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  1. I TOTALLY agree with you, SpartanGirl. I remember watching that movie in my early teens a couple of years after it came out, and I couldn’t believe I was supposed to think SHARON was in the wrong! WTF? She’s a better person than I am because I would’ve laughed in his face.
  2. I truly believe this is the worst crop of interns/residents we’ve ever had on this show. They’re annoying, creepy, unfunny, and bad at their jobs. Nothing they do is endearing because they are caricatures of actual people. They all have the personality of a dial tone. Helm needs to be reported to HR — I know, I know. HR doesn’t exist at this hospital. If Grey isn’t careful, she’s going to find that Helm traveled to Minnesota to burn down her precious Parkinson’s lab to keep her in Seattle seven days a week. I wouldn’t trust Glasses with a butter knife, much less a scalpel. Also, as s
  3. Can someone pay me $17 million to go away? Please? I BEG OF YOU!
  4. PepSinger


    They’re still doing Worlds this year?
  5. They are mean, low down, and dirty. They snitches. ETA: on a serious note, they are THE WORST. Stay klassy, volunteers!
  6. Maybe the lost was a blessing in disguise because I was also sick and tired of hearing that. Also, RMFT! Welcome back, Tide! 49-9! Sorry MSST, but we required a blood sacrifice after last week.
  7. This is some funny ass shit right here. SEC shorts never disappoints.
  8. Georgia absolutely deserves its top ranking, and I say that as an Alabama fan. Well done. I have nothing against Kirby Smart. Saban needs to fire our DC. He’s done enough damage to our defense during his tenure. He can exit stage left. Blitzing all night WHEN IT WAS NOT WORKING??? The play calling throughout the game was abysmal, particularly when we’re on the 3 yard line on a 1st and goal, and the OC CHOOSES TO PASS each time. What in the absolute fuck? That sound you heard at the moment it happened was a collective of Alabama fans —and even former players— yelling “WTF?!” Run. Th
  9. You are very welcome. I love sharing this article with people. I had actually never seen the movie, and this article came out the day after I watched it for the first time. I send this article to a friend every Christmas as a tradition. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I laugh every time I read it. You’d have thought a whale had grown feet and was walking the streets of London with the way they talked about her.
  10. I thought she looked pretty ragged in the photo I saw. If this is ragged, then I should start showering in clothing. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUn96G6FFHQ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  11. You must read this article: https://jezebel.com/i-rewatched-love-actually-and-am-here-to-ruin-it-for-al-1485136388
  12. I believe that they're planning on moving to NYC. What gets me is that in order to keep her title, she had to marry someone royal because of a centuries old rule. I mean, how many royals did she even have to choose from???
  13. Chiming in to say that I think Kate’s gold dress is gorgeous, and I think that’s the prettiest she’s looked since her wedding day. I don’t know what was different about that day, but she needs to remember what she did. It’s not that I don’t like the way that she dresses; it’s that the gold dress was memorable and stunning. While Kate is quite thin, I do believe she is healthy. When I look at her hair, it looks long and thick. Typically, when someone isn’t eating enough, the hair is thin and starts to break. Her hair looks great. On a different note, I am happy that the Princess of Jap
  14. I learned many moons ago that time is a flat circle on this show, so I’ve given up making any sense of it.
  15. Ah ha! I thought her face looked a little puffy.
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