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  1. Way to go, Jennifer Lopez!
  2. That trailer is simply orgasmic. *chef’s kiss*
  3. Yeah, I saw that and was incredibly confused.
  4. I’m conflicted on who to root for in the Peach Bowl. I want to root for OU because of my never ending love for Jalen. However, I want the title to come back to the SEC because it’s number one in my heart even when Alabama isn’t playing. SEC > everyone else (except when the team playing is Auburn because fuck them).
  5. Georgia was exposed as the overrated frauds that they are. Also, Jake Fromm is not a good quarterback. There, I said it. UGA fans are probably kicking themselves for UGA choosing Fromm over Fields. I will say that my favorite unintentionally hilarious moment was when Gary Danielson said, “Jake loves this stadium,” and the chyron at the bottom of the screen said he had a 1-2 record at the stadium. 😂😂 Now, it’s 1-3; I wonder if he still loves it?
  6. I have no fucking clue. It’s become a weekly conversation in my family during football season for the past two years. I have no problem with us not making the playoffs this year. Our team’s defense is too green, and we’ve suffered a lot of injuries this season. I’m also irate with fans calling for Saban’s firing. Do these idiots not remember the Shula, Dubose, and Franchione years?! Those were dark times. We had a bump in the road, nothing unlike the 2013 and 2014 seasons. We will look ahead and prepare for the 2020 season. Roll tide! Also, I cackled like a loon seeing Auburn fined $250,000 for the fans storming the field. Idiots trapped in shrubbery.
  7. Seriously, FUCK Auburn. You don’t get to rewind back to a second, huddle, assemble the field goal team, and THEN blow the whistle to start the play. If Alabama had done that, we’d be reamed up the ass and rightfully so. Saban had every right to lose his shit.
  8. I love this show so much. I do a rewatch almost yearly.
  9. I’m confused; is HTGAWM or AMLT returning in April?
  10. This is possibly the worst episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I’ve ever seen. WTF? When Alex read Cristina’s letter out loud, and he said the words, “The Sun,” I immediately knew that this show jumped the shark. There is no fucking way Dr. Cristina Yang would write in a professional letter. Again, WTF?
  11. When Kate asked Toby if she should knock Jack down if he started walking without Toby there, I burst out laughing. That was unintentionally hilarious.
  12. EXCELLENT episode. Nicky brought me to tears. Seeing him in the Pilgrim Rick hat had me sobbing bittersweet tears. This is the show I loved.
  13. I’m done. Ally staying over James? That is fucking bullshit.
  14. I find all of these comments regarding “entry-level” fascinating and amusing. I graduated college in 2013, and I “fondly” remember applying for job that were listed as “entry-level.” Silly me, I thought as long you showed an aptitude for learning the program/software and did notably well in college, you’d be considered for the position as it was “entry-level.” I cannot tell you how many times I was told no because I didn’t know a certain program or software. If knowing a program or software is necessary, then just say that; don’t list the position as “entry-level.” I was also amused by “entry-level” positions that listed you needed 2-5 years of relevant job experience. Surprised they didn’t also ask for the blood of 1000 virgins and a human sacrifice because that makes just as much sense. Also, I agree that a son going in to advocate for his mom like that would not go over well in the real world. Totally unrealistic.
  15. To be perfectly honest, I’d marry a guy just for the help to put a fitted sheet on the bed. *shrug*
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