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  1. love the new docs. and, on a shallow note, would love to know who picks out goodwin’s earrings.
  2. exactly right! anyone who disagrees with the reagans must be portrayed with not a scintilla of validity to their point of view. and while it may have escalated in recent years, imho, it’s been there since season one.
  3. Yes, IMO I think it did, since Frank is the PC and has to make tough decisions, but he always follows the law. Danny doesn't care about the law, as long as he gets the results he wants. It's been said he has been disciplined for it several times, and he has shown himself doing that many more times, and also compelling others to go outside the law too, to get the results he wants. how many times has frank ever said that he was wrong and mean it? and when has frank not behaved as though he thinks he knows more and better than anyone else in the world?
  4. well, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, now did it…
  5. as soon as they mentioned the baby had been poisoned with antifreeze, i thought of this episode. couldn’t remember if it was svu or the mothership. i was yelling ‘you two can leave now.’
  6. You might get your wish. I'm expecting this storyline to end in suicide. The shot of her other gun (supposedly her father's), the emphasis on how difficult it is right now to be a police officer, her convincingly deflecting Eddie's concern, and the Captain being a total dick to her set this up imo yeah, my first thought was ‘chekhov's gun.’ so while i was surprised that it wasn’t used by the time the show ended, i expect magnumfangirl will ultimately be proved right — it just may take a couple of episodes to get there.
  7. looks like ames mcnamara had quite the growth spurt during the hiatus.
  8. i felt the same way, but fully understand the decision.
  9. sadly true — and he explained why. news item comes in @ 5:15, tape begins @ 5:30. show rewritten in 15 minutes. the late show will never have the luxury of time that last week tonight does. it’s why the daytime soaps don’t compete against primetime.
  10. and that haven’t even run the ‘in memoriam’ yet. or are they going to skip that for another stupid skit?
  11. yeah — i don’t know who this guy thinks he is, but STFU!
  12. from margaret lyons at the ny times: ”These interstitial sketches are causing cell death inside my bones.”
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