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  1. missed seeing the exchange between stephen and drummer, joe saylor, last night. happy to see its return tonight. and what to say about rita moreno — she is one hot shit! wish i looked as good (and moved as well) as her — and i’m 20 years younger.
  2. sometimes i fall asleep during the monologue (sorry, stephen), so i may have missed it. but, has there been any explanation for no jon batiste this week.
  3. agreed re the scheduling issues, and had there been a third season, i certainly would have watched. but, truth be told, i found the second season wanting. without mitch at its emotional center, the storytelling meandered. austin winsberg created the show around his father’s illness and death, and likely not as a multi-season serial. so when the show got picked up, there was a ‘making this up as we go along’ quality, rather than a clearly-defined arc.
  4. yes it is! it’s a running joke that when asked where they went to college, rather than say ‘harvard,’ some alums say, ‘in cambridge.’
  5. barely remember from MF, but he was unforgettable in ‘you’re the worst.’
  6. didn’t see that coming. love chris geere, though
  7. i know her father could have been bullshitting her about sending money. but we knew her mother was, to say the least, irresponsible, yet claire wouldn’t even consider the possibility that her mother could have squandered the money her father sent...
  8. would be nice to see this lead to the fcc (i think that’s the correct agency) to revisit this issue, though i’m not not holding my breath that the media will pick up how easy it was for the local stations to be duped.
  9. I know what you mean. I've been assuming she pops an edible for the show. starting to think i was the only one. thanks for saying what i’ve been thinking. for those who would be happy for the show to remain in that cramped broom closet: i CANNOT wait for them to get back in the theater — with an audience — and that gorgeous ceiling!
  10. yup — the double standard can cut both ways. the scene that’s always stuck with me is in ‘the way we were.’ when redford’s character passes out drunk in streisand’s bed, she climbs in with him and they have sex. the guy’s so drunk he probably could have been screwing a goat, not to mention he’s just puked his brains out (yuk!). if the genders had be reversed, people, rightly, would have called it rape. yet some women say they find it romantic. go figure.
  11. he was just talking about needing clearance from the mayor (and possibly governor) before going back into the theater. since fallon and myers are already back in their studios (with only crews and band) i assume the show is waiting until they can bring the audience back.
  12. while i understand why mitch’s death was necessary, his presence centered the storytelling, and i think this season felt a bit unmoored because of his absence. so, i too, was delighted that they were able to work him into even just a couple of episodes.
  13. it did feel like a series finale. but, i was so hoping that the golden gate park scene would have been revealed to be a dream — zoey needs to be on her own for a while — and, i really hate ‘happy endings!’
  14. re natalie (and april) — take a look at ‘chicago med in the media’ thread.
  15. no need to pile on about the ridiculous writing. but, what the hell is going on with the lighting — or more specifically, the lack thereof? every scene is so dark, it’s sometimes to recognize the setting of characters. did some forget to pay the electric bill?
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