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  1. If I’m remembering the episode correctly, Jamie didn’t call 911 until 4:33am. The last time there was a cellular ping on the phone was 3:17am. That’s over an hour. If Jamie had called 911 immediately, Nick probably could’ve been saved. I’ve never watched this show before, and I’m here for Chris Messina and Matt Bomer. We’re off to a good start.
  2. Halftime show was the best since Prince. LOVE me some J.Lo and Shakira. Gorgeous, talented women.
  3. I have never seen such a bastardization of one of Maya Angelou’s most famous quotes. Yikes. I can’t confirm, but I have it on good authority she is rolling over in her grave.
  4. A few weeks ago, Pop aired the season 9 ep where Abby’s brother falls into Gamma’s grave. I hadn’t seen that episode in years, and I screamed with laughter. I don’t know if that was what the writers were intending, but it was so ridiculous. I don’t know if that or the moment when the chopper gets its revenge on Romano is when the show jumped the shark, but it’s definitely between those two moments.
  5. I read this on a crowded subway and actually laughed out loud while reading this. Laughing, of course, because I completely agree with you. That was back when this show knew how to get rid of dead weight. Now, they just hang around like a fucking albatross.
  6. When Contacts asked Meredith if she hated him, I said aloud, "I hate you." He's fucking useless, and he is not captivating to watch. Avery, we've all had bosses that we've hated. However, when your boss asks you to do something, unless it's illegal, then you fucking do it! Being insubordinate almost got his patient killed. Idiot. Miranda's breakdown actually made me cry. Well done. She verbalized what a lot of women feel, and I actually thought it was well written. I even appreciated the non to continuity with Meredith mentioning her miscarriage in S6/S7. Speaking of writing, I hated the dialogue around veterans. I work in a center that provides care for veterans and their families, and some of what Teddy said is total bullshit. When she said, "Of course Parker has PTSD... we all have it." First of all, has this show ever mentioned that Parker has a formal diagnosis of PTSD? Secondly, Teddy is not qualified to make such a diagnosis. Third, not every veteran will suffer from PTSD. It's usually about a third of those who serve. Good grief. New Peds guy was adorable with that baby. I hate this drama surrounding Amelia's baby. Totally unnecessary. "Are you okay to operate on your residents?" "Wouldn't be the first time." HAHAHA. This is old hat for Bailey. I wonder do they mention the high probability of operating on other doctors at the hospital when they interview candidates? Who the fuck are Simms and Brody? Teddy and Owen are engaged...who gives a fuck?
  7. “Rough around the edges” is code for “these woman are acting like whores/sluts, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna see them as real people whose story deserves to be told. Plus, not enough white women. Too rough.”
  8. Hee! That did lead to an amazing SNL skit, though.
  9. Again, where is Harry’s agency? Meghan isn’t holding a gun to Harry’s head and forcing him to do all this. He is an adult with his own thoughts, feelings, and motivation. Also, who are these many people who have nothing good to say about her? Her family doesn’t count because they were not even raised with her. Also, here’s the thing about life: you can be the nicest person in the world, and there will always be at least one person who doesn’t like you. That’s just life. Finally, unless her vows included, “To endure never ending torment and racist abuse from the British media,” she is under no obligation to tolerate it.
  10. How do you know this? Why does Harry have no agency? I think it’s “inconsiderate” when your own family won’t stand up to the racist tabloids talking about the only black member of the family. There’s nothing “supposed” about it. She was mistreated by British media. That is a fact. And you’re not sympathetic about someone being expose to racist treatment??
  11. Why? She’s done nothing to them. It’s not always about them (Royal family).
  12. It's like Thomas is determined to make sure that Meghan tells her child(ren) "I had no father; my mother sculpted me from clay and I was brought to life by Zeus." Ha! To be honest, I think she should tell her children this regardless.
  13. Out of Sight is currently showing on HBO, and if I stop to watch, I end up watching almost the whole thing unintentionally. She’s magnetic in that movie.
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