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  1. While I’ve read a few Clancy books and seen all the movies, I’m not that concerned about fidelity to the source and knew nothing about this character. That said, I’d give it a B+/A- for action scenes, although the last shoot out went on far too long, and a D for the overall plot, script and acting, except for Jordan who did a good job. Overall disappointing. I don’t think they ever said what Clay was Secretary of, but I assumed Defense.
  2. He mentioned growing up in Costa Rica a few weeks ago, too.
  3. Pretty much negates the whole concept of the show for the home viewer, doesn’t it? This really surprised me.
  4. This, I can believe, but they should realize the show gets cancelled sooner if they never leave the bunker.
  5. I agree Joe and Mika are in Florida for tax reasons, but they only have to be there half the year plus a day to claim residence. They could be in a studio elsewhere, say, one week a month.
  6. They could definitely benefit from better lighting, but I don’t think the appeal of a Palm Beach studio would be enough incentive for guests to trek down there, unless it’s an author hitting Miami on a book tour. They really need to be in NY or Washington, or somewhere on the Acela express line to get any interesting guests.
  7. Looking at the Discovery+ schedule, it seems there should be one more 2 hour episode. But it doesn’t look like it’s on next Thursday, according to my DVR.
  8. Apparently Beat Shazam is coming back in early June, so maybe there is promo reason for Foxx to be on this show...
  9. I wondered from the beginning whether the political/topical aspects of the show were encouraged by CNN to keep it aligned with the CNN “brand” and what it thinks its viewers want to see. My vague recollection is that in later years Bourdain went in the same direction. When I said I didn’t want Tucci to become another Bourdain, I was thinking of Bourdain as the global adventurer. I don’t see eating live cobra hearts in Vietnam as Stanley’s sort of thing.
  10. For the money? Actually, I agree his heart and soul are with Italy, and given the pandemic, they might get another 2 seasons before they are done, and that might be enough for him. But he has been an excellent host, and I could see him hosting a show traveling around regions of France, where food is similarly a big part of the culture and heritage. It would be a mistake though to try to make him into another Bourdain.
  11. Rickster

    MLB Thread

    It was the Yankees network, YES.
  12. Rickster

    MLB Thread

    An example of the increased commercialization of baseball. I noticed the Yankees are superimposing sponsors logos on the pitchers mound this year, changing with almost every inning. Don’t know if other teams are doing this too.
  13. I’m always intrigued by the mechanics of the judging. Does one chef’s dish go in the warming oven while the other is judged, and how do they decide who is on hold? Or do they recook the dish for later judging, which would seem unfair if the original was under or over cooked. If the randomizer gave us the same protein for two competitions in a night, would they go with 4 beef chuck dishes, for example, or edit and respin?
  14. I saw Tony Danza in a Broadway musical and he was a pretty good singer. No way was he going to be the raccoon. I was pretty sure it was going to be Trejo, except I couldn’t believe he was that short. edit: I think robopine is Harry Shum Jr.
  15. It was her. We looked for more info last night but could only find a gofundme page for her cremation expenses. Sounded like it was sudden, but no details.
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