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  1. I don't have a read on Amy Grant's voice, but I did think the male Snow Owl sounded like Vince Gill.
  2. I like seeing people fall in the water too, but I thought Polecano was just nasty. I like to see some chance of success, but I think only two people made it on Polecano all season, and one was going half speed. Plus it seemed like the zipline was very fast and minimal if any padding on the pole. Not the same as being knocked in the water by the portapotty door or the windmill blade. I cringed when I saw some of the older contestants have to attempt it.
  3. I think this show walks a fine line between being a fun competition that still rewards skills (at least to some degree) and being a total parody of competition shows. I think the diving hole tipped too much to parody and some, like Polecano were so hard to do they seemed mean spirited (to me, anyway). I could see the build up to Nefertiti being a bit on the parody side of the line.
  4. I thought the Nefertiti hole was OK, but I agree it was a letdown as the grand finale after all the build up for the whole season. I think the hosts even made a joke about that. But I guess since they decided the winner was going to have to make a hole in one to get the $250,000, which was going to probably take multiple rounds, they were not going to have them potentially fall in the water six times, or take 6 pies in the face, etc. Plus, the only player out of all the finalists I didn't want to win, ended up winning it.
  5. I’d guess if the Dreschel picks failed to qualify for the next round, we’ll never see or hear about them. If they did qualify, then the show will have to address the situation.
  6. Rickster

    Tennis Thread

    The chair umpire should have warned or penalized Djokovic after his first angry smash to the sidelines and then the incident with the lineswoman probably wouldn’t have happened. I’m guessing they were being lax the first time because of the lack of fans around. It was unfortunate. I didn’t think he hit the ball that hard or maliciously-I’ve seen other players do the same thing-but it was “reckless” under the rules.
  7. Rickster


    Hated the first episode. Am about halfway through the second and am warming up to it a bit, maybe because the second episode reverts more to your typical Brit/Euro type of detective show. It looks like there could be a drinking game around the number of times Wallander takes his shirt off. Seems a bit of a cynical ploy to attract viewers to connect this to Wallander at all.
  8. Donald’s success on Polecano was helped by the rewind (I guess he didn’t let go?). He only traveled about half the distance on the second run at half the speed of other contestants. Really impressive putting by the woman who won.
  9. I’m confused. Wasn’t Chris Harrison in the whole show last time, not just the last hole? Did they reshoot all the commentary, and if so, why?
  10. I've watched 3 episodes and like it as well, but I would not recommend it as "must see TV". I think the writing could be a bit sharper. Also, hopefully without sounding like a prude, I think the show would be better if they dialed back on the profanity and lewd references at least 50%. It's sort of jarring to me, given the sweetness of the Ted character. I don't know if it's "we're streaming and we can get away with it", or they're contrasting the rest of the world to Ted's behavior.
  11. To poke a few more holes in the storyline, how did Ludo find his victims? Going door to door? There are a limited number of people who want to sell their policies. I assumed Ludo had a company that advertised to buy up policies, and I thought Morse or the reporter were going to track who bought the policies. But Morse seemed to make the connection through the dancer’s death. And I’m another who doesn’t understand how Sturgis, who had several people vouch for him, did the first murder. The alibi was just waved away. I did enjoy the operatic ending. edited to add: I was shocked that Morse left Strange with a pole sticking out of his gut to search for the killer When he should have been calling for an ambulance
  12. From a fansite, apparently Fanny and Johnnie refers to a couple who hosted their own popular TV cooking show in that era. I found it odd that the ex wife referred to herself as the first wife, when we saw no sign of a second wife. I also found it odd, although I guess not impossible, that the police had on file the fingerprints of the wrestler who left the handprint. I thought the mini tangent of the wrestler and Oberon straining credulity, at least the way it was presented. It seemed to me more the writers trying to insert a point, rather than something organic to the story. I felt much the same about the street gangs and Gary plot, which seemed directed primarily to having his mother have the confrontation at the end.
  13. I noticed they slowed down the rodeo gopher this episode. Players had been falling off in a couple of seconds before. As much as I love the hosts of this show, I thought this episode they came close to going overboard and making the show about them, not the contestants.
  14. There was a bit of a pun in the Tiffin Lane name of the street where the murders took place. A tiffin box is a metal box first used in India to transport meals, originally lunches from home to work locations.
  15. I think they could edit out Drew from the show if it’s individual competitions, even if he won. The tricky part would be the congratulatory scenes at the end, which maybe they could reshoot? Might be easier to do since there would be no audience I’d guess. If it were a team competition, I think they’d have to dump his whole team.
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