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  1. Maybe some of them should have figured out the Marble game in advance, but I thought the set up was devilishly clever. They had just finished the Tug of War, where good teamwork was essential. Then they were told, in my recollection, “The next game will be played in teams of two”, so the obvious reaction is to pick who you think will be the best person you also trust, to avoid the fate of the Tug of War losers. Not sure why they should assume the game would be anything other than two against two. I hated the strobe light scene too. Out of character with the rest of the show.
  2. Does that rule out casting a German (or Italian) baker when the production staff knows what the challenges are in advance, and might think watching a German baker competing in a German challenge would make for good TV? Of course he would still have to be well qualified in other aspects of baking. The only way to have blind casting is for the people in charge of casting to have no idea what the challenges will be.
  3. In general, I agree with the points made about the time to do technicals being too short and the dishes too complex (I thought doing tuiles with what appeared to be sesame seeds in them was weird for sticky toffee pudding). However, there is a point to be made about testing time management. If 90 minutes is enough time to bake the pudding, isn't the problem not focusing on getting the pudding in the oven first before moving on to the accoutrements? Or it could be possible this week that, given how vague the instructions for technicals apparently are, they just didn't know how long to bake the
  4. The other problem is she’s the only person on TV using the same phone ringtone as me. Gives me a start several times each episode. i’ve seen a few first season episodes via downloads from my public library. A bit disappointed I can’t see the NZ ones yet.
  5. Whoever wrote the writeup doesn’t understand geography. Interestingly, the restaurant used in a couple of scenes looks very similar in interior and external setting to one I went to in Digby, Nova Scotia years ago. I’ve coincidentally also been to a few of the suburban NY locations used in prior seasons. I agree the season has gotten off to the usual good start. Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t go downhill like the last one. I do wish they would dial down the tortured soul aspect of Ambrose a few notches.
  6. Another Netflix show I enjoyed was Bake Squad, where 4 professional bakers compete against each other to make cakes for a specific event (wedding, birthday, etc.). The host is a well known baker, Christina Tosi. There are no judges - the client picks the winner and the same group of bakers are on each show.
  7. “Northern Maine” always means to me somewhere inland up near the Quebec border, like Presque Isle or Caribou. This takes place somewhere on the coast.
  8. I was impressed with how resourceful the team was to come up with formal wear to attend the ambassador’s ball on a couple of hours notice in a foreign (to them) country… It seems these NCIS/FBI shows like to have a funky office setting, but putting the team’s office in what appears to be an abandoned building with peeling paint and broken windows really bothers me. I’ve spent a little time in offices in a couple of Eastern European cities (not Budapest) and they’re not like this. I didn’t see the first episode of the show so maybe this was explained. I think an issue with this show
  9. I find it odd to listen to the judges compliment the singers on the qualities of their avatars, when it’s some offstage visual artists who are responsible for them. Otherwise, we find the singing entertaining enough.
  10. Previous seasons have been on Discovery. Of course, they could put it on streaming Discovery+, or start it there before putting it on broadcast.
  11. Yeah, we tried to watch episode 4 last night and were surprised/disappointed. However, no way is this interesting enough to sign up for Premium Peacock. In general, I’ve found the Dan Brown books better than the movies made from them (had not read this one though).
  12. I was not a huge fan of the reveal at the end either. I also thought the one misstep the show made earlier was the introduction of the VIPs, who were poorly acted and tonally didn't seem to fit with the rest of the show. Maybe they have some resonance in Korea as symbols of exploitation by foreign countries, since they were all foreigners? I also thought the policeman's cell phone data might be a plot point in a season 2.
  13. Yes, you can turn them off. Since I suspect the Netflix interface is different depending on the device you access it from (computer, iphone/ipad, Roku, smart tv, etc.), I wouldn’t give specific steps, but it should be pretty easy. I thought I recently saw a message from Netflix that they were going to default to whatever subtitles or dubbing you usually use when watching their programs, unless you change it. Since I use subtitles a lot, I never noticed the difference. I have occasionally seen some odd language subtitles or dubbing pop up in Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  14. I would say Dr. Mercy seems a little reserved, even when she tries not to be. I agree there’s not the chemistry that we see on Pimple Popper, the British skin doctor show or the foot doctor show.
  15. These jammy biscuits had a ring of buttercream surrounding the jam. All the linzer tarts/cookies I’ve seen are just filled with jam. Plus the dough usually has ground almonds or hazelnuts in it.
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