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  1. So was this the GH version of Carly and Brandon having a meet cute?
  2. This is starting to sound like a storyline for Dr. Drake Ramoray.
  3. amaranta


    Five times, I think. And I'm getting ready to go again - it's my holiday and a lot of stuff is on break show. I do skip a bunch of season 3 episodes. I watch vs The Beard, and then pick up again with Ep. 12, vs The American Hero. I recommend Season 4. Timothy Dalton was so much fun. My rank of all the seasons by how much I love them: 2, 1, 4, 5 and then 3.
  4. I can't watch the typical Sandler comedy. I find them irritating and cringe inducing. But I do think we're going to get Adam Sandler, Oscar nominee for this season.
  5. This year's dark horse for a nomination, I think. Great reviews and now the movie has picked up several Indie Spirit awards nominations, including Sandler for Best Actor.
  6. Or Kevin. Married to Laura, Cam's grandmother. Almost any male from that age group is a better choice than Sonny. Then again, that applies to most things.
  7. My first thought was 'I sincerely hope they're not in California.' Or any drought area, really. Though I do love that scene in Tangled.
  8. Me too! And the opening shot is of him on his white horse. When I first started watching GH and saw Alan, my reaction was The Prince is on this show! Back to present day - in only a week Nik has proven to be boring, dumb as dirt, and a whiny bitch. So... not a fan.
  9. Perhaps we're headed towards a new show incarnation: "General Hospital: Our Town." We could have the regular cast Mon-Wed-Fri and the graveyard cast would get their soap on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I admit to being quite nostalgic at the moment, as Amazon Prime has put up the Cinderella with Stuart Damon's Prince Charming. I watched and got ridiculously teary.
  10. This is pretty good Buzzfeed list - 17 Innocent Rom-Com Moments That Are Actually Way Steamier Than Any Sex Scene https://www.buzzfeed.com/ehisosifo1/innocent-sexy-moments-romantic-comedies And I'm conflicted. I don't know whether I feel badly about myself regarding the fact there's only two movies here that I haven't seen, or absurdly proud. I do think it's perhaps pathetic that my mind immediately flashed on at least two or three scenes to add to the list. Not in order, but the fence climbing scene in Runaway Bride, numerous moments from Hugh Jackman in Kate and Leopold, also multiples from Notting Hill (still of the opinion Roberts and Grant had insane chemistry) and the Dirty Dancing scene in Crazy, Stupid Love.)
  11. So much this. Each episode feels like a section of the show is missing.
  12. I work part time for a medium-sized nonprofit organization. I manage their social media. I'm doomed. To the train switch - I was suspicious. But I thought it possible that we had both Bad Janet and Vicki in a Michael suit working against the plan. I'm glad it was the real Michael all along. Glen is the Jerry/Gary Gergich of the demon world.
  13. You're never alone. I'll join you at your table. MEK is a silver fox and I like it. Now that you guys have put it out there that Franco is still in there lurking, watching, and unable to communicate I had a horrible thought and I can't shake it (spins, throws salt over shoulder and spits twice) - this would be the weirdest start of a DID story ever. FV wouldn't do that, would he? Tell he wouldn't do that and that was Ron's thing.
  14. I burst into tears when I realized who the actor was. This is usually a get misty show for me, and then only sometimes. But during the stroke speech tear fest number two started and it was a full on ugly cry. (Love me some Lassiter from Psych.)
  15. This is like the third episode where one of the main story lines has been about The Naming of The Baby. Someone, please make them stop.
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