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  1. I thought it a bit unusual that she was such a good climber, but had a very un-climber like build. The winemaker was more like your typical rock climber build. Still, she did well in the first two challenges.
  2. Not to overanalyze this too much, I think the announcer is pronouncing titan as if the second "t" is the last letter of the first syllable, which makes it very soft and almost unnoticeable, rather than the first letter of the second syllable. I enjoyed last night's episode, especially the Cirque de Soleil guy's competitions.
  3. Rickster

    Hamilton (2020)

    Saw Hamilton at a matinee on Broadway about a year ago, and nobody was singing along, at least within earshot. Having seen quite a few musicals over the years, including a few during their peak of popularity (Jersey Boys, Wicked, come to mind) I have never heard an audience sing along in New York or Chicago.
  4. Finished the season yesterday. Agree teams of three are better, and not much point to the Level 2 setups, except maybe the Study, which seemed the easiest room in Level 1. I suppose they wanted to create more variety in the course to keep viewers from getting bored without the expense of building more rooms. I wonder about the rules of falling in the lava too. In particular, there was one guy who went in up to about his waist while holding onto a pole (I think). He seemed strong enough to pull himself out, but the producers must have yelled at him to let go. On the other hand, there was someone whose calf went in on the way to the exit, and they were OK. I didn't remember that the host was on Hyperdrive, probably my favorite Netflix competition show.
  5. Someone on Reddit posted comparative videos of the first woman to make it two weeks ago vs. a guy from earlier in the season, with a timer. If it was accurate, she had at least a second more before the doors opened. The doors were opening too soon for the earlier guy.
  6. Watched the first three episodes of this last night and thought it was......OK. I think they were smart to do 30 minute episodes and vary the rooms, otherwise this would get boring fast. Although some rooms seem better constructed than others - not a fan of the planetarium, which had too many similar rounded objects to fall off of. I was puzzled how some teams seemed to immediately know where the secret item/thing to pull was, and potential paths through the room. In the kitchen episode, the third team said right away, “we’ve got to get to the pizza oven”, where the first two teams took a while to figure it out. I did like how they did people disappearing in the lava.
  7. I’ve seen two episodes, this one and the premiere. The problem I had with the premiere, that it was too much about the star and not enough about the process and the case, was toned down quite a bit here (although not enough, IMO). I was curious though, about how these methodologies work with families that are relatively recent immigrants to the US. My parents arrived here in 1950, with half the family from Eastern Europe. My girlfriend’s ancestors arrived here from Italy in the early 1900’s. How much research can they do into whatever databases exist, none of which are in English? Or do they not bother with that sort of case.
  8. As I said to my girlfriend, there are a couple of game shows where the announcers add immensely to the show. American Ninja Warrior is one. This is the other. The show would be nothing without them (although I think Riggle could tone it down a bit now and then-although I read in an article linked here that they often get fed ideas from the production staff via their earpieces so everything he does is not necessarily his idea).
  9. I am truly amazed how good the Gronk is on this show, especially compared to the couple of other things I’ve seen him on since he retired. He might regret going back to play with Brady.
  10. I enjoyed the final episode the most of the three. In fact I wish they had been able to show more of the trial. I liked that they put you in the jury seat without indicating guilt or innocence. I thought it interesting that the co-conspirator with the uncontrollable cough was never seen to cough in the courtroom scenes.... I thought Michael Sheen did an amazing impersonation of the real host.
  11. I was not so surprised that Cruz didn't do well, since he was a 6 foot tall wide receiver, and WRs are built for speed, not moving weight. That said, I did think he had a chance last night, since his competitor was more of the wiry ninja warrior type than a bulkier firefighter type.
  12. So, of our first four “Titans”, three went out in their first challenge, and none were even close.
  13. My girlfriend thought maybe she just had long legs and really sprinted. I think I saw in the montage clips at the beginning of the show a shot of a guy also making it past them.
  14. I’d like to see a timer on that porta potty run vs. earlier ones. I’d swear she had more time. Or maybe she just got a faster start. I really thought it couldn’t be done. I really wanted to see the guy with the mohawk in the water, though. That was a disappointment. I agree, probably the best episode this season. As a northeasterner, I’m surprised how cold it seems in Southern California in the winter.
  15. Actually, despite having suggested watching the Youtube show, I found Sunday night that having watched it detracted from the suspense of the episode.
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