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  1. CleoCaesar

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    What the bleep was that. 50 minutes of sheer idiocy in the courtroom. And pretty much everywhere else. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find some children I'm tangentially related to and file for full custody because their mother pushed them once and took sleep medication after her husband's violent death.
  2. CleoCaesar

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    Damn, Corey. If Jane had trust issues with men before...
  3. CleoCaesar

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Second episode in a row where I was rolling my eyes for most of it. It should not have taken Celeste this long to tell Mary Louise to fuck off. Why is everyone still even talking to her? This season should have been called We Just Needed a Pretext to Hire Meryl Streep.
  4. CleoCaesar

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    Well that was 44 minutes of filler. Definitely not as explosive an episode as last week. Call me a sociopath, but I'm getting a little tired of everyone still feeling so guilty over Perry. It's been nearly a year on the show, and Bonnie is still mid-breakdown, Celeste is still weepy over the guy who nearly killed her, everyone is hysterical about The Secret™. I'm sorry to say it, but get over it already. Everyone was just annoying this episode. Renata needs a bucket of Valium. Madeleine is not a victim of mean Ed and I'm irked that his totally legitimate pain and fury is being brushed off by the other characters. Jane's weird boyfriend needs to join Tom wherever he is. Even the therapist needed to slow her roll.
  5. CleoCaesar

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    I wouldn't mind if Mary Louise ends up this season with a piece of rebar in her neck.
  6. CleoCaesar

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    THANK YOU. I get that everyone thinks Meryl Streep is the second coming of Jesus, but to me her acting comes off as so showy and mannered. It's over the top, even in the quiet scenes; it calls attention to itself. Nicole Kidman is doing some of the finest work of her career on this show, and in every episode it's complex, layered, and subtle acting. It's never cartoonish. Meanwhile people keep focusing on Meryl's fake teeth and eardrum-rupturing screaming. For which she'll probably win the Emmy. Sigh.
  7. Was she? My memory is hazy but to me it seems like her not wanting kids only came up in the second half of this season. It didn't seem like she was militant about it (in the sense that she had been vocally against having kids for years). She and Leonard didn't even discuss it before marriage, an odd omission for someone who truly, 100% does not want to have children.
  8. I loved that they didn't go the Friends route and have the gang break up (some by moving to the suburbs, some staying in the city). Even though things will change (Leonard and Penny's baby, the eventual Sheldon and Amy children, Raj maybe finally meeting someone), I loved that the last shot was them eating around the coffee table. Interesting that Raj was left unpaired up. He's the Joey Tribbiani of the group, if only in that respect. Loved Amy's long overdue makeover. And I don't mind Penny's pregnancy; they seemed genuinely delighted about it, and opinions can change.
  9. CleoCaesar

    S10.E22: A Year of Birthdays

    This would have been a great series finale. Loved the reenactment of the pilot's "Circle of Life". Hard to believe it's been a decade. Do I really think we need another season, probably of Haley and Dylan being mediocre parents to Pixar and Coachella? No. But I'll still watch. I'm not quite ready to say bye to these characters. Well, except Manny. And Cam.
  10. CleoCaesar

    S12.E18: The Laureate Accumulation

    I'd read a children's picture book called The Bitchy Little Astronaut.
  11. CleoCaesar

    S03.E18: Her

    Very cute scene with Kevin and Tess. (“Remember when I came out to you?” “Via text. It was very modern of you.”) Justin Hartley seems very at ease with the kids and it’s adorable. I'm here for him, basically. Everything else about this episode annoyed the hell out of me, so I figured I might as well lead with the only positive. Kate’s irritating behavior towards Rebecca (nothing new there). Deja’s eyeroll-worthy speech (the actress is fine; the cheesy monologuing is beyond stupid). Same goes for Jack’s idiotic verbal diarrhea to the poor hospital receptionist. And of course Beth acquiescing to Randall and uprooting their comfortable life due to his latest whim. The Zoe/Kevin breakup was well done, but left me with a “So, uh, why did we spend a season on this relationship?” feeling. Kind of “meh” on “her” being Rebecca. I still wish the writers had chosen something more daring. Like dear little Annie went rogue in adulthood and ended up in prison. Preferably after shanking Randall (or Deja now, I guess) for delivering another Pearson monologue.
  12. CleoCaesar

    S03.E17: R&B

    This episode/entire show is so pro-Randall it is beyond tiresome. He’s been acting like an utter jackass all season and frankly this very episode. He’s over-the-top, smug, and selfish in practically every flashback. And in the present-day scene he even has the nerve to ask when he’s steamrolled Beth. Uh, how about moving your dying biological father into the house…fostering a kid…adopting a kid…buying an apartment building…running for councilman… SERIOUSLY, RANDALL? But then with Beth’s “anxiety attacks” remark (which, yes, was a low-blow) he gets to be the victim. GAH. NO. STOP DOING THAT, SHOW. He gets to go off and sulk and it’s poor, poor Randall all over again. It’s infuriating. Okay episode otherwise, I guess. I wish it had focused more on the present-day scenes instead of all the ones of young Randall being such a tool. Also, how eye-rollingly predictable that Randall manages to work in his adoption drama and the horror of Being Raised by White People™ into the first five minutes of his first date with Beth. Their drama-filled college relationship of codependence, clinginess, over-the-top “romantic” gestures, and cheesy public proposal was basically my nightmare. More red flags than a Communist parade.
  13. CleoCaesar

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I’m sorry, am I actually supposed to feel bad for Randall? Oh he's so tired and overworked and has to be a councilman and a parent and wah wah wah. His idiotic decision to take a low-paying job with long hours in a state he doesn’t live in was a deliberate choice. There's nothing noble in it, nor do I feel any sympathy. And that message he left Beth. The sheer utter contempt for her. Dump his selfish ass, Beth. Edit: I just put together that Beth heard that vile voicemail and STILL showed up to the dinner and was charming and nice to everyone. Ugh she's way too good for that asshole.
  14. CleoCaesar

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Miguel and Madison, run far away from these people. You are too good for these immature, tiresome drama queens with their stupid monologues and neverending selfishness. What a boring, pointless episode. Of course they weren't going to kill off Kate or the baby. So what was the point of it?
  15. CleoCaesar

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Randall continues to be a self-centered ass. Stop the presses. Because Randall and Beth are annoying yuppie helicopter parents. There's literally nothing about their three smart, sweet, well-adjusted daughters that screams "We need 24/7 adult supervision!!!" and yet here we are. Randall's permajackassery aside, nice episode. The teen Big 3 really do have the adult actors' mannerisms down pat. Madison inventing the mojito was a nice touch too.