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  1. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!! Undefeated in an all-SEC season. Won SEC Championship. Won NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! I am beyond emotional. This is the first time since college that I’ve been able to be at home to celebrate with family. I am thankful. A family member played a roll in integrating the team. May the tide always roll.
  2. Goodness, that makes me really sad. It's sweet to see the cast members remember him even though it's been years since the show ended. He must have been a really nice guy and left a memorable impression. RIP 😢
  3. I am growing to not like this Madison. She is impossible. Nothing makes her happy. She will create conflict over anything and everything and nothing will ever be enough. She settles into being a real pain in the ass. First she tells him to go and then she creates an argument about that. The she likes the idea of a family and that becomes a problem. She is so petty. She just gets in her own way. She is miserable and unhappy and will drag every happy person down. Kevin was really being nice and sweet to her. In the previous episode, didn't she have some issue about her weight? Well, when a woman is pregnant gaining weight comes with the condition. She is just a real Debbie Downer. I completely agree with you both. She has become so damn dour! Why is she acting so surprised about Kevin needing to travel for work? Actors at Kevin's level travel, and I refuse to believe she's too stupid to know this. Then, she makes some sort of statement about how she didn't ask him to be in their (her and her children's) lives. If she didn't want Kevin involved, then why even tell him she was pregnant? The minute she told him it was absolutely possible that he'd want to be involved. It was pretty bold of her to think that he'd want nothing to do with his children. I'd hate for Kevin to end up with Madison; they should an example of effective co-parenting not some sort of romantic comedy plot.
  4. YAY, DEVONTA!!!! ♥️♥️♥️
  5. Saban wouldn’t be that stupid. Say what you will about the man, but he always treats opponents with respect, whether they’re ranked #2 or #75.
  6. ROLL TIDE! I’m excited to see us competing for another national championship after last year’s disappointing season. Saban can be a bit of a dick at times, but I still love him. LOL. I also disagree with tOSU being in the playoffs on principle as well. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed them beating the shit out of Clemson. Dabo deserved it after ranking them #11. It was insulting, and Clemson doesn’t exactly play in the toughest conference. They play in the ACC; they need to calm the fuck down. At least Alabama v. tOSU is something new for the championship game. DeVonta Smith should absolutely win the Heisman. One of my best bar friends is a huge tOSU fan and won’t shut up about their win back in 2014. I’ve been looking forward to this rematch FOR YEARS. Lol
  7. No, you're not the only one. I've never understood the hate the third act of the first movie receives. Effects could use some work, but it's more climatic than WW84.
  8. I’ll say more later, but I want a man to look at me the way Steve Trevor looks at planes.
  9. I still — to this day— do not understand how Romano was made Chief of the ER. WTF?
  10. Yeah, I'm okay with hunting as long as you are eating what you kill and are using the animal to the best of your ability, but the royal family doesn't need to do that. If they are actually eating the animals they kill, then okay. Otherwise, it's a big thumbs down.
  11. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Win Lawsuit Against Splash U.K. Good for them. I hope it’s the first of many victories.
  12. I want to be clear: the show hasn't "rehabbed" Owen for me, either, and I am not an Owen fan. It's just that he's done nothing wrong in his relationship with Teddy, and he's done nothing to deserve the humiliation and embarrassment she's caused for him.
  13. Teddy. Is. The. Worst. How did she think telling Owen that their child is named after a lover that she had an affair with would go? My mom and I laughed at her stupidity. What does this mean? It may have been a PSA, but I detected no lies.
  14. Honestly, I think Abby was a redo of Lucy as far as far as introductions. I didn't remember the season five premiere, so I watched it last week on Pop. Her intro is horrid, especially when you remember it with S4's cliffhanger ending. I feel bad for Kellie Martin because she could have worked on this show had she joined later in the show's run. It was really bad timing personally for her. That'll always be a big "what if" for me. I also watched Doug's exit last week, which I hadn't seen in YEARS. I always managed to miss it. Good grief, his selfishness is off the charts. I was glad Carol called him out on it. I also hate that they made her pregnant after Doug left. It made Doug look like a deadbeat asshole. Also, who tells someone they're going to be pregnant by FAX??? I have never heard of a person giving someone their fax number as a way to get in touch with them.
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