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  1. this! finished watching the gg reunion after my solo/zoom thanksgiving dinner. late in the final episode, during the protracted steely dan flash mop discussion (the last of many that had me shouting “SHUT UP” at the television), when luke said to lorielei, “you’re exhausting.” those two words summed up everything i felt about the entire reunion. like viqutorious, i too, “liked some parts.” i just don’t have the energy to spend any time figuring it out. one final observation: somewhere in the revival discussion, someone pointed out asp and dp were used to hour episodes and 90 minutes might have been out of their depth. but an hour network show is 42 minutes. so the 90 minutes is actually two full episodes, which would account for the weak story arc and the extended musical interludes — filler that took up time that could have better used been used to more fully develop the characters. ironic that longer the longer episodes felt so “rushed, forced and busy.”
  2. look, this has always been 3 hour commercial for nbc personalities and shows, and float sponsors — on in the background as house gets dusted and the meal prepared. however lacking the performances, i live alone, and am grateful for some semblance of familiarity as i await my zoom dinner. eta: find myself underwhelmed after watching the first few minutes of the dog show.
  3. have to wonder if the show get a heads up about what kamala harris was going to wear. her speech was only a few hours before the show was scheduled start (damned football), and the costume people absolutely naled it..
  4. shallow observation: if i ever have to get dressed up again, i want the suit maya/kamala wore.
  5. so glad the show addressed this. the idea that discussions about racism shouldn’t upset white people underlies why race remains such a divisive issue in this country.
  6. yes, please —pretty please — let it go!
  7. when i got my first job in high school, i had to pay something (not a lot, but something) to my parents. found out later they used it to insure the car my sister and i shared.
  8. behind the scenes piece in the ny times: the conners return to confront the corona virus...
  9. Where was this? I ffwd'd through so much of this dreck that I missed it. just after weekend update finished. kate was sitting in the first row of the audience.
  10. nothing complicated here: when meloni leaves the show after season 12, the dynamics change a bit, but with florek and belzer still in the squad room it’s still an ensemble cast; but when belzer and florek leave after season 14, she who shall not be named becomes an executive producer and the saint olivia shit show begins.
  11. In real life, yes, it looks that way. However I remember reading somewhere that Allison always prefers to wear wigs, and she wears one as "Bonnie". we shall see...
  12. looks like allison has decided to embrace the gray. woo hoo!
  13. wlliam fichtner discusses his early work on ‘as the world turns.’
  14. just watched this. the conversation closes with each panelist giving their take on the season’s finale, ‘american pie.’ bring tissues.
  15. just saw this. too sad... https://ew.com/theater/nick-cordero-dies-41-coronavirus/
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