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  1. Rickster

    NFL Thread

    On the other hand, with the money invested in top tier QBs, protecting them from the injuries that could occur from a more mobile style of play is a concern, too.
  2. Future broadcast ( I guess post 2021) of TdF in doubt. I suppose it will be around, but possibly on a premium network. NBC Sports Network Shutting Down
  3. It was all very confusing. Since they couldn’t communicate with Earth, the K-23 colony ship must have been pre-planned (?) for them to know about it. If that didn’t take off, were there no other ships that took off on an emergency basis? Clooney mentioned people hiding underground, too. Count me as another bothered by surviving falling into the icy water. I only caught up with this movie last week, but really disliked it. A poor mash-up of Arctic survival movie and outer space peril movie with a healthy dose of dystopian future movie.
  4. I was sort of puzzled when on one of the Peacock episodes, Dick takes 60-70 kilos of his own pears to be distilled into eau de vie. Surely those were not from the trees he just planted a year or so ago.
  5. Rickster


    Well, I am a non Spaniard, but admittedly a first generation American of European background, and I thought this was one of the best series I have seen in years. I was also fascinated by the very non traditional setting in the Basque region of Spain as well as the ETA story of which I knew very little I've seen all the episodes via streaming, so would not want to say too much since I don't know what the broadcast schedule was/is. I will say one thing that surprised me was that Arantxa's disability (which was revealed in the first episode to have happened as an adult, but you don't know how) was not tied into the overall ETA plot. I expected it might have been revealed to be a factor in the radicalization of her family, but that was not the case.
  6. I also noticed that Amber had a very slight Aussie accent.
  7. I think Jane (and Randy) should have found room in their luggage for a few more outfits. At least then it would make it seem like the shows weren’t filmed in one day.
  8. I was curious on the flying contestants from the US bit, that last night we had family and a friend in the audience. So they're flying more than the contestant to Australia for two weeks? Of course, I guess the friend shown could be Australian. Or maybe some contestants are flown there and some are local. I agree somehow the wrong person won the first game. I think the escalating dollar values as they go through the rounds are partly to blame, but I guess that's to keep the game closer. As far as specificity on the titles, it does seem harsh, but if you don't have a hard line, where exactly do you draw it to prevent lawsuits from losers? I think the bonus prizes are silly, but are probably supposed to be a semi ironic tribute to old time game shows.
  9. I found it talky and draggy until the last ten minutes. Not sure I would tune in again. Thought it was the bearded guy, but talked myself out of it since he didn’t seem to try to direct the conversations at all.
  10. I thought the episode was setting up Ronald to kill Legarski. At least I was half right...
  11. I’ve been also watching some of the original episodes on Peacock, and it’s a bit more complicated. For some reason the second HGTV episode pulled in a project from the first episode of Season 2, which was the construction of the downstairs loo with the decoupage. HGTV makes you think it was done for their wedding, when it was actually done (assuming no time shifts in the original series) for their first outside wedding hosting a year later. Without getting ahead of HGTV, I’m a bit puzzled how they’re supporting themselves during all the renovations.
  12. To me, “Root-able” is not the right term for the bad guys, but there is something very strange about this show in that the bad guys and I guess the captives are so much better developed as characters and get so much more screen time than our two detectives.
  13. We really enjoyed the HGTV episode and are surprised/disappointed that we are watching condensed episodes of the original series. Are the originals on streaming anywhere?
  14. Mika and Joe should learn that the French Laundry is in the Napa Valley, about 60 miles from SF. (Although their point about political hypocrisy is a good one)
  15. Like the poster upthread who thought the age difference was too close between Ronald and his mother, I actually mentioned this too to my girlfriend when we were watching. I put it down to poor casting at the time. IF she is actually long dead and a figment of his imagination, her image in his memory might be fixed from years ago, which might explain the seemingly smaller than normal age difference.
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