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  1. Actually, it is 100% the actor’s job to turn down roles that aren’t appropriate. By the way, I am an actor with nowhere near the clout of Scarlett Johansson, and I would turn down a role if it weren’t appropriate. She should do better.
  2. PepSinger

    Seasons 1-3: High School Years

    I watched the infamous senior prom and Donna Martin Graduates episodes on Pop today. Thoughts: • Mel’s line about how he’s going to go into his bedroom and trying to remember his senior prom is such a WTF? Is he going to masturbate? • The gang did a shitty job of hiding Donna. I don’t know why in the hell they didn’t just TAKE HER UPSTAIRS INTO A ROOM instead of trying to get her out through the front door! • I am confused as to how Donna became so drunk. What is the timeline? She had a glass at Mel’s and then a glass or two on the way to the prom. How many hours is that? It just seems ridiculous even though they did say she hadn’t eaten all day and she was the size of a toothpick. • Andrea is looking every bit of her actual age in these episodes. • Gil makes me sick.
  3. Agreed. She’s just being an asshole at this point.
  4. PepSinger


    The only leotards I liked were the ones worn by the WCC gymnasts.
  5. PepSinger


    Simone is the GOAT.
  6. PepSinger


    I watched the US Classic. Simone is just in a league of her own. I do want to see her complete her floor routine entirely in bounds, though. Does anyone know why Simone asked to be taken out of the running for the Pan Am games?
  7. PepSinger

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I would sell my soul to get a copy of the September British Vogue.
  8. FOH = front of house. I never encountered her prior to this show, and I don’t believe anyone else had. However, none of us were surprised, either.
  9. I just want to clarify this point here. As someone with awareness of this outrageousness, it was not the producers who cancelled the show. It was a theatre department head who’d finally had enough of her abusive bullshit. Her attorneys were called and said Huntington would have to pay for the cancellation of the performance, and Huntington theatre fought back and said they weren’t paying for shit. It was her fault the show was cancelled; therefore, she would have to pay for the canceled performance. She constantly made shows late. I shit you not, FOH held their breath to see if she would actually decide to grace the stage with her presence. Places would be called and then a call would be received saying she was having a “meltdown” five minutes after the show was supposed to start. Mind you, the theatre is FULL of patrons at that point. It was normal for shows to start 20+ mins late.
  10. PepSinger

    S02.E07: I Want To Know

    I’m glad this show came back for a season two. It wasn’t quite as good as the first season, but it was still really good. I loved the ending. “No more lies” all around with each of their endings was well done. I hope this show receives many nominations and awards next season. Yes, there were definitely behind the scenes issues, but I really don’t agree with how much criticism this season has received.
  11. PepSinger

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Congrats to Endgame! Well deserved! Great movie.
  12. PepSinger

    College Football

    Thank you. He’s being utterly ridiculous. Hurts wouldn’t have left Alabama without knowing that he’s the starting QB at Oklahoma.
  13. No need to call the ambulance; I’m deceased. 😂😂
  14. The Handmaid’s Tale wasn’t eligible for this year’s Emmys since the third season premiered after June 1.
  15. PepSinger

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    UO: I’m enjoying this season of Big Little Lies.