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  1. Charles looks and acts like a cold limp penis. I don't know how else to describe him, he is always so lifeless. Adding insult to injury is him wanting to leave Diana, not vice versa. I wish she had developed the self-confidence she needed to leave that dark cloud shrouded in the body of an 80 years old man. What a miserable piece of shit. On another note, the show leaned too heavily on Diana's simpering at the flashing lights. That is directions and acting choices but the bulimia scenes where just too excessive
  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thatcher is straight up villainous in this portrayal and if she really opposed sanctions to starve off apartheid the it is justified
  3. I think it is unfair to both sides Charles and Diane. Both aren't needy for the same reasons and Charles is years older than Diana. Saying both are the same things absolves Charles' abhorrent behavior and overlooks a girl whose naiveté got the best of her. Forget about his affair with Camilla, her child being kept away from her was terrible. Diana had a lot of reasons to "misbehave" but I'll bet you I will burn down the house if someone kept me from my child for a single minute. Royal family or not. The more Anne displays jealousy of Diana, the more she looks and sounds dour. Keep it up p
  4. The show is not shying away from making Camila and Charles look like the horrible cheaters there were. Diana didn't have a period in her time with Charles that wasn't overshadowed by "Gladys". Charles was easily the worst child and whom the Queen clearly couldn't abide. She worries about Annie, is curious about Edward, interested in Andrew and impatient with Charles. I think Coleman played all reactions brilliantly Unfortunately, Margaret Thatchers' dynamic with her son is far too common.
  5. I just binged all 4 seasons. It was entertaining I have lost all favor for Alfred's children in season 4. Edward is a twat who doesn't know what a dimwit he is, keeping a snake by himself for as long as he did The female daughter whose name I can't spell is an ungrateful twit just like her father. Uhtred is good enough to hump and protect your kingdom and heirs but not good enough rule. Seriously those ungrateful siblings along with Uhtred's being continued betrayed by those he fight for is souring me off the show That brings me to Brida. Did she forget the part where Uhtred
  6. This show is godawful Worst season finale ever. I should write a better review but it doesn't deserve any more than what I've stated
  7. The self-righteousness of Kim when she goaded Rich into calling her out was astonishing. It was actually pretty psychotic If I didn't see with my own eyes her actions, I would have completely thought it justified
  8. Fuck this show. As if Shaun will die. As if we don't know Lea is having a come to Jesus momentS The whole thing was so contrived.
  9. I hope they move on from Shaun's love life next season. It has consumed the show All the hatred he spewed at Lea was because Lea rejected his advances. It is nothing close to being two timed by an asshole. Shaun had no grounds, none.
  10. Shaun was giving off some serious stalker vibes. I HATE nothing more than guys who don't take a No for No. Last week someone had said that Lea didn't want to change to be with Shaun and that it was bad, but why should she? If a show had one of the couples change who they inherently are just to be coupled up, everyone would be up in arms and rightly so Shaun knowingly or unknowingly is selfish. It was all about him and how he felt. It is worse because it had to be pointed out to him and even then, he still wouldn't let go. He likes a toy and must have it at all cost. I thought C
  11. Given her conduct with Shaun and Claire, her goal is take down as many of her colleagues with her. She tried to rattle Shaun with no regard of the open patient on the operating table. She doesn't care about Claire's nor Melendez' careers. Such a destructive person has no place in being a doctor.
  12. Even if they do turn romantic, it would still not be a #MeToo thing. Let's not loose focus on what the MeToo movement is about; Powerful men prying on their subordinates. It is unfair to put Melendez into the same category while victimizing Claire who is just enjoying a friendship. He offered Claire a shoulder to in her time of need. Let's not misconstrue what we've seen with our own eyes. There was nothing inappropriate about their interactions in and out of the work place. Circumstances have forced them to hide a completely benign relationship. If it turns into something more, we can di
  13. This show is overwrought with Shaun relationship drama. Just please end it already. I just do not want to see him in a romance. And his behavior with the guy whose mother died? Like, WTF was that? Of course he got his way in the end just like he will with Lea despite Lea telling him no twice now.
  14. Poor victim Melendez! That man eater Claire's her hooks on him. F'real!
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