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  1. That letter from her father combined with her lackluster scheming makes me wonder if Jelly are trying to give her an out for when she's finally exposed - like revealing her father (or someone else) forced her to go after Carly or that she went after Carly based on false information but wasn't that enthusiastic about it.
  2. I started to dislike Rafe when he had that little emotional affair with Sami's sister, but I didn't REALLY start to borderline hate him until this crap with Hope started. The two of them together are absolutely sickening.
  3. No one loved her because she's annoying as fuck. AJ was a fat, a drunk, and had panic attacks, though. You probably already forgot everything that happened. I feel like CL sometimes smirks in situations when she shouldn't be smirking, which sometimes makes it hard for me to to tell what Nelly is supposed to be feeling/thinking.
  4. Yeah, but that was because she didn't want to give up her possession, I mean baby. If Morgan wanted her back with no ulterior motives I'm sure she wouldn't turn him down. I don't even understand what was supposed to have been so bad about her childhood. She grew up poor, is that it? That's not great but it's hardly the worst thing that could happen.
  5. To me it felt like she more agonized over possibly going to prison and being away from her family than she was over murdering someone. And her thinking Stefano is still alive doesn't change the fact that she shot him point blank while he sat in a chair with the intent to murder him.
  6. Morgan was super awful and terrible...but if he told Ava he wanted her back she would say yes with no hesitation. Does Nelly ever stop feeling sorry for herself? I'm confused as to why Julian can't just have OJ killed or why she doesn't thing he would come after her if she does something to Sam. The OJ/Sam scenes were stupid. First, Sam was already a little suspicious of OJ after first meeting her so I don't think she would accept a ride from her. Second, were there no public places that Sam could ask to be let out at? Third, Sam would've been better off staying in the car and
  7. Having the Eric/Marlena scenes in the same episodes as the Hope/Rafe/Judge Fitzpatrick scenes really highlights how vulgar the murderer and her accomplice are. Eric accidentally killed someone, served his time in prison without complaining- even if it was short -, but still shows remorse and deep pain over what he's done. Meanwhile, Hope intentionally kills a man, tries to cover it up, whines about going to prison when caught, has half of Salem trying to get her released, (inadvertently) escapes from prison, hides out, blackmails Andre into not doing anything to jeopardize her freedom, is clea
  8. If Jelly wanted to put wet drip with Michael they probably shouldn't have had her drug his father, get him naked, and manipulate him into thinking he cheated on Michael's mother. I'm thinking he'll have an issue with that. Also, the jar of mayo comparison is already being used for Dillon/Kiki. Michael/Nelly deserve their own comparison. How about...Michael/Nelly are more stale than two month old moldy bread
  9. Are the ratings worse than GH's ratings?
  10. Were the Michael/Nelly scenes supposed to be a joke?
  11. What was the point of having Sonny held hostage for three episodes, most of which was offscreen? Speaking of Sonny, this big bad Kiriakis thing they're trying to do with him is still laughable. Today felt like the writers didn't know how to precede with the Orwell story and/or were lazy so they just decided to resolve everything in one episode. Why did Drew make a backup of the Orwell just to destory it?
  12. Deimos had Bo kidnapped and tortured, drugged Maggie which caused her to fall down the stairs and become paralyzed, kidnapped and tortured Phillip, and now has Ari's mother being held hostage. Victor didn't do anything then and he won't do anything now.
  13. Sami only had trouble dealing with Will's sexuality for like three episodes so I don't even know what the point was. Also, it rang false to me that someone like Sami would have even five minutes of hesitation over accepting Will's sexuality.
  14. She must be doing something right if she can manage to get her work done while also spending the majority of her time whining, looking at her memory box of crap, and staring at the recording.
  15. Nelly will be whining about her childhood.
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