do in return. He said Randall had a negative influence on his life, which is more or less true. Randall didn't add anything positive to Kevin's life. (Whereas Kevin left his play premiere to go and coddle Randall, like Randall expected.)
  4. Damn, Kate and Toby’s kids turn out really attractive. Nice fakeout by having her mention a one-night stand with a movie star – my mind went straight to wondering if she was Kevin’s babymama. Nope! It’s the second Damon child. Well done, show. Never say I didn’t occasionally say nice things about you. And speaking of babymamas…Madison. Well, we all called it. Meh. Randall needs to die next season. Preferably painfully. There is really no redemption there. He is a toxic narcissist through and through. I felt so much acute affection for Kevin when he said the worst thing to happen to him was Randall’s adoption. I said the same thing in the Unpopular Opinions thread last week. Kevin’s life would have been immeasurably better without that dick in it.
  5. The only "what if" episode that would really pique my interest is a scenario where the Pearsons never adopted Randall. Their lives would likely have been so much better. Rebecca's gross favoritism never would have shown itself. Kevin wouldn't have been ignored and developed a desperate need for attention. Jack wouldn't have fawned over his favorite son. No endless conflict with Randall's adoptee identity issues. Rebecca wouldn't be constantly manipulated by her turd of a son. Two kids are cheaper and easier to raise than three, especially when they're conflict between the three. Not to mention, butterfly effect and all, they wouldn't have lived in that house, ergo no fire, no Jack dying prematurely. Randall is and always was a whiny, high-maintenance, arrogant little shit. His presence really brought nothing objectively good to the Pearsons, just drama and crises from childhood through the present day. Ugh I hate him.
  6. This episode, like so many others, was a succinct demonstration of Randall’s inflated sense of self. I was getting a real workout rolling my eyes so hard at Randall’s saccharine perfect fantasy life, so I was relieved when his therapist called him on it. (That being said, I hope no viewers considering trying therapy think real therapists are that blunt and confrontational.) Sterling K. Brown did a very nice job, but we didn’t learn anything new. Randall is a manipulative, spoiled asshole. The Pearson kids have mommy and daddy issues. News at 11.
  7. So the Pearsons accidentally took the train to Queens, and (instead of just getting on another train going back into Manhattan) got off, exited the station, and wandered around Queens for 2 hours whining that they were lost? Did the entire family have a collective stroke? Kevin taking his mom to his premiere was damn cute. Randall: a toxic asshole then, an even more toxic asshole now. How does anyone stand him, seriously.
  8. I had to wonder for a few seconds what you were talking about. That is how much I've mentally blocked out that aggressively uninteresting subplot.
  9. Adult Kevin's adoring face when he was listening to Rebecca sing was heartbreaking. Oh Justin Hartley, you and your expressive eyes. God shut up, Randall. How does anyone in his life tolerate this sanctimonious asshole?
  10. This whole Mark story, while believable, still feels like a bit of a retcon to me. It took 3+ seasons for any of this to come up? Someone this fundamental to Kate’s self-esteem issues and eventual weight spiral and just a generally traumatic formative experience would have been at least casually referenced at some point before among the characters. Unless it was something the writers cooked up this season and are trying to make seem organic, like it was there all along. Not really buying it. I guess the mystery of what caused Kevin and Randall’s rift continues. It’s still weird to me how sympathetic I’ve been finding Toby the past season or so. He was such a tool in the beginning. The worse his spouse got, the better he got. I shall call this The Kate Effect. Can’t decide what is more attractive: silver-fox Kevin or that gorgeous future cabin.
  11. The ending shots of her sitting on her bed and comparing rings (Grant's vs. her grandmother's) makes me think there's some wiggle room there. Not to mention, Good Will Hunting. [22-year-old spoiler alert!] It ends with Will bailing on his job offer and going out West to follow Skylar, whom he'd broken up with earlier. "I gotta go see about a girl." I wouldn't be shocked if the season ends with Sophie bailing on Grant and proposing to Kevin with her grandmother's ring.
  12. Aw, an episode I liked from start to finish. Centered on the one character I like, plus minimal Randall and minimal Jack. Hallelujah. Plus I felt more empathy and sympathy for Sophie losing her mom than pretty much anyone else on this show to date. I surprised myself for actively rooting for Kevin and Sophie to reunite. Alas.
  13. I’m so tired of Randall. His never-ending drama, everyone constantly coddling him, his freakouts, and the focus always being on him. “Randall grapples with anxiety” might as well be the tagline for the entire show. Teen Kate’s “Why are you mad? Did I do something wrong?” to scuzzy boyfriend Marc is subtly waving ALL the red flags for an abusive relationship. Pity we didn’t see more of that.
  14. I have a soft spot for Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill so I was delighted that they seemed to be indicating she’d be Kevin’s endgame/mother of his child. And then the hall pass reveal. Bummer. But Sophie calling in the end…hmm. I’d be okay with that too. Toby has gotten more tolerable over the years and Kate’s only gotten more unbearable. So I’m kind of interested in seeing their slow-motion trainwreck of a marriage. What I don’t care literally at all about? Jack and Rebecca’s early dating struggles. Could not possibly care less. We know they ended up together. None of this is compelling. LET’S MOVE ON.
  15. There was a blind item a few days ago that people unanimously identified as Justin and Chrishell. If true, it's very disappointing.
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