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  1. Capricasix

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I’m so annoyed at CBC for cutting one of the challenges, when they air Great British Baking Show, to make room for commercials. I know why they have to do it, but it doesn’t make me any less annoyed! At least when PBS airs the episodes, they don’t have to cut anything. We haven’t had cable for a long time, but when we did, I used to love watching Chuck’s Day Off - I like all his food tattoos 😄
  2. Capricasix

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    It’s because they haven’t been implanted yet. Some politician guy (of course it’s a man) from Alabama (I think, but no surprise there) said as much. I’ll see if I can find the quote. Yup, here it is: https://www.glamour.com/story/alabama-abortion-ban-roe-v-wade-womens-rights/amp
  3. Capricasix

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    Wilson Bethel...he was great as Bullseye in the last season of Daredevil.
  4. Capricasix

    S03.E09: AKA I Did Something Today

    Did Jessica leave her fingerless gloves on the table in the lab, or was that my imagination?
  5. Capricasix

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Do you know, I had completely forgotten about Holly, and in that scene when she and the Wheelers were on the Ferris wheel and she saw the trees moving, I thought for some reason that it was a flashback to when Nancy was a little girl, and I wondered why they were showing that 😄 But it makes sense that she could see something; after all, she knew something was going on in the Byers house back in the first season.
  6. Finn Wolfhard is appearing in a YSL campaign this year. He reminds me of Ric Ocasek (from the band The Cars) in, appropriately enough, the mid-1980s.
  7. This isn’t exactly an 80s reference, but I noticed that when Dustin came back from camp, his mom said something about him being gone for a month...which means that either the school year ends really early in Hawkins, or that he missed some school to go to camp (which would be weird). I know from some online American friends that their school year ends in the middle of May and starts at the beginning of August, but they’re mostly in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona. I live in Ontario, Canada, and our school year starts the day after Labour Day and ends the last Wednesday or Thursday in June.
  8. Capricasix

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Yes, it was Josh, but I don’t think they were like Luke and Laura - Josh never raped Reva, as far as I can remember. She was something like our Sharon in that she went through the male members of the Lewis family (Josh, Josh’s dad HB, and his brother Billy) while Josh was always her true love. The wonderful Michelle Forbes was on GL for a while also. She played Sonni/Solita, who was paired with Josh while Reva was off the show (IIRC).
  9. Capricasix

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Yup, I had the same thought. I definitely think Hopper’s in the Russian prison.
  10. Capricasix

    S03.E05: Chapter Five: The Flayed

    Even with the dad-belly, Hopper’s still fairly jacked! Guess he hadn’t lost all the muscle mass from Hellboy.
  11. Capricasix

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    Just remembered where I’d seen Michael Park (actor who plays the newspaper editor) before - he was on As the World Turns back in the day.
  12. Capricasix

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Pearlite’s in Toronto, and AFAIK there’s been no earthquakes there 😄 (unless she’s vacationing in Cali, in which case I apologize!)
  13. Capricasix

    S03.E02: Chapter Two: The Mall Rats

    When I was 15, in 1985, I had a romper like Eleven’s (if that’s what you call those garments, sounds like something a baby wears 😄) - mine was red and it had rainbows on it.
  14. Disclaimer - I haven’t been watching - but we’re expected to believe that Eva La Rue’s character is Rey Rey’s mother? 🤣🤣🤣