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  1. Okay, so I honestly didn't understand Game Night when it initially came out, so I never bothered to watched it, even when it was showing on HBO. However, a couple of weeks ago, I had the tv on TNT and was too tired to change it. I ended up watching the movie, and I thought it was HILARIOUS. Holy shit, I had no idea what I was missing. And yes, that moment you described with Rachel McAdams had me HOLLERING. I had no idea she was that funny.
  2. PepSinger

    The NBA

    I just want to quickly interject that Steve Kerr's grandfather and grandmother also have a fascinating past. I have wicked respect for that family.
  3. YES. I'll never forget watching the Oscars and seeing them announce that category and the winner. I swear, if she hadn't won, there would've been protests, LOL. To design costumes with the idea that colonization hadn't happen is just...mind blowing to me. She earned that. Other costumes? I LOVED Rachel McAdams entire wardrobe in The Notebook. I want every single outfit she wore in that movie to this day. The movie even inspired my dress for my senior prom.
  4. If that's the movie with Rachel Griffiths, then I agree.
  5. (emphasis mine) As I always say, "Why are you letting someone live rent free in your head?"
  6. You know, I almost shared that story about the incredibly spiteful, hateful author who trash talked Meghan and Archie. Then, I realized that I didn't want to give her irrational hatred anymore publicity. Seriously. To go on such a rant against a mother reading to her son on his first birthday in support of a charity says a lot more about the author than it does about Meghan. I would suggest Emily seek some professional help because something isn't right up there. That, or she's just a jealous witch. Yeah, people have a right to hate whoever they want, but they also have every right to be called out and criticize if they do it publicly and irrationally. Them's the breaks.
  7. Meghan and Archie both look so happy and relaxed. He is such a sweet, adorable boy. Meghan is glowing. You can tell that she's been doing much better since leaving England. I'm happy for their entire family. Happy birthday, Archie! ❤️
  8. Right? She seems as if she'd be a fun person to hang out with.
  9. PepSinger


    Funny how they skipped 2000.
  10. I can accept a lot of things, but that's just too much. Coldplay are the most boring band I can name. Possibly because anyone more boring has slipped out of the mind. If I was his advisor, I'd tell him to pick a muso with a little more life in them. Well, they're one of my favorite bands. *shrug*
  11. I quite enjoyed the beginning skit of the "Big Night In" special. "Have you watched Tiger King?" "I prefer not to watch shows about royalty." Hee!! I like seeing Wills be rather cheeky! Also, I loved the use of Coldplay's Paradise, especially since I know Prince William is a big fan of theirs.
  12. And what evidence do you have that the McCoulloughs are racist? Nothing in the show even hinted at that. Personally, I don't think the McCulloughs are racists. I would say that they are culturally ignorant. That can be addressed if they do love May Ling. If I were the judge in this case, I would've 1) ruled in their favor, and it wouldn't have taken me almost a week to do so and 2) make one of the conditions of adoption be that they engage in cultural education (i.e., having books related to Chinese culture, books on famous Chinese people, going to exhibits related to Chinese culture, etc...) The McCulloughs are one of those "I don't see color!" couples. While that needs to 100% be fixed, that is not going to be enough to keep them from adopting. At least, not in the 90s.
  13. I also found it unrealistic that Pearl would forgive her mom so quickly. I told my mom there's no way I would forgive her if she had done that to me, and she laughed and agreed with me. Haha. I agree that Mia's redemption was unearned. Granted, this is the only episode of the series where I found her remotely tolerable, but I still kinda hate that she gets a happy ending. Nonetheless, that's life. In fact, what I appreciated most about the ending to the series is that it perfectly mirrored real life. Some people never pay for their misdeeds. Some people are awarded for bad behavior. Some people eventually lose everything they worked so hard to achieve. Innocent people pay a tragic price. Other thoughts: I thought the scene building up to the fire was fantastic. That's one of the best scenes I've seen on TV in a while. It was perfection. Writing, directing, acting -- especially Reese. My goodness, when she yelled, "YES, YOU ARE!!!!!" even *I* was scared. The acting (with a small exception for KW) was the best part of the entire series, IMO. I would love to see nominations come awards time.
  14. That's true. However, we've already seen Bebe try to raise a child with a crappy minimum wage. It ended with her abandoning her baby. As many others have said, nothing has changed in the interim. Who's to say she won't do it again? Yes, she was possibly suffering from PPD, and is no longer not, but what if she becomes clinically depressed?
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