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  1. Three- or four-year-old me had a big crush on Randy Mantooth 😍
  2. I found a Youtube video about Ludwig Goransson and his process for composing the score. There’s one part that shows Ludwig in the recording studio with the orchestra, and Pedro is sitting beside him wearing the helmet (you know it’s him because he’s wearing the Fleetwood Mac t-shirt that he’s worn in a few other videos and photos). I can’t imagine that he’d wear the helmet away from the set if it were really that uncomfortable... I also found a video by a New York theatre project (Public Theatre, maybe? I can’t remember) that was released back in the spring - Pedro is reciting a Spanish translation of Romeo’s balcony soliloquy to Juliet, and it is the hottest thing I have seen or heard for ages. (Edit: I know Juliet was on the balcony 😄)
  3. I’m about halfway through Seven Samurai right now - Yojimbo is on my list as well.
  4. Yul Brynner’s quite handsome as well!
  5. It was good! I am definitely starting to see the western influences in the Mandalorian now. And I know it was a product of its time, but I was amused at how well the Mexican villagers spoke English 😄
  6. Well, I’m halfway through Magnificent Seven now, and I rented Seven Samurai - but that one’s really long. I may need a couple days to watch the whole thing.
  7. That’s OK, I don’t get the History channel anyway! I rented it on iTunes for two bucks 👍🏼 Oh, the one at the end of TGTBaTU was really good. Even though Angel Eyes was the Bad, I kind of liked him 😄
  8. I just finished Once Upon a Time in the West - that one was a bit of a slog! Good payoff in the end, though.
  9. Pearlite and any other movie aficionados! I am currently obsessed with The Mandalorian, and it being styled as a “space Western”, I now want to watch the movies that define the genre. Just finished watching The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - what should be next on my list?
  10. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, all you womp rats!
  11. Damn me if I didn’t feel a little sorry for that wretched golden monkey! Great episode. The scene with Will and Jopari was touching, and I thought the sound effects for the Specters were really creepy. I can’t wait for the third season - hopefully the BBC will give the go-ahead soon!
  12. Bite your tongue! It’s only four years old 😄 Well, four and a half...
  13. When Bo Katan was bringing in the little Imperial ship to the cruiser, I remembered how many times Starbuck brought a Viper in hot to Galactica’s flight deck 😄
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